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IMPORTANT: You are ordering a pre-hung door. Please double check and confirm all measurements, ESPECIALLY the overall jamb size and overall rough opening measurements.

Rustica is still taking orders, manufacturing and shipping. Please leave us a note in your customer notes section if you want us to hold your order and not ship it until a future date. We will gladly hold onto and carefully store your order until we find the best solution for your projects success.

When ordering a pre-assembled door we will ship it in a crate via a freight carrier and it will be delivered curbside.

Please remember that oversized items that can not be lowered off of a lift gate may require that the customer pick up the product at the shipping hub.

If you would like alternative delivery options please give us a call at 1-800-891-8312

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Thank you for your interest in our products. We hope that you love them. Please note that wood doors are susceptible to expanding and contracting due to temperature and moisture (rain and humidity) based on location, exposure to the elements and environment. The natural state of steel is vulnerable to oxidation with exposure to the moisture (rain and humidity). We provide a quality built product and we offer finishes with a warranty (see the terms and conditions) to protect the wood and metal. You, the customer, are responsible to understand the warranty, make sure that your application, location and environment are conducive to wood and/or steel products. Rustica is not responsible for changes in the doors or finishes (warping, seperating, splitting, expanding, contracting, rust or fading) due to these conditions.

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Thank you for choosing Rustica Hardware for your home. Your order details will be forwarded to our customer service team who will call you with shipping costs prior to shipping your order.

Thank you for choosing Rustica Hardware for your home. Your order details will be forwarded to our Australian distributor who will contact you with lead times and pricing in Australian Dollars including all applicable Duties, Taxes and Freight charges. Should you wish to discuss your project prior to placing your order please feel free to call on (07) 3245 6190 or email h[email protected] . We look forward to speaking with you.
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