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Sliding Closet Doors

Friday December 27th, 2019
Sliding closet doors are attractive, easy to use, and they can increase your home’s value. If you live in a home with traditional closet doors that swing open, you may want to consider upgrading. Sliding closet doors can offer several benefits to every homeowner.

5 Benefits of Sliding Closet Doors

  • Many Styles Available
  • Save and Create Space
  • Enhance Your Interior Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Increase Your Home’s Value
When you consider the advantages of sliding closet doors, it becomes clear why they are the top choice for interior designers and DIY remodelers.

Sliding Closet Doors are Available in Many Styles 

When upgrading your current interior closet doors to sliding closet doors, you can select from a wide range of choices to fit your needs. Popular styles include folding doors (bi-fold doors), pocket doors, bypass doors, barn doors, sliding mirrored doors, and much more.

Sliding bypass closet doors are designed to slide behind and in front of one another. They are built on a track with two rails, allowing each door to slide on a set of wheels. You can make sliding bypass closet doors from your current doors, and you can buy new doors and customize your options.

Bi-fold closet doors are a popular style of folding closet doors. Bi-fold doors have attached wheels that run on a closet door track. There are two-panel and four-panel options, as well as a variety of door widths and heights.
Pocket sliding closet doors actually slide into the wall. This completely hides the doors when they are open, providing a wide opening and easy access into your closet. In order to convert your current wardrobe door to a pocket sliding closet door, you must have wall space that is at least double the size of the closet door.

Barn style closet doors have become a very popular option for interior closet doors. Barn doors are available in many styles, such as a bypass barn door, a bifold barn door, double barn doors, or a barn door with mirror. Basic single or double sliding closet doors, like barn doors, have wheels that roll on door tracks. These doors save space by sliding along the wall when opening the closet, allowing easy access into the closet by exposing the full door opening.

Save & Create Space with Closet Sliding Doors

Sliding closet doors are a great way to maximize space in small areas. Traditional swinging doors can look bulky and take up space. With a sliding door, you can say goodbye to hinges and the unwanted obstruction caused by opening and closing a swinging door.

Not only do sliding closet doors save space, but they can actually create additional space. Many sliding closet doors can extend from the floor to the ceiling. With a larger door opening, you can expand the size of your closet and take advantage of the new storage space.

Sliding closet doors look great and can help you achieve an organized, clean living area. Instead of having a swinging door that gets in the way, you can increase storage, add decor, and enjoy the extra space they provide. With sliding wardrobe doors, it’s easier for two people to use the closet at the same time, which is great for busy mornings when everyone is trying to hurry out the front door.

Enhance Your Interior Design by Utilizing Closet Sliding Doors

If your wardrobe doors are the same basic, stock doors that were installed when the house was built, it’s probably time to upgrade to a more modern look. Sliding doors can maximize space and enhance the interior design of your home. No matter if you choose bi-fold doors, pocket doors, bypass doors, or basic single or double sliding doors, the right sliding doors will add beauty and style to any room in your home.

Since sliding closet doors are so popular, it's easy to find a variety of hardware options to complete your desired look. You can customize your hardware, tracks, and accessories to create unique sliding closet doors that enhance your interior design. No matter your preferred style, you can find sliding door hardware and door materials to match your decor—mirrored, glass, frosted, wood, paint, metal, and more. 

Sliding Closet Doors are Easy to Use

Sliding closet doors have wheels that roll smoothly along the door tracks. When you need to get into your closet, opening the door is effortless. This can be especially helpful when your hands are full or you’re in a hurry.

Although sliding closet doors are much easier to use than traditional swinging doors, the quality of your materials can affect the ease of use and long-term functionality. It is important to choose high-quality sliding door hardware—especially door tracks and wheels—to ensure that your sliding closet doors will function properly over time. If you purchase sturdy wheels and tracks made of strong aluminum, your sliding closet door will operate easily for many years without requiring maintenance.

Sliding Closet Doors Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you want to stay in your current home or are planning to sell it in the near future, installing sliding closet doors is a cost-effective way to increase your home’s value. If your current closet doors are old or not functioning properly, upgrading to sliding closet doors will add convenience and improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. By replacing your swinging closet doors, you’ll also be maximizing the living space of your home. These are all effective ways to increase your home’s value.

Sliding Closet Door Materials

Sliding closet doors come in a broad range of materials to fit every function, style, and need. When you are upgrading from a basic wardrobe door to sliding wardrobe door, take some time to familiarize yourself with the different types of materials. You never know if something will catch your eye and enhance your door in a way you hadn’t previously considered. You can choose sliding wood doors, metal closet doors, frosted doors, mirrored sliding closet doors, and much more.

Sliding closet door hardware can greatly enhance the door’s style and functionality. Even basic elements of sliding closet doors, such as wheels, door tracks, pulls, handles, and locks can be customized to add extra character and design to your sliding closet doors. Whether you are looking for a modern closet door style or rustic barn closet door option, you will love the creative process of choosing your materials and hardware for a unique design.

Bi-Fold Closet Doors

Bi-fold closet doors are a popular choice for sliding closet doors. People choose bi-fold closet doors for a variety of reasons: They are aesthetically appealing, highly functional, provide a wide opening, and are available in a wide range of styles. Bi-fold closet doors come in two-panel and four-panel structures with each section joined by hinges. These doors are typically 80 inches high and come in many different widths to accommodate the size of your closet space.
Compared to other styles of sliding closet doors, bi-fold doors are especially unique and attractive. They come in many enhanced styles, such as mirrored, louvered, raised or flat panel, mission style, and more. And you can find a variety of materials and colors to make the perfect artistic statement. 

At Rustica, you can create your own complete bi-fold barn door hardware system. Rustica helps you customize every aspect of your bi-fold barn doors, including height and width for both doors, style, finish, texture, frame finish, hardware finish, track holes, pull, and pull finish. Rustica’s hardware is constructed of premium steel and proudly made in the U.S.A.

How to Install Sliding Closet Doors

When you are thinking about upgrading your closet doors to sliding closet doors, you can actually install them yourself, saving you the cost of hiring a contractor. It is a simple, straightforward installation process and can be done with experience levels of all types. The process can be made easier with a sliding closet door hardware kit. The steps in the process include:
  1. Take off your current closet door by removing the hardware and the closet door panel(s).
  2. Measure the width and height of your door opening in inches.
  3. Purchase sliding closet doors that fit your opening, as well as sliding closet door hardware. For added convenience and to ensure a proper fit, you may wish      to purchase a sliding closet door hardware kit.
  4. Install the sliding door hardware, including the door tracks on the top and the floor. In some cases, you may only need a top track.
  5. Install the sliding closet doors using the sliding door hardware or hardware kit. Insert the wheels into the door tracks to complete this step.
  6. Make any leveling or placement adjustments as needed.

Sliding Closet Doors

There are many benefits to upgrading your swinging closet doors to sliding closet doors. In today’s modern home design trends, sliding doors are the preferred choice for closets. Choose between sliding mirrored doors, bi-fold doors, frosted mirror doors, louvered doors, bypass closet doors, and more. With sliding closet doors, you can save space, improve the look and feel of your room, and increase the value of your home. When sharing a closet with a partner, you will love the ease of use and larger closet opening that sliding closet doors provide.

Sliding closet doors are the most popular type of modern closet doors. Due to their widespread appeal, sliding closet doors are available in a wide range of styles, hardware options, colors, and materials. With so many choices, you can create a one-of-a-kind look and feel for your home. Custom sliding closet doors not only look great, but they are easy to install. There is no reason to wait any longer to upgrade your old closet doors. Simply buy the sliding wardrobe door of your choice, then customize the options in your sliding door hardware kit. Contact us
 today if you have any questions or need help purchasing a custom Rustica door.  
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