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9 Patio Doors to Transform Your Backyard Exterior

Tuesday June 14th, 2022
Transforming a backyard space takes more than just expert landscaping. In fact, even after the greenery, plants, or pool are just the way you want them, it might feel like something is missing. If this sounds like your situation, consider installing a new patio door to significantly upgrade the look and feel of your backyard space.

Top 9 Patio Doors

  1. Provence Exterior Double Door
  2. Farmhouse French Half Exterior Double Door
  3. Exterior Grove Double Dutch Doors
  4. Exterior Country Double Dutch Doors
  5. Modern Cottage Exterior Double Door
  6. Rustic Ranch Exterior Pivot Door
  7. Chateaux Commons Exterior Pivot Door
  8. Presidential Exterior Double Door
  9. Anchor Exterior Double Door
Patio doors are often the last thing homeowners consider when remodeling or upgrading their backyard space, but it’s one of the most impactful changes you can make. As soon as you exchange a standard installed sliding door with a pair of high-end doors for your patio entry, you’ll find that you instantly transform the space with a more sophisticated look and feel.

What Type of Door is Best for a Patio?

Installing a new patio door is an exciting process that gives you the opportunity to put your creative design abilities to the test. This is a chance for you to transform your space so that it reflects the unique look and feel you want to create.
Patio doors that come installed in new and older build homes are typically standard glass sliding patio doors. While there is nothing inherently wrong with these doors, they’re often lacking in the design arena. Patio doors are rarely chosen for their design, and instead are simply slabs of glass that get installed to provide the necessary function.

When you decide to install new patio doors, you have the option to significantly upgrade this space by choosing options like French patio doors, modern patio doors, and patio glass doors with a unique look and style that complements the rest of your home design.

The best type of exterior patio doors largely depends on the opening you have to work with. If your patio entrance is wide enough for a single door, then you’ll likely want to upgrade it with a single panel French door. Double door spaces provide you with a more creative space because you can install any double entry doors, including patio French doors or a single pivot door crafted to the specifications of your opening.

9 Patio Doors to Transform Your Backyard Exterior

If you’re looking to make a statement with your patio door, consider one of these nine exterior doors by Rustica.

1. Provence Exterior Double Doors

When looking for an artisan patio door to replace a standard installed sliding patio door, it’s important to consider what elements you want to keep. Most homeowners want to retain the look and style of the glass so they can look out to the world and enjoy the view of their backyard. Whether your backyard features fenced-in grass, a luxurious swimming pool, or even a valley vista, keeping your view is a must.

The Provence Exterior Double Doors provides the best of all worlds with a classic, updated look that fits well within a modern home design. Switch out your sliding door with these double patio doors that feature a wood surround, metal framing, and eight glass panels on each door. If you’re working with a builder for a new construction home, specify your preference early on so they’ll know you want to ditch the builder-grade sliding doors for something more high-end.

The entire door is completely customizable, enabling you to choose the glass style, metal finish, and metal type. You can even choose the boring placement for the exterior door knob.

2. Farmhouse French Half Exterior Double Door

French doors are some of the most versatile and stunning doors if you want to allow natural light to flow into your home. The Farmhouse French Half Exterior Double Door  features alder wood on the lower third and glass on the upper part of each door, with metal framing that sets each pane apart. With nine distinct glass panes on each door, there is plenty of window space for natural light to flow through.

Homes that boast a classic farmhouse, rustic, or even cottage interior design will love the look of this stunning artisan door. This is a popular wood and glass entry door that can be used in the front of your home for a double door entryway or as a replacement for sliding patio doors in the back of your home.

3. Exterior Grove Double Dutch Doors

Do you love the look of Dutch doors, but want patio doors that feature picture windows instead? The  Exterior Grove Double Dutch Doors might be just what you’re looking for. Both doors feature metal framing that encases eight large panels of glass. Apart from the framework, the rest of the door is entirely made of glass, giving you a picture-perfect view of your backyard.

If natural light and the view from inside your home are your main priorities, this double door set will be ideal. Customize the type of metal and finish to reflect your interior and exterior design concepts. Choose clear glass for the best view, or customize the glass panes and tailor how much light gets through, depending on your desired level of privacy.

4. Exterior Country Double Dutch Doors

For those looking for something a bit more modern with a slight country flair, the Exterior Country Double Dutch Doors are ideal. The top half of each door opens Dutch-style, and features four glass panes framed in wood. The bottom half of each door is solid wood that can be customized with the wood species, finish, or paint color of your choosing. You can also customize the door hardware to match or contrast with the finish or paint color for a complete look and feel that is unique to your home.

The Dutch-style door provides smooth operation similar to sliding glass patio doors, with the bonus of safety. Open the top halves when you want to allow light and air into your home while keeping pets and children inside. This stunning high-end door will blend in with almost any interior design style, making it an easy choice when you’re ready to replace the builder door installed in your home.

5. Modern Cottage Exterior Double Doors

If you’re looking for a new patio door that combines style with durability and performance, you’ll love this the Modern Cottage Exterior Double Doors’ glass and metal double door setup. Each door features four large glass panels with metal framing for a modern, updated, and stylistic door for your patio space. This door looks particularly stunning in homes that feature a modern, artistic, or minimal interior design.

Customize the metal and glass finish to reflect your individual style and the amount of privacy you require. If you want the look of new windows and privacy isn’t a concern, choose clear glass. If you’d like some privacy, then consider choosing a glass finish like frosted or deep freeze. You can also choose energy efficient glass so you can enjoy a clear view while reducing how much your home heats up due to the morning or afternoon sun.

6. Rustic Ranch Exterior Pivot Door

If you have a single-door entryway or an entryway that is larger than single doors but too small for a double-door setup, you might consider pivot doors. The Rustic Ranch Exterior Pivot Door will provide a unique focal point for everyone in your home. It makes for an attractive opening that is especially stunning during indoor/outdoor parties and social gatherings.

Though it has a high-end appearance, the door is just as low maintenance as other doors from Rustica, and with basic regular cleaning, you’ll enjoy this door for many years to come. Customize the appearance by choosing the frame material and tailoring the look with an array of stains and finishes for the wood framing. A wide array of finishes for the glass panels are also available, allowing you to customize the door depending on your desired level of privacy. Should energy efficiency be your priority, energy efficient glass is also available.

7. Chateaux Commons Exterior Pivot Door

The Chateaux Commons Exterior Pivot Door is another unique option for a new patio door. Made of metal and glass, the framing creates a distinct and elegant diamond pattern on the face of the glass for a truly stunning pivot door. This door goes well with shabby chic, cottage, Mediterranean, and vintage interior design concepts.

Customize the metal finish to match the color scheme on the interior of your home, and change the glass finish to accommodate your privacy needs. For energy efficient homes, choose a Low-E glass when customizing your door so you can enjoy the sunshine while keeping your energy bills low.

8. Presidential Exterior Double Door

The Presidential Exterior Double Door is a glass entry door that features to wide windows framed in solid steel, featuring the look of French doors while offering the durability of exterior patio doors and an updated style of modern door hardware.

This glass door setup would complement a variety of interior and exterior home styles, including modern, contemporary, farmhouse, transitional, industrial, and Mediterranean. Customize the frame material and metal finish to match the design of your home. Choose glass customizations that provide you with increased styling, privacy, and energy efficient glass.

9. Anchor Exterior Double Door

If you’re looking for modern patio doors, look no further than the Anchor Exterior Double Door—it’s the perfect option for homes that feature an artistic flair. This door features a geometric design crafted with fully customizable metal and glass. Choose the frame material and pick from steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, depending on your needs. The glass finish can also be customized to suit your desired level of privacy or energy-efficient preferences.

Install this door in place of your sliding patio door for a unique, updated, and modern look that will instantly boost the feel of your patio and backyard space.

Artisan Patio Doors to Fit Any Style Home

Whether you want to upgrade your backyard space with a simple change that provides substantial design appeal, or upgrade from the builder-grade doors on a new construction home instead, the your patio door options are truly endless.
The patio door that leads to your backyard and patio space shouldn’t be the last thing you consider when renovating or updating your home. Think of the patio door as a starting point to boost the luxurious look and feel of your interior and exterior spaces. Choose a door that complements the design concepts present in your home for a well thought out and perfectly designed patio space.  

If you’re unsure of the best door for your space, the Rustica design team is just a call or email away. We’re always happy to help you choose the best door for your needs, style, and preferences.
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