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Customer Designed Custom Doors
Driven by innovation. Our custom work pushes the limits of design, hones our craft, and fills our desire to create. Hard woods, thick gauge metals, and repurposed materials come together harmoniously under the care of our design team.
Custom Doors
Custom Single Metal Barn Door
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Custom Single Wooden Barn Door
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Custom Single Metal Pocket Door
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Custom Single Wood Pocket Door
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Custom Single Metal Interior Door
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Custom Single Wood Interior Door
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Custom Single Metal Exterior Door
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Custom Single Wood Exterior Door
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Custom Double Metal Barn Doors
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Custom Double Wood Barn Doors
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Custom Double Metal Pocket Doors
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Custom Double Wood Pocket Doors
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Custom Double Metal Interior Doors
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Custom Double Wood Interior Doors
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Custom Double Metal Exterior Doors
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Custom Double Wood Exterior Doors
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Each handmade project is met with precision and attention to detail. Submit your custom project today.

Thank you for your interest in Rustica's products. This page is created as a way for you to communicate either:

  • an interest in one of our existing products but with some changes that can not be made through the web page customization or
  • recommend that we consider a new product or product style

We value customer feedback and recommendations and over the many years of listening to our customers we have designed and developed new products, new styles and expanded the available options.

Please fill out the information below and send us over a description of what you are looking for and also please include an image. A drawing, photo or screenshot will be sufficient to get the processes started.

Open Custom Order Request Form →

Here is some information about the process:

  • Every submission is reviewed by our sales and marketing executives
  • If the recommendation is something that we believe we can add to our portfolio we share the information with the engineering team, the shop managers and the company ownership for analysis, review and the possibility of adding it to our list of products or options for development.
  • If determined that the proposed product, product change or addition, is a viable improvement or addition it begins a thorough process of a product launch.
  • A product launch, even for a small change, or addition, typically takes at least 4-6 weeks before a product can be added to the website.

Again we sincerely appreciate your interest in working with us and it is our expectation to respond fairly quickly to each inquiry with either a notification that the request is not something we feel we can take on at the moment or a communication that the request is being considered. Please understand when responding that we are considering the product or product change, it is not a commitment and with more review of the product it may be determined it isnt the right product for us to add. Ultimately we will either add the product to the website (remember it takes at least 4-6 weeks for this process) so that you can order it or we will reply back to you that the request is either on hold or not be considered moving forward.

We appreciate your patience and understanding that the process we have developed over many years to ensure that a good, quality product can be manufactured for you is not fast. We also understand that your project timeline may not be able to wait for this process to complete. Regardless, we appreciate you sharing with us your ideas and interests.

Do you know we have over 3 trillion custom options already built out on our website? Most of the time our customers who submit a need for a custom made order find what they need on our website. We would love to help point you in the right direction for the door style, size and functionality that will meet your needs. This will save you on custom order charges as well as longer lead times. Our team can show you how to order a door right off our website that works for your needs by calling 1-800-891-8312.

Thank you again for your inquiry. We look forward to working with you.


Call 1-800-891-8312

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