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Influencer Program Application

The Influencer Agreement
How it works

Dear Influence Partner

We are very excited to partner with you and offer our quality products. Our products are CUSTOM made from raw materials specifically for your order with the goal of bringing soul into your living space. We dedicate specific materials and labor to your order. Because of our unique business model, we have outlined very specific change, cancellation and return policies. We have also shared other important details about the order and shipping process. We want to ensure that your experience and product is everything you are expecting. While our relationship is different from that of a paying customer there are still very important details that we need you to agree to in order to move forward with a partnership and an order. They are outlined below with links to our standard terms and conditions as well as other policies that you may want to review.

What can you expect from Rustica/Artisan/

  • A custom made product that is a good fit for your and your audience.
  • A friendly helpful resource to help you understand the options available. However, we can not be responsible for what is selected (including sizes) so please review all the details.
  • A quality product manufactured right here in the USA to the specifications you selected from the web site.

What does Rustica/Artisan/ expect from you?

  • At least FIVE before and after original pictures comparison of the product and space from different angles and the rights for Rustica to use these pictures on any and all marketing resources including our website.
  • TWO dedicated social media posts for each of the platforms below and 1 report for each posting for every $1000 of retail product cost. For example with a $3100 retail product cost each posting would require 3 reposts. Substitutions need to be approved in writing.
  • Provide ONE short video (30 seconds) or more about the gifted product and the rights for Rustica to use the video on all and any marketing resources including the website.
    • Tiktok videos
    • Instagram reels
    • Instagram stories
    • Facebook posts
  • An agreement to capture any of the posts or stories posted on social media that include our products and reuse them in any marketing resource including the website.
  • Pictures and videos to be provided within 30 days of delivery of the product.
  • Social media posts and stories to be started within 30 days of receiving the product and all subsequent posts or reposts should be completed within 6 months of receiving the product.

Other very important pieces of information:

  • Any changes or cancellation must be made over the phone and before the end of the next business day after the order is placed.
  • Changes or cancellations past the next business day will incur a cost based on the materials and labor that is no longer usable for your order.
  • Return shipping, for any reason that is not a manufacturer responsibility, is the responsibility of the Influencer Partner.
  • Please note that doors are shipped in crates and anything that is identified as oversized in the ordering process and on your receipt may require assistance during delivery and potentially receiving the crate at a hub. Additionally should any door need to come back, for any reason, it may require assistance to be loaded on the truck.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Returns, or
  • Legal information outlining the agreement can be found here: Influence Legal Contract. An electronic signature below indicates that you agree to Rustica’s Terms and Conditions, the Influence Agreement as well as the contract in the link provided.

Apply Below

Please fill out all fields completely and accurately

*Indicates acceptance and agreement to all information above and the information contained in the links provided.

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