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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Doors - Everything You Need to Know About Custom Doors

Tuesday December 24th, 2019

If you are looking for a special way to finish off your home's look while staying true to your style, a custom door may be just what you need. Mix and match materials, designs, and hardware to create a door that makes a statement and is a true piece of art.

6 Reasons to Choose a Custom Door

  1. High Quality
  2. Fits Your Style
  3. Last Longer
  4. Makes a Statement
  5. Custom Sizes
  6. Efficiency
By choosing a custom door over a generic design from your local big box home improvement store, you are getting a door that speaks directly to your personal style. Not only will your custom door look beautiful, but it will also serve an important function in the overall design of your home.

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What is a Custom Door? 

A custom door can be made in a variety of styles, elements, and materials that meet your unique specifications. Installing a custom door can completely transform the look and feel of your space, enhancing your home’s existing design.
Custom doors can be used in all areas of your home, both inside and out. The design that you choose is a true embodiment of your creativity and helps give your space a sophisticated look found in luxury homes.

6 Reasons to Choose a Custom Door

Some homeowners might hesitate at the idea of choosing a custom door rather than simply taking one from the rack at their local home improvement store. However, doors are one of those special home investments that can last for decades, and it’s important to make the right decision. There are many benefits of designing your own unique custom door.

1. High-Quality Custom Doors

Custom doors are made exactly the way you want them from the very best materials. Whether you want a solid core or a hollow core, a custom door is a high-quality option that will give you the features and style that complement your home's design. In addition to high-quality materials, a custom-made door will have a level of craftsmanship that far surpasses prefabricated doors. Many are handcrafted and include detailed custom work and millwork that perfectly enhance the overall look of your space.

2. A Custom Door Brings Out Your Unique Style

With custom doors, you get to select each and every element of the design. From door material and glass style to security features and hardware, you are 100% in control of your custom door design. This means you can create something that truly matches your personal style. Whether you want a solid wood door, a door with a transom, or a unique barn door, you can create a custom door that uses all of your favorite design elements.

3. Longevity – Custom Doors Last Longer

When you purchase a generic, prefabricated door, it may not last very long. However, custom doors are made with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. The level of skill and care that goes into making a custom door means that it will last a very long time, often decades longer than the budget doors you'll find at your local home improvement store.

4. A Custom Door Makes a Statement 

A custom door is literally a piece of functional art. It lets you make a statement about who you are and how you feel about your home. It’s a sign of love and respect for your family and the guests you welcome into your home. When you choose a custom entry door you are carefully crafting the first impression visitors make about your home and your family. Meanwhile, custom interior doors tell the story of your personal style.

5. Do You Need a Custom Door Size?

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of designing a custom door is that the door can be created to the exact specifications you need. This is important for several reasons. If you are replacing an existing door, a custom door allows you to use the existing door jamb, no matter the dimensions. Additionally, a custom-sized door can reduce the amount of work required for installation and eliminates the need to cut or modify a door that doesn’t fit.

6. Custom Doors Can Increase Energy Efficiency

Installing custom doors also helps improve efficiency. Custom doors are crafted using high-quality materials designed to provide superior insulation. And since it fits the door jamb perfectly, it eliminates drafts, further enhancing efficiency. This makes custom doors a perfect choice for entry doors, exterior doors, and garage doors.

Types of Custom Doors

You can design a custom door for every room in your home. However, it's important to remember that certain door styles work better for specific purposes.

Custom Entry Doors

For an entry door, you want a door that’s durable and secure. Options for custom entry doors include both single and double doors. For added curb appeal, you can also integrate sidelites and a transom.

Custom Interior Doors

Interior doors have many uses and don’t need to be as secure as exterior doors. This means that you can use a greater variety of materials—including more glass. If you need to close a room but don’t have room for the door to swing, pocket doors may be just the option you need. If you want the ability to partition a room or creatively close off your closet, a barn door with sliding door hardware can add a beautiful visual element to your space.

Custom Patio Doors

The way you move between your home and your patio can have a direct impact on your home's overall design. A custom patio door should be both secure and durable while appearing aesthetically pleasing. One popular option is to install custom French doors. You may also enjoy the rustic charm that custom Dutch doors provide.

Custom Shutters

Custom doors may also be used in unconventional ways, such as custom shutters. This is a visually appealing and interesting way to cover your windows and hide your TV or bookshelves. The right custom shutters will help make an artistic statement that completely changes the overall feel of your living space.

Custom Door Materials 

Selecting the materials of your door is a key step in the customization process. Many different materials are available to create a custom door that provides the functionality you need while complementing your style and the artistic elements of your home.


Wood is an excellent option for both interior and exterior doors.  Show off your house with a custom exterior door. A custom door made of genuine, high-quality lumber looks much better than metal and fiberglass. Solid wood provides a high level of security and excellent insulation. Choosing a wood such as mahogany or oak is advisable for exterior doors as they are especially durable and hold up exceptionally well to the natural elements.


Thick gauge metals can also be used for custom metal doors. Steel doors often used for the exterior, but they are susceptible to rust when exposed to the elements. When metal is used with interior doors, it adds an industrial feel to the space. Additionally, metal doors can withstand heavy traffic and also provide security.


Many interior and exterior doors use glass in some capacity. Different types of glass can be used to adjust the privacy level as well as to manipulate how sunlight enters the room. For example, clear glass does not limit visibility and invites natural light into a room, while frosted glass provides a level of privacy and lets in subdued, diffused light. Keep in mind that glass is not the most secure option for entry doors. When glass is used with interior doors it gives the space a modern, clean look. Glass can be used in many different types of doors, but one of the most popular is with a glass barn door.

Repurposed Materials

With a custom door drafted according to your specifications, you could even use repurposed materials. This means that if you are sentimental about the door you are replacing or you have some reclaimed wood on hand, it may be possible for you to integrate its material into your new custom door. This is true for both wood and metal. Repurposed materials are often best suited for interior doors where the elements won't diminish its longevity.


While fiberglass is an option for a custom door, it is often more difficult to shape and customize, especially compared to a material like wood. Additionally, most fiberglass doors are prefabricated, making it difficult to find one in a custom size.

Custom Door FAQs

The use of custom doors is a growing trend among interior designers and remodelers. Here are some of the most common questions homeowners have about custom doors.

How much does a custom wood door cost? 

Rustica custom wood doors start around $1,000 and go up from there, depending on your desired specifications. It’s important to note that exterior doors will cost more than interior doors simply due to the different woods and treatments required to provide security and protect against the elements.

Can doors be cut to a custom size? 

Most doors can be cut down to size. The amount they can be trimmed down, however, depends on whether you have a solid core or a hollow core door. Doors with a solid core can be cut to size fairly easily. Hollow core doors are much more difficult to cut since they are not typically designed to be customized.

What part of the door can be cut? 

Most doors have a block outer frame that allows the door to be trimmed down. Cutting a solid core door is relatively easy. However, when it comes to hollow core doors, you want to proceed with caution. Cutting the door too far or cutting into the hollow core of the door can compromise the structural integrity of the door.
It’s always advisable to start by cutting the bottom of the door before moving to the top or the sides.

Can I replace a door without replacing the frame? 

It is entirely possible to replace a door without replacing the frame or removing the jamb. This simply requires accurate measurements and a custom slab door. If the door you are replacing is an interior door, you may want to consider a sliding barn door. They add a rustic element to your design and are easy to install with barn door hardware. If you’re concerned about doing it yourself, there are plenty of available resources that can teach you how to install a barn door.  

How much does a custom interior door cost? 

The cost of a custom interior door will depend on the materials selected and the complexity of the design. Simple custom designs will start around $500-$600 for interior doors. The price will increase depending on the materials and specifications of your order. If you're up for a project and have the materials needed on-hand you can build your own custom door using our simple to use barn door kit.  We'll help with all the complicated hardware parts and you install your own slab or slats to create the custom door you've been looking for at a very reasonable price.

How Do I Know If I Need a Custom Door? 

There are several reasons why you might want a custom door for your home. One of the most common reasons is that you need a new door to fit within a non-standard door frame that already exists. Custom size doors can fit your exact height, width, and thickness specifications, allowing you to upgrade a door without changing the frame.

Custom interior and exterior doors are also excellent choices for homeowners who are restoring an older home. Custom pieces allow you to match the character and finishes of the house's history, making the door feel right at home.

Consider ordering a custom door as a unique statement piece too. Custom doors can be 100% personalized to your tastes. When you order from Rustica, you can customize everything from the paint color to the type of glass, getting a precise, finished look that's sure to spark conversation. Go bold with bright red paint or gold hardware—the choice is yours.

If your needs and wants for the perfect door extend beyond what you can find in a traditional showroom, consider ordering a custom door instead. You might pay a little more for the process, but you'll get a custom design that's specific to you and your home.

What Parts of the Door Can I Customize? 

When you order a door from Rustica, you can customize its finished look in almost every way. Start by choosing its height, width, and thickness measurements. Then, move on to adding your own personal touch to the door's aesthetic by choosing a metal finish, paint color, wood type, and more.
Here's what you can customize when you order:
  • Wood: Each custom wood door includes at least a few options for wood species, such as alder and poplar. You can also choose a texture, like Weathered, Distressed, or Band Saw, to give the door the grain pattern you prefer.
  • Color and Texture: Choose from various stains, including natural colors like Dark Walnut Stain or Stain Glaze. Or, go a little bolder with Barn Gray or Barn Red finishes. We also offer several paints, such as Maple Morning and Seaside Blue, and distressed textures, like Chapel White and Abandoned Blue.
  • Glass: For a glass barn door or hinged door, select from different glass types to maintain transparency or privacy. Retro, Fluted, Clear, and Mirror are just a few of the available options.
  • Hardware: Your hardware can be as unique as your door. Rustica has several options for doorknobs and handles, hinges, and floor guides. We also have a wide selection of tracks for barn doors that you can customize by size, finish, and more.

Why Choose Rustica for a Custom Door? 

Rustica is a go-to retailer for doors made of the finest material and quality craftsmanship. When you need a custom door, our team is ready to handle the project from start to finish, adding a personal touch to every custom design that comes their way.

We can take your initial idea and turn that idea into a real custom door for your home. Our state-of-the-art design team can bring your ideas to life using some of our already designed doors as inspiration or starting completely fresh. You can even order custom samples to plan before you contact us.

Our custom doors come straight from us, the manufacturer, to you, our customer—so there's no middleman or extra costs. You'll get a group of expert designers and artisan woodworkers on your side to build the custom entry door, closet door, or patio door you've always dreamed of.
If you need any help along the way, we're here for you. Our customer service department is readily available by phone, mail, email, and social media.  

Create the Perfect Custom Door for Your Home

Your home is your artistic canvas. Your design choices make a unique, creative statement that your family, friends, and neighbors can appreciate and admire. Choosing a custom door from Rustica allows you to create a functional piece of art that complements your personal style, taking your home to the next level. Rustica specializes in creating custom, handmade doors using top-quality lumber and materials. Whether it’s your entry door, interior door, or another door in your living space, your home deserves a custom door from Rustica.

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