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8 Ways to Use a Barn Door in the Bathroom

Monday June 25th, 2018
Just because the bathroom is perhaps the most understated space in a home doesn’t mean that it always has to remain forgotten. There are several well-known ways to upgrade a master bathroom or a guest bath, including a fresh coat of paint, updated hardware, or new linens. Why not consider revamping your bathroom by replacing your traditional door with a barn style door? We offer a wide selection of sliding barn doors for bathrooms and guide you through the home DIY installation process. Installing a barn door for the bathroom be completed in six simple steps:

11 Ways to Use a Barn Door in the Bathroom

  1. Master Bathroom Entry
  2. Hall Bathroom Entry 
  3. Cabinets and Windows
  4. Linen Closet
  5. Bathroom Divider
  6. Space Saver
  7. Unique Aesthetic
  8. Showcase a Master Bath
  9. Showers 
  10. Water Closet
  11. Medicine Cabinet
You can apply the above process to any barn door for bathroom entryways and closets.

Don’t be intimidated if this is your first major DIY project. In reality, door installation is the simple part. Choosing just one barn door style from the entirety of our beautiful selection of expertly crafted panels might prove to be the more difficult task. 

11 Ways to Use a Barn Door in the Bathroom

In past years, you may have installed a barn door leading into your bedroom entryway or a rustic barn door leading into your living area, but there are also so many barn door ideas for home renovation that can be applied to bathroom spaces!
Take a look at the list below to find inspiration for how to use sliding wood, metal, or glass doors in your bath.

1. Master Bathroom Entry

Whether your master bath lives up to its name or whether the room feels no bigger than a closet, a barn door can complement or improve the look and functionality of the space.

A sliding barn door is a statement piece that innately creates a grand entrance for your master bathroom. All types of barn doors add a unique visual element and a singular experience to the space that you see and use both morning and night.

Imagine waking up and sliding open a beautiful mahogany barn door fit for a rustic-inspired bathroom, or even a geometric, chevron door crafted for those with more modern style. What would it feel like to head towards a refreshing shower through a pair of bright, herringbone-patterned doors or to a steaming bath through a door crafted from one-of-a-kind reclaimed barn wood panels? Whichever style you prefer, a sliding barn door will improve the look and feel of your master bathroom entryway while simultaneously upgrading both the bath and your master bedroom.

2. Hall Bathroom Entry

Barn doors can likewise give a guest bath or half bath a facelift while adding a focal point to hallways that otherwise go unnoticed. A sliding door will flawlessly blend into your hallway, giving your bathroom’s entry a surprising artistic flair.

Rustica offers more than one hundred different interior barn doors in numerous finishes and paints. Additionally, the company offers the option of purchasing custom barn doors. Their expert craftsmanship and varied design options mean that you are sure to find a bathroom door that fits your home’s interior decor perfectly.

3. Cabinets and Windows

Entryways aren’t the only parts of a bathroom that can benefit from a sliding barn door. In addition to full-size door panels, we offer options for cabinets and windows too.

These miniature barn doors can be purchased with a mirrored front to easily replace hinged panels enclosing a medicine cabinet. They can also be used as a substitution for curtains and blinds, with a miniature sliding barn door gliding along a track to easily offer the option for both privacy and fresh air.

Many homeowners are also choosing to install interior barn door shutters along the half-circle windows most commonly installed over toilets. Called sunburst shutters, these panels beautifully frame your bathroom’s window, allowing natural light to filter through the panes without removing the potential for privacy.

4. Linen Closet

Not everyone has a perfectly matching towel set, and fewer still keep their linens neatly folded atop one another. Sliding closet doors might be just the solution for those who don’t wish to display bath towels and extra sheet sets in their bathroom or laundry room.

Quick and simple barn door installation will replace mess or organized chaos with chic designer style. And with customizable dimensions, Rustica can craft the perfect linen closet door, whether your door frame is standard size or more narrow than traditional openings.

Additionally, if there are decorative pieces or parts of your linen closet that you do wish to be visible, you can purchase a glass-paned or partial paned interior barn door to feature the elements you want to display and to conceal those which you don’t.

5. Bathroom Divider

Some bathrooms include areas that homeowners wish to divide from the remainder of the space. A separate dressing area, a large jacuzzi tub, or even a single or double sink can all be separated from the general toilet and shower area to maintain privacy while still allowing more than one person to utilize the space.

Instead of installing a partial wall or defaulting to a traditional door that opens and closes along hinges, consider a sliding door for seamless division within a segmented bathroom. You’ll no longer feel rushed to get out of the shower just because your family member needs to brush their teeth. You can relax and enjoy the serenity of quiet privacy provided by a sliding barn door.

6. Space Saver

There are many reasons why sliding barn doors are the most versatile type of door on the market. One of the most desirable features of a sliding barn door is its compatibility with narrow and tight spaces. Unlike a traditional hinged door, a sliding barn door has the potential to save square footage in smaller rooms in a number of ways, and each type of sliding door contributes its own unique space-saving abilities:

Single Barn Door: All sliding barn doors increase usable square footage, and a single barn door is the simplest form of that feature. In this system, a single panel runs left and right along a track and hanger system. A single door panel is perfect for bathroom entries, cabinets, or closet spaces within bathrooms that don’t allow for the radius of a swinging door with hinges. All you need is wall space where the door can pass in front.

Bi-parting Door: In a bi-parting door system, two panels run along a single track system. They meet in the middle of the door opening when closed and slide left and right when open. Ample wall space is needed for this system, as two panels are required. Bi-parting doors create a dramatic entryway for a master bath and can also serve to segment sections of a bathroom.

Bypassing Door: In this system, two or three doors are installed along a double or triple track to allow the panels to pass in front of one another. Bypassing doors don’t require additional wall space but do require a large opening. This system can, likewise, be utilized to upgrade an entryway to a master bathroom or add an interesting esthetic to a shower area or dressing area within a bathroom. They could also be used to cover larger linen closets and storage areas while still allowing art or shelving to be displayed on adjacent walls.

Pocket Door: The panels of these doors slide into a pocket in the door frame. They’re also a great option for rooms that feature limited square footage and available wall space. Shelves, art, and mirrors within bathrooms can remain on adjacent walls as pocket doors do not interfere with exterior wall space.

Bi-folding Door: Homeowners who have neither square footage nor wall space will benefit from bi-folding doors. These doors can be purchased as single panels or double panels, both of which slide along a single track. As the panels slide to close, they crease and fold over one another, gathering at one or both sides of the door opening without overlapping the wall. These panels are perfect for bathroom entryways and closets, and they can also be used to divide a bathroom space.

7. Unique Aesthetic

In addition to its obvious functionality, barn doors can play another role within a bathroom: aesthetics. Rustica offers mirrored barn doors that (in addition to their obvious use) can create visual space through their reflection of light and actual square footage. This is a technique that many designers utilize in tight spaces, such as half-baths or smaller guest baths. We also craft door panels with unique finishes and eye-catching designs.

Though uncommon, barn door designs, like a frosted glass barn door for bathroom entryways or a bright, red farmhouse door for linen closets, create a stunning focal point within a home. Some homeowners even choose to install chic, glass-paneled, French-inspired barn doors in master bathrooms or chalkboard doors for their kids’ bath.

8. Showcase a Master Bath

Just as some homeowners who wish to hide their bathroom or upgrade its outdated look with a sliding barn door, there are others whose bathroom doesn’t need a visual enhancement at all.

Some individuals have master bathrooms that are picture-perfect—like something out of a magazine or HGTV show. Whether these bathrooms were decorated DIY or whether an interior designer was called in for expert consultation, these rooms are meant to be displayed and featured, just as a dining room or living space would be. Homeowners with breathtaking bathrooms will want to showcase their master bath as an extension of their own bedroom instead of hiding it behind closed doors.

In this situation, a sliding barn door can play a couple of roles. First, a brightly colored or uniquely patterned barn door can attract the eye to the entryway, creating a seamless and stylish journey from bed to bath. Secondly, a set of bi-parting or bi-folding sliding doors can artfully frame the door opening, displaying the beautiful example of interior design like a painting in a museum. Either way, the sliding barn door calls attention to a room whose design and decor deserves to be noticed.

9. Showers

Did you know that a bathroom barn door can work its magic as a shower door? Choose a mirrored barn door or glass barn door to create a functional and beautiful entrance into your shower area. These doors are especially ideal for small bathroom spaces, as they can make the bathroom feel airy and open, unlike a shower curtain that closes off the shower area.

Depending on the size of your shower, you can opt for a single or double barn door for your shower door. Like other sliding barn doors, glass or mirrored barn doors can include varied types of hardware and tracks to blend into your decor style. For instance, a shabby chic master bath might welcome brushed steel or bronze hardware, while a farmhouse style can accommodate black, rustic-looking finishes well.

Your bathroom barn door for the shower can also slide open and shut with frameless hardware. Frameless doors highlight the beauty of the glass shower doors, giving an ultra-clean, seamless, modern vibe to the bathroom. Of course, you can still customize your track and door handles to fit your interior design.

Rustica offers custom options for your barn door to fit the dimensions you need for your shower space. Have someone help you measure for your new bathroom barn door before ordering to ensure accurate specifications.

10. Water Closet

A water closet is an area of a bathroom that's blocked off entirely or partially to house the toilet. Water closets aren't overly common in modern bathrooms, but adding one to yours can offer extra privacy for bathrooms shared by multiple people. A bathroom barn door can be the perfect way to block off the toilet from the rest of the room, resulting in a functional water closet with a unique door style.

Consider using a frosted glass barn door for smaller bathrooms to separate the spaces. This will allow light to shine through while maintaining privacy. Large master bathrooms might have a few more options, ranging from traditional barn doors made of wood to modern steel sliding doors. Depending on your needs for space, you can install a sliding pocket barn door or bypass doors. Choose a barn door lock to add even more privacy to the space.

Another barn door idea: hang a bathroom barn door next to the toilet for a stylish way to separate the toilet area from the rest of the bathroom. You might choose this method if you don't have space for a pocket door or sliding barn door but still want the secluded space that a barn door can provide.

11. Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are often necessary storage additions to a bathroom. However, you don't always want to see what's inside of a medicine cabinet, which is why they usually include doors. The doors can be more than functional, though—many homeowners prefer them to have a style that fits the bathroom's design.

Adding sliding barn doors to the medicine cabinet can be an excellent way to make the cabinet fit your bathroom's style with ease. Interior barn doors for cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and you can customize them to your preferences. Whether you have a floor-to-ceiling medicine cabinet or a smaller over-the-sink cabinet, you can find a bathroom barn door that fits. Choose from wood, glass, or mirrored sliding barn doors and multiple track and hardware styles, textures, and color options from Rustica.

One current trend to consider is adding just one sliding door to a large, double door medicine cabinet. This leaves one side of the cabinet with open shelving for decor while hiding stored bathroom items on the other side.

Is a Barn Door Private Enough for a Bathroom?

That all depends on the way you install your bathroom barn door. For example, the easiest thing you can do is simply install a lock on your bathroom barn door. This way, people on the inside can choose to lock the door when that makes sense.
You can find several different types of hardware to serve as privacy locks for interior barn doors: a hook and eye latch, teardrop lock, pocket door lock, and hasp are just a few examples. Some users even go with a decorative deadbolt option. As it turns out, a sliding barn door can provide just as much privacy as any other door. It’s all about the lock.
The only drawback to using a bathroom barn door for a doorway is that a rolling barn door that hangs over the doorway doesn’t provide as much soundproofing as a hinged door that closes and fills the entire door frame. This bothers some people more than others, but it’s something to consider before committing to your barn door project.

How to Install a Barn Door for the Bathroom

Once you’ve decided which door to purchase and how exactly you want to use it, it’s time to place your order and eagerly await its arrival to begin installation.

But wait! When purchasing a sliding barn door for your bathroom, you’ll want to make sure that you also purchase Rustica’s barn door kit. These kits can be virtually assembled on our website at the same time you choose your door’s features, like dimension, wood type, paint, and finish.

Each kit arrives with everything a homeowner needs to complete the DIY barn door installation in any interior room. In addition to your solid wood, metal, or glass barn door, you’ll receive your track system, hangers, rollers, and any locks, handles, or decorative strap hinges and clavos nails you’ve chosen to purchase.

Every kit is customizable and made to function along with your new door. Upon arrival, you’ll have all the barn door hardware you need to begin the installation process of your bathroom barn door. We provide detailed instructions customized to each door, but, generally, you’ll want to follow the steps below in order:

Step 1: Gather Tools

Before you begin the installation process, you need to make sure you have everything on hand to measure and mark your walls and door panels, as well as the tools you must have to attach the door hardware and track system.

Below is the list of basic items you will need that are not included in your barn door hardware kit:
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Leveler
  • Stud Finder

Step 2: Attach Hardware

With tools by your side, it’s time to begin the first real step of barn door installation: attaching hardware to the door panel. Knobs, handles, pulls, and decorative door hinges and clavo nails all need to be attached to the panel while it lies flat on the floor. Additionally, door locks should also be attached to your single or double barn doors before being hung and mounted on the wall. Mini barn door hardware should also be applied to cabinets and shutters at this point in the process. And if you’ve purchased barn door hardware for double doors, you’ll need to attach hardware to each panel.

A general rule of thumb is the following: handles and locks should be installed around 36 inches from the bottom of the panel. Decorative pieces, like nails and hinges, depend on the door size as well as the quantity. These specific instructions will be included in your kit.

To attach any of your barn door hardware, you’ll want to measure and mark their placement, then pre-drill the holes before installing the actual screws. To be as exact as possible, it’s always wise to use a leveler to ensure that each screw sits exactly where it needs to.

Step 3: Attach Hangers and Rollers

While you attach your other hardware, you’ll also want to drill your hangers and rollers onto the top of your door panels. Without these pieces of hardware, your door won’t be able to glide along the track.

Hanger and roller placement (as well as the quantity of each) differs according to panel number, as well as panel dimension, so you will receive specific measurements in your kit. That being said, you’ll want to make sure that you follow the same rule of thumb as before: measure, mark, and pre-drill before you drill the screws in permanently!

Step 4: Install Header

Once all of your hardware, hangers, and rollers are in place, it’s time to take on the next big step of hanging your interior door! This step might be optional for you if you’ve purchased a standard, lightweight, single panel; however, it might be safer to go ahead and complete this step even if it’s not completely required.

A header is an additional piece of horizontal wood that is installed directly above the top of your door frame. A header is attached by drilling into wall beams, therefore it can distribute the weight of the door across the wall when the panel is hung. A header is absolutely necessary for doors made from heavier materials or for multi-panel systems.

To install your header, you’ll first need to locate your wall studs using a stud finder. As before, mark your studs with a pencil. Then, measure the distance between them and make those same marks on your board. Pre-drill your holes into the board then lift the header above your door frame to match your drilled holes with your pencil marks. Drill your header into the beams to attach it.

Step 5: Attach Track

Once more, directions for this step will differ depending on your door type, as well as your panel’s dimensions. Generally speaking, in this step, you will attach your track to your header (or into the wall above your door frame if you chose to forego that step).

Measure, mark, pre-drill, and attach your track to give your door a place from which to hang. At the time of purchase, you will have chosen whether or not to buy hardware for a soft close or door guide. If you have chosen to include these pieces in your door’s system, you’ll want to install these at the same time as track installation. Once these steps are complete, you can hang your door’s hangers and rollers along their track and slide your door left and right to test it out.

Step 6: Install Lock

Yes, barn doors can lock! The final step is to install the second piece of your door’s lock system.

You’ve already attached one part of the lock to the door but you’ll need to attach another piece to an additional part of your panel or your door jamb. Rustica offers a couple of options for barn door locks for bathroom entryways, cabinets, and closets, so installation will differ just a bit between the two products. If you’ve purchased a teardrop latch, you’ll need to install the final piece into the door jamb. If you’ve purchased our self-latching barn door lock, you’ll actually want to install both pieces in Step 2.

Welcome to Your New Bathroom!

It’s remarkable to think that a simple change, like switching out a bathroom door, can quickly provide a facelift to a generally unremarkable space. Yet, it’s true! A Rustica sliding barn door offers far more functionality and aesthetic appeal than a traditional hinged door. A simple switch can absolutely transform your master bathroom or half-bath from drab and dreary to chic and refined.

Explore our website to begin the transformation. Once you’ve filtered through our large selection of country, rustic, modern, and French-inspired sliding barn doors and chosen your favorite finish and color, you’ll need to measure your door space in order to purchase the appropriate dimensions. Once this is complete, you can pick what type of hardware you wish to purchase. Fortunately, our beautiful, high-quality selection of handles, knobs, and locks make it easy for your barn door to be as fully functional as it is completely stunning.

When your barn door kit arrives, it’s time to begin installation so you can start enjoying your new door! Take courage: once you’ve gathered your tools and reviewed the directions, you will have everything you need to complete the process. Don’t be too surprised if the ease with which you complete this installation inspires you to take on other DIY projects around the house. You’ll soon find yourself eyeing the other entryways, closets, and cabinets throughout your floor plan to assess exactly how many sliding barn doors a person can fit in one house!
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