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How to Know if a Sliding Barn Door is Right for Your Bathroom

Monday June 25th, 2018

Bringing added charm to your commode 

If there’s one area of your home that you can bet your guests will become quite familiar with, it’s your bathroom. You may have the most elegant and charming of homes, but if your bathroom isn’t up to par, you can forget it.

Sliding bathroom barn doors are a perfect way to transform your bathroom into a home spa. Sure, it may be a room of necessity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse it with personality – and rustic luxury.

With that sentiment in mind, you might be wondering if your bathroom could benefit from a sliding barn door. In many cases — it can! And the size of your bathrooms or adjoining rooms don’t always have to be a factor. There are interior sliding barn doors for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Get inspired and learn whether a sliding barn door will work with your bathroom and overall home decor!

Is Privacy Key for Your Bathroom Routine?

A sliding bathroom barn door can be distinctly different from your run-of-the-mill door with hinges. But their purpose is the same: closing off a room from prying eyes and giving you an extra barrier between you and the rest of the world — or just the people in your home.

So, if you’re worried about privacy – don’t. There are a variety of available sliding barn door locks so you don’t have to compromise privacy for style. Even though they slide back and forth with the greatest of ease, barn doors can be locked just like any other door. A barn door is just as effective when it comes to bathroom privacy as a standard door.

Is Your Bedroom Lacking a Focal Point?

Does your bedroom feel a little humdrum and lacking in visual interest? A sliding barn door composed of rich, texturized wood can take your space to a whole new level.

For instance, if you have “plain” white walls or a monochromatic color scheme, a sliding barn door in a contrasting color makes a statement and adds visual interest to the room. Sometimes you just need that warm, vibrant pop of wood to offset your décor scheme. You don’t have to over-complicate it!

There are other ways you can make your bathroom barn door complement your decor and serve as a focal point. By matching the wood grain and hue of your barn door to a striking piece of furniture in a similar color, you can effortlessly pull the space together and draw the eye.

No Room? No Problem: Small Sliding Barn Doors as Bathroom Cabinetry

Do you love the look of a barn door but aren’t sure your space can accommodate one? If you’re in love with the idea of a modern sliding barn door (let’s face it, who isn’t), but not sure if a full-size door will work with your room or bathroom, opt for medicine cabinets and bathroom cabinetry that make clever use of small-sized sliding doors.

Sure, it’s not exactly a barn door on your bathroom, but that’s the beauty. This is a clever way to incorporate a slide door into your decor without committing to a larger version. It’s so fun and different that your guests are sure to spend more time talking about it than they are using it, and that’s never a bad thing.

Want a “Throne” Room Fit For a King or Queen?

Do you have a gorgeous bathroom that you want to show off? Why limit the sight of your bathroom? The easiest way to make your master bedroom feel even more grand is to open it up to the master bathroom.

By creating an exposed communal channel, you’ve produced an inviting illusion that extends the reach of your bedroom. And one perfect way to do this is with an interior sliding barn door for your bathroom.

Plus, who doesn’t want to come out of the bathroom feeling like a king or queen? Majestic sliding double barn doors lend a grand feel to the most humble room in the home.

Small Rooms? A Mirrored Barn Door Can Create Depth & Illusion of More Space

Let fashion meet function with your bathroom’s sliding barn door. A full-length barn door bathroom mirror can fit perfectly on the inside or outside of a door (so long as you have room on the inside). It can give your guests a full hair, makeup, and clothes check or simply create the illusion of a bigger space.

From small powder rooms to large master baths, a barn style door for your bathroom can add a healthy sprinkling of charm, personality, and space-saving functionality that’s right for any home!

Looking to install your own modern barn door for your bathroom? Check out our five easy step DIY blog on how to!


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