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What is Double Bypass Barn Door Hardware?

Wednesday July 13th, 2022
Installing a double bypass barn door is an excellent decision for smaller areas where wall space isn’t as abundant. These stunning, stylish doors provide all the benefits of double barn doors while conserving space and maximizing the functional capacity of a single sliding barn door. If you choose to install bypass barn doors, then you’ll need to install double bypass barn door hardware to go with it. The measurement process requires several steps, including:

How to Measure for Double Bypass Barn Door Hardware

  1. Gather Tools
  2. Grab a Buddy
  3. Measure Width of Door Opening
  4. Order Hardware and Tools
Bypass hardware comes in a variety of styles and finishes, enabling you to perfectly match the look and feel of your barn doors with your existing interior design and home decor. A bypass barn door provides all the value, style, and ease of use as any other sliding barn door setup, and once you install one, you might decide to order a few more for other areas of the house.

What is Double Bypass Barn Door Hardware?

Double bypass barn door hardware is made specifically to fit a double barn door setup and allow the doors to bypass each other. Instead of double doors that meet in the middle when closed and slide to either side of the doorway when open, a bypass system allows the doors to nest, one behind each other, when either door is open. Because of the unique way a double bypass barn door system works, you don’t need the extra space on either side of the doorway to slide the doors open.

If you don’t have room for standard double barn doors but still want a double barn door, then double bypass barn door hardware is the perfect solution. A double bypass barn door hardware kit comes with everything you need to install your double barn doors, including the track, wheels, brackets, and hangers. You can also purchase a floor guide and handle at the same time to make sure the colors and styles match.

Just like regular barn door hardware, double bypass barn door hardware can be customized to reflect your individual style and interior design preferences. When checking out, simply choose your preferred wheel design and metal finish with options ranging from oil rubbed bronze and brushed stainless steel to matte black, faded red, and aqua.

Where to Put Double Bypass Barn Door Hardware?

Double bypass barn door hardware is an ideal fit for a bypassing barn door system wherever you want to install sliding barn doors, but space on either side of the opening is limited. These areas might include places like:
  • Closets
  • Pantries
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Storage Areas
  • Dining Areas
Many closet barn doors are set up with a double bypass barn door track set up to provide the look of a regular double barn door while conserving space. Sliding closet doors are ideal for master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and playrooms that are limited on space. You might find this addition especially helpful for apartments and manufactured home setups, as well.

In addition to barn doors for closets, bypass barn door hardware is ideal for kitchen spaces, such as a pantry sliding barn door. Pantries often have less room on either side of the opening, making a bifold door or a bypass barn door ideal for the space.

Laundry rooms, storage nooks, and storage space in a dining area are also places where a door hardware kit with a bypass system is useful. These areas often have limited wall space, and may not allow for a standard sliding barn door when switching out a standard interior door for something more fashionable. Instead, a bypass barn door hardware kit can be utilized to fit a hallway closet door, storage space in a playroom, or a China pantry in the dining room.

With the right barn door hardware kit, your sliding door will fit your space perfectly and provide you with a fashionable and functional way to access storage spaces in your home.

How to Measure for Double Bypass Barn Door Hardware

Before ordering a double bypass barn door hardware system, you’ll need to take precise measurements in order to ensure the track is long enough to cover the door opening.

1. Gather Tools

First, you’ll need to gather the tools you’ll need. Measuring is both the easiest and most important part of any sliding barn bypass door installation project. It’s easy because measuring is a straightforward process that requires few tools to get the job done. It’s the most important, however, because the measurements you gather are the same ones you’ll submit when purchasing the hardware and track to hold your barn door. Measure incorrectly, and you’ll get a track that’s too long for your wall space or too short for your barn door.

No matter whether you plan to install an exterior door, bifold doors, a sliding glass door, a standard double door, a sliding patio door, or bypass doors, the measurement process is essentially the same and just as crucial.

Make sure you have the proper tools on hand to start, including a pencil, tape measure, and pad of paper. If you don’t happen to have a tape measure, go out and buy one first. This measurement process is best when using a tape measure. For accuracy’s sake, don’t use a yardstick or ruler in place of a tape measure. It’s far easier to make a mistake when measuring with these implements, especially if you haven’t completed a project like this before.

2. Grab a Buddy

Though the installation process is certainly a two-person job, you might not think about grabbing a friend before you’re ready to hang your new doors. However, having a partner to help measure the door opening and wall space will help ensure that your new folding door, double wood doors, specialty doors, or sliding closet door will fit properly once you order the hardware. Two sets of eyes are always better than one when it comes to getting measurements correct. And, since measuring is such an important part of the process, it’s better to ask for help than go solo and risk getting it wrong.

3. Measure Width of Door Opening

To ensure you purchase the right size hardware for your door and track, you’ll need to measure the width of the door opening. To do so, take a measuring tape and measure from one side of the door to the other. Add a few inches to one side of the door to provide you with some wiggle room. This space is where the door panel will sit when closed, and it will cover the door frame opening.

The size door you order depends on these measurements, as well, so if you’ve already measured for the door, you’ll probably already know the width of the opening.

4. Order Hardware and Tools

Now comes the fun part. Once you’ve got your measurements recorded and you’ve double-checked them, it’s time to order your barn door hardware kit and any tools you might need to make installation a breeze. While your hardware kit will come with all the pieces needed for installation, be sure to have a basic tool kit on hand, in addition to a helper to lighten the workload.

When you order double bypass barn door hardware through, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll be with you every step of the way. Every barn door kit comes with clear, detailed, step-by-step instructions to make installation a breeze. Instructions come with visual aids, so you know exactly what piece goes where, which bolt gets inserted into which slot, and how to install your barn door hardware kit so you can use the door as soon as you place it on the track.

The ordering process is simple, but you might want to take your time when comparing options and customizations. The tracks, wheels, and hanging assemblies are visible, so it’s important to choose door hardware that matches the barn doors themselves, in addition to the interior design in the room where it’s installed.

If your interior design features a more modern or contemporary look and feel, then consider wheel shapes that resemble the sleek lines of your interior. If the room features a rustic or shabby chic feel, choose a wood door that complements your design concepts.

The track finish can also go a long way in completing the look and feel of your home. Matte black can go with almost any interior design, whereas oil rubbed bronze pairs well with rustic, farmhouse, and cottage designs. Modern gold works well with shabby chic designs, and colors like faded red, glacier blue, and huntsman orange pair with artistic or themed rooms.

Get Ready to Install Double Bypass Barn Door Hardware

Double bypass barn door hardware is ideal when you want to install a barn door over an opening with limited wall space on either side. Spaces like closets, pantries, and storage areas especially benefit from using a double bypass barn door hardware kit. Thanks to customization options, you can match the hardware design and finish options to match the home decor and interior design concept in your home.

While measuring for a bypass system is incredibly important, it’s a simple and straightforward process, requiring only basic tools to get started. With a tape measure, pencil, and pad of paper on hand, you’ll determine the correct barn door hardware kit size to order, and it will perfectly fit your doorway and the double barn door panels you’ve purchased.

Once you’re ready with your measurements, peruse all that has to offer. There are plenty of styles to match your interior design, and our tracks come in a wide variety of finish options that enable you to customize your double bypass barn door hardware even further. Once you get started, you might just decide to order double bypass barn door hardware kits for every small opening in your home! From closets and pantries to storage areas, we have a double bypass barn door that matches your needs.
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