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7 Benefits of a Door with a Window

Thursday May 9th, 2024
Doors with windows have so much to offer to the home. They offer a sense of comfort as they transfer light between rooms, and create a connection between two spaces. Plus, when you have a door with window in your home, you’ll receive these seven incredible benefits: 

7 Benefits of a Door with a Window

  1. Natural Light
  2. Visual Appeal 
  3. Increased Ventilation 
  4. Connection with the Outdoors
  5. Increased Home Value
  6. Customization Options
  7. Makes Space Appear Bigger 
Having a door with window is an absolute game-changer for your space. It will take your interior and exterior house design to the next level, all with a little natural light and aesthetic appeal. 

We often associate door windows with exterior doors—like a front or patio door—but interior doors can also have windows. An interior door with a window offers just as many benefits as one on an exterior door.

7 Benefits of a Door with a Window 

Doors with windows aren't just about looks; they bring functional advantages too. Let's explore seven key benefits they offer to any home.

1. Natural Light 

Natural light brings a room to life and adds a vibrant touch to the space. Rooms without windows can feel cave-like, and while that might be cozy in its own way, we often prefer rooms that are brightened by sunlight.

Sunbeams streaming into a room through a door window provide feelings of comfort and tranquility. In this way, a glass front door will make your entry room naturally bright and welcoming. 
Interior doors with windows offer this same benefit, as the natural light from the windows can easily transfer from room to room. As such, soft, natural light can illuminate the entire space while maintaining two distinct areas. 

In a more practical sense, door windows can help you cut costs on electricity bills as you won’t need as many lights on during the day. 

2. Visual Appeal 

There is an undeniable charm to a door with a window. The simple touch of windows adds character and depth to the door, adding visual appeal to the entire entry. 

This visual appeal enhances both the interior and exterior design of the home. It allows homeowners to express their artistic style and improves the look of the room where the door with the window is located. You can further customize the door with different types of glass, such as decorative glass. 

Decorative glass options allow you to create the perfect window that goes beyond traditional clear glass. With decorative or textured glass, you can add even more character and style to a door, as the obscured or colored glass offers a visual appeal of its own. 

Visual appeal is important in a home because it’s what truly gives you that “at home” feeling. When the interior design perfectly matches the aesthetic preferences of the homeowner, each room offers inspiration and comfort. As such, a door with window can be the final touch that brings a room together and makes it feel complete. 

3. Increased Ventilation 

With some doors with windows, the window is operable, meaning you can open and close the window. Doors with operable windows have the added benefit of increased ventilation. Fresh air can help a room feel more open and comfortable to be in. 

With Dutch doors, you can have increased ventilation even if the door window doesn’t open. This is because Dutch doors are divided into two halves that can operate independently from each other. 

An exterior Dutch door with window allows you to welcome fresh air from the outside by opening the top section. Then, when you close the top section, you still feel connected to the outdoors through then door window. 

4. Connection with the Outdoors 

As mentioned, most people enjoy filling their spaces with natural light through windows and glass doors. This is because the glass in the doors helps us feel connected to the outdoors, rather than completely cut off from what's happening outside the home.

We naturally gravitate towards the outdoors, cherishing the soothing warmth of spring sunshine and the revitalizing feel of fresh air. We want our homes to capture these elements of nature, and glass doors are a perfect way to welcome them inside.

Nature offers immense beauty. Even if you live in a city, there are still trees, blue skies, and gardens to enjoy. You can feel connected to this beauty with an exterior door with a window. 

5. Increased Home Value 

There are a few ways that a door window can increase your home value. For instance, a front door with a window is charming, sophisticated, and boosts curb appeal. Coupled with transom windows, you can create a stunning entry door that is visually appealing and welcoming. 

Luxurious glass patio doors, such as French doors, will also increase your home value. French doors are highly valued for their elegant appearance and traditional style. They create a stunning entrance to a porch or balcony, or even as interior doors for an office or art studio. 

Because interior doors with windows aren’t as common, your home value will increase if you add this unique feature to a room. For example, an interior barn door with paneled windows adds a modern farmhouse touch to the space, and is a great way to create artistic separation between two rooms.

Lastly, glass sliding doors for a back porch are also sought after in the home market. These full glass doors significantly brighten the space and are ideal for connecting the room to the great outdoors. 

6. Customization Options 

When you select a door with a window from Rustica, you can customize the details to make it uniquely yours. Whether you want a custom wood or metal door with a window, Rustica offers a variety of options.

Once you settle on a design you love, you can pick the material. If you opt for wood, you'll select your favorite wood species. If you prefer metal, you can choose from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.

From there, you’ll choose your preferred glass style. We offer traditional clear, as well as a variety of decorative glass options, like frosted, tint, or vintage. 

7. Makes Space Appear Bigger 

Adding glass features, like mirrors and windows, to a room can make it appear larger, thanks to the natural light they bring in. This might be because they allow you to see into other rooms or the outdoors, but it’s clear that windows in doors help spaces feel more open.

Just think about your experience in a naturally well-lit room compared to a room with no windows. The room with no windows felt small and cramped, right? Even if the room without windows is legitimately larger than the one with natural light, it still feels less open. 

In this way, adding a door with a window can benefit a small entry room, bedroom, or bathroom by making the space feel larger and more open. 

Rustica Doors with a Window 

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of having a door with a window, let’s take a look at some of Rustica’s doors made with durability and workmanship in mind. Each of these doors has a prominent window feature, and we’ve included a variety of styles so you can find the perfect door for your space and needs. 

Barn Doors 

2 Panel Craftsman Barn Door

This interior sliding barn door features a classic craftsman design: two vertical recessed panels framed by stiles and rails on the bottom of the door. The top section features two small windows divided by an intermediate vertical stile. 

The 2 Panel Craftsman Barn Door is simple, yet classy, and is perfect for modern farmhouse, cottagecore, traditional, craftsman, or colonial style homes.

Grandeur Barn Door 

The Grandeur Barn Door is an interior door that is a mix between a French door and a colonial-style door. It features a prominent eight-lite window that fills the top of the door. The bottom section of the door has a single recessed panel. 

Customize this elegant glass barn door to make it your very own. For more privacy, consider opting for custom windows with a decorative glass option, such as overcast or fluted. 

Banquet Barn Door 

The unique Banquet Barn Door combines metal and wood to create an elegant mid century modern interior barn door. A little more than half the door is fitted with wooden panels, while the top half features a door window. 

A metal grille divides the window into four lites, with a middle grille that extends down the length of the door, cutting the wood section in half. The entire door has a thin metal frame, creating a modern and sophisticated door perfect for an office, bathroom, or art studio.

Vista Barn Door 

Inspired by vintage and grandmillennial style, the Vista Barn Door is a steel door with window. It features a traditional door design with a large window covering more than half the door. 
The bottom of the door features another window inlaid with a small diamond grille pattern. The two glass panels are divided by a metal horizontal rail just beneath the center of the door. 

While this door has vintage influences, it is also modern and chic, making it a versatile door that will beautifully fit in a variety of home styles. 

Anchor Barn Door

This geometric metal barn door is just what your modern and industrial-style home or studio needs. The Anchor Barn Door features two mirror-image glass triangles divided in the center by a wide horizontal metal panel. Opposite the glass is a triangle-shaped metal panel. 

Customize the type of metal, the color of the finish, and the style of glass to make this sleek sliding glass door a perfect fit for your space.

Pocket Doors

Cathedral Pocket Door 

As the name suggests, the Cathedral Pocket Door has a traditional elegance that honors its namesake. This sliding wood door has a prominent window with a diamond metal grille pattern. The bottom of the door has a single recessed panel framed by stiles and rails. 

Canter Single Pocket Door 

A modern sliding door, the Canter Single Pocket Door is a metal-framed door with two prominent vertical windows. These windows are divided in the center of the door by a metal stile the runs the entire length of the door.

Elegant and sophisticated, this glass and metal door is perfect for contemporary-style homes. 

Starboard Single Pocket Door 

Check out the Starboard Single Pocket Door if you want a unique and otherworldly modern pocket door. This interior sliding metal door is divided in half diagonally, forming two triangular shapes in the door. 

The upper right section features a door window with a square metal grille pattern, while the bottom left is a full metal panel. This door’s geometric patterns are perfect for modern and mid-century style homes. 

Interior Doors 

French Quarter Interior Door 

The French Quarter Interior Door is a traditional hinged door perfect for maximizing natural light between rooms. As a metal door, its large window is divided into six lites by thin metal grilles. 

The glass doesn’t fill the entire door, rather there is a simple metal panel at the bottom. The entire design is simple, yet sophisticated, and the metal finish color can be customized to match your own unique style. 

Open Road Interior Door

The classic barn door meets a traditional hinged door with the Open Road Interior Door. The prominent window covering half the door helps brighten and open the space. The second half of the door features a classic barn door X framed by wooden stiles and rails. 

This simple, yet rustic, design is perfect for modern farmhouses, mountain cabins, and ranch-style homes. 

Chevron Interior Door 

If you’re looking for a door with a window, but don’t want the glass to be the main feature, consider the Chevron Interior Door. This hinged door has two vertical recessed panels that make up most of the door, and three vertical glass panels at the top of the door. 

With the three small windows, the door will allow natural light into the space, but because the windows are smaller and near the top, the door still offers ample privacy for the room’s occupants. 

Mountainland Interior Door 

The Moutainland Interior Door has modern farmhouse style written all over it. This hinged wooden door features a large window covering half the door. The bottom half has multiple vertical wood panels framed by stiles and riles. 

Check our Rustica’s custom windows for more privacy and character, such as frosted or spectrum. 

Front Doors 

Lake House Front Door 

Welcome in the natural light and beautiful views with this wooden front door. The Lake House Front Door features a prominent nine-panel window separated by thin wooden grilles. The bottom of the door has two raised panels separated by stiles and a bottom rail. 

This half-glass front door is an elegant, classic design perfect for a variety of home styles, including colonial, contemporary, rustic, modern farmhouse, and more. 

Shoemaker Front Door with 6 Lites

If you love the look of a traditional barn door, check out the Shoemaker Front Door with 6 Lites. Combining rustic barn door design with modern front door innovation, this exterior wood door is designed with half a barn door X on two-thirds of the door. 

The door’s top section, as the name suggests, has a six-lite window divided by wooden grilles that will let ambient natural light filter into your front entry. 

Lander Exterior Door 

Modern with a subtle rustic flare, the Lander Exterior Door is a truly one-of-a-kind exterior metal door. The top half features a 20-lite window divided by thin metal grilles. The section below the door’s handle is a solid metal panel with four horizontal wooden slats. 

This front door combines a wide range of styles to make an exterior door unlike any other. Customize the final details, such as the metal finish and glass type, to make it your own. 

Drift Exterior Door 

The Drift Exterior Door is a hinged metal door with a design inspired by the sharp angles of ocean liners. This door has a wide slanted glass panel angling from the top right corner down to the middle left. 

This door’s window sits just above the door handle and is surrounded by a clean metal sheet. As a unique and modern door design, this front door is perfect for contemporary homes with a sleek and industrial flare. 

Dutch Doors 

Original Exterior Dutch Door 

If you’re looking for the perfect traditional Dutch door with a simple window, consider the Original Exterior Dutch Door. The top door features a large window with a clean wooden frame. The bottom door has a single recessed panel framed by stiles and rails. 

This Dutch door is ideal for farmhouse-style homes that prefer clean lines and minimalistic designs. 

Apron Exterior Dutch Door 

Welcome the fresh air in with the Apron Exterior Dutch Door. This Dutch door offers a traditional craftsman door style, featuring a six-lite window divided by wooden grilles on top and a dentil shelf on the bottom door. 

Perfect for colonial, craftsman, and farmhouse-style homes, the Apron Exterior Dutch Door will boost the appeal of any entryway it occupies. 

Utah Split Interior Dutch Door 

If you enjoy home decor that mixes and matches different styles, check out the Utah Split Interior Dutch Door. Features a metal French door on the top, and a wooden craftsman door on the bottom, this door invites you to play with various styles and design concepts. 

Customize the wood species, wood stain or finish, metal, and metal finish to make this Dutch Door fit perfectly in your home. 

Pivot Doors

Spark Exterior Pivot Door 

The Spark Exterior Pivot Door rotates on a spindle affixed to the top and bottom of the door frame, rather than opening via hinges like traditional doors do. This gives pivot doors a contemporary flair, and the Spark Exterior Pivot Door adds its own sleek and modern look. 

This wood front door features a series of horizontal panels running down the length of the door. To the right is a line of four small square windows. This undeniably modern design is perfect for luxurious entryways and contemporary-style homes. 

Shoemaker Pivot Door 

The Shoemaker Pivot Door features a classic barn door look with a half X on the door’s center. A large window without grilles is at the top of the door, creating a clean and open design. 

This wooden and rustic front door is perfect for ranch and farmhouse-style homes. Customize the wood stain or paint color to make it your own. 

Manor Exterior Pivot Door 

Featuring a stunning decorative metal design, th Manor Exterior Pivot Door perfectly combines elegance and form. The top of the door has a large window overlaid with a swirling metal design that meets a simple recessed wooden panel at the bottom. 

With the Manor Exterior Pivot Door as your front door, you can show your sophisticated style that honors traditional craftsmanship. 

Discover the Benefits of a Door with Window at Rustica

Doors with windows are ideal for adding a bit of character and style to your home. Whether exterior or interior, a door with a window comes with many benefits, such as increasing natural light and connecting you to the outdoors. Plus, they add visual appeal, help make your space feel bigger, increase your home’s value, are customizable, and increase ventilation.

If you’re ready to bring a new door with a window into your home, shop Rustica’s extensive selection of high-quality doors today! If you don’t find a design you love or have a specific vision in mind, contact our design team with your ideas—we would love to help you bring your vision to life! 

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