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5 Elements of a Modern Door

Thursday June 4th, 2020
As houses continue to be modernized and renovated, many real estate investors, homeowners, and landlords are choosing to replace traditional exterior and interior doors with modern doors. The mark of a modern door is a marriage of functionality to aesthetics and innovation to design. Though traditional doors can also reflect the essence of contemporary style and vice versa, the modern door has certain defining attributes.

5 Elements of a Modern Door

  1. Bold and Clean Lines
  2. Contemporary Colors
  3. Sleek Hardware
  4. Innovative Track and Hinge Systems
  5. High Quality Materials
Choosing the perfect modern front door or interior door requires careful consideration to determine the options that work best for your home’s space. The number of design choices is constantly increasing as more and more companies begin to craft modern doors.

1. Bold and Clean Lines

Traditional architectural style doesn’t necessarily mean ornate, just as a contemporary door doesn’t always signify simplicity. Interior designers often choose to combine elements from either, resulting in the trending rustic modern effect, which blends country charm with contemporary design.

With bold, clean lines, modern doors provide a contemporary style to a home entryway or interior floor plan. Though clean and simple, the details of modern doors stand out boldly against a wall or next to a window, representing the strength of the door’s structural presence. These lines can be complemented with the addition of a straight, vertical sidelight on either side whose natural light beautifully juxtaposes a modern door’s minimalist features.

2. Contemporary Colors

A traditional wood door is generally finished in a more natural color. Modern design, on the other hand, often calls for wood to be finished with bright, colorful paint or stained in an unmistakably, unnatural finish that adds curb appeal to your home’s exterior wow factor to the interior of your home.

Modern doors aren’t exclusively crafted out of conventional cherry or mahogany wood (though they definitely can be). Contemporary entry doors can be built from stainless steel, fiberglass, iron, aluminum, or even fully paned glass, and modern interior doors often follow suit. These materials and color options are harder to find in traditional doors, which is why many choose to make a functional statement through contemporary design choices.

3. Sleek Hardware

Straight-lined and sleek, modern hardware is typically installed on the front and back of modern front doors and interior doors. These contemporary, angular lines replace the winding, ornate patterns of traditional hardware. A modern door knob is usually crafted from bold, metallic materials and finishes while traditional knobs and pulls are not. With contemporary doors, it’s less common to find additional, non-essential hardware decoration, like non-functional straps and hinge plates, though a modern barn door might offer these features. In general, modern hardware mimics and complements the style of the modern door.

Rustica’s collection of handles and pulls features the well-known elements of modern style. The straight angular design and bold metallic finish make them the perfect choice for a modern front door or interior door.

4. Innovative Track and Hinge Systems

One of the most exciting features of a modern interior door or entry door is the innovative track systems that are growing in popularity over traditional hinges. Most doors that run along a track system are called sliding doors, and Rustica is well-known for specializing in crafting a beautiful and varied selection of the modern sliding barn door.

These barn doors can slide to open and close in a few different ways, and renovators and homeowners alike need to determine which is best for the space and style and their modern home. In most cases, you can choose from the following types of sliding door hardware track systems, though other options are becoming popular as well:

Standard barn door system: Used for a single slab that slides along a track. A hanger is required to support each end of the panel.

Bi parting doors system: Double doors hang from a singular track. When closed, the doors meet in the middle of the door opening and slide to the left and ride in front of the wall when open. Four hangers in total are used to attach the two doors to the track.

Bypass system: In this system, two sliding panels are respectively hung from their own tracks. These doors pass in front of and behind one another as they slide open and close. Two hangers are required for each door, making a total of four.

Triple bypass system: This bypass system allows three or more tracks and doors with the same two hangers per door requirement.

Pocket Doors: One or two doors run along a track and disappear into the wall opening that acts as a pocket.

The modern barn door hardware for each of these track systems likewise reflects contemporary design. Some examples include The Elite Series, which features straight-edged, luminescent aluminum metal, or the Builder Series, whose simple design is crafted from bold, black steel. For certain types of track systems, homeowners need to purchase flat or recessed hardware so that it doesn’t scratch and crash against a wall or panel. For example, modern pocket door hardware lies flush against the door panel, allowing the slabs to enter into the wall space without obstruction.

Of course, modern doors are not reserved exclusively to track systems. Any hinged door can reflect modern design values and still carry the functionality and aesthetics of a contemporary door. What matters most is that the door functions efficiently within a space while still representing your design personality.

5. High Quality Materials

Modern doors are generally crafted from high quality materials which can help regulate home temperature and provide more security against break-ins. The craftsmanship of these doors creates a refined durability that can withstand weather and time.

How these materials are used can make a big difference. For example, consider the differences between two different types of wood doors: hollow vs. solid. Most traditional interior doors are hollow wood doors while most contemporary interior doors are crafted with solid wood. Though hollow wood doors can be just as expensive, a modern wood door made from solid wood provides a more effective sound barrier, long lasting durability, and the ability to contribute to a lower energy bill through temperature regulation. Taking all of these positives into consideration, the price tag of a modern interior door or modern front door packs more punch on your home’s value and monthly savings.

10 Modern Doors You’ll Love

If you’re interested in a contemporary interior door or a contemporary front door, Rustica is the place to start. Whether you’re looking for a modern garage door, entry door, or interior door, Rustica’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and design will help you fulfill the hopes and dreams you have for your home.
We’ve compiled a list of 10 stunning doors for exterior or interior use:

Grove Double Dutch Doors

Grove Double Dutch Doors blend two traditional designs with the contemporary and bold metal found in the modern entry door. These glass front doors reflect the symmetrical panes of 17th-century French aesthetics, while the panels are horizontally divided to offer full or partial opening like a Dutch door. A modern look is achieved by the innovative combination of these two distinct designs along with the metal grid that divides the panels and panes. Simple and bold, these doors are the essence of contemporary features.

The Grove Double Dutch Doors can be purchased for exterior use, making them the ideal front entry door or patio door option for inviting a flood of natural light into a home’s interior. They can also be partially opened to allow a beautiful breeze to travel from room to room.

When purchased for indoor use, these doors could create a dramatic entry into a formal dining room or den, allowing light to brighten up otherwise segmented and closed-off areas. They’re also convenient to keep pets or children out of areas of the home while still allowing a homeowner to keep a safe watch. 

Skyline with Sidelights and Transom Window 

The Skyline modern exterior front door is the epitome of rustic modern. Solid wood is crafted to resemble a traditional country barn door while the straight, simple lines reflect the elements of a modern entry door. This feature extends from the exterior door panel itself to the sidelights and transom window. Though understated in comparison to larger sidelights, these additional panels of paned glass sit quietly next to the edge of the door stile, gracing your home’s exterior with a subtle touch of natural lighting from above.

Complemented with angular hardware, the Skyline door is an unmistakably modern version of rustic tradition. Since this door’s design straddles the boundary of two worlds, homeowners might consider using it as a seamless crossover for an older home’s renovation. 

5-Panel Exterior Slab Door

The panels of the 5 Panel Exterior Slab Door can be purchased in wood or acrylic. The knotty alder wood slab can be finished in natural tones or painted in colors, like barn red, navy blue, or whippoorwill. Any option or combination will draw attention to the front of a home as the design is very unique in comparison to a traditional entry door. This door will make the biggest statement when paired with neutral tone siding or accompanied by the vibrant flowers or green bushes of a front walkway.

Diamond Interior Door

The Diamond Interior Door can be purchased as a slab either to be hinged or hung from a track. The modern features of this door are obvious: The geometric design is artfully cut into solid wood using a CNC machine for a one-of-a-kind presentation of contemporary flare. This door looks subtle and elegant when finished in a red mahogany or walnut stain. You can also pair a blue/grey tone, like abandoned blue or barn gray, and place the panel next to a lighter colored modern door trim to make the repetitive, angular pattern stand out.

This slab could be used as a fun DIY room divider for a larger space, separating the dining and living room. It would also look fantastic covering a cubby or closet within a bedroom or functioning as a lockable, sliding door or traditional hinged door leading into a master bathroom. 

Alta Barn Door

The limited-edition Alta Barn Door resembles a modernized version of traditional cedar shake. Its zig-zag pattern is the product of the skilled craftsmanship found only in companies like Rustica who specialize in quality visual design. The door is available in a biparting, bypassing, or standard track system and can be purchased in six different paints or finishes.

This modern interior door will take center stage wherever you place it, and that should be a consideration when designing your space. Because of its bold pattern, this door would look perfect leading into a renovated loft area or as a closet door in a living room or bedroom. 

Valley Dutch Door

A Dutch Door becomes traditional as craftsmen tweak design elements and make it useful for 21st-century homes. Rustica’s Valley Dutch Door highlights these modern elements with its solid wood structure and straight-grain design. The door can currently be purchased in 23 different paints and finishes, with the most popular being a lighter wood finish paired with simple, black hardware—a style that complements the blend of traditional with modern.

The Valley Dutch Door is quite versatile. Use it to separate a kitchen from a breakfast nook or a living area from a mudroom. Wherever you place it, the Valley Dutch Door will invite both family and guests into a fun fusion of modernized tradition. 

Highland Interior with Sidelights and Transom Window

The Highland Interior with Sidelights and Transom Window is one of Rustica’s many interior doors that feature the design elements of a mid-century modern door. Typically, mid-century modern design involves a combination of a flush wooden door that encases small rectangular or round glass panes.

The Highland Interior Door looks like a mid-century modern front door because the large, expansive sidelights and windows that surround the door panel are usually used to allow natural light to flow from the front yard and patio into a home’s interior floor plan. This interior door cleverly brings the features of an exterior door into the living area. Light travels easily from space to space wherever this door finds its home, whether that’s in a hallway that leads into a library or office space or between a kitchen and formal dining area. 

Ponder Mirror Barn Door

Is it a mirror or a door? The Ponder Mirror Door is both. Rustica’s multi-use mirror door is another example of the marriage between functionality and aesthetics. The door hangs from a track system, making it the perfect space-saving tool for a smaller bedroom—though it doesn’t need to be restricted to sleeping areas.

A mirror door is an innovative way to fool the eye into thinking that an area appears larger than it actually is. Use the door to cover a cubby space in a small apartment living room or in a basement to reflect light and the appearance of larger square footage in an otherwise crowded or dark section of the house. Simplistic in design, the door is mainly made of a singular, glass pane atop knotty alder backing, all framed in solid steel. This modern glass door draws attention to your home’s space instead of to the actual design elements of the panel itself. 

Crest Wine Room Door 

the Crest Wine Room Dooris weatherstripped to provide the temperature resistance that a wine room requires. Its bold, modern steel grid and segmented glass panes create a beautiful picture frame for your wine bottles to be displayed.

This door can be used for any pantry or storage room that needs extra temperature and weather protection for preservation. Consider using it in a gallery or art studio as well. Its minimalist design allows for the room’s content to be on display for whoever passes by. 

Steampunk Barn Door Shutter

The modern steampunk style takes a utilitarian approach to design through a combination of elegance and machinery. This style is retro and futuristic at the same time. Rustica’s Steampunk Barn Door Shutters will contribute a unique modern flair to your house that’s incomparable to anything you’ll find in any other home. Punctured scrap metal panels are framed in wood to create an unforgettable combination of the new with the recycled. The wooden frame can be finished naturally or covered in vibrant colors, like canary yellow or amethysts. It all depends on how big of a statement you want to make. Either way, this piece is inarguably progressively modern.

These shutters can be used in several ways: over kitchen cabinets and small decorative cubby areas, or even as a functional indoor shutter for windows. There’s no limit to where you can place these doors—they are an innovative replacement for curtains or cabinet covers. These shutter doors will look great in a family room or basement to spruce up an area of the house that is sometimes overlooked. 

More Modern Doors

This list of modern exterior and interior doors is only a fraction of the contemporary doors available through Rustica. We offer a large variety of options for custom sizing, hardware, color, and add-ons. Our modern front entry doors, interior doors, and garage doors are expertly crafted by Rustica employees to make an irreplaceable statement within the modern home.

Modern Doors for Your Home or Business

What makes a modern door modern? A lot of things, really: angular, geometric design; bold, clean colors and lines; the innovative functionality of hardware and track systems. Within the definition of the modern door, there’s room for traditional elements to find their place and contribute to the ever-growing options for modern style available on the market today.

When choosing the best modern door for your space, you need to think both practically and aesthetically. What will your space allow? Should you choose hinged or hanging hardware? Which colors and features look best within each room? Are you more comfortable with natural wood color or something a bit more dynamic? How can you maximize the efficiency of your home’s interior and exterior with new, modern doors? Will steel, solid wood, or fiberglass be the best option for your structural needs?

There could be many answers to each of these questions because there are so many ways that modern doors can be incorporated into a space. Don’t shy away from transforming your traditional wood front entry door into something bolder and nearer to the modern design that you see in magazines and love. And don’t neglect the smaller spaces within a home, like bathroom doors or closet areas. These too can be turned into something truly spectacular by simply installing a modern door.

Though the bright colors and dramatic straight lines might make older generations leery, throw caution to the wind, and choose a contemporary design. You’ll find that these doors can be just as elegant and beautiful as the ornate patterns of decades past. 

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