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Cabinet Barn Door Hardware


Cabinet Barn Door Hardware
Shown in our Flat Black finish with the Mini Wood Slyder MK1 Black Center Barn Door Wheel.
Available in multiple finishes & lengths
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Cabinet Barn Door Hardware


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Rustica Unassembled Kit Door Guide

1. In some areas of the country we see more damage than acceptable when kits doors are shipped unassembled in a ground shipping box, so it is possible that a kit door may ship in a crate via a freight carrier so that your beautiful door arrives without damage.

2. If shipped put together in a crate the overlays will be left to be installed on site. We recommend that you attach them with pin nails, wood glue or (if neither of those are good options) you can use ½” wood screws (not included and not recommended).

3. Many Rustica door kits have the same options as the recommended Rustica assembled doors but are offered with a more economical price.

4. Door kits do not have a warranty against warping, separating or splitting.

5. It is possible that your kit door may come unassembled and need to be assembled using the 7 inch lag screws through the side of the stiles.

6. For both Kit and Assembled doors... the hardware (hangers, handles and pulls) are not installed and the doors are not pre-drilled which allows every installation the ability to make any unique changes needed.

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IMPORTANT: When ordering a door we will ship it in a crate via a freight carrier and it will be delivered curbside. Please remember that oversized items that can not be lowered off of a lift gate may require that the customer pick up the product at the shipping hub or make arrangements to assist with lifting the crate out of the truck. If you would like alternative delivery options please give us a call at 1-800-891-8312. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for more information (
The front handle must be larger than 14 in to include a back handle.
NOTICE: Soft Close systems do not come with Anti-Jump Brackets.
NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Triple Bypass systems come with 6 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Triple Bypass systems come with 3 doors and 6 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Exterior Doors with door knob boring automatically get a Double Bore "Deadbolt Bore" Standard is 5-1/2" above door knob boring. The door will be prepared with the double bore hole, latch bore and latch plate mortise for a dead bolt. The Jamb will NOT be prepared with any latch bore or strike plate mortise for the dead bolt.
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Cabinet Barn Door Hardware | Mini Barn Door Hardware

Dealing with low ceiling clearance in a doorway, or considering a set of shutters for an opening? The Cabinet Mini set of hangers is the solution to many situations where full-sized hangers may be too large. All of our barn doors work with our mini hardware but be sure to add additional hangers to your hardware system if your door is very large - reach out to one of our sales reps with questions on weight capacity. This product is most commonly paired with shutters, cabinet doors, and mirrors. Tight on space? Shop our minimalistic Circular Flush Pull to help save space around your door.

*Note- Maximum door thickness for our bypass versions of the hardware is 1-3/4"
Choose your hardware system set up
Select your hanger and wheel style
Select your track length, stop style and door guide

Clearance needed for install: 5 inches

8 Cabinet Barn Door Hardware Customization Options to Consider

Taking your home’s interior design to the next level is all about the little details. Barn doors are a popular decor choice and have moved beyond being just exterior doors. But, if you don’t have the space to use a full-sized barn door in your interior design, you can still use this style in other areas of your home.
Using classic barn doors on smaller, custom projects can help you get the look and feel of barn doors without needing as much space. They don’t have to be the traditional weathered wood doors that are commonly seen, either. There are so many different options in terms of barn door style, hardware systems, finishes, and handles that you can truly create the finishing touches for your project.

The customization you can achieve with cabinet barn door hardware kit can add a dramatic flair to your home, pulling your entire design together.

8 Cabinet Barn Door Hardware Customization Options to Consider

  1. Hardware System
  2. Finish
  3. Door Hanger
  4. Stop Style
  5. Track Length
  6. Door Guide
  7. Front Handles
  8. Latches
The barn door style cabinet hardware takes this interior design style to the next level, while still giving you the customization that comes with large barn doors. There are many uses for small barn doors including using them as window shutters, as drawer fronts, to hide your TV stand, to close your pantry or closet, or even to create unique kitchen cabinets.

Using rolling barn doors gives a unique element to your home’s overall interior design. This is true whether you use them as full-sized doors or simply as cabinet doors.  You are no longer limited to hinges. A little DIY barn door creativity will allow you to create the overall interior design aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Hardware System

The sliding cabinet door hardware used is similar to the hardware kit larger barn doors use, except on a smaller scale. There are three main types of systems that are used with cabinet barn door hardware:

  • Standard. This system is like your standard, single panel barn door. It will slide open along the wall, simply going to the end of the track.
  • Bi-parting. This system is used with double barn doors, similar to French doors. They do not pass over one another but rather part their separate ways, sliding along the track in opposite directions, to reveal the cabinet’s contents.
  • Light-duty bypass. This type of hardware system is to allow bypass barn doors to slide one barn door in front of or behind the other barn door.

Many times if you are working with a raised cabinet, your clearance for the sliding cabinet barn door hardware is small. This is where a mini barn door hardware kit for cabinet comes in handy. You can get mini bypass barn door hardware or even a mini double barn door hardware kit if the mini standard barn door hardware doesn’t suit your style.

2. Finish

Once you know how you want your cabinet doors to slide, the finish of your sliding cabinet barn door hardware is one of the biggest, most important design elements for your cabinet door. Each finish has its own vibe and overall feel. However, this can shift depending on the style of the door it is paired with. For instance, if you are looking for a rustic vibe, you may opt to pair a reclaimed wood door with barn door hardware in a brushed stainless steel finish. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more industrial, you may want to go with a barn door with a leather finish with hardware in a raw steel finish.

Numerous finishes are often available, including those that highlight the materials they are constructed from, those that are coated in a solid color to add a design element, and those that bring a natural weathered look to the classic barn door. Simply pick the finish that aligns with the overall style of your space that you envision.

3.  Door Hanger

The door hanger and wheel style used as barn door rollers can make a big impact on the overall design of the barn door cabinet. Your wheel style options will be determined by whether you are using traditional full-sized barn door hardware or mini barn door hardware. Using mini barn door hardware for the wheel helps ensure there is enough clearance for your door, especially with raised cabinets or limited space. There are fewer options in decorative hardware for barn door cabinets than with traditional, full-sized interior barn doors. While the door hanger and wheel styles are more limited, there are still several options to help complete the overall look. These wheels and hangers come in simple finishes such as black nylon, metal, metal with a black center, steel, or even wood.

4. Stop Style

When you have a rolling barn door, large or small, you need to prevent it from rolling off the end of the track. You need to pick a stop style for the style of door hanger you are using. Door hangers can come in a variety of styles and shapes, and some have an angled edge and others have a vertical edge.

However, since cabinet hardware must be small to fit low clearances, most cabinet door hangers have a vertical edge, so the stop you choose will be mostly aesthetic. There are three different types of stop styles:

  • Hard Stop. This stop style has a small piece of flat metal, cushioned with rubber to prevent the door from rolling off the track. It is recommended if your door hanger has a vertical edge.
  • Soft Stop. Unlike the hard stop, this stop style is round, instead of vertical and flat. It uses a bolt surrounded in rubber to stop the door from falling off the track.
  • Soft Close. A soft close system is hidden behind the rail. Installing one will bring the doors slowly to a soft stop at their final position. This system can be especially helpful when using more fragile doors, such as a sliding glass door. However, with heavier solid wood doors, it can also prove beneficial. Whether your door is fragile or heavy, a soft close system will prevent the door from slamming when opening or closing. This can help prevent glass in your door from shattering and reduce wear and tear.

5. Track Length

While you can choose the style of track you want with classic barn doors, only one kind of door track is available for cabinets. However, customization comes into play when it comes to track length. Cabinet barn door tracks tend to average 4 to 8 feet but can be fully customized up to 23 feet. The length of track that you will need depends on the opening you want to cover on your cabinet and the hardware system you select.

When you purchase your cabinet door track you can get it with or without pre-drilled holes. If you are using a header or your wall is already supported go with pre-drilled holes. Otherwise, choose a track with no holes and drill them according to where you need them when installing.

6. Door Guide

A door guide is a small piece that keeps the cabinet barn door aligned as it opens and closes. It helps prevent the door from being pulled away from the opening or rubbing along the edge of the opening. Depending on your style, use, and space you can choose between small, strategically placed guides, or continuous guides that stretch the entire length of the track.

Door guides are also available as either a floor mount or a wall mount, and there are various finishes and styles available. If you have raised cabinets, you’ll want to go with a wall-mount door guide. On the other hand, if your cabinet is low, you can go with either the wall-mount or floor-mount door guide.

7. Front Handles

Barn door pulls are another design element that can help pull your whole design style together. Many different types of barn door handles are available, making it easy to find a style that will make your space complete. You can choose a style that is raised, or you can opt for a flush handle similar to what is used with a pocket door. Barn door handles can be as simple as bare metal or covered in wood or rope. Or, you may go with another style door altogether and opt for a ring for a handle.

Like other cabinet barn door hardware, your front handles are available in many different finishes including raw steel, brushed steel, and brushed stainless steel. You can choose to go with the same finish for all parts of your hardware or you can go with something else entirely. Whatever decorative sliding door hardware you choose will add to the overall style of your barn door cabinets.

8. Latches

A latch is an important option when thinking about small barn door hardware for cabinets. You may choose to forego any latches.

However, if you need to make sure your cabinet stays shut, it’s easy to put in a latch. You can go basic and simply use a hook and eye type latch to keep the cabinet closed. However, if you want something a bit more stylish, use a barn door teardrop latch. These latches attach to either the door or the jamb, latching the door shut. Another benefit of these latches is that they come in several different finishes to go with other elements of your design.

Incorporate Cabinet Barn Door Hardware Into Your Home’s Design

DIY barn doors aren’t just for doorways anymore. Smaller versions mean you can bring the style to any interior space, especially with your cabinets. All you need is some mini barn door hardware that is easy to install.

Of course, as with any DIY project, it’s important to make sure you take careful measurements. You’ll also want to confirm that your hardware can hold the weight of the door you’ve selected. Just a small amount of preplanning means this project can be done quickly and will make a huge impact on your decor, whether it's in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or family room.

Small barn door hardware gives you the option to bring a unique sense of style into your interior design. You are no longer destined to have boring cabinets that use traditional door hinges. Instead, you can customize cabinet barn door hardware so that your cabinet doors match your vision for your space. Go with the traditional rustic look that is commonly associated with barn doors. If you like the style but not the rustic look, choose something more modern or to your taste. Between the various styles that are available for doors, finishes, and hardware, you are bound to find the cabinet doors that will make your dream vision of your home’s design a reality.
Weight rating: 150lbs
This hardware kit comes with everything needed for setup and installation.
Create A Clean, Modern Look In Your:
Bedroom·Livingroom·Kitchen and Pantry·Bathroom·Home Office·Craftroom·Playroom·Kids Bedrooms·Entryway·Coat Closet·Dining Room·Laundry Room·Terrace/Deck Divider·Living Space Divider
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Lead Times
Production and Manufacturing Lead Times
Please be advised that all doors and barn door hardware are handcrafted and manufactured to order. Lead times may vary and are only estimates. Please do not arrange for an install until you have received all correct items from your order. Before assembly or installation, check to see that you have instructions. You can download instructions here. Rustica will not be responsible for any contractor expenses and/or other fees incurred outside of your transaction with Rustica Hardware. If a door and hardware are ordered at the same time, then the door and hardware will ship together on the same date. In this circumstance, customers should base their estimated lead time off of the door’s production time and not the hardware's production time.
Barn Door Hardware manufacturing is estimated at:
  • Barn Door Hardware Same Day Shipping: Ships same day if ordered before 2:00 PM mountain time, if after 2:00 PM mountain time it will ship the next business day
  • Standard Barn Door Hardware: 3-6 Business Days (If ordered with a door, hardware will instead be shipped with the door at the current door lead time)
  • Expedited Barn Door Hardware Orders: 2-3 Business Days (please call for details and an expedited production fee will apply)
  • The Elite Barn Door Hardware (Pure, Ripple, Strut): 3-4 weeks
Barn and Pocket Door manufacturing is estimated at:
  • Sliding Geometric Barn Doors MDF: 4-5 Business Days
  • Sliding Geometric Barn Doors Solid Wood: 2-3 Weeks
  • Sliding Wood Barn or Pocket Doors: 2-3 Weeks
  • Sliding Metal Barn Doors or Pocket Doors: 2-3 Weeks (oversize doors more than 60" wide and doors with notched glass have a 3-4 week lead time)
  • Frosted Glass Barn Door: 5-7 weeks
Interior Doors (including Interior Dutch Doors) manufacturing is estimated at:
  • Interior Prehung Wood Doors: 3-5 Weeks
  • Interior Slab Wood Doors: 3-4 Weeks
  • Interior Prehung Metal Doors: 4-6 Weeks
  • Interior Slab Metal Doors: 4-5 Weeks
  • Bifold Barn Door Hardware Systems: 3-4 Weeks
Exterior Doors (including Exterior Dutch Doors) manufacturing is estimated at:
  • Exterior & Front Entry Prehung Wood Doors: 6-8 Weeks
  • Exterior & Front Entry Slab Wood Doors: 5-6 Weeks
  • Exterior & Front Entry Prehung Metal Doors: 6-7 Weeks
  • Exterior & Front Entry Slab Metal Doors: 6-7 Weeks
All other manufacturing estimated at:
  • Wall Coverings: 3-4 Weeks
  • Mantels: 5-7 Business Days
  • Conference Tables: 6-7 Weeks
  • Desks: 1-2 Weeks
  • Cranky Desk: 3-4 Weeks
  • Samples: 1-2 weeks
Shipping transit times depend on your location. We are located in Springville Utah.
Currently we will entertain some rush orders and in most cases you can expect to reduce the production time by 1/3.
Custom and Special Projects (SPOs): can be as much as 8-10 weeks AFTER all approvals are received
The manufacture process (the lead time) for hinge doors (interior and exterior) as well as custom projects begins only AFTER any and all approvals (signed docusign or custom finish approval) is received.
If you are not satisfied with this lead time, please call us to discuss options for expedited lead times. For questions call Rustica Hardware at 1-801-901-2218.
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