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Modern Rustic Interior Decor & Design Guide

Thursday May 10th, 2018
Rustic Modern Decor Ideas

What is Modern Rustic Decor?

Think Western Settlers. Now think Western Settlers with a modern spin. Rustic style incorporates a lot of what our ancestors would be accustomed to. The style has a certain connection to the past as well as a connection to the outdoors. It is natural and warm, even a little bit simple. It consists of organic textures and shapes, rough woods and distressed metals. It has a definite sense of re-purposing.
Modern Rustic Bedroom Style

Where Did Modern Rustic Design Come From?

The term “rustic modern” was coined In Los Angeles, California, in 1962. The press, in reference to the burial of movie star Marilyn Monroe, noted the “'rustic modern' chapel and mausoleum where the 36-year-old actress will be entombed.” But it wasn't until about fifty years later that the style really took off. San Diego design firm Jackson Design & Remodeling won a 2011 American Society of Interior Designers Design Excellence Award for its rustic modern design work. The style subsequently began to spread throughout the United States.

Where Can I Find Modern Rustic Home Decor?

Rustic style is still very popular in California, especially in the San Diego area. A lot of bars and restaurants have chosen to incorporate the style in their interior designs. Modern rustic style is also popular in mountain and country areas in California as well as in other parts of the United States.
Rustic Modern Style in the US

How to Decorate your Home with Modern Rustic Decor

There are many ways to mix modern and rustic decorating styles into every room of your home.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Wood is an important element in any rustic kitchen. Wood flooring, especially if it is made from the wood of the surround area, will do wonders to bring the rustic style into your kitchen. Choose a wood with a non-glossy, natural finish. Consider using hickory, alder, cherry, or pine. These woods really emulate the rustic feeling. Pine is a great choice for kitchens islands, countertops, and cabinetry and ranges in color from deep orange to dark brown. Look around for knotty pine because knots in the wood are sure to add rustic charm to the room.
Natural lighting is something to consider in your rustic modern kitchen. Oversized windows or bay windows that allow for plenty of natural sunlight are ideal, but if they aren't possible, carefully-chosen light fixtures can bring in the rustic feel. Chose wrought iron chandeliers or other lighting made from driftwood or, if you're really bold, deer antlers.
Modern Rustic Decor Ideas

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas

Exposed, rough-hewn beams in the living room will help to define the space architecturally and will do well to anchor the room in the rustic feel. Leave them rough and unpolished and use them to frame ceilings and doorways and to border windows and fireplaces. Add floating wood beam shelves for a place to display your treasured books and collections.
Furnish the room with pieces that have strong yet somewhat rough forms. Choose couches and furniture with textual fabrics; think burlap and leather. Use warm, earthy colors—and when we say this, we don't mean different shades of brown and only brown. Golden yellow, faded turquoise, and rust red certainly have a place in rustic style. Surround your fireplace with brick and throw a bear rug on the floor.

Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Again, wood is the word here. Reclaimed barn wood and a sliding barn door will really bring the rustic, farmhouse feel to your bedroom. Cover your walls in natural wood. Find night stands and an old armoire with bold, rough profiles.
In any bedroom, the bed is the focal point, so it is important that you give attention and care when selecting this piece. Again, using natural, reclaimed wood would work well, but you could also consider metal. Hammered, distressed, or tarnished metals give a sense of history and will bring the rustic feel into any space. Find a bed made from one of these metal elements and cover it with quilts and blankets made from textural fabrics like burlap, linen, cotton, and wool.

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

For a rustic feel in the bathroom you can make good use of repurposed and reclaimed objects. Use an old pail (or a new pail that just looks old) as a sink. A freestanding tub and stand alone cabinets for storage add a simple yet bold look. You could use an acrylic tub to employ a more modern look; this will nicely offset the other rustic elements of the bathroom. To keep in line with the rustic feel, look for a tub made from cast iron. Cast iron is heavy and sturdy and gives that sense of a connection to the past.
Add stone to your walls if you can. Stone walls will create the feeling that the room is larger than it is, a technique that is usually well-appreciated in bathrooms, as they are usually smaller than most people would like. Stone also gives that organic texture and feel that you're looking for.
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