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Barn doors are a contemporary favorite in home decor. Unlike traditional hinged doors, a different set of hardware is required when installing a barn door. 

 5 Barn Door Hardware Materials Required for Installing a Barn Door

  1. Barn Door 
  2. Barn Door Tracks
  3. Barn Door Hangers
  4. Barn Door Latch
  5. Barn Door  Pulls and Handles
The process of purchasing the correct barn hardware for sliding doors is easy thanks to Rustica’s organized and detailed process. Installing this hardware along with the barn door itself is typically a simple DIY project, especially when purchasing from Rustica. Whether you’re looking for exterior barn door hardware or interior barn door hardware, you can easily find the perfect barn door system for your home. 

1. Barn Door 

Although the barn door was originally used in a barn or stable, a rolling barn door is now a popular feature in all areas of a home. The most important step in purchasing and installing a sliding barn door is to choose the specific type of barn door slab that works best for your designated space. Rustica’s large supply of barn doors provides plenty of choices depending on your preferred barn door style. 

Rustica offers two available series—the Builder Series and the Designer Series—as well as a selection of mirrored barn doors. For those with a traditional design taste, you’ll find the perfect classic barn door under The Builder Series, like the Cottage Barn Door or the Z Barn Door. For a contemporary barn door, The Designer Series features doors that will make a statement in your home, such as the brightly colored Herringbone Barn Door or the sharply contrasted Grassland Barn Door. 

Do you want to install glass barn doors to brighten up a space? The Designer Series features doors crafted from varied materials, such as the Mountain French Full Barn Door. It combines the beauty of a French door with the convenience of a barn door. All Rustica interior and exterior barn doors are customizable, from door thickness and height to color and finish. 

In addition to slab design, Rustica barn doors provide diverse functionality as well. Choose from single paneled doors, double paneled doors, or even triple paneled doors, depending on the dimensional needs of your door opening. Your interior doors can run as a single panel along a single sliding track, diverge as bi-parting doors, bypass one another, slip into a pocket space in the wall, or open as a set of interior shutters. 

The specific function depends on your specific style and spatial requirements. Let’s take a moment to break these different categories down: 

Standard Barn Door System: In this system, a hanger is placed on either side of a single door panel, allowing it to run along a singular track.

Bi Parting Doors System: Also featuring a single track, a bi-parting system includes double doors that diverge from one another and pass in front of the wall. Four hangers are used in this system so that both doors hang securely from the track.

Bypass System: Double or triple sliding barn doors run along two or more tracks, passing in front of and behind each other. Each door requires its own rolling door hardware kit with two hangers on each end of each panel. You can also purchase a light-duty bypass for lighter door weight and a heavy-duty option for a larger weight capacity.

Shutter Door System: This system is used for smaller openings like cabinetry or windows. This category is available in a smaller selection of five different styles, ranging from rustic to contemporary: Full X, Z Barn, Steampunk, Rustica Reclaimed, and Plantation. The system can be engineered as standard, bi-parting, or bypassing.

2. Barn Door Tracks

After choosing your barn door, you’ll need to begin to piece together your barn door hardware kit. Kits are comprised of several different materials and depending on the number of panels and functionality of your barn door, you’ll find that you will need to purchase specific hardware. Although there are many options, it’s easy to begin the process. First, start by determining which barn door track system is best for your space. All of the tracks below are compatible with standard, bi-parting, and bypassing. 

Ceiling Mount Barn Door Hardware: Ceiling mount hardware is perfect for spaces that do not allow for a traditional track system or in a larger space where a room divider is desired. These track systems attach directly to the ceiling instead of a door frame. 

Cabinet Barn Door Hardware: This hardware is commonly used for cabinets or shutters but can also accompany full-sized doors with the use of additional hangers to manage weight capacity. This system is also good for a low ceiling clearance doorway that doesn’t allow for a traditional barn door track. 

J Track: This track features a traditional rolling design with contemporary and improved wheels that create a smooth and quiet slide. Perfect for spaces with limited header space, the track on this system sits closer to the top edge of the door while the hangers run smoothly without compromising stability.

Low Clearance Barn Door Hardware: If you have a low ceiling and limited header space, this is the track for you. This system features Rustica’s J-track design and only requires a minimum of 3” to function. A similar function is also available as the Top-Mount Low Clearance, which attaches to the top of the door instead of the face of the panel. 
Tube Track: A top-mounted tube runs across the door header while u-shape hangers rest above, running smoothly across. The final result is a sleek, contemporary design fortified with the stability of its unique hangers.

Flat Track: A simple system featuring smooth, flat bar and track with matching hangers. This system makes an understatement that won’t detract from the beauty of your door. Made of durable raw steel, this system can be finished in any of Rustica’s featured colors. 

Box Track: This system allows homeowners to display the face of their door slab without intruding hangers. The track attaches to the top of the door protecting the panel from drill holes.

I-Beam Trolley Barn Door Hardware: The I-Beam system is ideal for carriage doors and oversized doors. Rollers slide along a track like a trolley, safely accommodating larger weight capacity.

Most of the above barn door track systems are certified for both exterior and interior barn doors. Available finishes include 21 beautiful options, like satin nickel, copper, matte black, mountain gold, brushed stainless steel, bonded chrome, and raw steel. 

3. Barn Door Hangers 

Along with your track system, you need to choose your hanger style and finish. Most track systems can be finished to match a hanger, but you could always mix and match to find the perfect combination for your space. Contemporary statement options include the bright red Twig and the industrial Military hangers. A more elegant and delicate design can be found in the Rod Iron Scroll and the Royal. Subtle options include the Top Level Modern and the Loft or Pillar. Currently, Rustica offers 47 different hanger options, so you are sure to find the ideal hanger set for your door and track system. 

4. Barn Door Latch

The next step of assembling your barn door hardware is to determine which type of barn door latch is best for your door. There are four different general categories of locks and latches. 

Rustica Door Latch + Lock: The Latch + Lock is a Rustica original featuring the unique design of the first-ever self-latching lock for a rolling door. This system can be locked and unlocked from either side of the door. Unlike other locks, no wall or jam drilling is required since the lock can attach directly into the door while the latch is part of the barn door track system. Be sure to check the compatibility requirements before purchasing. The Latch + Lock is compatible with most Rustica door styles up to 10 feet but is not compatible with doors over 2-inches thick.

Barn Door Teardrop Latch: This latch features a sleek design where a piece of flush hardware with a slot attaches to the wall or door jam and a second triangular piece is drilled into the door. When locked, this triangular piece will fall (like a teardrop) into the slot of the flush hardware.

Stainless Steel Cabin Hookand the Barn Door Hook: These are more traditional options made of quality materials. Using a hook and eye system, a single sliding door can be locked to the door jamb or to another sliding door.

5. Barn Door Pulls and Handles

Next, it’s time to choose the perfect barn door pulls or handles for your space. Next to the door slab design itself, this element of rolling barn door hardware can be the biggest way to make a statement. 

Barn Door Pull: In general, a pull includes a bar attached to a plate that drills into your door slab. This bar does not fall flush with the door, so it’s best used with a standard or bi-parting track system. A separate flush, back handle can be purchased so it allows for the back of the door to slide in front of a wall. This category provides the most diverse design options. If you’re looking for rustic barn hardware, consider purchasing the faux-rope Braided Barn Door Pull or the Santa Fe Barn Door Pull. For a sleek, modern flair, you might like the Loft Barn Door Pull made of stainless steel or the bold Studio Barn Door Pull.

Flush Pull: This barn door hardware is perfect for bypassing tracks or a shutter door system. Each handle falls flush with the door so that there isn’t any crashing or scraping as the door opens and closes. Popular options in this category include the ornate Vintage Flush Barn Door Pull or the understated Flush Circle Barn Door Pull.

Rustic Ring Pull: This unique design is made of raw steel and features a ring that hangs from a matching metal plate. The style is reminiscent of the original barn door and brings a rustic charm to any space.

Barn Door Hardware: Tracks, Handles, and Pulls

The above categories cover the main components of essential barn door hardware. There are a few minor options to consider, as well, and all are listed in the same organized drop-down menu when ordering. You can choose a specified wheel style to match or contrast your other sliding hardware. Determine if you would like a soft close, which slows your door down before it gets to the edge of a track to prevent the loud sound a door could create when opening. If you choose this option, you can choose from three different styles of door stops: Standard Stop, Soft Stop with Lag, or Adjustable Stop. 

You can also determine the door thickness, height, width, and whether you want the door to come pre-hung or as a slab with the door hardware kit separate. When purchasing Rustica hardware kits, you can check the helpful “What Should I Put Here?” explanations visible on their drop-down menus, so that you don’t need to stress about choosing the correct dimensions. Additionally, Rustica customer service is always available to answer your questions about barn door hardware kits.
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