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Barn Style Closet Door Ideas

Thursday May 10th, 2018

Hit The Three: Sliding Door Madness

Sliding doors are a game changer. 

Sliding closet barn doors are a crowd pleaser.

They’re functional, versatile and creative. 

 In tight areas, they’ll come up big and save space where traditional doors need swinging room. Their movement is smooth as they run along a track. These tracks also display their own novelty and design aesthetic and there are lots of styles and colors to combine the door with. They also give you a creative advantage as they match up nicely with contemporary, modern, industrial, rustic, traditional, transitional, french, Hollywood, coastal and farm interior design styles. 

We’d like to hit on three points from our sliding door playbook to highlight some ideas and plays for you to make on your closet doors.

3 Key POINTS to Upgrade Your CLOSET DOORS

1 POINT: Add Quality & Character with a Mirrored Door

A full length mirror with a rustic frame brightens up any space. Personalize it with a custom finish of your choice.

Sliding Mirrored Barn Door


 Closet doors should be an integral part of your home design and experience. They can highlight or hide the space behind them. They’re a true team player with the potential to add a lot of character. And by that, we mean personality. Distinct and individual, while playing a key role.  

 Sliding closet doors can show off their personality through the material they’re made of and the tracking system they ride on. Choose from solid wood, metal, mirrored, glass, frosted acrylic, and leather, or a combination of materials to produce that complementary and character quality.  

Here are some closet barn door options we’ve scouted that show off character:

No two sets of fingerprints are alike, and so it is with each hide of leather that we hand select for our one-of-a-kind door, The Range.

Leather Modern Range Door

A modern-tribal design, inspired by the deserts of southern California.

Joshua Tree Door

Multi-faceted strips of reclaimed wood combine to make this highly detailed, colorful door.

Sliding Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

Classic and contemporary. Clean and colorful.

Palm Springs Barn Door


2 POINTS: Use Double Barn Doors for a Unique Feel

Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit


One sliding door is a score. Two sliding barn doors are a slam dunk! 2 points. Your style. Your unique feel.

 Double barn doors are awesome for closets. Especially if you’re covering a wide opening. In fact, double barn doors are popular with pantries, offices and room dividers too. They give you the ability and versatility to play off a wide-open feel or close in and conceal.  

 Keep in mind that your first objective is an arrangement that gives you optimal functionality for your area and objective. Then, do it in style. Apply a unique combination of material from the closet sliding barn door itself to the hardware to achieve your look. More on hardware next!  


3 POINTS: Include Custom Hardware to Finish Your Look

Hardware. Tracks. Latch & Lock. Pulls. Handles. Biparting and Bypass Systems. Parts



Hardware is the backbone of a sliding door system. 

 At Rustica Hardware, we’ve incorporated the thickest steel in the industry into our hardware. We’ve refined and scrutinized every detail in our hardware over the last decade and make careful improvements to enhance the performance of this formation. 

Manufacturing is done in the USA by our very own Rustica dream team.

The iconic coach John Wooden said, It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”


We are detail driven, start to finish.

Give your door the finishing touch by choosing a finish that’s on point with your game plan.

Take a look at some hardware to inspire:

Top Mount Spoke Wheel Garrick Barn Door Hardware Kit

Draft Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware Kit

Reflex Top-Mounted Barn Door Hardware Kit


OVERTIME: Barn Doors Add a Premium to Your Home

Barn doors are winners.

According to the scoreboard, or better said an analysis done by Zillow Digs, “for-sale homes
touting features like “barn doors” can sell for as much as 13 percent more than expected, and nearly 60 days faster than homes without those features.”

Zillow Digs analyzed over 2 million homes sold nationwide and determined that the rustic sliding doors found frequently in “modern craftsman-style homes, and are used on bedroom closets and kitchen pantries, among others” sell at a premium.

Read – “Home Features That Sell”

Sliding barn doors have the makeup of a true champion. They take pride in their personal worth and contribution. Most importantly, they’re proud of their team and home.

#GoTeam #WIN


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