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Barn Door Hardware

We continue and always have refined our barn door hardware to meet the needs of your project. Each rolling hardware product represents the perfect marriage between art and function. Manufacturing in the USA ensures a craftsman finish as well as a high level of customization for each project
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Pillar Standard Barn Door Hardware Kit
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Harvest Traditional Barn Door Hardware Kit
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Degree Diagonal Barn Door Hardware Kit
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Stag Ready Ship Barn Door Hardware
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Designer Series
Classic Barn Door Hardware
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No Show Barn Door Hardware
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High Rise Barn Door Hardware
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Top Level Modern Barn Door Hardware
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Outdoor Rated - Exterior Barn Door Hardware
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Stag Industrial Barn Door Hardware
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Classic Star Barn Door Hardware
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Cathedral Barn Door Hardware
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Low Clearance Barn Door Hardware
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Low Clearance Barn Door Hardware For Double Doors
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Top Mount Low Clearance
{{401 | myCurrency}}{{287 | myCurrency}}
Cellar Barn Door Hardware
{{390 | myCurrency}}{{279 | myCurrency}}
Ultra Modern Barn Door Hardware
{{418 | myCurrency}}{{299 | myCurrency}}
Top Mount Ultra Modern Barn Door Hardware
{{418 | myCurrency}}{{299 | myCurrency}}
Kingship Barn Door Hardware
{{418 | myCurrency}}{{299 | myCurrency}}
Bootstrap Barn Door Hardware
{{455 | myCurrency}}{{325 | myCurrency}}
Marksman Barn Door Hardware
{{460 | myCurrency}}{{329 | myCurrency}}
H Strap Barn Door Hardware
{{487 | myCurrency}}{{348 | myCurrency}}
Archer Barn Door Hardware
{{487 | myCurrency}}{{348 | myCurrency}}
Royal Barn Door Hardware
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Twig Barn Door Hardware
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Military Barn Door Hardware
{{487 | myCurrency}}{{348 | myCurrency}}
Light Duty Bypass Barn Door Hardware
{{973 | myCurrency}}{{695.27 | myCurrency}}
Box Barn Door Hardware
{{516 | myCurrency}}{{369 | myCurrency}}
Draft Barn Door Hardware
{{525 | myCurrency}}{{375 | myCurrency}}
Contour Barn Door Hardware
{{525 | myCurrency}}{{375 | myCurrency}}
Stallion Barn Door Hardware
{{525 | myCurrency}}{{375 | myCurrency}}
Max Barn Door Hardware
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Rod Iron Scroll Barn Door Hardware
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Bi Parting Barn Door Hardware
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Maverick Barn Door Hardware
{{726 | myCurrency}}{{519 | myCurrency}}
Heavy Duty Barn Door Hardware - Warehouse Style
{{767 | myCurrency}}{{548 | myCurrency}}
Double Contour Barn Door Hardware
{{837 | myCurrency}}{{598 | myCurrency}}
Heavy Duty Bypass Barn Door Hardware
{{973 | myCurrency}}{{695.27 | myCurrency}}
Bifold Barn Door Hardware System
{{2843 | myCurrency}}{{2031 | myCurrency}}
I-Beam Trolley Barn Door Hardware
{{2653 | myCurrency}}{{1895 | myCurrency}}
Ceiling Mount Barn Door Hardware
{{2100 | myCurrency}}{{1500.60 | myCurrency}}
Cabinet Barn Door Hardware
{{165 | myCurrency}}{{118 | myCurrency}}
J Track
{{361 | myCurrency}}{{258 | myCurrency}}
Top Mount Reflex Barn Door Hardware
{{390 | myCurrency}}{{279 | myCurrency}}
Tube Track Barn Door Hardware
{{525 | myCurrency}}{{375 | myCurrency}}
Reflex Barn Door Hardware
{{361 | myCurrency}}{{258 | myCurrency}}
Buck Barn Door Hardware
{{390 | myCurrency}}{{279 | myCurrency}}
Garrick Barn Door Hardware
{{390 | myCurrency}}{{279 | myCurrency}}
Top Mount Garrick Barn Door Hardware
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Big Wheel Hangers
Ribbon Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
{{333 | myCurrency}}{{238 | myCurrency}}
Struck Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
{{347 | myCurrency}}{{248 | myCurrency}}
Sea Jeans Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
{{473 | myCurrency}}{{338 | myCurrency}}
Garrick Spoked Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
{{460 | myCurrency}}{{329 | myCurrency}}
Top Spoked Garrick Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
{{460 | myCurrency}}{{329 | myCurrency}}
Spoked Marksman Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
{{488 | myCurrency}}{{349 | myCurrency}}
Top Spoked Marksman Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
{{488 | myCurrency}}{{349 | myCurrency}}
Sawmill Barn Door Hardware - Extra Big Wheel
{{595 | myCurrency}}{{425 | myCurrency}}
Static Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Elite Series
Pure Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
{{2098 | myCurrency}}{{1499 | myCurrency}}
Ripple Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Strut Barn Door Hardware
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From an artistic standpoint, your barn door is like a canvas for your hardware—as the artist, you have the creative freedom of finding the perfect finishing touches to compliment your home’s unique design. Choose your rolling barn door hardware kit by following a few simple steps.

How to Choose the Right Sliding Door Hardware Kit

  • Choose Style
  • Choose a System
  • Select Track Style and Length
  • Choose Your Door(Use Own or Buy Rustica)
  • Decide if You Want a Soft Close
  • Choose if You Want to Add Handles or Pulls
  • Rustica’s sliding door hardware​ ​comes in varied styles, finishes, and functions, making the process of choosing a barn door hardware kit a simple, convenient, and fun experience. Whether you’ve purchased your door from a different retailer, or you’ve chosen to customize one from Rustica, your hardware can be customized to fit your new barn door.

    Choose a Style

    You may be looking for contemporary sliding door ​hardware​ to complement your minimalist style, or you may be on the search for more traditional hardware with a hint of rustic charm. Rustica offers rolling door hardware kits in both of these styles (and many more) through two different series of ​barn door hardware​ kits for your interior sliding doors.

    The Builder Series​ features four variations of similar straight, clean lines. Most styles in this category come in four different finishes, including flat/matte black, raw steel, oil rubbed bronze, and copper. Within this series, the Classic Barn Door Hardware option expands into 21 different finishes, including barn red, antique pewter, brushed stainless steel, and modern gold—giving you more color choices within the same simple, sleek design.

    The Designer Series​ provides a homeowner with even more artisan hardware options. Hardware in this series includes ornate styles like the Royal Barn Door Hardware and the industrial chic style of the Warehouse Barn Door Hardware​ and ​Double Contour Barn Door Hardware​. Most kits in this series come in over 20 different finishes for you to consider.

    Choose a System

    Hand in hand with choosing style comes choosing functionality. After deciding on your preferred style, you’ll need to choose a sliding barn door hardware system to cater to the door’s specific function.

    Standard barn door system:​ A single door panel runs along a single rail, with a hanger at each end of the panel.

    Bipartin doors system: A single rail allows for double doors to run in front of the wall. A total of four hangers are used to attach the doors to the track.

    Bypass system: Double sliding barn doors pass in front of and behind each other as they run along two different tracks. Each door requires two hangers, one on each end. This system is also available as a light duty system for a lighter door weight and in heavy duty options for a larger weight capacity.

    Triple bypass system: ​Similar to the bypass system but allows for three or more tracks and doors. Two hangers are required per door.

    Pricing for each system varies, depending on the chosen style and the number of tracks and hangers required. For example, a standard sliding door hardware kit that costs $128 will increase in price to $204 for a ​bi-parting barn door hardware​ ​kit since more hangers are required. A bypassing barn door hardware kit in this same series will cost $319 since there are two tracks and two doors that require hardware. The cost of this same system will continue to increase in tandem with the amount of hardware needed.

    The following pricing shows the average cost of a Rustica sliding door hardware kit within each system. The prices reflect the cost of a basic, flat track for interior doors includes all tracks, door stops, bolts, rollers, and hangers needed for interior doors. This pricing does not include additional hardware that can be added to your barn door kit, like door handles, pulls, or locks, and does not consider hardware for sliding cabinet doors or oversized doors.

    Door System Builder Series Designer Series Elite Series
    Standard $128-$145 $128-$598 $1499-$1699
    Biparting $204-$231 $315-$874 $2390-$2709
    Light Duty Bypass $319-$361 $493-$1366 N/A
    Bypass $319-$361 $493-$1366 N/A
    Triple Bypass $512-$580 $493-$1366 N/A

    Select Track Style and Length

    Depending on the type of hardware system, you’ll have the option to choose from a few different sliding door ​track styles​.​ ​Rustica’s tracks cooperate with both your design needs and the dimensions of your space.

    Low Clearance Sliding Door Hardware: ​Hugs the top of the door more tightly, making this system perfect​ ​for rooms and spaces with ceiling and header gaps as limited as three inches.

    Ceiling Mount Sliding Door Hardware: ​Perfect for a homeowner who does not have enough clearance for a traditional hardware mount or one who desires to divide a too-large space. Mounting directly onto the ceiling, this sliding barn door track provides a functional solution with an industrial chic, brushed steel flair.

    Cabinet Sliding Door Hardware: ​Smaller hangers for limited rolling clearance or for shutters, cabinet doors, or mirror panels.

    J Track: ​A rolling door design in which the hangers lie flush with the height of the header, making it another option for low clearance spaces.

    Tube Track: ​Using u-shaped hangers and a contemporary, rounded rail, the tube track hardware system brings an industrial look to your modern space.

    Flat Track: ​A classic design for more traditional barn doors. This track’s sturdy and reliable raw steel creates a simple yet fashionable design.

    Box Track: ​Attaches to the top of the door instead of its face, allowing a homeowner to show off the craftsmanship of the barn door or protect its face from drill holes.

    Most manufacturers also suggest installing a bottom track that attaches to either the wall or to the floor so that the barn door does not swing back and forth, hitting the wall. ​In order to install a bottom track, a homeowner or contractor should allow for approximately ½ inch space in between the floor and the bottom of the door. Rustica always includes a bottom track along with their interior barn door hardware kits but it is up to you to decide if you would like to install it.

    After choosing your track style, you’ll be prompted to choose your track length. This step of the process is easy. Your track length should be at least double the width of your door, so you’ll just need to measure your barn door’s width and choose double that number from the drop-down menu.

    Choose Your Door (Buy Rustica or Use Your Own)

    Generally, any style of door can be installed into a rolling and sliding hardware track system. With Rustica hardware, you have the freedom to buy one of the barn doors for sale on our website or use your own door. If you are using your own door, you will need to measure door thickness and choose that size from the drop-down menu so that your sliding door hardware can be customized accordingly. We suggest rounding your measurements to the nearest ¼ inch.

    If you decide to purchase a ​Rustica barn door​, you’ll first need to customize it to your preferences by choosing from single sliding and double barn doors or ​bypassing barn doors​. Similar to our hardware kits, we also offer two main categories for interior barn door styles. The Builders Series includes classic, wooden barn doors​ ​while the Designer Series contains rustic sliding door designs that range from industrial and modern to French country and rustic. This series even features doors made of glass, chalkboard, leather, and scrap metal.

    Once you’ve found the willpower to limit your choice to just one of the many beautiful barn doors offered, you’ll need to indicate the width and height of your door. You have some flexibility in choosing the width of your sliding door. You can match it to the width of your door opening, measuring from the outside of the trim on the left-hand side to the outside of the trim on the right-hand side. If you don’t have any trim, you’ll need to measure between the left and right vertical edge of your doorway and add a total of 4 inches to that number. These measurements are a minimum requirement for door width. Your other option for width is to purchase a wider door that will extend beyond the doorway in either direction, if you prefer, to make more of a statement in your space.

    For height, you should measure from the floor upwards to the outer vertical edge of your trim. Then, subtract ½ inch to ensure room for the hardware to roll. For doors without trim, you can measure directly from the floor to the beginning of the edge of the top of the doorway.

    Choose both texture and finish and then decide if you want to receive the door assembled or unassembled. The assembled door will arrive with most of the hardware in place, making wall, ceiling, and floor mounting much easier and quicker to complete. These pre-assembled doors cost around $400 more. Unassembled doors arrive with everything you need for your DIY barn door hardware installation, along with concise directions that allow you to complete the assembly process in under 45 minutes.

    Decide if You Want a Soft Close

    For all Rustica flat track systems, you have the option of choosing their Soft Close System which creates a quiet, gentle movement for your sliding door. This system includes a mechanism on either side of the track to prevent anyone from slamming your door closed or throwing it open too quickly. Instead, this door stop gradually slows down the rollers, protecting both your door and hardware system.

    Choose If You Want to Add Handles or Pulls

    Including handles as part of your interior barn door hardware kit creates added function to your new door. You can mix and match finishes and styles to complement your track and hanger systems, and you can choose either handles, pull rings, or straps. To allow for sliding, all handles are vertical—but the size, material, and finish are up to your unique design inspiration. For barn doors covering bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms, Rustica offers sliding door hook locks for privacy.

    DIY or Professional Installation?

    You can always hire a professional contractor to assemble and install your barn door for an average cost range of $400-$600 dollars. However, our pre-assembled delivery option makes installation a breeze for the DIYer who loves the challenge of remodeling and renovating a space.

    If you decide to go the DIY route, you’ll need a few basic tools for your barn door hardware kit, including the following:

  • Screwdriver or Phillips drill bit
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Socket Wrench
  • Along with directions, all of the screws, mounting brackets, spacers, and tracks will be provided with the kit so that you can quickly assemble the hardware to the door and move on to wall installation.

    Wall Installation Explained

    The first question you need to address when installing a rolling barn door is if you need to first install a header. Since sliding doors can be pretty heavy, most walls cannot bear the weight of the panels. A header is a sturdy, finished piece of wood that spans twice the length of the track system. By attaching to a larger number of wall studs, a header distributes the pull of the door’s weight. The interior barn door track attaches directly to this header, creating a more secure and stable hold. If you choose to not install a header, make sure that each track screw enters into a wall stud. Again, this is only recommended for lighter weight doors. Either way, you should use a stud finder to locate your beams to drill.

    Afterward, you’ll need to install and tighten your sliding door track onto either the header or the wall, using the washers, bolts, and spacers provided. Then, you can slide the door stops onto either side of your track. Now, your header and track are ready to attach to your door’s hardware, which has been previously assembled.

    Benefits of Sliding Door Hardware Kits

    There are many benefits to having a sliding door. The rolling of a door along a wall can save space for tighter rooms where traditional swinging doors just won’t fit. A sliding door can add artistic expression to an otherwise blank canvas, or it can divide a larger room into smaller sections without the need for constructing new walls. Even sliding closet doors can turn an otherwise drab storage cubby into a modern or rustic room accent.

    Choosing hardware sets for your barn door is likewise a part of both artistic expression and functionality. It’s important to choose quality pieces that fit your unique design so that every detail of your sliding door, from header to bottom sliding track and handle to hanger, represents the look that you desire. Though there are many decisions within this process, Rustica makes the experience simple and transparent. You’ll need to choose style, system, and tracking before you settle on the details of your door, such as height and width, finish and texture, handles and door pulls, and type of close. With the specifics of your barn door and selected hardware kit, you are ready to install and enjoy the innovative functionality of interior sliding doors.

    Barn Door Hardware Kits

    Our hardware kits are created with extreme scrutiny to make sure each project is delivered to you exactly as you designed it. Each of our kits comes included with all of the screws, tracks, brackets, spacers and guides needed to add art and function into your life.

    Rolling Door Hardware For Any Style

    Our product offering meets the needs of those looking for barn door hardware solutions in modern, industrial, rustic, eclectic and everything in between applications. Our spoked wheels pair well with Rustic design, whereas our top mount hardware is best for those looking for a clean seamless look. Browse all of our options to find a look that will bring life to your space!

    Shop for your handmade sliding door hardware today! Our hardware is guaranteed to make a statement in your home, bringing quality craftsmanship to any room. Looking for handles & pulls to go along with your new hardware? We’ve got those, too!

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