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Provide a stylish entrance to your collection of fine wines with a custom wine room door. Each of our wine cellar doors is handcrafted to be energy efficient, secure, and stylish for a perfect fit, every time. Handcrafted here in Utah from the best materials in the industry, pick from our vast list of styles and customizations for a wine room door you can trust.
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There are few things more elegant, stunning, extravagant, and posh than having a wine cellar in your home. The impression it leaves on guests, and the overall feeling it creates for those who live there is second to none. However, no wine cellar is complete without a custom made, one-of-a-kind wine cellar door that reflects the elegance of your wine collection, the architecture of your home, the style of your décor, and the uniqueness of your personality.

8 Amazing Doors for Your Custom Wine Cellar

  • Alpine Wine Room Door
  • Mountain French Full Wine Room Door
  • Dairy Dutch Wine Room Door
  • Watchman Wine Room Door
  • Tuscan Wine Room Door
  • Hudson Wine Room Door
  • Manor Wine Room Door
  • Lander Wine Room Door
No matter what your style and décor preference, you'll be able to find a wine cellar door to perfectly fit the mood of your wine cellar and the style of your house. Search until you find the perfect match because when you do, you'll know what it feels like to create the ideal look, worthy of a magazine cover.

Alpine Wine Room Door

For homes with a shabby chic, rustic modern, French garden, or villa feel, the Alpine Wine Room Door is the perfect accompaniment for your custom wine cellar. This visually stunning door is made of a single sheet of glass, layered with a wood square grid.

The beauty of this glass wine cellar door lies not only in its wood and glass design, but in its versatility, as well. For those wanting a see-through door to both show off your wine collection and make a small wine cellar feel larger, the regular glass is ideal. You'll be able to see straight through to your prized collection of vintage chardonnay and favorite pinot noir and create a sense of continuity from one room to another. If you prefer a more vintage or rustic look, choose the vintage or deep freeze glass options.

The Alpine Wine Room Door allows your wine collection to be seen while creating a more distinct separation from room to room.  This door is so on point, you'll feel like you're in a wine tasting room in the middle of Napa Valley.

Mountain French Full Wine Room Door

If your home has a more modern style, the Mountain French Full Wine Room Door will complement your finishes nicely.  

This stunning rustic modern door boasts a metal frame and a full pane of glass in the middle set with a steel cut square grid to finish it off. The metal and glass elements are perfect for homeowners that want to take advantage of metal in their décor.

If you want to highlight your custom-made wine cellar racks, consider changing the door's finish to match your wine cellar style. The glass wine cellar door can be customized with options such as copper, modern gold, forged metal, industrial bronze, and even barn red. Choose left and right sidelights for even more window space to see into your wine cellar.

Dairy Dutch Wine Room Door

Unlike the Mountain French Full wine room door, this option is ideal for those whose homes reflect the modern farmhouse look through and through. You'll instantly improve your wine cellar design with the Dairy Dutch Wine Room Door.
French doors are known for bringing elegance, style, structure, and unique design to any home they grace. This cellar door is certainly no exception. Thanks to the split farm-style top and bottom half door, you'll instantly feel like you're walking into an elegant farmhouse winery set in the hills of Italy.

This gorgeous door will fit into modern rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic, and Italian villa style homes. You won't regret picking the Dairy Dutch Wine Room Door if you want to make a statement while showing off your wine collection to wine lovers.

Watchman Wine Room Door

If you have a home that boasts clean lines, modern architecture, and straightforward style, the Watchman Wine Room Door might just be the perfect fit.

This is a classic cellar door that fits in well with modern-style architecture. Made of a single pane of glass surrounded by an elegant wood frame, it makes a statement for any home wine cellar. The word "wine" is etched into the glass, making for a whimsical yet straightforward appearance. If you have a man cave wine cellar, this entry door would fit right in.

You can also customize the wine door's finishes and textures to create a truly one-of-a-kind entryway for your wine room. Finishes such as navy blue, red mahogany, matte black, and walnut will transform this door to fit right in with your color scheme and style choices.

Tuscan Wine Room Door

For homes with an Italian villa feel, the Mediterranean influence found in the Tuscan Wine Room Door is an ideal pairing for your wine cellar. You don't have to be a classically trained sommelier to look forward to opening this wood door to see your favorite reds and whites.  

The arched top provides a unique, elegant, and old-world charm all at the same time. The door itself can be fully customized to fit your needs with texture, finish, and sidelights. Choose a barn grey, cottontail, or stripped white finish for an especially rustic feel. Weathered-style texture options such as the 'worn,' 'band saw,' or 'weathered' textures go exceptionally well with these finishes. If you're looking for a "heavier" feel, go with a finish such as walnut, mahogany, or matte black. You can even customize your wine storage door by adding a transom window to give it throwback vibes of the speakeasy days in the roaring 20s.

Hudson Wine Room Door

If you have an extensive wine cellar and you're looking for a double door setup that would complement your wine room and improve the look and feel of your tasting room, you've found it. The Hudson Wine Room Door is visually appealing in every way. It makes an elegant statement with a feel that is incredibly inviting. With full glass panes on the top three-quarters of the door, you can see right into your cellar to see your elegant wine storage. The bottom portion of the door has a wood X overlay that provides a dignified, elegant, and rustic feel.

Whether you want to host tastings, display fine wine, or just want to create a tasting space where you can enjoy a symphony of flavor by the glass, the Hudson Wine Room Door makes the perfect entrance to your world of wine.
Customize the door to match your home and décor. Select a glass door style that provides the ability to see straight through or provides a touch of privacy to create a border from one room to another. Vintage glass pairs well with a rustic, shabby chic, or farmhouse feel whereas fluted, palm, or retro glass is better for homes that have a more modern style. Citrus, overcast, or deep freeze finishes provide the most privacy if you prefer to enjoy your wine in peace.

Manor Wine Room Door

For homes that boast a shabby chic feel, a rustic farmhouse look, "gingerbread" architecture, or Mediterranean accents, the Manor Wine Room Door will fit right in. Thanks to its intricate metal design, glass pane, and solid wood surround, the Manor Door looks phenomenal as either a single or a double door.

For more extensive wine cellars that need a statement piece to maximize the look and feel of elegance, choose the double door option. While closed, the doors stand as an object of beauty, contributing to the overall look, feel, and architecture of your home. When opened, the custom wine cellar door becomes a luxurious entryway into a prized wine collection and tasting room for you to enjoy in style.

If you're looking for a style that mimics the wine tasting rooms or custom wine cellar design of the world-famous wine regions of Tuscany or Napa Valley, you don't need to look any further than these doors for your wine room.

Lander Wine Room Door

If you're looking for a truly unique wine cellar door that can mesh with a modern industrial feel, a contemporary or minimalist look, or a man cave wine cellar, the Lander Wine Room Door is an excellent choice.
The single pane of glass overlaid by the steel cut grid on top provides a minimalist looking design with a modern flare. The bottom half sports horizontal slats of wood overlaid onto the solid metal frame giving it an industrial, contemporary look and feel.

The beauty of this door is that you can customize it to match the look and feel of your home. If you want a modern wine cellar with pops of color, choose a slat finish that matches the color accents in your home. Style finishes range from white rustic and barn grey to walnut, aqua, and navy blue. No matter how you've styled your home, you'll be able to find the perfect wine room doors finish to match.  

Go one step further and customize the metal finish to match the feel of your wine cellar design. Choose from options such as champagne, oil rubbed bronze, copper, and forged steel. To finish off your custom wine cellar, choose glass styles to give it an extra special pop. No matter how you customize this door, the entrance to your wine bar will be a conversation starter at any tasting or get together.

Customize Your Wine Room with Rustica

Having a wine cellar in your home is only one step in achieving the overall look and feel of luxury you seek. While your wine room itself should boast creativity, elegance, interesting architecture, and unique design features, the entryway to your room should be given full attention when designing a modern wine cellar.  

No matter what style you've chosen for your home, you can find a cellar entry door that complements a wide range of architectural designs and home décor themes. Shabby chic, rustic, and farmhouse homes look best with doors that contain wood elements, vintage or see-through glass, and soft metal design elements. Modern, industrial, or contemporary homes will do best with doors featuring geometric metalwork patterns and see-through or unique glass designs.
The door to your wine room is the first impression that friends, family, and guests will have of what lies behind. Be sure to make a statement with an entryway customized to fit your unique style, personality, color scheme, and design elements. Don't settle for something "normal" or "boring," when you can have a truly custom door that sets your home apart and makes you the talk of the town!
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