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5 Awesome Pantries with Sliding Barn Doors

Monday June 25th, 2018

Show the heart of the house some love

Sliding barn doors are on the most-wanted lists of homeowners everywhere. Their country charm and rustic-yet-chic style can successfully translate to the focal point of any room. So why just limit them to doorways?

There’s no rule book when it comes to sliding barn doors and these awesome pantry door ideas for your kitchen are here to prove it. The kitchen is called the heart of the home for a reason, and you can definitely show your home’s heart some love by infusing it with a little style by way of a sliding barn door for your pantry. 

Modest, Yet Modern

Sliding Kitchen Pantry Door

You don’t need to have an outlandishly large kitchen to install a barn door that adds more flavor to your kitchen than Grandma’s spice rack. In reality, even a modestly-sized kitchen with modern, stainless steel appliances can benefit by highlighting a small pantry with a contrasting, rugged, wooden sliding barn door. 

If you have exposed wooden ceiling beams, take advantage of their natural beauty by finding a sliding pantry barn door with the same or similar finish. Iron accents on the door add interest and can create an almost barrel-like look, giving the whole space some serious vintage charm bonus points.

Sleek and Sophisticated Kitchens

A white kitchen will always be a stylish choice. It’s classic and timeless, while still offering an air of sleek sophistication. Bright or soft whites make great use of natural light and creates an illusion of cleanliness and openness. 

A white kitchen doesn’t have to be completely bland and sterile, though. Pops of color from shelved knick knacks can add character, as can a sliding barn door for the pantry. A wood treatment with a misted white coating help the doors blend in while still standing out. It’s as if there’s a whole other room on the other side of those doors, but in reality, it’s just a walk-in pantry that blends with the monochromatic color scheme.

Form, Meet Fun & Function

Sliding kitchen Door with Chalkboard

Who says you can’t have form and function? Look for rich, dark barn wood doors that are either equipped with stylish and practical details — or make simple modifications yourself. 

Don’t feel like going the DIY route? We’ve got you covered with a sliding barn door with a black chalkboard embedded. Write down next week’s grocery list or this week’s dinner menu. Whatever you write, it’ll look good on that set of beautiful sliding pantry doors.

Woody Tones to Tie a Room Together

Nothing says coziness quite like a well-crafted full-paneled wood ceiling. It helps create a feeling of intimacy and warmth from the natural ambiance of the wood. If you love wood, but are afraid of clashing tones on floors, ceilings and fixtures, there are ways enhance the rustic decor of your kitchen with a fresh, modern touch such as adding barn door hardware

Don’t feel like you have to go too matchy-matchy with wood tones. Instead, look for common elements, like X-shaped patterns on a sliding pantry door and pair them with tables or counters that have a similar X-bar styling for consistent symmetry throughout the kitchen without being boring. 

Little Kitchen Details Lend Big Character

Sliding Kitchen Pantry in Hallway

Sliding barn doors are incredibly versatile. However, their functionality isn’t limited to just room entrances or as a way to section off your pantry. They even come in different sizes and shapes! 

If you love the look and utility of a sliding pantry door but don’t have the space, a miniature sliding door can work with existing kitchen cabinetry. It’s a clever way to add unique charm to your kitchen – not to mention easy access to items that you want to keep out of sight until it’s time to use them. Rest assured, a small project like this will be sure to get big compliments.

Whatever your kitchen motif – from classic charm to modern mystique – these barn door ideas for your pantry can raise the level of love in the heart of your home.

Thinking of installing a barn door for your kitchen pantry? Check out our easy how to guide for your next DIY project.


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