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What Are the Most Popular Pantry Door Styles?

Tuesday June 11th, 2024
While the pantry isn’t the focal point of the kitchen, it’s still a prominent and well-used space. As such, you want your pantry door to reflect your kitchen’s overall style while improving the overall function of the space. Here are some popular pantry door styles to consider: 

Popular Pantry Door Styles

  1. Sliding Pantry Door
  2. Glass Pantry Door
  3. Double Pantry Door
  4. Hidden Pantry Door
  5. Bifold Pantry Door
  6. Wood Pantry Door
  7. Metal Pantry Door
  8. Arched Pantry Door
  9. Narrow Pantry Door 
  10. Chalkboard Pantry Door
When designing a new pantry door for your kitchen, consider both the type and style. While these terms can overlap, the door type refers to its shape and function, and the style includes its design, color, texture, hardware, and accessories. Both factors affect your kitchen’s look and usability

In this blog post, we will explore a variety of pantry door ideas, including the different types of doors and how you can style them. That way you can start imagining what door works best for your kitchen pantry. 

What is a Pantry? 

Most modern kitchens have a walk-in area or large floor-to-ceiling cabinet space that is considered a pantry. Pantries are designed to store non-perishable food items, such as dried and canned goods. They can also be a place to store snacks, such as crackers and chips, as well as cooking oils, bread, and even fruit. A kitchen pantry can also be a space to store extra dishware and miscellaneous household items. They’re essentially a kitchen “closet” that provides extra storage space for food and common kitchen goods. 

Pantries have been in homes for hundreds of years, and were originally used to store bread and cheese. The name pantry is derived from the French word, “pain,” which means bread. Over the centuries, both the name and the purpose have stuck, and pantries are still considered a kitchen essential. 

What Are the Most Popular Pantry Door Styles?

Now that we’ve gone over what a pantry is and what it’s commonly used for, let’s dive into the most popular types of pantry doors.  

1. Sliding Pantry Door 

Sometimes pantries are located in high-traffic areas, such as a corner or hallway next to the kitchen. In tight spaces such as these, a sliding pantry door is beneficial because it opens the space up and doesn’t disrupt household traffic. 

Another benefit of a sliding pantry door is how stylish and unique it is. For example, a sliding barn door adds rustic charm to the space. Barn doors slide along a track installed above the door opening. Due to the hardware system, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough space on the wall to accommodate both the barn door track and door when it is open.

Barn doors can vary dramatically in style. For instance, you can design a sleek and sophisticated black barn door with stainless steel hardware for your modern kitchen, or you can create a traditional craftsman-style wood barn door for your rustic farmhouse-style kitchen. No matter how modern or traditional your kitchen space is, you can custom design a barn door to match your unique aesthetic. 

A sliding pantry door can also be a pocket door, which slides into the wall when open. Pocket doors are great if you want a discreet door that easily tucks away. You'll need to install a pocket door hardware system within the wall if there isn't one already. 

2. Glass Pantry Door 

A glass pantry door is a popular, stylish option for your pantry. The benefit of glass pantry doors is that the glass allows you to quickly see what’s inside the pantry. This is helpful when you want to do check inventory or show off your impeccable organizational skills. 

Glass doors have their own unique style. They offer a classy, elegant, and sophisticated feel, yet they can also blend in well with modern farmhouse or rustic designs.

If you want a glass pantry door, but don’t want to showcase what’s inside the pantry, consider designing a custom pantry door with obscured glass. For example, a frosted glass pantry door still offers the stylish glass look, but the frosted glass provides privacy by obscuring the view inside the pantry. 

If you don't want obscured glass but still want occasional privacy (we all have messy pantries sometimes), you can decorate your pantry doors with stylish curtains. For instance, white linen curtains would be perfect for a modern farmhouse or minimalist kitchen.

3. Double Pantry Door 

Double doors aren’t just for grand entryways—they can be the ideal fit for a variety of spaces. For pantries with wide openings, double doors are the perfect solution. A double pantry door can be two traditional hinged doors or double barn doors

If there’s plenty of open space around your pantry, hinged double doors may be fine. But for tight areas, you’ll probably want sliding barn doors or double bifold pantry doors. 

There are several ways to style double pantry doors, but they should reflect your overall kitchen style. Double doors are a statement piece, so you can choose to blend them in by matching them to the surrounding cabinetry or make them stand out by painting them a different color or adding extravagant hardware.

Imagine elegant French doors in your French-style kitchen. While bold, they create the perfect setting that inspires the feeling of sipping wine at a beautiful vineyard.

Whether you choose sliding or swinging doors, you'll have plenty of room to design them to your liking. Even if you don’t have a wide opening, you can add double pantry doors by customizing two narrow doors.

4. Hidden Pantry Door 

Some homeowners want their pantry to be discreet and blend in with its surroundings. With a custom design and the right hardware in place, you can camouflage your pantry door so that it appears like just any other cabinet. 

To achieve this, you'll need a pantry door with hidden hinges and hardware. These doors are completely flush with the wall or other cabinets, with no handles or hinges sticking out. 
To open the door, you can use a small, discreet slot just big enough for your fingers. Be sure to paint or finish the pantry door to perfectly match its surroundings.

Hidden pantry doors are perfect for minimalist or contemporary-style homes that prefer simplicity, clean lines, and sleek furnishings. 

5. Bifold Pantry Door 

If you’re limited on space and can’t accommodate a sliding barn door or pocket door, consider a bifold pantry door. 

A bifold barn door folds in on itself when opened, and rests to the side of the door opening. It operates on a hinge in the middle that allows the door to close smoothly in on itself. The door is attached to a track for an effortless door pull. 

Bifolding pantry doors are highly functional, and are available in several design styles, including wood, mirror, glass, and metal barn doors. No matter whether you choose a single or double bifold pantry door, you'll save space and boost your kitchen's style.

6. Wood Pantry Door 

While we’ve talked about different door types for your pantry, such as barn doors or double doors, we haven’t discussed door material as much. The type of material you choose for your pantry door is important, as you want to match or complement the rest of your kitchen furnishings. 

A wood pantry door is perfect for kitchens with lots of wood features like cabinets, bar stools, floors, or open wood-beam ceilings. To achieve a seamless design, match the wood finish or paint color of the door to the rest of the wooden elements.

7. Metal Pantry Door 

For urban-style kitchens with a contemporary flare, consider a metal pantry door. Metal pantry doors offer a sleek and modern design that will complement the rest of the space. That said, metal is also ideal for vintage doors, making this material versatile for many home styles. 

Metal pantry doors vary in style and design. Some have prominent glass features, while others all metal with a customized finish. Metal pantry doors can be sliding barn doors, bifold doors, pocket doors, or traditional swinging doors. 

Metal doors are available in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. When designing a custom metal pantry door with Rustica, you can select your preferred metal finish color so that your door fits in beautifully with the rest of your kitchen design. 

8. Arched Pantry Door 

If you want a kitchen pantry door reminiscent of Tuscany or old-world architecture, consider an arched pantry door. Arched doors are wonderfully unique, and add depth and character to a kitchen space. And considering the historic origins of the pantry, an arched door honors its heritage. Even in a modern home, you can custom design an arched door to perfectly match your space.

Wooden arched doors are perfect for Tuscan villa-style kitchens, while metal arched pantry doors are great for a modern farmhouse style kitchen. 

9. Narrow Pantry Door 

Some pantries are narrow and small. For these spaces, finding a door size that isn’t too wide for the pantry can be difficult. 

If you have an unusually narrow pantry, you can custom-design a pantry door with Rustica. Our customization options let you input the exact dimensions needed for your space. And when you custom design a narrow pantry door with Rustica, you'll get a door that perfectly fits your space and style. The best part? All of our custom sized doors are handcrafted in the USA by our skilled craftsmen.

10. Chalkboard Pantry Door 

If you love multi-functional furnishing, consider a chalkboard door for your kitchen pantry door. 

A chalkboard pantry door is a great idea if you have kids or love to-do lists and bullet planners. Chalkboard pantry doors are a wonderful way to give your kids something to do while you make dinner. Plus, they provide an extra space for you to jot down ideas, grocery lists, and reminders. 

A chalkboard pantry door gives you a functional door and a large chalkboard for you and your family. Since pantries are used daily, it's the perfect place to jot down reminders, family chores, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Rustica Pantry Doors

Below, you'll find various Rustica doors that showcase the styles mentioned above. This will help you see what each door type looks like and explore different styles for your kitchen.

1. Contemporary Z Barn Door 

The Contemporary Z Barn Door is a perfect example of a pantry sliding barn door. Featuring a classic Z pattern, this door would fit beautifully in rustic or modern farmhouse style kitchens.

Its subtle design allows it to blend seamlessly with a wide range of styles. With the right paint color, it can transform to fit your vision. Our extensive customization options let you choose your door dimensions, wood finish color, barn door hardware, and more!

2. Cropland Interior Door 

If you want an elegant and modern glass pantry door, consider the Cropland Interior Door. This door features a large glass window with a square metal grille pattern and frame. 

The Cropland Interior Door is a mix between a traditional French door and a modern glass door design. The simple square pattern and metal frame add clean lines and refreshing simplicity, perfect for a minimalist style kitchen. 

For additional privacy, consider an obscured glass option for the glass style. Rustica offers a variety of glass styles, including frosted, vintage, deep freeze, fluted, and more. 

3. Farmhouse French Full Glass Interior Double Door 

Are you looking for prominent and bold double pantry doors to be the staple design of your kitchen? If so, check out the Farmhouse French Full Glass Interior Double Door

These beautiful wooden doors will add warmth and charm to your kitchen. As the name implies, they each have a large window divided by a square metal grille pattern. The glass is framed by solid wood, making these doors perfect for modern farmhouse or French countryside style kitchens. 

Customize these double pantry doors to make them your very own—choose your preferred wood species, door dimension, metal finish, glass style, and more. 

4. Modern Slab Single Pocket Door 

Subtle and unassuming, the Modern Slab Single Pocket Door is a great example of a hidden pantry door. As a pocket door, this door slides into the wall, completely hidden from view in the open position. 

When closed, you’ll be able to admire this smooth, solid wood door. Its simple design gives it a classy, discreet look. As such, it will easily blend in with its surroundings—just make sure it matches the cabinetry so it doesn’t stick out! 

Add the finishing touches, such as the wood species, finish color, and hardware design to make it unique to your space. 

5. Beacon Single Bifold Barn Door 

Bifold barn doors are the perfect solution for pantries that can’t accommodate barn doors, pocket doors, or even swinging doors. Check out the Beacon Single Bifold Barn Door to get an idea of how these doors look and function. 

This door is perfect for modern and urban dwellings. This metal door features a large glass section near the bottom of the door. The glass has an elegant diamond metal grille pattern. The location of the glass section makes this door unique, as most door glass windows are near the top of the door. 

Add the finishing touches, such as metal finish and glass style, with Rustica’s customization options to make this door even more unique to your kitchen design.

6. Triple X Interior Door 

Wood doors have a natural and rustic appeal, making them an ideal door type for most home styles. The rustic charm of the door varies from style to style, with some offering a more rustic style than others. Check out the Triple X Interior Door if you want a truly rustic door for your ranch or farmhouse-style kitchen pantry. 

The Triple X Interior Door is a solid wood door with three divided sections. Within each recessed section is a noticeable X, which is a nod to the X found on most traditional barn doors. 

Customize the wood by choosing your preferred wood species and finish color. Finalize the details by adding hardware with the metal finish of your choice. 

7. Drift Interior Door 

The Drift Interior Door is a hinged metal pantry door with a design inspired by the sharp angles of ocean liners. This door has a wide slanted glass panel angling from the top right corner down to the left. 

This door’s window sits just above the door handle, and is surrounded by a clean metal sheet. As a unique and modern door design, this pantry door is perfect for contemporary kitchens with a sleek and industrial flare. 

Because of our variety of customization options, you can make this door as creative as your tastes. Choose between steel, aluminum, or stainless steel for the metal type, and customize the metal finish to match your kitchen’s style. 

8. Tuscan Interior Door 

The Tuscan Interior Door is a lovely example of how elegant and tasteful an arched pantry door can be. It features an arched top frame inspired by Mediterranean architecture. 

It’s a solid wood door with several raised wooden panels set within a distinct polished frame. Separating the two paneled sections is a horizontal rail that divides the door just below the handle. 

Because of its rustic and graceful appearance, the Tuscan Interior Door would blend in well with Italian, bohemian, modern farmhouse, English country, traditional, and transitional kitchen design styles. 

9. Noble Barn Door 

If you need a narrow pantry door, but also want something sleek and interesting, consider the Noble Barn Door. This door blends contemporary with rustic, creating a design that will make you pause and admire what you see. 

The Noble Barn Door is a glass sliding door featuring three stacked metal Xs. The Xs are large and fill the door to its edge. They are made with thin metal grilles, making them sleek and elegant. 

This door style is perfect for modern homes that have a subtle, rustic flare. Customize this door’s dimensions to make it the door size you need!

10. Chalkboard Barn Door 

The Chalkboard Barn Door is designed with your creativity and kiddos in mind! As the name implies, this door features a large chalkboard framed on all sides by solid wood. 

The best part? The chalkboard is divided in the center by a wooden rail, so you have two chalkboards to play with and use. If you have little ones, the bottom can be dedicated to them, while the top can be for you! It’s the perfect combination, and is a great way to keep lists organized and stretch your creative muscle. 

Find Your Perfect Pantry Door Today! 

Are you inspired by these amazing pantry door ideas? We hope so! If you are, head over to our main page and start exploring pantry door designs today!

There are so many different pantry doors available, both in style and function. Whether you need a sliding barn door with a modern aesthetic or a narrow pantry door with a rustic design, Rustica has what you need! 

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