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Sliding Closet Doors

Friday December 27th, 2019
Sliding closet doors are attractive, easy to use, and they can increase your home’s value. If you live in a home with traditional closet doors that swing open, you may want to consider upgrading. Sliding closet doors can offer several benefits to every homeowner.

5 Benefits of Sliding Closet Doors

  • Many Styles Available
  • Save and Create Space
  • Enhance Your Interior Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Increase Your Home’s Value
When you consider the advantages of sliding closet doors, it becomes clear why they are the top choice for interior designers and DIY remodelers.

5 Benefits of Adding Sliding Closet Doors to Your Storage Space

1. Sliding Closet Doors are Available in Many Styles 

When upgrading your current interior closet doors to sliding closet doors, you can select from a wide range of choices to fit your needs. Popular styles include folding doors (bi-fold doors), pocket doors, bypass doors, barn doors, sliding mirrored doors, and much more.

Sliding bypass closet doors are designed to slide behind and in front of one another. They are built on a track with two rails, allowing each door to slide on a set of wheels. You can make sliding bypass closet doors from your current doors, and you can buy new doors and customize your options.

Bi-fold closet doors are a popular style of folding closet doors. Bi-fold doors have attached wheels that run on a closet door track. There are two-panel and four-panel options, as well as a variety of door widths and heights.
Pocket sliding closet doors actually slide into the wall. This completely hides the doors when they are open, providing a wide opening and easy access into your closet. In order to convert your current wardrobe door to a pocket sliding closet door, you must have wall space that is at least double the size of the closet door.

Barn style closet doors have become a very popular option for interior closet doors. Barn doors are available in many styles, such as a bypass barn door, a bifold barn door, double barn doors, or a barn door with mirror. Basic single or double sliding closet doors, like barn doors, have wheels that roll on door tracks. These doors save space by sliding along the wall when opening the closet, allowing easy access into the closet by exposing the full door opening.

2. Save & Create Space with Closet Sliding Doors

Sliding closet doors are a great way to maximize space in small areas. Traditional swinging doors can look bulky and take up space. With a sliding door, you can say goodbye to hinges and the unwanted obstruction caused by opening and closing a swinging door.

Not only do sliding closet doors save space, but they can actually create additional space. Many sliding closet doors can extend from the floor to the ceiling. With a larger door opening, you can expand the size of your closet and take advantage of the new storage space.

Sliding closet doors look great and can help you achieve an organized, clean living area. Instead of having a swinging door that gets in the way, you can increase storage, add decor, and enjoy the extra space they provide. With sliding wardrobe doors, it’s easier for two people to use the closet at the same time, which is great for busy mornings when everyone is trying to hurry out the front door.

3. Enhance Your Interior Design by Utilizing Closet Sliding Doors

If your wardrobe doors are the same basic, stock doors that were installed when the house was built, it’s probably time to upgrade to a more modern look. Sliding doors can maximize space and enhance the interior design of your home. No matter if you choose bi-fold doors, pocket doors, bypass doors, or basic single or double sliding doors, the right sliding doors will add beauty and style to any room in your home.

Since sliding closet doors are so popular, it's easy to find a variety of hardware options to complete your desired look. You can customize your hardware, tracks, and accessories to create unique sliding closet doors that enhance your interior design. No matter your preferred style, you can find sliding door hardware and door materials to match your decor—mirrored, glass, frosted, wood, paint, metal, and more. 

4. Sliding Closet Doors are Easy to Use

Sliding closet doors have wheels that roll smoothly along the door tracks. When you need to get into your closet, opening the door is effortless. This can be especially helpful when your hands are full or you’re in a hurry.

Although sliding closet doors are much easier to use than traditional swinging doors, the quality of your materials can affect the ease of use and long-term functionality. It is important to choose high-quality sliding door hardware—especially door tracks and wheels—to ensure that your sliding closet doors will function properly over time. If you purchase sturdy wheels and tracks made of strong aluminum, your sliding closet door will operate easily for many years without requiring maintenance.

5. Sliding Closet Doors Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you want to stay in your current home or are planning to sell it in the near future, installing sliding closet doors is a cost-effective way to increase your home’s value. If your current closet doors are old or not functioning properly, upgrading to sliding closet doors will add convenience and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. By replacing your swinging closet doors, you’ll also be maximizing the living space of your home. These are all effective ways to increase your home’s value.

Sliding Closet Door Materials

Sliding closet doors come in a broad range of materials to fit every function, style, and need. When you are upgrading from a basic wardrobe door to sliding wardrobe door, take some time to familiarize yourself with the different types of materials. You never know if something will catch your eye and enhance your door in a way you hadn’t previously considered. You can choose sliding wood doors, metal closet doors, frosted doors, mirrored sliding closet doors, and much more.

Sliding closet door hardware can greatly enhance the door’s style and functionality. Even basic elements of sliding closet doors, such as wheels, door tracks, pulls, handles, and locks can be customized to add extra character and design to your sliding closet doors. Whether you are looking for a modern closet door style or rustic barn closet door option, you will love the creative process of choosing your materials and hardware for a unique design.

Bi-Fold Closet Doors

Bi-fold closet doors are a popular choice for sliding closet doors. People choose bi-fold closet doors for a variety of reasons: They are aesthetically appealing, highly functional, provide a wide opening, and are available in a wide range of styles. Bi-fold closet doors come in two-panel and four-panel structures with each section joined by hinges. These doors are typically 80 inches high and come in many different widths to accommodate the size of your closet space.
Compared to other styles of sliding closet doors, bi-fold doors are especially unique and attractive. They come in many enhanced styles, such as mirrored, louvered, raised or flat panel, mission style, and more. And you can find a variety of materials and colors to make the perfect artistic statement. 

At Rustica, you can create your own complete bi-fold barn door hardware system. Rustica helps you customize every aspect of your bi-fold barn doors, including height and width for both doors, style, finish, texture, frame finish, hardware finish, track holes, pull, and pull finish. Rustica’s hardware is constructed of premium steel and proudly made in the U.S.A.

What About Mirrored Closet Doors?

Contrary to popular opinion, mirrored closet doors don’t just belong in houses that were built in the 1990s. You might be wondering how they will fit into your modern décor, but that’s probably because you haven’t seen how beautiful, fun, and functional mirrored sliding closet doors can be!

At Rustica, we have a full line of up-to-date, modern, farmhouse-inspired mirror closet doors. Not only will these doors make your room look great, but you’ll feel great while you get ready for work in the morning or read a book in your overstuffed chair with extra light bouncing off your mirrored sliding closet doors. Here are just a few benefits you can look forward to when installing a mirrored closet door.

4 Benefits of Sliding Closet Doors

1. Accessorize Your Walk-In Closet

Have a walk-in closet but not nearly enough space for a full-length mirror? No problem! Maximize your space and provide yourself with a full-length dressing mirror at the same time by switching out your sliding closet doors with sliding mirrored closet doors. Rustica’s sliding mirror barn door features the iconic farmhouse décor style on one side, while the other side boasts a wood-framed full-length mirror perfect for any walk-in closet.
Transform your master bedroom storage or closet space by bringing in natural light with a mirrored closet door makeover.

2. Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

It’s no surprise to home flippers, interior decorators, or house remodelers that you can make a small room appear larger by adding a mirror. This trick works exceptionally well for small bedrooms, guest rooms, studies, libraries, and breakfast nooks. Adding a mirror so it looks good, stays within the style of your home, and improves the overall look and feel means that you can’t just slap any old mirror on your wall. Thankfully, there are plenty of options that will fit right in with your style.

Metal mirror barn doors provide a mix of rustic and modern, depending on your preferred style. Choose the Farmhouse French Half Mirror Barn Door for a quaint, rustic feel. Replace the sliding door on your bedroom closet with our Ponder Mirror Barn Door or French Canter Mirror Barn Door for a more updated, modern look and feel.

Sliding mirrored closet doors are especially useful in guest bedrooms to create a sense of more space paired with a luxury feel. The Mountain French Full Mirror Barn Door inspires a sense of modern elegance with its square metal and mirror design, whereas the Chateaux style offers a French Alps feel with a diamond metal and mirror pattern guests are sure to love. Whether you simply enjoy hosting friends and family, or you’re trying to get your home rated No. 1 on Airbnb, try adding mirrored interior doors to make your home pop.

3. Dress Up Storage Areas

Hiding storage space in a playroom or entertainment room has never been easier when you install mirrored French closet doors. Update guest room storage areas, pantries, or laundry room closets with the French Orchard Mirror Barn Door. No matter which mirrored closet door you choose, you’ll improve the look of your room while hiding everything from laundry detergent and toys to those unsightly DVD collections.

4. Utilize a Room Divider

Do you have a space that needs a room divider? Perhaps the entryway from your living room to your kitchen or a parlor to the dining room? In these areas, install a double-sided metal mirror barn door. This option provides a mirrored door for both rooms, enhancing the look and feel no matter which side you’re on.

13 Closet Door Ideas for Your Home

  1. Sliding Barn Doors
  2. Mirrored Doors
  3. Glass Doors
  4. Bi-Fold Doors
  5. Frosted Doors
  6. Pocket Doors
  7. Sliding Doors
  8. French Doors
  9. Accordion Folding Doors
  10. Curtains
  11. Chalkboard Paint Door
  12. Room Dividers
  13. Swinging Doors

Enhance your bedroom’s design by choosing the right closet door. If you’re looking for something out of the box and unique, consider an alternative to the traditional interior closet door. There are many options available if you're willing to be creative. These closet door ideas are geared towards bedroom closets, but they can also be used with other closet spaces and storage spaces in your home.

Ideally, your bedroom is one of your favorite rooms in your home. Having the right design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional plays an important role in sleeping well and feeling comfortable.

Bedroom Closet Door Ideas

Traditional interior doors are often used for the bedroom closet. But there are many different options available if you take the time to think outside the box. Wooden doors are by far the most common type of doors considered when it comes to closet door ideas. If you want to stick with traditional elements but still want something unique, consider wooden doors in different styles, or a traditional swing style in unconventional materials. Here are some closet door ideas that can help improve the look and feel of your bedroom.

1. Sliding Barn Doors

Bedroom barn doors continue to be a hot design trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Installing a barn door to cover your bedroom closet is a great option if you have limited space. Barn doors do not have a swing and they fit better in tight areas. This can help you maximize your space in small bedrooms and even save you space in your walk-in closet. Since barn doors come in many different styles and materials, you can completely transform your space by changing the closet doors. Barn doors can have traditional weathered wood in patterns, metal panels, or glass panels, making it easy to find the perfect style for your space from a company like Rustica.

2. Mirrored Doors

Mirrored doors are perfect for closets. They can take any small space and instantly lighten it, making a room instantly feel larger. The best part about a mirror closet door is that it makes your bedroom closet serve double duty as a full-length mirror. That means you can always make sure your outfit is on-point before you walk out the door.
Are mirrored closet doors in style? 
The mirror door was all the rage decades ago, but they are still in style. Modern mirrored doors are not entirely mirror, but rather showcase a panel of mirrors. You can get traditional sliding mirrored doors or you can install barn door mirrors that combine the look and feel of mirrored doors with barn doors.

3. Glass Doors

If you’re looking for an open closet feel but still want to contain your wardrobe, then a glass door may be the option that works best for you. Like other types of closet doors, glass closet doors come in many different styles. You can get glass barn doors with glass panels, traditional sliding doors, or swinging French doors. With most styles, you can simply get doors with glass panels or you can have closet doors that are entirely glass, whichever style works with your interior design. If you want the feel of glass but don’t want the look of clear panels, opt for textured, patterned, or obscure glass. This can help you add an extra design element to make sure your closet doors are the perfect style for your space.

4. Bi-Fold Doors

Bifold doors are another option for covering your closet door in a small space. A bifold closet door is like a sliding door except that each door is made of two panels that fold outwards. This helps maximize your space while minimizing the space needed for door swing. Bifold doors are an ideal option in small spaces since they help you access 90% of the closet’s width when fully opened. Like other door styles, bifold closet doors come in several different materials. You can even get bifold closet doors with panels of glass or metal to match your overall design.

5. Frosted Doors

While there are many different closet door replacement ideas, frosted glass doors are one of our favorites. Frosted glass closet doors allow light into your closet, helping brighten your space, while still hiding your closet’s contents. This can be a secret weapon in helping your space continue looking tidy and chic even if your closet contents are cluttered. Using frosted glass can also help brighten and open up the space in your bedroom as well since it isn’t a solid mass of a heavy material like wood or metal. Like glass doors, there are many styles and door designs that incorporate frosted glass, including paneled barn doors. Simply pick the modern closet door style that works with your space.

6. Pocket Doors

If you are looking for something different from traditional hinged doors, consider pocket doors. Like bifold doors and barn doors, pocket doors are ideal in small spaces given their non-existent door swing. They disappear into the wall rather than swing inward or outward. Modern pocket doors come in several different door designs, incorporating a variety of materials including glass, frosted glass, metal, wood, etc. If you are tight on space, a stylish pocket door may be the perfect solution for your bedroom closet.

7. Sliding Doors

Big closets that are not walk-in style often use sliding closet doors. Sliding doors allow you to maximize your storage space by reducing the need for any door swing. While traditional sliding closet doors only allow one side open at a time, you can also choose to go the non-traditional route with bypass closet doors. This allows the two doors to pass over the top of each other. Essentially this means you could access both ends of your closet at the same time by sliding the doors towards the middle. This can make your closet more functional and help you get the most out of your bedroom closet. Sliding closet door ideas include barn doors, mirrored doors, glass doors, and frosted doors.

8. French Doors

One of the most popular closet door ideas for large openings is to install double closet doors or French closet doors. Traditional French doors are ideal when your bedroom is large and you have adequate space for the door swing. However, if you’re pressed for space but still want the look of French closet doors, opt for sliding barn doors in French door style. These double closet doors give the appearance of French doors while eliminating door swing. And since French doors are typically glass, they add an element of light of airiness into your space. This also helps enhance the brightness of your walk-in closet.

9. Accordion Folding Doors

If you have a small closet or a space that doesn’t work with a traditional closet door covering, you may want to consider folding closet doors. Folding doors, also known as accordion folding doors, are ideal for small closets. They require minimal floor space, making them ideal for space-challenged rooms. They are also viable solutions when you don’t have the space for sliding barn doors or the desire to install a pocket door. You can find accordion folding doors in natural hardwood veneers, vinyl laminate woodgrains, as well as vinyl laminate colors and textures.

Alternative Closet Door Ideas

If none of the above closet door ideas work with your space or enhance your bedroom’s interior design, have no fear. Thinking outside the box gives you several alternative closet door ideas for bedrooms that may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Does a closet need a door? 

While traditionally closets have doors, they’re not a necessity. There’s always the option of removing your closet doors altogether. This can help open up your space and give you full access to your closet. Taking the doors off your closet can also save you square footage since you no longer need any space for the door swing.

If you opt to remove your closet doors, there are several unique closet door ideas to consider. Some still hide your closet contents while others are more about adding a visual element to your space rather than simple functionality. Here are some alternative closet door ideas to consider.

10. Curtains

Curtains are one of those DIY closet door ideas that offer a lot of versatility. All you need are some curtain material and a curtain rod and you can install them yourself in a couple of minutes. You can select curtains that are made of a fabric that complements the rest of your interior design. This could be heavy linen, sheer, rustic, etc. You could even choose to install a beaded curtain on your closet to add a touch of whimsical charm. Whichever type of curtain you choose, it can help separate your closet contents from your main bedroom while giving you full access to your closet.

11. Chalkboard Paint Door

If you’re tired of your current closet door, consider giving it a makeover. Chalkboard paint is another DIY closet door idea that can jazz up your bedroom. This can work especially well in a kid’s bedroom, giving children a way to express themselves and be creative. If you’re looking to update the closet doors in your teen’s bedroom, consider installing cork board panels instead of chalkboard paint.

12. Room Dividers

If you’re not ready to commit to a closet door, consider room dividers. Room dividers or shoji screens are portable, giving you the option to hide your closet contents or to put them on display. Their portability comes from the use of lightweight materials such as fabric, bamboo, paper, and wood. Another benefit of using a room divider is that it can double as ambient lighting when the closet light is on. You can even use room dividers as a statement piece in your room by selecting one that has an intricate design.

13. Swinging Doors

If you’re looking for unique closet door ideas, consider adding swinging doors into your bedroom’s design. Swinging doors, also known as saloon doors or cafe doors, can help define your space and make a statement. They give a sense of openness in your bedroom, without fully revealing the contents of your closet. Swinging doors are no longer associated solely with Western themes. You can now get them in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit the overall look and feel of your bedroom.

How to Update an Existing Mirrored Closet Door

Wondering how to update your mirror closet door? There are a few tips and tricks you can use as a quick upgrade before replacing mirrored closet doors altogether.

Add Wood Trim

Add wood trim to form a faux frame for your mirrors. Be sure to use light-weight wood options as your current mirrored closet doors are not set up for heavy wood in the style of a sliding barn door. Paint your wood trim to match the rest of your room or leave the wood raw to promote a rustic or farmhouse feel.

Add Designs

Using wood trim, consider adding geometric designs to your mirror. In addition to a frame, you can create a square or diamond pattern on the glass. Paint the trim to match your room for a complete look that gives you a modern and updated feel.

Apply an Overlay

Some companies will provide a custom-designed trim overlay you can add to your closet mirrored doors. Installation of the overlay requires little more than liquid nails and a piece of sandpaper. The overlays attach easily and are designed to fit the size of your mirrors. If you want to dress up the look and feel of your mirrored closet doors quickly without much elbow grease, purchasing trim overlays is the way to go. Keep in mind, however, that it might be better to simply save up to replace the old mirrored doors altogether rather than putting money into purchasing overlays.

No matter how to you choose to temporarily upgrade your mirrored closet doors, there’s really no substitution for total replacement. If you’re redecorating your room, making improvements to your home, or are in need of a change, there’s nothing like purchasing brand new sliding mirrored closet doors. New mirrored closet doors today results in a totally new look for your home tomorrow.


First up is paint, because it's the most straightforward way to upgrade your wardrobe doors. Choose a new color you love or refresh the color that's already there with a new coat. Then, learn how to paint a door for simple DIY techniques and tips to get the job done.

If you want to step out of the box a bit, consider painting the door with dry erase or chalkboard paint for a fun twist. Or, add a coat of shimmer or glitter paint to a set of sliding doors in a child's bedroom.


Sure, you can wallpaper a wall to add a bit of drama to your room. But you can also wallpaper an old closet door to give it a pick-me-up. This is best for flat closet doors, but you can also add wallpaper to the inset part of paneled doors.
Use adhesive-backed paper for the easiest installation. With so many designs and patterns available, finding wallpaper that matches any interior design should be a breeze.


Wainscoting is a good way to give your room a timeless feel. This contemporary trend adds wood paneling to the bottom half of your closet doors, giving them a somewhat upscale look. Wainscoting is best for a hinged rather than a sliding closet door, as it could cause sliding doors to run into each other.


Stencils can match any interior design, from farmhouse to shabby chic bedrooms. Consider stenciling your closet doors to add pops of color and extra patterns and texture to your room.

Find stencils at your favorite home supply or craft store. Then, choose a paint color you love. Tape the stencil to the wall and paint the design onto your door.

New Doorknobs and Hinges

Make your door look like new by adding new hinges and doorknobs. Simply swapping old, rusty, worn-down hardware can make a door feel brand new.
Like trim, door hardware is available at a wide range of price points. Hardware is generally easy to replace, too, so you won't need to be a DIY expert to get the job done. 

New Handles

Instead of replacing the doorknob, try adding a handle instead. Handles can create a more sophisticated look for any door, upping the beauty factor instantly. And, just like doorknobs, many of them come with locking mechanisms so that you can still maintain privacy.

Some handles can be a little more complicated to install than a doorknob. To make the process easier, be sure to take measurements of your current knob system to replace it with a handle system that fits right into place.

Cane Webbing

Cane webbing is a unique process involving pre-woven material. It's often reserved for woven chairs, but some homeowners use the eye-catching technique for cabinet or regular doors.

You can buy rolls of cane webbing online or in home supply stores. Cut out a section of the door to which you'd like to attach the cane webbing. Then, affix the cane webbing to the backside of the door with a hot glue gun. Trim excess cane webbing from the back of the door or frame it with wood to give it a clean, polished look.

How to Measure for Sliding Closet Doors

Measuring for sliding closet doors before ordering or installing them ensures you get the perfect fit for your door opening, preventing gaps or oversized doors that don't fit or function properly. To measure for your closet's new sliding barn door, follow these steps:
  1. Grab a partner to help you measure and a measuring tape, pencil, and paper.
  2. Measure the height (or vertical length) of your closet opening. Take the measurement starting from the floor and stretching all the way up to the top of the opening. Do not include door trim, just the space within the opening.
  3. Now, measure horizontally (side to side). Be sure to run the measuring tape across the whole closet door opening. Again, do not include any trim in your measurement. 
  4. Double the horizontal width measurement. This is the width you will need for your barn sliding door to cover the full closet opening. If you're using double barn doors, the door widths should meet that measurement together. For instance, a 60-inch opening requires a 120-inch door or two double doors that are each 60 inches wide. 
Rustica offers custom sliding closet doors based on your exact measurements. It's a good idea to double-check your measurements and have someone else measure for extra accuracy 

How to Install Sliding Closet Doors

When you are thinking about upgrading your closet doors to sliding closet doors, you can actually install them yourself, saving you the cost of hiring a contractor. It is a simple, straightforward installation process and can be done with experience levels of all types. The process can be made easier with a sliding closet door hardware kit. The steps in the process include:
  1. Take off your current closet door by removing the hardware and the closet door panel(s).
  2. Measure the width and height of your door opening in inches.
  3. Purchase sliding closet doors that fit your opening, as well as sliding closet door hardware. For added convenience and to ensure a proper fit, you may wish      to purchase a sliding closet door hardware kit.
  4. Install the sliding door hardware, including the door tracks on the top and the floor. In some cases, you may only need a top track.
  5. Install the sliding closet doors using the sliding door hardware or hardware kit. Insert the wheels into the door tracks to complete this step.
  6. Make any leveling or placement adjustments as needed.

How Much Should Closet Doors Overlap?

Sliding closet doors are available in different systems. Biparting closet doors meet each other in the middle when closed and slide away from one another when opened. A bypassing system allows each sliding closet door to slide over or behind the other, which can be beneficial for door openings that don't have a lot of space on either side. 

With bypass closet doors, you'll want to consider how much your doors should overlap. These doors sit with one in front of the other, which can look a bit awkward if the doors have no overlap. It's best to make sure that the doors have at least one inch of overlap to prevent any gaps that peek through to your inner closet organization setup when you shut the doors. For best results, consider having two to three inches of overlap.

Getting your calculations right for a bypass door overlap is simple. Take the measurement that you figured out for each door, and add up to three inches to each of them. For example, each 60-inch door would become 63 inches. When closed, the doors will each have three extra inches on the overlapping section, preventing any unsightly gaps.

Do Sliding Closet Doors Need a Bottom Track?

Like almost any barn door, sliding closet doors don't necessarily need a bottom track to function properly. Custom sliding doors from Rustica are firmly positioned on a top track that holds them in place as they slide back and forth. 

Still, a bottom track can be helpful in minimizing wear and tear on the top track and roller system. When sliding closet doors move from side to side, they could swing slightly out, putting pressure on the rolling system and track. Additionally, doors that do have a bit of swing could hit one another, resulting in unsightly dings and scratches.

Therefore, adding a bottom track to your sliding closet doors could be a good idea for your door system, especially if you have a large door opening with heavy, oversized doors. The bottom track will keep your large doors aligned and moving along the right path to avoid swinging out and potentially damaging one another.

Rustica also offers a few types of floor guides for your barn door or double door system to designate a path for your sliding closet doors without needing a full bottom track.

Sliding Closet Doors Make Closets Stylish and Functional

There are many benefits to upgrading your swinging closet doors to sliding closet doors. In today’s modern home design trends, sliding doors are the preferred choice for closets. Choose between sliding mirrored doors, bi-fold doors, frosted mirror doors, louvered doors, bypass closet doors, and more. With sliding closet doors, you can save space, improve the look and feel of your room, and increase the value of your home. When sharing a closet with a partner, you will love the ease of use and larger closet opening that sliding closet doors provide.

Sliding closet doors are the most popular type of modern closet doors. Due to their widespread appeal, sliding closet doors are available in a wide range of styles, hardware options, colors, and materials. With so many choices, you can create a one-of-a-kind look and feel for your home. Custom sliding closet doors not only look great, but they are easy to install. There is no reason to wait any longer to upgrade your old closet doors. Simply buy the sliding wardrobe door of your choice, then customize the options in your sliding door hardware kit. Contact us
 today if you have any questions or need help purchasing a custom Rustica door.  
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