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Sealing the DealThere is nothing quite like a real, solid wood front entry door. There is something that we consider as deep and meaningful about the relationship that has existed since the beginning ...
Architectural fireplaces are such a timeless addition to any space and interestingly enough have not changed much in over two hundred years. Fireplaces function as a warm gathering place and a major f ...
Smooth SailingOne of the best ways to add intrigue to a room that is otherwise devoid of character and charm is to select one "blah" wall and nominate it for some smooth sailing with shiplap wall plan ...
This is TOO EASYYou know that person who makes everything look easy and then doesn't hesitate to rub it in by actually telling you "it's too easy"? Yeah I think we all kind of hate that person but sec ...
Beyond The DoorI think we can agree that one of the best focal points of all interior and exterior design as well as architectural design is the door. Wow, with so much riding on the backs of the door ...
Doors with glass welcome in the natural light as well as add an open feel to any space. There are many different types or grades of glass as well as different glass designs that can be added to your R ...
Custom Barn Doors
Monday July 8th, 2019
Over 15 years ago the founders of Rustica noticed that doors couldn't be "customized" online. It was even very difficult to get a local door shop to build a custom door for you. These were exciting fi ...
Barn Doors for Closets
Monday July 8th, 2019
Is your closet the forgotten/tucked-away hiding spot that gathers mounds of the un-favorites? Well not anymore! With closet barn doors, you will become proud of this space in your home and they will t ...
Every Home Needs OneYou want/need a barn door to complete that aesthetic as well as save space in your home but....what is the difference in all the choices out there??? It can be overwhelming to sele ...
Barn Door DOs and DON'Ts
Wednesday July 3rd, 2019
There are a few things to think about when considering a barn door for your space.Opening Size vs. Barn Door SizeMake sure that you choose your barn door size to be at least 4" wider than your opening ...
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