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9 Types of Barn Doors for Homes

Wednesday February 22nd, 2023
There are many options to choose from when selecting a barn door for your home. Not only are there several different types of barn doors, but there are also many styles and endless customization options. With so many choices before you, it can start to feel overwhelming. With this guide, you can feel confident and knowledgeable about which type of barn door works best for the space in your home.

9 Types of Barn Doors

  1. Wood Barn Doors
  2. Metal Barn Doors
  3. Glass Barn Doors
  4. Mirror Barn Doors
  5. Double Barn Doors
  6. Bypassing Barn Doors
  7. Bifolding Barn Door
  8. Barn Door Cabinets
  9. Exterior Barn Doors
Buying a new barn door is a big deal, as doors are a critical part of the home. They serve as barriers for privacy, comfort, safety, and security. But they are also a staple design piece, no matter whether for the interior or exterior areas of the home. As such, the style and aesthetic of your barn doors are just as important as their function.

Rustica offers a wide range of barn doors, each with a unique design and function. Whether you need a discreet pocket door for your bathroom or double barn doors to make a statement, Rustica is sure to have the perfect type of barn door for your home.

9 Types of Barn Doors

1. Wood Barn Doors

Wood barn doors are the most popular and traditional style barn doors on the market today. Wood is a universal design element, as it fits well in most any home style. Moreover, wood is durable and strong, making it a wonderful choice for a sturdy barn door. You can effectively block out noise from other rooms or the outside to create a cozy and rustic atmosphere.  

Several types of wood are available for your custom barn door. Knotty alder is the most popular wood for interior barn doors as it’s affordable, beautiful, and stains well. Poplar is the second most popular choice for interior barn doors, as it is easy to paint. Cedar is the best choice for exterior barn doors, as it is moisture and pest-resistant due to its aromatic oils. In fact, Rustica only offers cedar for exterior wood barn doors because of these qualities, as it requires less maintenance than other treated woods. Other types of wood you can choose for your interior barn door include Rustica red oak, cherry, white pine, hickory, mahogany, birch, walnut, and rift white oak.

Any type of barn door can be made with wood, whether sliding barn doors or French doors. You can customize your solid wood door to your preference, including the wood species, wood finish, and wood texture. If you want a traditional-style, rustic barn door for your home, a wood barn door is the perfect choice.

2. Metal Barn Doors

While wood barn doors are popular, metal barn doors are a close second, and are becoming incredibly desirable. There’s no denying the sleek elegance of a metal door. Although modern in design, metal doors still have a traditional and timeless quality. Because of this, metal barn doors are great for any style of home, whether it’s early American, industrial, minimalist, traditional, or contemporary.

Most metal barn doors are not solid metal, though are. Oftentimes, though, they come with a unique architectural glass design that adds to their aesthetic. Every element of a metal barn door can be customized, including glass, metal type, metal finish, and more. For metal types, Rustica offers steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Metal barn doors look stunning as a double barn door, sliding barn doors, or bi-folding barn doors. Like our wood doors, Rustica’s metal doors come in wide variety of barn door styles—you can design the perfect metal barn door for your home with our one-of-a-kind customization tool.

3. Glass Barn Doors

A glass barn door is a beautiful addition to one’s home. Several barn door styles include glass as the main element. If you want a full glass door, you can choose from a selection of glass doors with a thin metal frame and a unique metal grid design. Other glass door styles include a combination of a metal frame, a wood insert, and a glass window design. As you can imagine, glass doors are full of inspiration and artistic expression.

The benefit of a glass sliding barn door is that it opens up the space while still creating privacy and separation. With a glass door, you can separate the space while allowing ample sunlight to enter a room. Glass barn doors serve as elegant interior barn doors for the living room, kitchen, shower, or closet.

With Rustica, you can customize every detail of your glass barn door so it’s perfectly tailored to your home. If you like the element of glass, but don’t want to sacrifice privacy, choose a glass style such as frosted glass, overcast, deep freeze, citrus, or crested. Those glass styles add a unique touch to the door while also distorting the image behind the window.

Because glass barn doors can combine both metal and wood doors, they are the perfect option if you want a little bit of each for a stand-out design.

4. Mirror Barn Doors

Have you ever wished for more space in your closet, bedroom, or bathroom to include a full-length mirror? Rustica knows that desire all too well, which is why we offer several barn door styles that feature a full-length mirror.

With a mirror barn door, you can save wall space while allowing your door to serve as a full-length mirror. We offer mirror barn doors as metal doors and wood doors. We also offer doors with a double-side mirror. If you have bypassing barn doors, one door can have the mirror, while the other is solid. As you can see, there are many options to choose from when selecting the mirror barn door that best suits your needs.

A mirror barn door makes a great closet door, but they’re also popular in the bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, or office. As with all of our sliding barn doors, you have complete control over the final details, so you receive the exact mirror barn door you envision.

5. Double Barn Doors

Do you have a large space lacking style or privacy? Double barn doors may be just what you need. Maybe you want to spice up your master bedroom doors with something that matches your style, or maybe you want to create a grand entrance into a formal dining room. No matter the reason, double barn doors are a stunning addition to the home, and are a staple piece in whatever room they occupy.

Double barn doors are two barn doors on a single track. When closed, the doors meet in the middle. When opened, one door sits at the end of the track while the other sits at the other end, allowing for a large door opening and spacious feel.

Double barn doors slide along a barn door track and come with a door guide, stop style, and hangers. The sliding barn door hardware allows the door to run smoothly along its track, and its pull to feel weightless as it opens. As with all the other door features, the metal barn door hardware is customizable to match the design of the door and your home.

Double barn doors can come as metal or wood doors, and are available in any style Rustica offers. They look incredible in the master bedroom, living room, closet, kitchen, dining room, and office space.

6. Bypassing Barn Doors

Bypassing barn doors are the perfect alternative to double barn doors if you want to have two sliding doors, but still need to save on space. Instead of the two sliding doors resting on either side of the track, as is the case with double barn doors, bypassing barn doors overlap on top of each other. When closed, they appear as traditional double barn doors.

Our bypassing barn doors come with specialized bypassing barn door hardware, which includes four door hangers, a track, wheels, stop, and door guide. You can also include the Come Along System, an innovative system connecting two bypassing doors when sliding the top one to the left or right. This pre-installed system on the bottom of the front door allows both doors to glide at a single pull of the front door.

Every element of the bypassing barn door can be customized, including the hanger, wheel, track, stop, and more. Bypassing barn style doors come as wood, metal, mirror, or glass barn doors. These creative and functional doors are great for a closet, bedroom, pantry, laundry room, or bathroom.

7. Bifolding Barn Doors

If you want a timeless and functional design, consider adding bifolding barn doors to your home. This barn door style folds in on itself and protrudes out from the track at 90 degrees when closed. This is a great door style to choose if you need to close off a small area, such as a closet, laundry room, pantry, or bathroom.

Bifolding barn doors feature a hinge in the middle that allows the door to close smoothly in on itself. The door is attached to a track for an effortless door pull. Bifolding barn doors are a functional piece of decor, and are available in several design styles, including wood, mirror, glass, and metal barn doors. Moreover, bifolding barn doors can come as single or double interior barn doors.

Check out our wide selection of handcrafted bifolding barn doors for your next design project.

8. Barn Door Cabinets

Who says sliding barn doors are exclusive to exterior and interior doors? The same barn door style we know and love can be designed as cabinet doors! Barn door cabinets create a rustic look perfect for farmhouse rustic, traditional, and shabby chic design styles. However, metal barn door cabinets fit in perfectly with modern, minimalist, and contemporary design styles.

Barn door cabinets function in the same way as regular-sized interior barn doors. That said, they need special mini barn door hardware for proper installation.  
Barn door cabinets are a unique and fashionable addition to the kitchen, laundry room, home entertainment center, or office space.

9. Exterior Barn Doors

While most of our barn doors are designed for interior use, we also offer specialty-designed exterior barn doors. These outdoor-rated barn doors are ready for the elements, and are built to last. At Rustica, we pride ourselves on the quality of our handcrafted doors, and we design our doors—both interior and exterior—to last a lifetime.

Currently, our exterior doors are made with strong, moisture and pest-resistant cedar wood. However, you can customize your outdoor rated barn door with a wood finish that resembles other wood species, such as the American walnut, ebony, jacobean, or red mahogany finish. The wood texture is also customizable for a truly unique look; simply choose from weathered, distressed, or worn if you desire a rustic design.

Exterior sliding barn doors are great as shed doors, barn doors, breezeway doors, garage doors, or wherever else a sliding door may be needed.  

The Perfect Barn Door for the Perfect Home

With so many barn door styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect type of barn door for your home. Every barn door type has its unique advantages and functions, whether to save space or add privacy to a large, open room. This way, there is a design and function for everyone and every room.
If you’re ready to start designing your dream barn door or simply want more barn door ideas, check out our wide selection of handcrafted barn doors today!
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