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What is Grandmillennial Style?

Wednesday January 27th, 2021
A nostalgic take on a traditional look. Think back to a simpler time full of scalloped lampshades, monogrammed linens, embroidered pillows, and floral wallpaper, but with fewer collectables and avoids looking stuffy or outdated. That's the Grandmillennial style!

Surrounding ourselves with meaningful decor and design is becoming more and more important due to the amount of time we’ve been spending in our homes. The new and trending Grandmillennial style is a fresh take on a journey back to our roots full of memories and experiences shared with family and friends.

The Grandmillennial style is a way for Grandmillennials to showcase individuality inspired by decor from the late 20’s to early 30s. Large doses of patterns, vintage styled furniture, and thrifted home goods. This generation is not afraid to mix modern tones or natural wood elements with their grandmothers china or handmade curtains. The essence of the Grandmillennial style is taking decor from two very different era’s and putting them together in one unique space to showcase uniqueness and personality. This Grandmillennial style incorporates skirted tables, floral wallpaper, and vintage stained wood elements for an old school look with a modern twist. To avoid creating a stuffy or cluttered space keep to the simple commodities. The Gradmillennials believe in bringing back the old school designs without all the clutter and collectables.

A huge inspiration for a lot of Grandmillenials is Instagram and creating a curated feed that looks unique and encourages old world designs. This generation is sick of all the white space on their feed and images of homes that don’t showcase any true meaning to them. Bringing back the decor this generation grew up with is a way for them to share their story and display what makes them them, rather than showcasing what’s in style.

We love this “old world, new ideas” look and how it reminds us of the meaning behind why we do the things that we do and why we make certain choices. A design that tells a story is much more meaningful than something that’s in style. Bringing back this sense of home and heritage reminds us of how we were raised and encourages us to continue that legacy.

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