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Top 10 Mahogany Doors for a Classic, Luxury Look

Wednesday July 5th, 2023
When designing in a particular style for a room or home, the door is essential to the overall look. A door is what invites you into the space and sets the tone for the entire aesthetic. Mahogany wood is a well-known and prized wood species, making it an ideal choice a luxurious and classic style.

If you need inspiration or are ready to start designing a luxury custom door, check out Rustica’s top 10 mahogany doors for your next project. 

Top 10 Mahogany Doors 

  1. Two Panel Interior Door
  2. Estate Interior Door 
  3. Heartland Interior Door 
  4. Tuscan Interior Door 
  5. Summerhouse Barn Door
  6. Z Barn Door 
  7. Pump House Front Door
  8. Riverstone Front Door
  9. Midland Front Door
  10. Cathedral Double Door 
Mahogany is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also incredibly durable and ages exceptionally well. Its warm and unmistakable reddish-brown hue deepens over time rather than fading, which is what makes mahogany wood so unique when compared to other wood types. 

Top 10 Mahogany Doors 

When it comes to adding mahogany doors to your home, the first step is picking the style that best fits the design you’re going for. A few of our favorites include: 

1. Two Panel Interior Door 

The Two Panel Interior Door is a solid wood slab door with a classic and timeless look. It features a wide-framed edge design with a section separating the top half from the lower half, creating the classic two-panel door. In these separated sections, the door has numerous vertical panels, which creates a traditional look that never goes out of style. In fact, the Two Panel Interior Door remains one of our most popular hinged doors. 

Add mahogany wood as your custom wood type, and you’ll have a stunning interior door perfect for a bedroom, office, parlor room, and more.  

2. Estate Interior Door 

If you want a modern farmhouse-style door with a prominent glass feature, you’ll love the Estate Interior Door. This wooden interior door has a wide wooden frame design that encloses a large glass window—the most pronounced feature of the door. 

The reddish hue of mahogany wood greatly complements the glass, giving the door a bold, stylish look. Pick one of our textured glass options, such as vintage or crested, for more privacy or to add a bit of decorative flair to your mahogany door with glass. 

3. Heartland Interior Door 

The Heartland Interior Door offers a rustic and unique style with a lifted framed design that cuts vertically through the middle of the door. On either side of the vertical panel, several horizontal panels run the length of the door. 
As a mahogany interior door, this door is exceptionally beautiful. The mahogany wood grain is straight and uniform; the distinct, straight-lined grain complements the unique design of the door. 

The Heartland Interior Door is meant to stand out, making it perfect for a bedroom, office, studio, or library. 

4. Tuscan Interior Door 

If you’d like a taste of Italy in the comfort of your home, the Tuscan Interior Door is just what you need. Featuring an arched design with two recessed panels, this solid mahogany door showcases the warmth and beauty of traditional Tuscan architecture. 

With the deep brownish-reddish hue of mahogany wood, the Tuscan Interior Door creates a feeling of luxury and comfort in any entryway. Enter through the arched mahogany door into a room of style and wonder, whether that’s a bedroom, wine room, office, or parlor. 

5. Summerhouse Barn Door 

The Summerhouse Barn Door is an interior sliding barn door with a lifted framed design enclosing several horizontal panels. The simple, yet beautiful, design is rooted in rustic interior decor, and the lovely mahogany wood adds a feeling of luxury to this farmhouse-style door. 

As an interior barn door, the Summerhouse Barn Door slides along a custom metal track complete with hangers and a door guide for a smooth and effortless pull. With Rustica, you can customize every feature of your sliding mahogany wood door, making it the perfect fit for your unique space. 

6. Z Barn Door

As the name suggests, the Z Barn Door features a traditional barn door design of an angled panel stretching vertically from the top right corner of the framed design to the left bottom corner. This slanted panel overlaps several straight vertical panels enclosed by the lifted frame design. 

This door style has been used for centuries, and to this day, it is featured on “real” barns throughout the country. Because of this, the Z Barn Door is a truly rustic and farmhouse-style door. Customize this classic style with luxurious mahogany wood, and you have a beautiful, top-quality sliding interior barn door. 

7. Pump House Front Door 

Is it your dream to have a lovely mahogany front door for your home? You can bring that dream to life with the Pump House Front Door as a mahogany entry door. This classic and elegant design matches a variety of interior and exterior design styles, including farmhouse rustic, contemporary, country chic, traditional, and more. 

The Pump House Front Door features a classic framed design enclosing several vertical wood panels. The frame horizontally cuts across the bottom half of the door, creating a larger top section. The most unique element of this door is the slight arch where the indented vertical panels meet the lifted frame design. 

8. Riverstone Front Door 

Wooden front doors already create a sense of comfort and tradition, but a mahogany front door made out of the highest quality mahogany wood adds a level of prestige. Couple that with the elegance of the classic Riverstone Front Door, and you have a door that defines the luxury of your home. 

The Riverstone Front Door resembles traditional colonial style with a four-panel window at the top of the door and a beautiful solid wood design on the rest of the door. The lifted frame design encloses the top window and then vertically divides the bottom section, creating two wide vertical sections. 

9. Midland Front Door 

If you want a modern and unique mahogany door with glass, look no further than the Midland Front Door. This contemporary-style door features five symmetrical glass sections separated by solid mahogany wood. While modern in design, the texture and color of mahogany adds an elegant, rustic twist to the door, making it a versatile design style for several interior and exterior styles. 

The Midland Front Door glass feature allows abundant natural light to flow into your space. This design looks especially elegant with the addition of a bordering sidelight. 

Customize the glass type, wood finish, and more to make the Midland Front Door the perfect addition to your home’s entryway. 

10. Cathedral Double Front Door 

An entryway marks the first impression of your home and style. As a homeowner, you want your front doors to stand out and show that your home is anything but ordinary. If there’s one door design to do just that, it’s the Cathedral Double Front Door

These exquisite solid wood doors feature prominent windows overlayed with an intricate metal diamond grid. These outstandingly beautiful windows are framed by the highest quality mahogany wood, making these doors one of the most elegant and luxurious doors you can find.  

What Color to Stain Mahogany Door? 

One of the main reasons mahogany wood is so popular is because of its unique natural color—a light pink to reddish-brown hue that deepens and darkens with age. Furthermore, it exhibits a distinct wood grain of uniform lines, which is unique to the mahogany wood species. This wood species is typically free from blemishes and knots, making it even more desirable. 

It’s customary to stain a wood door in order to show off the wood’s unique grain patterns and colors. However, knowing which stain color is best depends on the wood species, as some deserve a clear stain while others shine with a dark stain. 
Given the distinct color and wood grain of mahogany wood, it is almost always stained or clear coated to highlight the beautiful texture and color tones of the wood. For mahogany door stain, Rustica recommends a clear stain finish or glaze that will emphasize the natural beauty of the wood. 

When ordering a custom door through Rustica, you’ll first want to select which door style you like best—such as one of the styles listed above. Once you decided on the door style, you’ll find a list of customization options on the right-hand side of the screen. When you click on “Select Wood Species,” it will show you a dropdown menu of the different types of wood for doors that Rustica offers. There, you will find the option for mahogany wood. 

To select your stain for mahogany door, scroll down the customization options list again until you reach “Select Door Finish.” Here, you’ll find the clear stain finish option or the glaze option for your mahogany door stain. Below the finish option, you’ll find the “Select Door Texture” section. This customization is optional, and allows you to design your custom door to appear weathered or distressed for a more rustic look. 

Can Mahogany Doors Be Painted? 

While any wooden door can be painted, certain species are better stained than painted. For mahogany wood, this is certainly the case. Mahogany is most desired for its unique grain pattern and distinctive natural color. Because of this, it’s not recommended to paint mahogany wood because the paint would cover up mahogany’s most desirable traits. 

If you would like a painted wooden door, poplar is the best wood for painting because it’s affordable and doesn’t have knots or distinct grain patterns show through. In fact, it’s almost always painted and rarely stained because a stained finish reveals tones of green and violet in the wood. 

Design A Custom Mahogany Door with Rustica Today!

Mahogany is one of the most desired and luxurious wood species, and for good reason. Its beautiful and natural light pink to reddish-brown hue deepens and darkens with age, transforming into a stunning deep red. When it comes to the functionality of this high-end wood species, it is exceedingly durable, strong, and highly resistant to warping. These elements make it a superb choice for entry doors and interior doors. 

With Rustica, you have access to our one-of-a-kind customization options. This means you can customize every detail of your door, including wood species, wood finish, door measurements, glass type (if applicable), and more! With the flexibility of our customization tool, you’ll be sure to design the perfect door for your space. 

We hope you’ve found the mahogany door of your dreams in Rustica’s top 10 mahogany doors.  If not, we’re confident we can create the perfect custom door for your needs by speaking with one of our expert craftsmen. If you’re ready to design your dream door, get in touch with Rustica today! We can’t wait to help you bring your design project to life! 

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