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Sliding barn doors aren’t just a thing of beauty to admire. And they’re definitely not just for barns. Sliding barn doors can not only liven up any home décor, but they can also save you tons of walki ...
Inspiring a Workplace with Soulful Ideas
Wednesday January 9th, 2019
Back in industrial times, a workday consisted of anything but sitting down. It involved hours of being on your feet and using a little elbow grease to get the job done. Then the introduction of the co ...
 If you’ve seen one office space, chances are, you’ve seen all office spaces. Physically? Of course not. But visually? Atmospherically? Definitely. It’s safe to say there’s not a lot of variety i ...
A door that works as hard as you doWhen it comes to your home office door, there are two things everyone wants: First, a door that can offer you the solitude you need to get work done and second, a do ...
Barn Door Ideas for Your Kitchen
Saturday August 18th, 2018
Open up the heart of your homeThe kitchen: It’s the room where families flock together to share stories of their days, indulge in game nights, host holiday get togethers, and (of course) eat.It’s amaz ...
Bathroom Floating Shelf Ideas
Monday June 25th, 2018
Floating shelves are like design magic. Not only do they work as a practical platform to showcase useful or decorative objects — but they help maintain organization and look good in the process! Wheth ...
Just because the bathroom is perhaps the most understated space in a home doesn’t mean that it always has to remain forgotten. There are several well-known ways to upgrade a master bathroom or a guest ...
10 Ideas You “Wood” LikeReclaimed Wood & Your KitchenStory with soul and sole. That’s the beauty of reclaimed wood.It’s Salvaging history that is rich in character, distinctly unique and tying the ...
Number One & Number Two (Reasons)Bathrooms.It’s where you start the day.It’s where you finish the day.We go there to freshen up. Refresh. Decompress and take care of business.The average person po ...
8 Bedroom Design Ideas and Decor Tips
Thursday May 10th, 2018
You can’t really assign too much importance to the bedroom. After all, it’s where you are going to recharge after the long and stressful days life so often throws your way. That being said, it’s proba ...
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