Dear Customer
Thank you so much for your interest in Rustica products. We are a custom door builder with the highest quality and fastest build times in the industry. Currently we are experiencing some unique conditions world wide which have negatively impacted the global supply chain and economy.
While we are 100% made in the USA, unfortunately, we are still impacted by the supply chain complications and are not able to produce all of our products at our standard estimated build time. These delays and constraints are tough on us as a company and on you as our customer. We respectfully ask that you be patient with us as we continue to work within the current conditions to produce your custom door as quickly as possible with exceptional quality. Below you will find our modified and estimated production times based on all of these conditions and supply chain complications. We strive to meet these estimated production times, but sometimes, for reasons beyond our control, there are delays. We hope to be back to our regular build times as soon as possible.  
Please do not schedule your install until you have received all the items from your order and everything is correct. Also know that we ship orders complete and so the longest estimated production time will apply to all products on one order. You can submit different orders if you need shorter build time products sooner. As a reminder these are estimated build times and they may vary based on the current supply chain complications. Some door styles, including those with selections of specialty wood species, metal and glass selections and larger sizes may have longer production times.
  • Barn Door Hardware 2 business days
  • Metal Sliding Doors 3 business days (some Metal Pocket Doors will be longer)
  • Wood Sliding Doors 3 business days
  • Interior & Exterior Wood Hinge Doors 5 business days
  • Interior Metal Hinge Doors 10 business days
  • Exterior Metal Hinge Doors 10 business days
  • Mantels 5 business days
Sliding doors are defined as barn doors and pocket doors (doors that slide on a track).
Hinge doors are defined as interior and exterior doors that open and close on hinges or a pivot. They can be prehung or slab only.
Metal doors are doors that have a metal frame around the outside. The center panels of these doors may be glass, wood, metal or a combination.
Wood doors are doors that have a wood stile and rail frame, or are a full wood door. Wood doors may have center panels of wood, metal, glass or a combination.
Please review this page ( for important details about how Rustica ships doors, what to expect and how to plan for a freight delivery.

Some examples of metal doors

Some examples of wood doors