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12 Colonial Doors for Your Colonial Style Home

Monday August 14th, 2023
Colonial style homes are the centerpiece of early American architecture. With their timeless design, they remain one of the most sought-after and cherished home styles in the United States. One of the staple design elements of the colonial style is none other than the front and interior doors. Because of this, the door style you choose for your colonial style home is significant to the overall design. 

Rustica Colonial Interior Doors

  1. 6 Panel Colonial Interior Door
  2. 6 Panel Colonial Barn Door
  3. 6 Panel Colonial Double Barn Door 
  4. 6 Panel Colonial Corner Barn Door
  5. 6 Panel Colonial Single Pocket Door
  6. 6 Panel Colonial Double Converging Pocket Doors
  7. 6 Panel Colonial Bypassing Pocket Doors

Rustica Colonial Front Doors

  1. Riverstone Front Door
  2. Lake House Front Door
  3. Ranch Hand Front Door
  4. Rustic Ranch Double Front Door
  5. Boat House Double Front Door 
The most distinguishing aspect of colonial door styles is the presence of recessed panels—ranging anywhere from four to eight panels. Historically, the six panel door is considered the colonial style door. As such, Rustica offers this traditional interior door style in many forms and functions so you can choose which the door that works best for your colonial home. 

What is Colonial Style?

The colonial style emerged when early American settlers built their homes in the 1600s and 1700s. Because these early settlers were British colonists, the architecture had an English-European layout with a symmetrical rectangle form and simple windows. These homes were built with local timber, and featured wooden window frames and shutters. The solid wood door was the center of the structure with the rest of the home featuring symmetrical, clean lines. 

These early colonial style homes were the beginning of a widespread colonial architectural movement that created a variety of home styles. As such, “colonial” became a broad term defining numerous architectural styles that all fit within “colonial style.” The difference between these styles is described in more depth below; however, they all share these similar characteristics: symmetry, clean lines, square or rectangular shapes, and a centered door with symmetrical windows on either side. 

Saltbox Architecture

The oldest and most classic colonial style homes are called saltbox architecture. This style is colonial architecture in its most simple form, and consists of early American settlers' homes. Along with the traditional colonial elements, these homes have an asymmetrical roof steeply pitched on one side, and a central chimney that warms the whole building. The front of the house is simple with clean lines, and doesn’t have a porch or any protruding structures. 

Georgian Colonial Style

The Georgian colonial style is a bit more elaborate than the simple saltbox homes. This architectural style emerged during the reigns of Britain’s four King Georges (1714-1830), hence the name. The Georgian style is characterized by at least two chimneys, one on either side of the roof. These large homes are completely symmetrical with a square or rectangular shape, two to three stories, a central door, and an equal number of windows on both sides. Traditionally, the colonial front door is adorned with pilasters—often with artistic molding. 

Cape Cod Style

One of the most popular colonial home styles is cape cod, which is named after the Massachusetts coastal region. These houses were built with English style in mind, but architecturally designed to withstand the New England coastal climate. These houses resemble traditional colonial style homes, but with a lower stature to better withstand the harsh winds and winter elements. America experienced a Cape Cod revival from the 1920s to 1950s, which created colonial style cape cod houses with a modern twist.

French Colonial and Southern Colonial

In the southern United States, the French colonial and Southern colonial styles emerged, which share similar characteristics. They’re both large houses with two to three stories, symmetrical designs, and central, elaborate entry double doors. The French colonial style is characterized by expansive wrap-around porches on the first and second stories of the house. French colonial house also had lots of long, skinny windows for air ventilation. The Southern colonial style, also known as “Greek Revival,” is defined by sophisticated colonnades extending across the front of the house with a portico or front patio behind the colonnade. 

Spanish Colonial

Spanish colonial architecture is found throughout the Southwest, and is prominent in California. It is characterized by its white stucco walls, red clay tile roofs, wooden beams, and rustic appearance. 

Dutch Colonial

In the Northeast United States, the Dutch colonial style remains a classic and popular home style, and is defined by its “Dutch roof.” These wide roofs have a more rounded appearance—they are symmetrical and sloping on each side, with long eaves extending over the sides of the home. Dutch-style houses are usually brick or stone, and have a covered porch on either side of the home. 

Colonial Home Design

The interior design elements of colonial style homes also depend on the colonial style, time period, and location of the home. However, they usually share these common traits: polished wood floors, fireplaces, a grand entrance hall, a wide staircase, wainscotting, and millwork. 

Early colonial homes were usually more rustic with prominent wooden features and wood beam architecture. More elaborate interior design elements were common in the French, Southern, and Spanish colonial style homes. Typically, interior decor featured muted, calm colors with handmade wooden furniture, braided rugs, cabriole chairs, highboys, and clawfoot tables. 

Colonial interior and exterior doors were solid wood with recessed panels. The front entry doors were either a single or double door, with more elaborate designs seen in the French, Southern, and Spanish styles. 

Rustica Colonial Style Doors 

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what defines colonial architecture, let’s dive into the high-quality interior and exterior doors that Rustica has to offer. Each of these wood doors flawlessly align with traditional colonial style, making them the perfect fit for your colonial style home. 

1. 6 Panel Colonial Interior Door 

If you’re looking for a solid wood door that honors historic colonial architecture, this is the door for you. Handcrafted in Springville, Utah by skilled artisans, this door highlights a classic design reminiscent of colonial times. 
The 6 Panel Colonial Interior Door features a unique twist on the classic six-paneled recessed door. The four panels that make up the majority of the door are equal in length, while the top two panels are significantly shorter than the bottom four. These panels are framed by wooden stiles and top and bottom rails. 

Everything about this classic paneled door is customizable. You can personalize the functional aspects, such as the width, height, and thickness, as well as whether you’d like to order it as a slab or pre-hung door. 
The 6 Panel Colonial Interior Door is a hinged, swinging door. As such, you can choose whether you would like it to swing inward or outward, as well as whether you need it to swing to the left or right. Adding hinges and hinge prep is optional, as well as door knob boring placement and door bevel. Hinges are not included if you order a slab door.
Custom design options include wood species, finish, and texture. Rustica offers a variety of wood species, including alder or poplar (commonly used for interior doors), cedar, rustic red oak, cherry, white pine, walnut, and more. 

From there, you can decide if you would like the wood to be raw unfinished—in which you would sand and finish the door yourself—or finish ready. You also have the option of choosing a door finish or stain. For a traditional colonial style door, you’ll want a finish or stain that highlights the natural wood grain and knots, such as clear or glaze. 

Lastly, you can choose whether or not you want your classic interior colonial door to be textured. Rustica’s door texture options include weathered, distressed, adzed, or worn. 

2. 6 Panel Colonial Barn Door 

With a modern barn door in your colonial style home, you can add a rustic and stylish twist to your interior space. Barn doors differ from hinged doors in how they operate. Rather than swinging on a hinge, barn doors slide along a track. With their unique function, they save space and are ideal for large openings. 

While there are many different types of barn doors, including metal or glass barn doors, the 6 Panel Colonial Barn Door is a classic wood barn door. It features the traditional recessed panel design framed by wooden styles and rails. 

Rustica’s high-quality, handcrafted barn doors and barn door hardware ensure a smooth and effortless pull, no matter the size of your custom barn door.  With our customization options, you can make your Colonial Barn Door uniquely yours by picking your preferred wood species, finish, and texture. 

When ordering your 6 Panel Colonial Barn Door, you can choose whether you want barn door hardware included. If so, you’ll be able to further customize the exact proportions and style of your hardware. Barn door hardware includes a track, hangers, handles, pulls, a door guide, and a stop.
If you’re replacing an existing door with a custom Colonial Barn Door, you can hang your door over the previous door frame. Rustica’s patented adjustable spacers and header boards allow the door to easily be installed over any existing door frame. 

3. 6 Panel Colonial Double Barn Door 

Looking for a magnificent entryway to a master bedroom or entertainment room? The 6 Panel Colonial Double Barn Door offers just that with a classic, rustic twist. The solid engineered wood and traditional recessed panels illuminate the warmth and country appeal of double barn doors. 

As double barn doors, the wood doors slide along a track and meet in the middle with both door handles in the center. When opened, the doors sit on either side of the door opening. 
These interior double doors would be a lovely addition to any colonial style home, especially a colonial revival, Cape Cod, Dutch, or Georgian style home. To accentuate the beauty of the wood and revel in the classic design, choose a custom wood finish or stain that highlights the natural wood grain and complements your interior design style. A wood finish, such as walnut, will produce a rich dark brown color, while a red mahogany stain will create a reddish-brown hue. 

Along with the personalized aesthetic touches, the 6 Panel Colonial Double Barn Door is fully customizable to meet the needs of the space you have in mind. Choose the exact width, height, hardware setup, and more to create the perfect colonial barn doors for your colonial style home. 

4. 6 Panel Colonial Corner Barn Door 

If you live in a colonial style home with traditional architecture, chances are you have multiple rooms on the first and second floors. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade one or more of those rooms with a modern, yet rustic style, consider adding the 6 Panel Colonial Corner Barn Door to the space. 

Corner doors are a trending new style that are used to complete a room or space by joining together at one of the corners. They are especially popular for rooms that jut out into another living space, as the double corner barn doors add style, open up the room, and complement an otherwise awkward room space. 

Customize your 6 Panel Colonial Corner Barn Door to your exact preferences with our impressive customization options to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your unique space!

5. 6 Panel Colonial Single Pocket Door

A pocket door is a great way to separate and close off a small space. Instead of swinging in and out, the door slides into the adjoining wall. This design makes them practical for use in bathrooms, closets, pantries, and small bedrooms. 

If you live in a colonial-style house and you want to upgrade or add a pocket door, the 6 Panel Colonial Single Pocket Door will perfectly match the architecture of your home. This pocket door is made of solid wood, and features the classic 6-panel design described above. It comes prepared for the Johnson Hardware 100PD pocket door hardware rollers and track. 

Customize your Colonial Pocket Door to match the style of your home by choosing your preferred wood species, stain/finish, and texture. 

6. 6 Panel Colonial Double Converging Pocket Doors 

Pocket doors are a traditional and historic design often found in colonial style homes. They function by sliding into the accompanying wall. Double converging pocket doors are designed for a larger opening that needs the ability to be closed off, such as a parlor or living room. When opened, the doors sneakily tuck away in opposite walls, and when closed, the doors come out of the wall and secure in the middle. 

The 6 Panel Colonial Double Converging Pocket Doors are perfect for historic, colonial style homes. If your home doesn’t already have a double pocket door, you will need to be prepared to install pocket door hardware rollers. The pocket door’s edge pull and pocket door pulls will also need to be installed onsite, as they do not come pre-fabricated. For these reasons, the Rustica design team highly recommends consulting with a contractor who specializes in pocket door installation.   

7. 6 Panel Colonial Bypassing Pocket Doors 

Bypassing pocket doors are similar to double-converging pocket doors in the fact that there are two doors. However, converging pocket doors rest on opposite walls, whereas bypassing pocket doors rest in the same wall. The benefit of bypassing pocket doors is that they help save space and can be used to separate large or small openings. 

With the 6 Panel Colonial Bypassing Pocket Doors, you can add a classic and timeless style to your home. Made with solid, engineered wood, these doors are built to last. They are fully customizable, so you can design them to match your unique style and home decor. 

Rustica Colonial Front Doors

Because a colonial front door is the focal point of the home’s architectural design, great care should be given to choosing an entry door. The following exterior doors are the ideal style for traditional and historic colonial homes. 

8. Riverstone Front Door

If you’re looking for an elegant, yet rustic colonial front door, the Riverstone Front Door may be the perfect fit. This colonial style door features two long vertical raised panels framed by wooden stiles. The top of the door accentuates the classic colonial window style by featuring a four-panel glass window divided by a wood grille. 

The Riverstone Front Door is a hinged exterior door made from solid wood and handcrafted to withstand the elements without warping or degrading. The insulated tempered glass is fully customizable. For additional privacy, consider one of our obscured glass options, such as spectrum or overcast. 

Every aspect of this colonial front door is customizable. From the dimensions to the overall design—you can even add on a pet door if needed! 

9. Lake House Front Door 

The Lake House Front Door features a prominent 9 panel window separated by thin, wooden grills. The bottom of the door has two raised panels separated by styles and a bottom rail. 
This half-glass front door is an elegant, classic design perfect for colonial style homes, including Cape Cod, Dutch, Georgian, and more. 

The addition of the 9 panel window on this entry door is perfect for those who desire warm natural light streaming into their space. The addition of sidelights would complement this door nicely, and its all-glass features are also fully customizable to fit your privacy needs 

10. Ranch Hand Front Door

If you’re looking for a simple, elegant solid wood front door with a touch of style, the Ranch Hand Front Door might be for you. This exterior hinged door is made with real wood, and engineered to withstand the elements. It features three equal recessed panels with artistically framed stiles. 

While simple in design, the Ranch Hand Front Door features artistic details that create an overall rustic and sophisticated style. Its classy appeal complements a number of colonial home styles, from saltbox to Georgian. 
Customize the height, width, thickness, wood species, finish, and more to give your Ranch Hand Front Door the perfect colonial style touch!  

11. Rustic Ranch Double Front Door 

A large entryway deserves impressive front doors that highlight the beauty and aesthetic of your colonial style home. The Rustic Ranch Double Front Door—with its warm rustic tones and large prominent windows—can do just that. 

Each door features a large, four-panel window divided by a wooden grille and a single recessed panel at the bottom framed by wooden stiles and rail. These significant windows allow warm, natural light to flow into your home. 

For additional privacy, choose one of our custom obscured glass types, such as vintage or crested. The simple and elegant design of these double doors makes them perfect for any colonial style home, including Cape Cod Revival, French Colonial, or Southern Colonial styles.

12. Boat House Double Front Door 

The Boat House Double Front Door is sure to impress your guests and set the overall tone of your colonial entryway. Similar in appearance to the Rustic Ranch Double Front Door, the Boat House Double Front Door features a 6 panel window and a bottom recessed panel on each of the doors. 

Customize these impressive front doors to be uniquely yours by choosing your preferred wood species, finish/stain, glass type, and more! For a more rustic appearance, choose a wood species such as alder or walnut in a stain glaze finish. You might also consider picking a custom paint color, such as white or pale blue, to match your cape cod colonial style home. 

No matter the colonial style home you have, the Boat House Double Front Doors will create a beautiful entryway. 

Give Your Colonial Home the Grand Entrance it Deserves

Colonial style is one of the most historic and traditional architectural designs in North America. They are an icon of early American history with their symmetry, clean lines, centered door, and prominent stature.
You can continue the colonial legacy by giving your classic home a traditional-style door. Rustica’s 6 Panel Colonial Door series was designed with colonial architecture and tradition in mind, making them the perfect interior doors for your space. Our colonial-inspired front doors have all the rustic and wooden appeal needed to make them the perfect entryway for your colonial style home. 

If you found the perfect colonial door for your beautiful colonial home, don’t hesitate to start customizing it today! With our impressive personalization options, you’re sure to create the picture-perfect door for your unique space. 

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