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Shutter Styles
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Rustica shutters provide style and privacy, save on energy costs,
and are custom made to fit any window space.
Our shutters eliminate the unsightly tangled cords and safety
hazard involved with loose cords on standard window treatments and blinds.

Interior Wood Shutters

Accent your living space with our solid wood interior shutters.
We're excited to bring back this classic concept in
several of our most popular designs.
Our rustic shutters are available in sliding,
bypass and byparting systems.

Barn Shutter Styles

Rustica’s barn style shutters provide style and privacy, save on energy costs, and are custom made to fit any window space. Our innovative shutter systems eliminate the unsightly tangled cords and safety hazard involved with loose cords on standard window treatments and blinds.

Bypass and Byparting Shutter Systems

Barn Door Shutter Features

  • Available in a variety of finishes and textures.
  • Insulates home in winter.
  • Blocks out direct sun in summer keeping your home cooler.
  • Available in multiple sliding systems.
  • Mini barn door hardware specifically for interior use.
  • Shutters can be ordered to fit any window dimensions.
  • Our barn door shutters come fully assembled.

Byparting Shutter System

Byparting Shutters are perfect for windows that are larger than our biggest measurement options. Instead of having one large shutter you instead usher in a beautiful symmetry of both doors resting on both sides of the window opening.

Bypass Shutter System

Our bypass functionality is perfect for situations where there isn’t enough space on either side of the window for the rustic shutter(s) to slide to an open position. This allows you to stack the doors using two or three track systems to allow for the most coverage, with the least amount of space.

Mini Sliding Shutter Hardware

Bypass And Bi Parting Systems
BiParting System
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Bypass System
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Mini Sliding Shutter Hardware
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Barn door shutters are the perfect way to highlight a new window treatment or revive older windows. Similar to sliding barn doors, our sliding shutters run seamlessly along a track mounted above your windows, adding a unique spirit to your interior space. There are many reasons to vamp up your home with a set of beautiful barn door shutters from Rustica.

6 Benefits of Barn Door Shutters

  1. Privacy
  2. Unique Style
  3. Easy Customization
  4. Temperature Regulation
  5. Energy Conservation
  6. Maximized Window Visibility
We’ve all had that moment where we realize that our blinds don’t look as chic as we expected. The slats never lie straight and it’s nearly impossible to get that cord untangled. Curtains might be a better option, but sometimes they let in too much light. Neither option helps to maintain a consistent temperature in the room. Barn door window shutters address every single one of these issues and more, making them the perfect choice for your interior design.

What Are Barn Door Shutters?

Barn door shutters reflect the rustic design, feel, and functionality of barn doors. Designer barn shutters from Rustica have attached hangers that quietly run along a wall-mounted track. Similar to barn doors, barn shutters come in a variety of sliding style and stain options, and can be installed in virtually any interior room for a number of purposes. Adorn your media center with sliding shutters to artfully cover a TV when not in use, or create additional privacy between rooms that are separated with interior glass window panes or window spaces. Draw attention to a decorative alcove or a piece of art by framing the space with a set of sliding barn door shutters, or install interior shutter doors to replace conventional blinds and curtains.


One major advantage of installing barn door style shutters is that they create true privacy between rooms and between interior and exterior spaces. Solid wood panels that completely cover your window’s edges help to keep light and sound from escaping to another room or from entering your tranquil space.
Your private conversations will remain just that—private, and the moments you need for resting won’t be interrupted by your noisy neighborhood or the sun’s glaring rays. Simply slide your shutters shut over your windows to create privacy and slide them open again when you want to let sunshine pour into your room.

Unique Style

When you choose Rustica barn window shutters as a part of your home’s window treatments, you are making an artistic statement. Blinds and curtains cannot match the quality craftsmanship and artistic detail of handmade barn door shutters.

Browse our selection to find a shutter style that reflects the unique design of your home. Rustica sliding door shutters come in five different shutter styles, ranging from traditional to industrial: Full X, Z Barn, Plantation, Rustica Reclaimed, and Steampunk. Both the Full X and Z Barn shutters reflect the traditional, rugged look of a real barn door. The Steampunk style boasts a welded piece of scrap metal surrounded by a wooden frame that can be stained and finished according to your design.

While constructing the Rustica Reclaimed shutter, craftsmen take actual pieces of reclaimed wood to create beautiful color variation and one-of-a-kind style. The Plantation shutter is a design in which leftover hardwood trimmings are refined into smooth panels that are stacked horizontally to resemble the design of the traditional wood American designers used for plantation doors. These styles, in combination with the varied finishes and textures, create hundreds of options for homeowners, whether you are looking for a modern barn door shutter or one that is reminiscent of our country’s rich design history.

Easy Customization

Customizing an interior door shutter is as simple as customizing Rustica Barn Doors. In fact, many of the same styles, finishes, and hardware options are available for both doors and shutters so that you have the ability to complement your style throughout a living space. The customization process can be broken down into the following four basic steps:
  1. Choose Style
  2. Choose Width & Height
  3. Select Finish
  4. Select Texture
Once you’ve chosen one of the five styles for shutter door options that Rustica offers (Full X, Z Barn, Plantation, Rustica Reclaimed, and Steampunk), you will need to indicate the width and height of your panels. This will determine the starting price for your door shutters. Most styles begin at 1’ 6” wide x 2’ high and increase up to 3’11” wide x 5’11” high.

Below is a general price range for each style:

StyleBase Pricing
Full X$89-$393
Z Barn$89-$393
Rustica Reclaimed$168-$472
After deciding on a style, it’s time to pick from our selection of twenty-two beautiful finishes, such as dark walnut stain, classic gray, barn red, and matte black. Each option is available for all styles, except for Rustica Reclaimed, since the naturally varied gradient is preserved without a color-altering finish.

Determining a texture is likewise an easy but impactful design choice. Homeowners can bring a comfortable, worn-in feeling to their barn door window shutters by choosing a distressed or weathered finish, or they can create a more rugged, raw, and unfinished appearance through the rough sawn and band saw option. Generally, a finish will add anywhere from $20-$90 to your final price, with the majority of the options falling between the $50-$60 range. Additional textures will add $50-$80 to the cost of your barn door window shutters. So, for example, the final cost of plantation shutters might end up anywhere from $188-$572, meaning that there are ample ways for you to customize across the pricing spectrum. Simply choose your preferred style, dimension, finish, and texture from the drop-down menus and Rustica will design and manufacture your perfect shutter doors.

Temperature Regulation

Doors and windows often let in drafts or let out the cool or warm air that you want to keep inside. Barn door shutters help regulate your home’s temperature by blocking wind from sneaking in through window panes or letting air escape to the outside. Your warm room will remain cozy in the winter, and you don’t have to shy away from a seat by the window in fear of falling victim to chilly, undesired airflow. In summer, you can rest assured that your living space will remain cool and comfortable. Each of Rustica’s shutter options acts as an additional barrier from the elements—and this means sunlight, too! Installing shutters as an interior window covering works just as well as blackout curtains by blocking all exterior light when closed.

Energy Conservation

Another perk of installing barn door shutters is receiving a lower energy bill in the mail. Your heating and cooling systems can relax along with your guests since they won’t need to work as hard to maintain a consistent temperature. Open and close your shutters as you please to let in exterior warmth or cool air, and rest comfortably knowing that you’re helping both the environment and your wallet when keeping your barn window shutters sealed.

Maximize Window Visibility

Sometimes hidden behind our window treatments lies a gorgeous glass pane that never gets to take center stage. This is one of the many differences between blinds and shutters. Blinds only twist slightly open, revealing just a peek of the glass—or, we find ourselves frustrated with twisted cords and unleveled panels that distract from the pane's beauty. Only interior barn door shutter panels slide open seamlessly and fully to reveal an unobstructed view of your window. You can enjoy a full view of your blooming flower bed or happy children playing in the front yard.

Sliding Shutter Systems and Hardware

Similar to interior sliding barn doors, Rustica offers unique barn door hardware and systems for interior shutters. Sliding barn door tracks vary in range of motion. Homeowners need to first choose a hanger option under the Cabinet Barn Door track style, which is specifically designed for window shutters. These tracks are available in two different system styles: standard and ceiling mount, the latter being perfect for windows with low clearance. Then, it’s time to choose a sliding system that works best for your needs:

Standard Track System
A single shutter running along a single track. Perfect for traditionally sized windows or alcoves.

Bipart Track System
Designed for windows that measure larger than Rustica’s offered dimensions. This system comes with two identical shutters that frame your window, diverging and converging along a single track.

Bypass Track System
The bypass system allows for sliding shutters in space-confined rooms. Multiple barn door panels slide in front and behind one another along two tracks, resting in a vertically stacked position when open.  

Once the track and system are chosen, homeowners will need to decide between the twenty-one different finishes of shutter hardware. This step provides the perfect opportunity to further customize your shutters to match your unique style or other hardware in your home.
The track colors and finishes include sleek and contemporary polished metals, such as stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and bonded chrome. For a rustic antique finish, you can choose from faded red, mountain gold, or antique pewter. If you’re looking to make a bold, colorful statement, Rustica brings a touch of drama to their sliding shutter hardware through their barn red, glacier, and huntsman finishes.

You are also able to choose additional barn door shutter hardware. As with interior barn doors, you can choose to purchase additional knobs and pulls to assist in sliding the shutter door open and close. When installing a bypass sliding door system, please remember to choose a flush handle and to buy the correct quantity. For example, a set of plantation shutters running along a bypassing track system will require two flush handles, one on each barn door shutter. This assures that each shutter is able to run smoothly as they pass in front of one another.

Barn Door Shutter Installation

Rustica shutters ship fully-assembled, making barn door installation so easy that you really don’t need to hire professional installers. The whole process is very similar to installing a wood barn door. You’ll want to make sure that you purchase a track length that is double your window length to ensure proper weight distribution. Then, install the steel track into either the wall or header above your window. Most lightweight cabinet shutters don’t require a header, but it won’t hurt to install one into the studs just in case (if you don’t choose to install a header, make sure that you attach your track system into the wall’s studs). Next, drill in your track system, securing it in place. Remember, everything arrives fully assembled so when you secure your system you are also placing the hangers and shutters right where you need them. Having an extra set of hands is helpful, especially when installing biparting or bypassing shutters.

Find the Perfect Barn Door Shutters

Rustica offers many beautiful options for barn door shutters. You are sure to find a sliding shutter door that fits your needs, whether you want to replace blinds and curtains, enclose a media center, or frame an alcove or other decorative space in your home. Barn door shutters add unmatched functionality and design benefits. They are undeniably the best choice for a simple but stylish renovation with energy efficiency that can save you money in the long-run.
Shutters come fully assembled, meaning you have practically everything you need in order to install your beautiful shutters without spending money on professional contractors. If you have any questions about shutter options, contact Rustica for assistance choosing the right barn door shutters for your home or office.

Rustica's Worry-Free Satisfaction Guarantee
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