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Barn Door Handles and Pulls

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Barn Door Handles

Barn door handles and pulls are one of the first parts of your door that people will notice. Make a statement with our wide variety of rustic barn door handle hardware options! Our barn door hardware has been refined by our craftsman in the USA for over a decade.

Modern and Rustic Barn Door Pulls

Our collection features several different types of door handles and pulls, so you can choose and customize them to match your style and door choice. Unlike many handles on the market we allow for a lot of customization to our barn door pulls in both size and finish to provide the perfect look for your space. Provide a clean modern look to your door with our flush pulls or a substantial visual anchor to provide for a rustic aesthetic! For the office consider the Loft pull, it’s executive styling provides an aesthetic that screams “important work is done here”. Consider a softer, warmer style for the pantry like our Powell pull to provide a more comfortable styling for everyday use.

Make a statement with our newest sliding door handles, and customize the finish, texture and size to match your current door! Browse some of our most popular barn door hardware to complete your door.

How to Choose the Perfect Barn Door Handle

  • Determine the Door Placement
  • Choose Style of Barn Door Pull or Handle
  • Decide Handle or Pull Finish
  • Choose Handle Size
  • Decide Whether to Add a Lock

Similar to choosing a barn door style and a sliding door track system, Rustica offers a simple process of customizing the perfect handle hardware for your home! There’s plenty of room for creativity in every decision from placement and functionality to finish and size. This means that your unique voice controls the design process from beginning to end.

Determine the Door Placement

The first step of choosing this important piece of ​barn door hardware is to determine the door placement for your barn door handle or pull. The ​barn doors featured on Rustica’s website​ ​can accommodate a variety of placement options.

For both single and double doors, you need to determine your pull side by choosing if you would like a left pull or right pull. When standing directly in front of your door, if you would like the handle to be by your left hand and pulling towards the right, you want to install a left pull. If you want the handle to be by your right hand and pulling towards the left, you should install a right pull.

Once you’ve determined the side of the handle pull, you’ll need to measure out its exact placement. The backset, which is the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the handle pull, should measure between​ 2-⅜ or 2-¾ inches. T​he center of any handle or pull on an interior barn door should be placed at 36 inches measuring from the bottom of the door. Simply put, you want to make a mark at 36 inches above the bottom edge of the door and 2 ⅜ and 2 ¾ inwards from the interior edge of the door.

You can then create even placement by measuring upwards from this center mark until you’ve reached about half the length of your pull. Using a leveler, mark out the area where you intend to drill. For handle pulls that require both top and bottom drilling, make sure you mark both top and bottom drill holes. If installing a handle that falls flush with the door frame, mark out the areas where you will drill your screws, as well as where you will carve a shallow mortise. A mortise is where the inset flush handle will sit. This process will need to be done twice for bi-parting and bypassing door handle placement so that each door has its appropriate handle pull.

It is also possible to install barn door pulls on both the front and back of the door so a homeowner can open it from either side. This can be a nice feature for doors that divide rooms. The drill holes from the front handle will connect directly with the drill holes in the back handle, creating a consistent placement on either side of the door. For back handles, you have the option of choosing a pull ring or a handle that falls completely flush with the door. Both options allow for the door to pass in front of the wall without collision.

Choose Style of Barn Door Pull or Handle

With door placement chosen, it’s time to review the many beautiful styles of ​sliding door hardware available to complement your barn door style. Rustica’s barn door pull handles offer a sturdy and secure fit for any of their sliding barn doors, whether you purchase a wood, steel, or glass door. A barn door hardware kit for traditional single or double sliding doors includes a variety of rustic, minimalist, and industrial pull handle options.

You can enhance a rustic barn door like the Z Barn Door or the Craftsmen Barn Door with the rustic elegance of the Powell Leather Wrapped Barn Door Handle or the Redwood Barn Door Pull. To contrast your design, combine a rustic interior with sleek, minimalist pull handles like the Fiord Barn Door Pull or the Loft Barn Door Pull. If you prefer more modern decor, the Reversible D Barn Door Pull or the Left or Right Angled Iron Barn Door Pull brings a warehouse vibe to any room in your home. You could also consider an industrial style, like the Studio Barn Door Pull, which is perfect for a loft style door that acts as a room divider in a contemporary home.

For Bifolding sliding doors, homeowners can choose from any of the barn door knobs offered on Rustica’s website. When purchasing bypassing doors or ​pocket doors, you should review Rustica hardware options for a flush barn door pull (this is the same kind of flush handle you purchase for the back side of doors.) Choose from a variety of styles like the Modern Flush Barn Door Pull, the Rustic Flush Barn Door Pull, or the Flush Circle Barn Door Pull. Another option for a flush handle is the Rustic Ring Barn Door Pull, which lays flat against its mount. And don’t worry, if you love the simplicity of a flush pull but don’t have a pocket or bypassing door—these types of sliding barn door handles can also be used on any door, no matter its functionality!

Decide Finish of Handle or Pull

Rustica’s steel and iron sliding door hardware comes in fourteen signature modern, vintage, and rustic finishes. Choose from bold styles like Hand Forged Iron, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze, or consider the sleek design of Flat Black, Copper, and Bonded Chrome. Antique Pewter, Faded Red, Dairy, and Mountain Gold are perfect for the homeowner who wants to create that lived-in feeling, while Glacier and Huntsman add a contemporary pop of color ideal for the creative who wants to make a statement with their interior barn door handles.

For all handles and pulls, you have the option of adding a barn door back handle and choosing its own unique finish. Have fun and feel the freedom to mix and match as you choose finishes for your tracks, rollers, hinges, and handles!

Choose Handle Size

Next, you’ll need to customize your Rustica pull handles to your desired height. Interior barn door handles begin at a minimum of 8 inches and increase at 2-inch intervals up to a maximum of 30 inches. Typically, you want to choose a barn door handle height that falls between 10-13 inches for standard doors that measure 6’8” in height. Larger doors that measure 7-8 feet in height will look more proportionate with handles and pulls measuring 14-22 inches. Doors that fall out of these ranges can be accommodated proportionally with 8-inch barn door handles for smaller doors or 24-30 inch heavy duty handles for oversized doors.

Traditional barn door handles and pulls cost anywhere from $20-$159 for an 8-inch pull, with the majority falling into the $48-$70 range. Price increases as the handle pull increases in height. The price will also increase when you choose a more expensive finish. Any finish, aside from flat black, raw steel, and oil rubbed bronze, will add around $20 extra to your final cost.

Decide Whether to Add a Lock

You also should decide whether to add a lock to your barn door kit. Rustica proudly offers the Rustica Door Latch + Lock, which is the first-ever self-latching lock for sliding barn doors. Not only is this system able to be locked and unlocked from either side of the door, but it also doesn’t require drilling into the wall or door jamb. For other locks, this is a necessity. Instead, the self-latching lock drills directly into the door and latches itself to an additional piece of hardware attached to the barn door track system.

We list the compatibility limitations of this system on our website, and if your particular rolling door or its track system is not compatible, you can choose from a few other excellent options that will give you the privacy you desire. The Barn Door Tear Drop Latch includes a flush handle that attaches to the door and a second piece that is drilled in place into the door frame or wall. This second piece slides into the flush handle when locked. The Stainless Steel Cabin Hook and the Barn Door Hook are additional options, as well. Both of these systems include a hook and eye that can lock a single sliding door to the door frame or double sliding doors to one another.

How to Install a Sliding Door Handle or Pull

Now, it’s time to actually ​install the door handle. If your door is made of solid wood, you can go ahead and begin the process of measuring and marking your drill areas and your mortise, if needed. If you have a steel door or a wrought iron framed door, you first need to install a sturdy anchor to make sure the sliding barn door pull remains in place and does not rip away.

Barn Door Handle Installation: Mission Complete

Designing your door handle is an exciting and creative process. First, you should choose a left or right pull. Next, choose a modern rustic or contemporary design, and decide on a cast iron or oil rubbed bronze finish. Then, determine the appropriate handle size for the size and style of your door. You may want to add a barn door lock for privacy or keep the door sliding for convenience.

Though a simple handle pull might seem like a minor detail at first thought, any remodeler who wants to customize their space with a unique, creative style knows that sliding barn door handles add that perfect, final touch to functional and decorative barn doors. Rustica team members are available via email or phone should you have a question about anything regarding barn door handles or the installation process. Congratulations on your beautiful new barn door handles and pulls!

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