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Interior Metal Doors

Provide a stylish entrance to any room or closet space with an interior metal door. Full of sophistication and elegance metal french doors are great for brightening up the home and can be customized by finish and glass style to maintain the level of privacy you desire. Add a timeless focal point to your interior design when you install a Rustica metal door.
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11 Ways to Use a Metal Door in Your Home

When home decorators, homeowners, and flippers want a small change that brings massive results, they look to two things—paint and doors. Even though it might seem like a small change, swapping out the old doors you have for updated, stylish ones can give your home a whole new look. If you're looking to make a change in your home, consider adding a metal door in the following rooms:

11 Ways to Use a Metal Door in Your Home

  • Master Bedroom
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Wine Cellar
  • Dining Room
  • Enclosed Deck or Patio
  • Sun Room
  • Entertainment Room
  • Kitchen
  • Office or Study
  • Nursery
  • Library
Any room in the house is capable of a complete transformation with just a few changes. Treat your home to a new look, a unique style, and an upgraded feel no matter which room you install a metal door in.

1. Master Bedroom

Though metal doors may not work for every master bedroom, if your room leads out to a balcony, an interior metal door or storm door is the perfect upgrade.

Picture an upgraded metal and glass door, such as a French door, that opens directly out onto your balcony. Pull back your light-filtering curtains and push open the doors for fresh air and sunlight. Paint the inside metal to match your wall color and use an exterior paint to prevent rust and complement the outside of your home. There is no limit to design options when you swap out your old wood doors for metal doors in your master bedroom.

2. Guest Bedroom

Does your guest bedroom have an outside entryway with a deadbolt lock or a separate porch all of its own? If so, consider adding single or double metal doors as a private entrance to the space.

Treat the outside with paint that stops rust and the inside to match your décor. With some sandpaper, a little painter's tape, and a paintbrush, you'll complete the stunning new addition to your guestroom in no time.

Create an environment that leaves guests feeling like they walked into a resort when they open the newly installed French door or lean against the metal door frame while sipping a freshly brewed cup of French press in the morning.

3. Wine Cellar

There are few things more indulgent, extravagant, or luxurious than a wine cellar in your home. But what is a wine cellar without a one of a kind wine room door to match?

Hollow metal doors are the perfect accompaniment for a wine room. Have a large tasting area that adjoins your wine cellar? Choose double metal doors with texture and colors to match the look and feel of your home. Don’t forget to customize your door hardware, as well. Whether your home boasts a shabby chic rustic vibe or an old-world feel, the right metal door can complete the look you've created for your wine cellar.

4. Dining Room

Dining rooms often boast a sense of luxury and style best enjoyed when in the company of family and friends.

Whether you're gathering together for the holidays or hosting a night of charcuterie and wine among friends, install metal doors that contribute to the look, feel, and mood you're going for. For those with large dining rooms, consider double French doors for an exquisite entryway for your group gatherings.

Consider adding a metal door if you have an entryway that connects the kitchen to the dining room. Whereas a traditional wood door might lack the look and feel of a light, airy, modern dining room, a metal door will match perfectly. Hollow metal doors are often easier and lighter for DIY installation and operation, making it especially useful if navigating back and forth from the kitchen.

5. Enclosed Deck or Patio

Decks and patios are perfect areas to replace your old wooden door with a metal door. Metal doors that have glass elements are ideal for these often sunny areas of your home. Allow the sun in and view the outdoors while still keeping your deck or patio enclosed and safe from the elements. Sliding metal barn doors are excellent for entryways from the house to the deck, whereas standard steel and glass doors make a perfect fit for the exterior doors for your deck or patio.

6. Sun Room

Sunrooms are known for their bright, airy, modern look and feel. Filled with clean lines, crisp angles, and the ability to let as much sunlight in as possible, these rooms were made for metal doors. A modern door is ideal for providing entrance into sun-filled rooms where you spend the day relaxing, enjoying a cup of coffee, reading a book, or chatting with friends. If your sunroom leads to an outdoor patio or deck, install an exterior metal door for this entryway to complete your perfect look and feel.

7. Entertainment Room

Want to take your entertainment room up a notch? Install a sliding metal door to cover your entertainment equipment, TV, and sound system.

Give your space the look and feel of a real home theater when you draw back your metal barn doors to reveal the extra-large screen you installed just for home movie parties with friends and family. Hide unsightly items like chords, your prized DVD collection, CDs, or other paraphernalia you feel detracts from the room's look and feel with a sliding metal door. Personalize this unique room to the exact look and feel of your home with an all-metal door, a metal and glass door, or a sheet metal door with matching hardware that draws on modern designs. Go wild and make this room the crowning glory of your house.

8. Kitchen

Think you don't need a metal door in your kitchen? Think again! If you have multiple entryways to your kitchen, chances are you'd like to close one off. Entries that adjoin the dining room or living room don't need to be open to the kitchen all the time. These areas are perfect for installing a metal and glass door.

Why metal and glass? This type of door will provide a sound barrier from one room to the next and will let you see from one room to the next. Keep an eye on your kids while you make dinner in quiet solitude after your long day at work. Check on friends chatting while you refill their wine classes and get dessert.

By installing a metal and glass door, you provide yourself a sound barrier along with the ability to maintain visual contact with anyone in the next room.

9. Office or Study

A home office or study should be a silent sanctuary that provides optimal conditions for at-home work or intellectual pursuits. Now that more people than ever are working from home, the importance of a personal office has increased in rank right along with the need for a fully functioning internet connection. But what if you're the type that has kids at home too? Is it possible to manage some peace and quiet while also keeping an eye on the kiddos? It sure is!

With a glass and metal door, you can obtain peace of mind. Install a diamond-patterned door that gives you style while providing enough area to see straight through into the next room over. Keep an eye on the kids and make sure they play nice or do their homework, all while getting your work done for corporate, holding a meeting with shareholders, or answering your boss's questions.

Your job is no match for the perfect door when you need to stay home, work, and watch the kids all at the same time.

10. Nursery

The room that your little one sleeps in, nurses in, rests in, and plays in should be as close to a sanctuary as possible. Make this room a little haven in the middle of your home where duties call, and life demands an answer. Sliding metal doors form the perfect accompaniment to a quiet, plush room where you need to hide a multitude of supplies, from extra clothes to diapers and everything in between.

Install a metal door on the closet and hide the jumbled tub of sleepers, t-shirts, and baby toys. Hide the second closet you use for household storage behind another metal door for a unified, cohesive design.

11. Library

For those lucky enough to have a library, it would only be right to add a sliding metal barn door or a luxurious interior metal door to create an entryway extraordinaire. Libraries deserve an entry that wows homeowners and guests alike, and what better than a metal door?

Choose an elegant diamond-pane style to frame a room marked by antique book collections and cherished volumes. Install a square-pane option to accompany a library with a modern flare. No matter what style metal door you choose, you should be able to match the look and feel of your library and your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Doors

What's inside a metal door?

Most standard steel doors aren't solid metal. They're often made of two metal plates that sandwich a fiberglass or foam insulation core. These doors are often referred to as a "hollow" metal door instead of a solid door, which is, indeed, solid steel.

Are metal doors hollow?

Even though some metal doors are called "hollow," hollow metal doors aren't filled with air inside. They are filled with a honeycomb, polystyrene, or other type of fire-retardant material. The term "hollow" is used as a distinction between "solid" steel doors made entirely of metal.

Can you paint a metal door?

Yes, you can! Clean it, sand it, prime it, then paint. You might need several coats depending on the color and desired vibrancy.

Are metal door frames structural?

Steel door frames are structurally sound and offer stronger durability than wood door frames. Metal door frames are a popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike.

Are metal doors fire rated?

When determining a door's fire rating, it's important to look for the sticker that specifies the rating received. Metal doors can be rated to withstand a fire anywhere from twenty minutes to three hours. Always check with your door's manufacturer or look for the door's rating before you buy it.

Upgrade Your Home Instantly

Whether you're looking for a quick but lasting upgrade or remodeling your entire home and need to install new doors, you can't go wrong by choosing a metal door.

From providing peace and quiet in the kitchen to elegant entryways for your guestroom or library, metal doors will perfectly complement the aesthetic, architecture, and décor you've chosen for your home. Choose this simple but effective upgrade to achieve the look and feel of luxury you desire.
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