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Burrow Live Edge Barn Door


Burrow Live Edge Barn Door
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Made from Cottonwood and shown in a clear coat with a window. The supplemental images show the no window option. Other wood species may be available, please call to inquiry.
Available in multiple finishes & lengths

Burrow Live Edge Barn Door


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Rustica Unassembled Kit Door Guide

1. In some areas of the country we see more damage than acceptable when kits doors are shipped unassembled in a ground shipping box, so it is possible that a kit door may ship in a crate via a freight carrier so that your beautiful door arrives without damage.

2. If shipped put together in a crate the overlays will be left to be installed on site. We recommend that you attach them with pin nails, wood glue or (if neither of those are good options) you can use ½” wood screws (not included and not recommended).

3. Many Rustica door kits have the same options as the recommended Rustica assembled doors but are offered with a more economical price.

4. Door kits do not have a warranty against warping, separating or splitting.

5. It is possible that your kit door may come unassembled and need to be assembled using the 7 inch lag screws through the side of the stiles.

6. For both Kit and Assembled doors... the hardware (hangers, handles and pulls) are not installed and the doors are not pre-drilled which allows every installation the ability to make any unique changes needed.

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IMPORTANT: You have ordered an oversized item as defined by the freight carrier. When ordering a door we will ship it in a crate via a freight carrier and it will be delivered curbside. Please be informed that oversized items that can not be lowered off of a lift gate may require that the customer pick up the product at the shipping hub or make arrangements to assist with lifting the crate out of the truck. If you would like alternative delivery options please give us a call at 1-800-891-8312. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for more information (
The front handle must be larger than 14 in to include a back handle.
NOTICE: Soft Close systems do not come with Anti-Jump Brackets. With the Soft Close system properly installed, Soft Close Activator Tabs will act as the Anti-Jump Brackets.
NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Triple Bypass systems come with 6 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Triple Bypass systems come with 3 doors and 6 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Double Doors come with 2 doors comprising a qty 1 unit of double doors.
NOTICE: Double Doors come with 2 doors comprising a qty 1 unit of double doors.
NOTICE: Exterior Doors with door knob boring automatically get a Double Bore "Deadbolt Bore" Standard is 5-1/2" above door knob boring. The door will be prepared with the double bore hole, latch bore and latch plate mortise for a dead bolt. The Jamb will NOT be prepared with any latch bore or strike plate mortise for the dead bolt.
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Live Edge Door | Live Edge Barn Door

Give your home a raw and organic look with the Burrow Live Edge Barn Door. Handcrafted steel conjoins two live edge slabs for the perfect mix of strength and aesthetic. Live edge wood keeps the native spirit of the wood alive meaning the edges of the tree are left untouched for a stunning, raw look. Display the beautiful, natural curvature of live edge wood in your home with the Burrow Live Edge Barn Door. Depending on your space and the level of privacy you wish to maintain, you can select whether or not you'd like your live edge barn door handmade with a window and which style of glass you'd like to feature. You can also customize this door by size and finish to create the ideal one-of-a-kind door for your space.

The beauty of live edge furniture is displaying the natural curvature of an untouched, raw piece of wood. That being said, no two Burrow Live Edge Barn Doors will look alike. Your live edge barn door will carry the unique personality of a particular piece of wood and will not be an exact replica of the image shown.

** NOTE: Wood species may vary depending on availability **

In the past few years, the trend towards more modern, simple, and natural home decor in interior design has seen a huge uptick. Gone are the days of cold, crisp surgical-looking living spaces. Everywhere you look are straight lines, natural wood, muted colors of fabric, oversized soft crochet throws, and other natural elements that are being incorporated into our homes to warm up the space and create a nice, cozy feeling for us and our house guests.

If you are looking for a way to integrate the same type of warmth and natural beauty into your home, it may be fun to consider incorporating a custom, live edge design in your space. There are a multitude of ways to do so in different areas of your house. Here are some of our favorites:

10 Ways to Add a Live Edge Wood in Your Home

  1. Kitchen door handles
  2. Live edge cabinet door
  3. Live edge door with window
  4. Rustic live edge barn door with mirror
  5. Live edge sliding door
  6. Live edge furniture
  7. Live edge river tables
  8. Live edge barn door
  9. Office furniture
  10. Mantel
Live edge refers to how the side of the wood is finished. It preserves the natural edge and curvature of the wood, giving the piece a natural, almost wild look. A live edge finish can be used anywhere with a wood surface, including furniture, doors, and fireplace mantels.

For example, a live edge wood door can create a statement piece in lieu of a boring panel door, and can really liven up whatever room you choose to use it in. Incorporating live slab wood isn’t limited to just doors, though.  There are a surprising number of ways a live edge can be incorporated into your house that aren’t the standard places you would think.

10 Ways to Add Live Edge Wood to Your Home

1. Kitchen Door Handles

Minimalists say hello to your new favorite hardware feature in the house: kitchen door handles and pulls with a live edge. By swapping your old, standard bronze, nickel, or brass drawer and kitchen door pulls with a live edge, you add a warm, unique look to your kitchen without sacrificing functionality.

This style goes well with literally any type of cabinets or paint colors, but would really pop in a space with white or gray cabinets in particular. If you are concerned about durability, the pieces are pre-treated and sanded to ensure you don’t wind up with snags or splinters when using the drawer pull. They are also usually sealed to be easy to clean and disinfect. Just be sure to read the labels of any cleaning products you are considering to make sure they are safe for use on the type of wood your drawer pulls and wood handles are made of.

2. Live Edge Cabinet Doors

If you’re wanting more of a statement piece in your kitchen, a life edge cabinet door can be a fun way to incorporate nature into your cooking area. You can either do it as a single focal point if you don’t want to do it in your entire kitchen (for example, add a set of live edge cabinets above the sink) or do live edge cabinets all around for a more rustic, cabin-esque look.

Alternatively, if you want to be really “edgy,” you can do a live edge shelf or countertop! However, if you do decide to do any type of wood countertop, including butcher block counters, please bear in mind that it will be more fragile than typical countertop material like linoleum, granite, or quartz, and you should use heat pads, coasters, trivets, coasters, and other protective barriers between hot items. Also, take care to gently set items on the surface and don’t drag or push any items across it either to avoid scratches and dents.

3. Live Edge Door with Windows

If you love the natural look of a live edge but you don’t want it completely obstructing your view, consider installing one with windows. These look wonderful above the cabinets we mentioned above to showcase your favorite dining china—or you can do the doors on a larger scale, like using them as office doors with windows. This way you are creating a physical sound barrier for the space, but can still see between the two rooms, giving the area more of an open feel. These look exceptionally good in small areas, like loft apartments or rooms with small square footage.

4. Live Edge Mirrored Closet Doors

One of the most common places to use a live edge barn door is on a wardrobe or walk-in closet. A mirror added to sliding closet doors will free up valuable floor space usually taken by a full-size mirror, freeing up your closet floor while making it easy to pick and choose wardrobe options each morning as you get ready.

This door would also look amazing in living rooms, as the mirror also reflects the room image and extra light (either from ceiling fixtures or natural windows), making the space look significantly bigger. A mirrored barn door can be a great choice if you have a smaller-sized bedroom and want to give the illusion of more square footage and a more open-feel to the room.

5. Live Edge Sliding Room Dividers

A gorgeous and very popular area to use a sliding door room divider is in the living room. A live edge black walnut door, for example, would create a dark, moody, and dramatic barrier between your living room and other spaces, while still allowing you to open up the space by rolling the door back against the wall with barn door hardware. You could choose a lighter wood for a more rustic sliding door. You might also consider using a sliding door room divider as a partition for a master bathroom or master closet.

If the wood sliding doors you are installing need to maintain a higher level of privacy (such as a bedroom or a bathroom), you can install a sliding barn door lock on the interior barn door slab. You may not need or want handles or locks on areas like your pantry, laundry area, storage rooms, or hallways, but that will boil down to personal preference and your style choices.

6. Live Edge Furniture

Live edges aren’t just for doors. Did you know you can also get furniture made with a live edge? The coolest part of these pieces is that no two look the same, ensuring that you have a one-of-a-kind statement piece in your home.

There are a wide range of live edge furniture pieces available on the market, from coffee and sofa tables to kitchen and dining tables and even entryway benches, which gives you a lot of options to choose from on where you incorporate this beautiful, functional piece of art in your household. If you want it to be simple and small, go for a live edge bookshelf or accent bowl; slightly bigger but more decorative, try a sliding door or a mantel; if you want it to double as art and function, consider a coffee table or end table or desk. But if you want to truly put it to the test, go full-in with a gorgeous, live edge dining room table.

7. Live Edge River Tables

If you haven’t seen custom epoxy river tables, you don’t know what you’re missing. The epoxy river is made from resin that is poured and cured into gaps created in the live edge (be it from burl-holes or natural holes), and can be a great way to get that live-edge look but maintain straight lines in the furniture. Most of these tables use resin that has been dyed blue to resemble a river. Some artists will add small details into the resin to make it appear like a beach with waves. Others will include small things of valuable meaning to the customer, like seashells from their favorite beaches or other personal mementos.

Due to the extensive labor that goes into creating such custom pieces, epoxy tables tend to run more on the expensive side of the furniture budget. If you’re ever bored, though, look up the videos on YouTube to see how they are made. It makes for some very satisfying viewing and you won’t want to look away!

8. Live Edge Barn Door

One of the most versatile live edge doors is the barn door. These can go literally anywhere you can put a rolling door: in your living room; your kitchen; your bedrooms and closets; closing off your pantry or your laundry room, double doors to cover your patio windows—the possibilities are endless. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the material and color of the barn door slab as well. The live edge of a door might not be the easiest surface to grip, so be sure to consider barn door pulls for your live edge wood sliding door if you are placing the door in a location where people will need to be going in and out frequently.

One of the best features of the live edge of a barn door is not only the uniqueness of the slab itself, but also the space you free up when you install them. The average hinged door takes up 10 square feet when it is swung open. A sliding live edge door will make it so you are saving valuable real estate in a way that doesn’t compromise the look and feel of your home. It can even potentially increase your resale value

9. Office Furniture

A live edge wood slab makes for a commanding presence when used as office furniture, be it a coffee table, a meeting room table, or a personal desk. We recommend, however, that if it is in a highly trafficked area, you select a slab that has been pretreated or sealed on top to ensure that any accidental scratches can be buffed or waxed out. You also need to be careful when setting items on the surface to avoid dents and dings in tables, especially those made from more fragile species of trees.

10. Mantel

The mantel is hands-down the focal point of any living room and it’s easy to see why. With its commanding presence and fireplace, it is the home and hearth of the house and is the central hangout where you celebrate holidays and kick back and relax to watch football games. A live edge mantel makes for a gorgeous place to set your family photos, candles, and any seasonal decor, like greenery and lights, and adds a significant amount of design warmth to offset the cool tile or stonework usually surrounding it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Edge Wood Doors

Why is it called live edge wood?

Live edge wood refers to any piece of wood that has either a natural or a manufactured edge that echoes the beautiful form it takes in nature. It does not have a finished, straight edge like your traditional pieces of wood used for furniture.
No two live-edge pieces are the same. Some natural designs have burls, some have bark, some have gaps between the pieces from the branches themselves. Regardless of if they are a natural or a manufactured live edge, they all have unique coloring and gorgeous patterns created by mother nature itself.

How much does a live edge slab cost?

The cost of a live slab is determined by a multitude of factors: the species/tree type of wood slab, the size of the piece, the area of installation if it is a door, and the complexity of the build if it is a furniture piece that requires resin or legs added.

The species of wood factors in pretty heavily here, too. The wood may be a common wood like ash, hickory, red oak, or pine oak, which are all on the more affordable side. The more rare, expensive species of trees are walnut, white oak, teak, maple, and cherry. The price of sourcing the material, cutting and drying the wood, transportation, etc. also all factor into how much an individual piece will cost.

Supply and demand needs also have to be considered. Most customers prefer large pieces, which makes the demand for them high and the supply lower, increasing the costs. The size of the slab itself will also be a big variable. A solid, single piece of slab is hard to come by commodity and will cost more, versus manufactured slabs that are easier to keep up with the demand and maintain consistency with the size and wood quality. These are built from multiple pieces of wood combined and sanded down to appear as live-edge, and will be more affordable as the cost of labor for sourcing and creating that piece is lower.

Can you leave the bark on a live edge?

Leaving the bark on a live edge  isn’t as simple as a yes or no answer. It will depend on a few things, mainly the type of wood. Hickory, for example, will usually never be sold with bark on it as the bark tends to scrape off naturally during the manufacturing process.
Another thing that determines if the bark can remain is the time of year the wood is harvested. Dried logs cut during springtime and summer months usually lose bark more easily due to lower tree sap production and softer cambium (the stringy substance that holds the bark to the wood).

If the bark is left on the piece, it needs to be treated with care so it doesn’t shed in your house or create unsightly gaps with less visually appealing wood beneath it. This is a huge reason why most slabs you will find do not have bark on them. While it is still possible to find a live edge wood slab with bark, these types of pieces have usually been carefully treated to kill off any harmful bacteria and to help maintain the structural integrity of the bark and wood itself.

Do live edge doors warp?

Most doors sold on the market today have been pretreated to help ensure the product is protected and durable, but all wood—no matter the species you choose—can be prone to warping if not carefully handled or placed in the right environment pre-installation.
Even something as simple as leaning the door against a surface can cause it to bow or warp. This is especially true with larger and heavier pieces, as the taller and heftier the slab is, the more challenging it is to maintain the structural integrity of the piece.

How do you care for a live edge door?

It is important to make sure you are maintaining your door so it can continue looking brand-new. You can care for your live edge barn door by following the instructions pertaining to the type of wood you purchased, and the sealant or wax that may have been used to protect it. If you order through Rustica, you will receive care instructions for your particular piece.

There are a few standard protocols for keeping your live edge wood looking its best. The first being taking great care when it comes to water protection. Water will stain and discolor most wood, so be sure you are wiping spills (this is especially true if you have a live edge counter or live edge table).
Be sure you aren’t using any harsh chemicals to clean and polish the live edge wood, and that you are only using the products recommended to you by the seller or manufacturer. Not all products listed as safe for wood are actually safe for all types of wood, so it is always good to double-check.

Live Edge Doors for a Natural, Rustic Home

Using live edge wood is a great way to cultivate a natural, rustic look. A live edge wood piece can add an element of interest while preserving the serene, cozy feel of the overall room.

If you’re eager to add the live edge look to your home, consider a live edge door from Rustica. We strongly believe our customers deserve top-tier care—from the point of purchase through the installation process, and for the lifetime of our products. Don’t put off your new live edge wood statement piece any longer! Consult with our design team by calling (844)-537-0729 today.

Lead Times
Production and Manufacturing Lead Times
Please be advised that all doors and barn door hardware are handcrafted and manufactured to order. Lead times may vary and are only estimates. Please do not arrange for an install until you have received all correct items from your order. Before assembly or installation, check to see that you have instructions. You can download instructions here. Rustica will not be responsible for any contractor expenses and/or other fees incurred outside of your transaction with Rustica Hardware. If a door and hardware are ordered at the same time, then the door and hardware will ship together on the same date. In this circumstance, customers should base their estimated lead time off of the door’s production time and not the hardware's production time.
Barn Door Hardware manufacturing is estimated at:
  • Barn Door Hardware Same Day Shipping: Ships same day if ordered before 2:00 PM mountain time, if after 2:00 PM mountain time it will ship the next business day
  • Standard Barn Door Hardware: 5 Business Days (If ordered with a door, hardware will instead be shipped with the door at the current door lead time)
  • Expedited Barn Door Hardware Orders: 2-3 Business Days (please call for details and an expedited production fee will apply)
  • The Elite Barn Door Hardware (Pure, Ripple, Strut): 3-4 weeks
Barn and Pocket Door manufacturing is estimated at:
  • DIY Panel Door Same Day Ships same day if ordered before 2:00 PM mountain time, if after 2:00 PM mountain time it will ship the next business day
  • Sliding Geometric Barn Doors MDF: 4-5 Business Days
  • Sliding Geometric Barn Doors Solid Wood: 2-3 Weeks
  • Sliding Wood Barn or Pocket Doors: 7 Buisness Days
    • *2-3 Weeks Decorative Glass
    • *2-3 Weeks for Upgraded Wood Species
  • Sliding Metal Barn Doors or Pocket Doors: 2-3 Weeks (oversize doors more than 60" wide and doors with notched glass have a 3-4 week lead time)
    • * 5 Business Days Clear Glass under 83.5”x100”
    • * 2-3 Weeks Decorative Glass or over 83.5”x100”
    • * 3-4 Weeks for doors with notched glass.
  • Frameless Glass Barn Door: 5-7 weeks
Interior Doors (including Interior Dutch Doors) manufacturing is estimated at:
  • Interior Prehung Wood Doors: 3-5 Weeks
  • Interior Slab Wood Doors: 3-4 Weeks
  • Interior Prehung Metal Doors: 4 Weeks
  • Interior Slab Metal Doors: 4 Weeks
  • Bifold Barn Door Hardware Systems: 3-4 Weeks
Exterior Doors (including Exterior Dutch Doors) manufacturing is estimated at:
  • Exterior & Front Entry Prehung Wood Doors: 4-6 Weeks
  • Exterior & Front Entry Slab Wood Doors: 4-6 Weeks
  • Exterior & Front Entry Prehung Metal Doors: 5 Weeks
  • Exterior & Front Entry Slab Metal Doors: 5 Weeks
All other manufacturing estimated at:
  • Wall Coverings: 3-4 Weeks
  • Mantels: 7-10 Business Days
  • Conference Tables: 6-7 Weeks
  • Desks: 1-2 Weeks
  • Cranky Desk: 3-4 Weeks
  • Samples: 1-2 weeks
Shipping transit times depend on your location. We are located in Springville Utah.
Currently we will entertain some rush orders with an additional cost and in most cases you can expect to reduce the production time by 1/3.
Custom and Special Projects (SPOs): can be as much as 8-10 weeks AFTER all approvals are received
The manufacture process (the lead time) for hinge doors (interior and exterior) as well as custom projects begins only AFTER any and all approvals are received.
If you are not satisfied with this lead time, please call us to discuss options for expedited lead times. For questions call Rustica Hardware at 1-800-891-8312.
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