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Top 18 Luxury Doors for Closets, Exteriors and More

Tuesday August 30th, 2022
If you’re working with an interior designer to build a forever home, remodeling a fixer-upper, or giving your current residence a facelift, one thing you don’t want to forget is including luxury doors. Luxury doors can dramatically improve the overall look and feel of any room, from a master bedroom to a guest room. The best part is that there are endless options you can choose from, including:

Luxury Doors for the Home

  1. Luxury Closet Doors
  2. Luxury Entry Doors
  3. Luxury Interior Doors
  4. Luxury Pocket Doors
  5. Luxury Sliding Doors
Whether you want to install the highest-quality exterior door for security, wooden doors for your bedrooms, or a custom door for your wine cellar, playroom, or man cave, the sky is the limit. A new door with the right wood species, hardware, finish, paint color, design, and general aesthetic can do wonders to complete the one-of-a-kind look and feel you’re creating in your home.

What is a Luxury Door?

Luxury doors are swing or sliding doors made with high quality materials to match the personality, elegance, and architectural style to create the perfect door for each home. Whether you’re looking for a modern front door, door styles that match the interior of your home, a hard-to-find material, or options that perfectly match your specific design aesthetic, luxury doors make it possible to find just about anything you’re looking for.

In addition to high quality materials, luxury doors are made to the highest standard to ensure quality craftsmanship. They also feature matching hardware, such as a lock, track, handle, and knob, with a wide range of customization options so you can choose the exact paint color, finish, and texture to match your look and style. This is true whether you’re looking at luxury front doors or luxury interior doors. The possibilities are endless when you’re ready to choose the doors that will make your house stand apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

18 Luxury Doors for the Home

Luxury Closet Doors

In most homes, the closet is an afterthought when it comes to interior design. If this is the case with your bedrooms, you can easily remedy the situation by installing luxury closet doors. There are a wide range of options to choose from, so whether you need a sliding closet door, pocket door, or traditional swing door, you’ll find a luxury closet door that fits your needs.

1. Z Barn Door

The Z Barn Door is the perfect sliding closet door for homes that need luxury sliding closet doors featuring a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic. Its wood looks beautiful with a clear finish, but can also be painted to match the color scheme of an individual room. This is one of many luxury barn doors you can add to any room for an instant upgrade.

2. Ponder Mirror Door

If you’re tight on space, luxury sliding doors, such as the Ponder Mirror Door, might be the perfect answer. Customize the metal frame type and finish, the mirror, and the slide pull for the perfect door to upgrade the luxury feel of any room.

3. Provence Barn Door

Want sliding glass doors that let you see through into your beautiful, well-organized closet? The Provence Barn Door is one of many luxury doors that will allow lighting to flow through and maximize the look of a well-organized walk-in closet. Only choose this type of door if you are an organization king or queen, since a messy closet will never add to the decor or aesthetic appeal of a room.

4. Aries Barn Door

Looking for a luxury sliding door with a modern, artistic feel? The Aries Barn Door features a unique geometric pattern that is an instant hit for any bedroom looking for a statement piece. Customize the wood and finish for a door that fits perfectly your space.

Luxury Entry Doors

The front entry door of every home says a lot about those who lives inside. A farmhouse style door says that its occupants appreciate the simpler things in life and value hard work and family. A bold, brightly colored door might speak to the residents’ interest in the creative arts.

Rather than keeping the standard door that came with your home, consider switching this important design element and upgrading your home’s curb appeal.

5. Farmhouse French Half X Exterior Door

If you’re looking for a wood front door that also features a glass design, give the Farmhouse French Half X Exterior Door a look. The stunning glass panels on the top half combine with the rustic X design on the bottom to create a rustic, yet timeless feel for the front of any home.

6. Exterior Dairy Double Dutch Doors

Whether you need luxury double front doors for a large entryway or you’re looking for luxury patio doors, the Exterior Dairy Double Dutch Door will fit perfectly in either location. The top half of both doors include wood-framed glass panes, and each half opens Dutch-style to allow the cool afternoon breeze inside. Customize the finish, hardware, and paint to match your design and style.

7. Manor Double Front Door

Looking for luxury front doors that add a unique wow factor? Look no further than one of our most popular wood and wrought iron doors—the Manor Double Front Door. While it could certainly be installed into a large patio door opening, it is one of our luxury exterior doors that is most often used in the main entryway of a home. The wood surround presents a solid feel, while wrought iron detailing in front of the glass pane brings a sense of elegance and refinement.

8. Locust Front Door

For homes that feature a Mediterranean style, consider an arched front door such as the Locust Front Door. Made of solid wood with a speakeasy-style opening, you’ll be the talk of the town after you install this unique door in your entryway. Customize everything from the wood species to finish to texture.

Luxury Interior Doors

Luxury home doors for the inside of your house include luxury closet doors, custom interior doors, luxury bedroom doors, luxury bathroom doors, and other doors that can be installed in the entryway to playrooms, bedrooms, libraries, and any other space you wish to close off.

9. Grandeur Interior Door

Luxury wood doors look stunning when combined with see-through glass panels that allow light to flow from one room to the next. If you enjoy the feel of an open floor plan layout while still maintaining separate areas, then choose modern luxury doors that combine wood and glass like the Grandeur Interior Door.

10. Farmhouse French Full Glass Interior Double Door

Luxury French doors make a beautiful and elegant addition to any room where you want to add significant aesthetic appeal. Double doors make an impressive statement, and the Farmhouse French Full Glass Interior Double Door, when customized, might just be the finishing touch you were looking for.

11. Chateaux Commons Interior Pivot Door

The Chateaux Commons Interior Pivot Door is one of Rustica’s luxury glass doors that comes with a modern, unique, updated twist. The stunning glass and metalwork create a luxurious feel that is perfect for the entry to an all-seasons room, study, dining room, library, or sitting room. Customize the metal and glass finish for a one-of-a-kind luxury door that is unique to your home.

12. Hudson Wine Room Door

Want to seriously upgrade your wine room? Consider installing a luxury wine room door, like the Hudson Wine Room Door. The solid wood surround and kick plate area contrast nicely with the 2/3 glass panel that lends an air of luxury, elegance, and sophistication.

Luxury Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are ideal for small spaces that need a divider without installing a traditional swing door or sliding barn door. These doors are installed inside the wall and retract into the wall pocket when not in use. When needed, they can slide out from their in-wall pocket and function similar to any other door.

Luxury pocket doors look just as stunning and make just as much of a statement as regular swing doors or sliding barn doors. While you likely wouldn’t use these as an entry door, they’re perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, pantries, storage areas, and any other area with limited floor or wall space.

13. Grandeur Single Pocket Door

The Grandeur Single Pocket Door creates a stunning focal point for any area in your home. When in use, the wood and glass door allow plenty of light to filter through the door’s eight panes, providing natural light to fill your home or enabling you to keep a watchful eye on the little ones in the home. Customize the wood and glass finish to reflect your exact needs and style.

14. Z Double Converging Pocket Doors

Tight on space with a large entryway? Install double pocket doors, like our Z Double Converging Pocket Doors, to create an impressive entryway while keeping the floor and wall space free. Choose your preferred wood species, finish, or paint color to match the look and feel of any room in your home. When in use, the doors create a stunning entryway, but when tucked away, you won’t even know they’re there.

15. Farmhouse French Half X Double Converging Pocket Doors

Want double pocket doors that still allow light to flow through your home? The Farmhouse French Half X Double Converging Pocket Doors combine the best of all worlds, with a classic farmhouse look and feel on the bottom half and a modern, updated nine-pane glass panel on the top. This set of luxury pocket double doors is fully customizable, so you can tailor the wood, metal framing, and glass finish to match your specific vision.

Luxury Sliding Doors

Luxury sliding doors are ideal for use inside any home or as an entry door for certain outside-facing spaces, depending on the rating of the door. Outdoor-rated sliding doors are similar to luxury wood exterior doors in that they are made out of high-quality wood and the best craftsmanship possible. Interior sliding doors offer more features, such as a window or glass panes, wrought iron detailing, and wood framing.

16. Double X Outdoor Rated Barn Door

Looking for a door for the entrance to your work shed, barn, man cave, or she shed? The Double X Outdoor Rated Barn Door is ideal for these spaces. Customize the wood to match or contrast the building. Installation is as simple as the rest of our high-quality sliding doors.

17. Suite Half X Single Bifold Barn Door

Bifold doors provide a unique take on the traditional sliding doors by folding in the middle when they’re slid to the side. If you’re looking for something unique to add an extra dimension of interest to your home, the Suite Half X Single Bifold Barn Door might be just what you need. This wood, glass, and steel door are fully customizable, so you can tailor it to the look and feel of your home.

18. Chalkboard Barn Door

Want a unique door that provides space for drawing, writing reminders, or playing games with your kids? The Chalkboard Barn Door is a great way to add some pizzaz to a pantry entrance, kid’s closet, playroom storage cupboard, or any other area where you want to introduce a bit of fun into the function of a sliding door. Customize the wood finish or paint, and if the door is accessible from both sides, be sure to make it double-sided so there’s a chalkboard on both sides.

A Luxury Door for Every Entry of the Home

When it comes to upgrading the look and feel of your home, you might be surprised by the difference you can make when swapping out a standard door for luxury entry doors, wrought iron doors, luxury interior doors, or luxury wood exterior doors. Whatever decor concept you have in mind, the design team at Rustica is ready to help bring it to life

Whether you choose iron entry doors, window treatments to match your new sliding doors, luxury wood doors, or a steel door with glass cutouts and wood framing, you’ll instantly boost the value of your home and the pleasure of living in it.
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