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Top 13 Decorative Barn Doors to Create an Elegant Doorway

Thursday October 12th, 2023
Searching for the perfect barn door can be challenging. Not only does it have to meet your aesthetic goals, but it also has to match the space in mind and be fully functional. Considering these factors, Rustica has put together its top 13 decorative barn doors that create an elegant doorway so you can finally find the ideal door you’ve been looking for. 

Top 13 Decorative Barn Doors 

  1. Z Barn Door
  2. Valley Barn Door
  3. Sunrise Barn Door
  4. Aries Barn Door
  5. Aztec Barn Door
  6. 8-Panel Barn Door
  7. Grandeur Barn Door
  8. Tower Hill Barn Door
  9. Wake Barn Door
  10. Waypoint Single Barn Door
  11. Mar Barn Door
  12. Leather Modern Range Barn Door
  13. Penny Rail Barn Door 
Because each of these doors has a unique design, we’re confident you’ll find one that matches your unique style and design goals. These fancy barn doors are described at length, so you’ll have all the necessary information to determine which door is right for you. 

No matter what interior design style you favor—whether it’s modern farmhouse, rustic charm, traditional, contemporary, or minimalist—we have the perfect door for you. And what’s more, you can further customize your favorite door to make it uniquely yours. 

Top 13 Decorative Barn Doors 

1. Z Style Barn Door

If you’re envisioning a traditional-style barn door for your elegant doorway, you’ll want to check out the Z Style Barn Door. This interior sliding barn door features the classic Z design found on traditional barns. This Z is created by a top and bottom panel connected by a slanted panel running the length of the door. This lifted and slanted panel lays over several vertical panels framed by stiles. 

Because each door is handcrafted by Rustica’s woodworkers, the Z barn door is fully customizable. Adjust the door height and width, as well as the exact wood species you would like the door to be made from. Then, choose your wood finish and texture. 

For a modern farmhouse style, consider choosing a creamy white paint for your finish color. For a more rustic barn door, you might consider a simple glaze finish to highlight the natural wood grain. Rustica offers a variety of finishes and paint colors to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find the color or wood stain you’re envisioning.  

2. Valley Barn Door 

For a more modern barn door, you might consider the Valley Barn Door, which features a downward chevron pattern framed by distinct stiles and rails.  

The striking design of the Valley Barn Door is perfectly suited for a variety of interior design styles, including mid century, contemporary, minimalist, and industrial. For this door, you can choose between knotty alder and MDF pressed board. If you choose the MDF panel, it will be framed in poplar hardwood. 

The Valley Barn Door is part of Rustica’s line of eco-friendly, sustainable doors, which is why MDF is used for the interior panel board. With the MDF, you’ll have the option to choose from several paint colors, while the knotty alder comes in a variety of wood stains/finishes. 

The beautiful and elegant design of the Valley Barn Door makes it an ideal door for adding visual interest. Whether you place it in a master bedroom, dining room, or home office, it will be sure to complement your bold, modern space. 

3. Sunrise Barn Door 

The Sunrise Barn Door offers an elegant and remarkable geometric design, with a series of large arrows pointing to the left of the door. These arrows intersect with several slanted lines angled towards the arrow, creating a modern and artistic design. 

The intricate line pattern found on this door, as well as all of our modern geometric barn doors, is cut to precision on our CNC machine here in Utah, U.S.A. The Sunrise Barn Door is also part of Rustica’s line of eco-friendly, sustainable doors. Because of this, you’ll choose between knotty alder and MDF pressed board for the interior panels.

Customize this unique and modern barn door to your exact preferences and needs. This includes the width and height of the door, the door finish, and more! 

If you don’t see the wood finish or paint color you’re wanting; no worries—Rustica offers a custom finish option where we will match a manufacturer's paint or stain by code or color name. Alternatively, you can also order the door in unfinished MDF or raw unfinished knotty alder wood to paint or stain it yourself!

4. Aries Barn Door 

If you’re drawn to geometric doors like the ones above, but they aren’t quite what you’re looking for, the Aries Barn Door is another popular option. This modern barn door has an X pattern cut into the surface with the precision of Rustica’s CNC machine. The numerous slanted lines forming the overall pattern add visual interest to the door, making it perfect for those looking for something modern, artistic, and unique for their elegant doorway. 

Like the doors above, the Aries Barn Door is part of Rustica’s line of eco-friendly, sustainable doors. Because of this, you’ll choose between knotty alder and MDF pressed board for the interior panels.

The Aries Barn Door can bring aesthetic appeal to any space it occupies, such as a living room, bedroom, or master bathroom. Like all of our custom barn doors, you can adjust the height and width of your door and choose specific style elements, such as the finish or paint color.  

Complete the decorative look by including barn door hardware that perfectly matches the style of your door. During the customization process, you’ll have the option to include hardware, as well as a front handle, back handle, and support header. By selecting each of these options, you’ll have all the necessary pieces you need to install a complete and functional barn door. 

5. Aztec Barn Door

The Aztec Barn Door is almost identical to the Sunrise Barn Door with one key difference: the Sunrise Barn Door has a horizontal line cutting through the main arrow shape, while the Aztec Barn Door does not. 

So, if you’re looking for a geometric design that has a bit more flow for your elegant doorway, this may be the interior sliding barn door for you. Like all of our barn doors, this door is perfect for tight spaces where a traditional swinging door would take up too much space and disrupt the flow of your home’s traffic, such as closet doors or a pantry door. 

Alternatively, if you’re working with a large door opening, consider the Aztec Barn Door as a double barn door. With double barn doors, you can close off large openings, such as the space between a living room and dining room, while still giving the space style and comfort. 

Rustica’s customization process is easy and efficient, so you can have a fully built and customized barn door on your doorstep in no time. 

6. 8-Panel Barn Door 

If you’re looking for something with a bit more mid-century charm and traditional elegance, meet the 8-Panel Barn Door. This interior sliding barn door features eight horizontal raised panels that run the length of the door. These panels are enclosed by solid wood stiles and rails. The entire door is made from the solid wood of your choice. 

An elegant doorway isn’t just for looks—it’s also to offer warmth and inspiration for all those who enter. That’s certainly what the 8-panel Barn Door has to offer. Plus, the raised panels give the door textural interest and depth. These characteristics make it perfect for whatever space you had in mind—whether that’s a studio closet, bedroom door, master bathroom door, laundry room, or kitchen. 

Customize the 8-panel Barn Door to make it uniquely yours, including the door’s dimensions, wood species, wood finish, and wood texture. If you choose to add barn door hardware, you’ll have access to even more customization options, including the barn door hardware system; this is where you can choose whether you want a single barn door or double barn doors. 

If you need double barn doors, you can choose how you want those doors to function, such as bi-parting or bypass barn doors. Once that is determined, you can move on to the fun stuff, such as picking out the exact hanger, track, and wheel style you prefer. 

7. Grandeur Barn Door 

As the name suggests, the Grandeur Barn Door offers modern elegance with a hint of traditional fashion. This barn style door offers a sleek design, including an eight-panel window divided by a wooden grille. The bottom of the door features a single rectangular recessed panel framed by the door stiles and bottom rail. 

Glass barn doors, including this one, can bring warmth and comfort to the home by welcoming in the natural light. A sliding glass door is also a great option for when you want to separate a space, but still want to feel somewhat connected to the other room—such as in a home office connected to the living room. The glass door offers privacy and sound reduction while still feeling open and inviting. 

This glass barn door is fully customizable. Along with the customization options previously mentioned, you can also choose the exact glass style you prefer. Rustica offers traditional clear tempered glass as the standard option, as well as decorative glass styles, such as frosted glass, vintage, palm, or deep freeze. These obscured glass patterns are ideal for enhancing privacy without sacrificing natural light. 

8. Tower Hill Barn Door 

Traditional French-style doors, like the Tower Hill Barn Door, are the hallmark of elegant doorways. With its intricate metal diamond grids and prominent windows, this door is the symbol of gracefulness for interior doors. Most importantly, it plays nice with others: This French-style door complements a variety of exterior and interior design styles, including farmhouse style, English country, traditional, cottage core, shabby chic, and yes, even contemporary. 

The Tower Hill Barn Door is not a traditional hinged door like most French doors—instead, it slides along a track like classic barn doors. In this way, it’s perfect for tight spaces or small areas, as well as large openings. 

If you have limited wall space but still love the idea of a sliding French door such as this one, you have a few options to consider. When designing the Tower Hill Barn Door, you’ll want to select “yes” for the option of including barn door hardware. Then, you’ll select which hardware system you prefer. For limited wall space, a bypass door system is going to be your best friend. Rustica also offers this door, along with all our other door styles, as a pocket door for those that prefer a more discreet sliding door system.  

Once you’ve decided this beautiful and elegant French door is the one for you, you can customize it to your exact preference and needs. Because the Tower Hill Barn Door is a metal door, you’ll be able to choose your metal type and finish. Rustica offers steel, aluminum, or stainless steel as the metal type, as well as a variety of metal finishes that will make your metal French door truly one of a kind. 

9. Wake Barn Door

If you want a modern barn door with an artistic edge, check out the Wake Barn Door. This metal sliding door features triangular glass panels bookending a solid metal trapezoid enclosed by a thin and sleek metal frame. 

The Wake Barn Door’s unique style was inspired by the Wasatch Mountains in our home state of Utah. The glass triangles and the prominent trapezoid in this door represent our mountains’ magnificent peaks, with their steep, jagged cliffs. In this way, you can bring a little mountain inspiration right into your home. 

Customize this metal barn door to your exact preference and needs. As this is a solid metal door, you’ll choose between steel, aluminum, and stainless steel as your metal type. Steel is our standard metal type, and is the most price-conscious, while aluminum and stainless steel increase the overall price of the door due to their distinctive advantages. Aluminum is recommended for coastal regions and places of high humidity because it is corrosion-resistant and doesn’t rust. Stainless steel is the strongest and most durable, and is more resistant to corrosion and rust than regular steel and aluminum; therefore, it is a premium upgrade. 

10. Waypoint Single Barn Door 

Modern with a sleek and artistic design, the Waypoint Single Barn Door is perfect for minimalist, mid century, or contemporary design styles. Featuring a distinct glass pattern with sharp angles, this interior metal sliding door is a staple look for any space. While creating visual interest and contrast, it still has a simple and minimalist design, which is perfect for those who want a unique style for their elegant doorway but still desire a simple look. 

Due to its simple, yet elegant, design, this modern glass barn door will match contemporary-style wall decor, and create beautiful contrast for bright, lively spaces. You can keep it neat and polished with clear glass and a flat black metal finish, or you can create a showstopping look with our modern gold metal finish. For added texture and increased privacy, consider an obscured glass style, such as frosted glass, vintage, or mirror pane. 

When designing a custom metal barn door with Rustica, you’ll have the option to select barn door pulls made specifically for metal barn doors. We offer a few different styles for both front and back pulls. You don’t have to select this option, just know that by declining your metal door will not be drilled or set with rivet nuts. So, if drilling into metal isn’t a project you’re up for, you’ll definitely want to select this option and choose your preferred door pull style. 

11. Mar Barn Door 

Beautiful metal doors can set the perfect scene for a luxurious and comforting home. If those words sparked something within you, you’ll definitely want to check out our Mar Barn Door

Inspired by Spanish style, vintage throwbacks, and grandmillennial looks, the Mar Barn Door features two prominent glass panes with a cross-diamond metal grid pattern. They are separated by solid metal, all of which are enclosed in a sleek metal frame. 

Whether you need a door to mark the entrance to a winery, sophisticated home office, or a grand walk-in closet, the Mar Barn Door has all the beauty and exquisite details you’ve been looking for. Customize the final details, such as the metal type and finish, glass style, door pull style, and more, to make it the perfect door for your space. 

12. Leather Modern Range Barn Door

We’re confident you’ve never seen a door like this one. The design of the Leather Modern Barn Door was inspired by the wild, open plains of the West, where the cattle roam across the wind-swept land. As such, this door features cowhide leather on the front side, while the back of the door is capped with a distressed metal plate. Near the top of the door is a small, thin oval-shaped window. 

This is truly a raw, elemental piece. Because of this, we’ve hand-select each hide of leather to create a beautiful, rustic, and elegant door. Furthermore, the genuine leather tells a story of life on the range—no two hides are the same. Some pieces may even have barbed wire scars and faded brands. These unique marks on the leather add character and depth to the door—they are a reminder that life is always transitioning from one phase to the next, from one form to another. 

As with all of our doors, you can customize certain features of this one-of-a-kind barn door. That includes its dimensions and leather style. Rustica offers a few different leather colors for this door, including black, brown, white, and dark brown. 

We highly recommend ordering this door ONLY with the Rustica hardware offered on the door’s page. When selecting handles and pulls, it is important to know that there is a solid 5.5-inch frame around the door. 

13. Penny Rail Barn Door

If you’re looking for a door that has a bit of industrial flair while standing out as a one-of-a-kind piece, check out the Penny Rail Barn Door. This door has somewhat of a steampunk edge with a bit of elegance and historical relevance. 

The Penny Rail Barn Door features a solid wood core completely wrapped in copper. Slightly above the center point of the door is a porthole window. This door is made with real copper that is bead rolled and wrapped around the door. It comes with copper rivets added to the seams and door edges. 

As the nature of this door is quite unique, there are fewer customization options available. Of course, you can still choose the exact height and width of the door and the glass style. Rustica also offers a clear coat option. If you select this option, your door will be given a clear coat to protect the metal and reduce the patinating effect of copper. 

Don’t Forget the Fancy Barn Door Hardware

An elegant barn door isn’t complete without its fancy barn door hardware. When designing your custom barn door, you’ll have the option to include custom metal barn door hardware with your purchase. Because there are different types of barn doors, the first thing you’ll need to select is which hardware system you’ll need. 

Rustica’s standard barn door hardware system is for a single sliding door. If you need double barn doors, you’ll have to choose between biparting and bypassing hardware systems, which will affect how your doors function. 
Next, you’ll need to select all the necessary barn door accessories, including the hanger, wheel, track, and stop style. You’ll also input the track length, whether or not you want your track holes pre-drilled, the type of floor guide you want, and if you need additional hangers. Finish it up by selecting the metal finish you want your metal hardware system to have. 

The final, essential piece you’ll need for your barn door, is, of course, the barn door accessories, including the front and back door handles. Rustica offers a variety of door handles to choose from, each with its own unique style. We have a door handle design that fits everyone’s unique interior design style. 

By adding the complete barn door hardware kit to your purchase, you can easily match the custom hardware to the style of your door, ensuring it is equally elegant to the overall design. 

Decorative Barn Doors for Every Style

If you have a room in mind that needs an elegant doorway, now is the time to start designing the perfect barn door for that space. Not only does Rustica offer a wide range of door styles to choose from, but you can also custom design your door to make it uniquely yours. 

So, what are you waiting for? Create a custom decorative barn door with Rustica today! We can’t wait to help bring your vision to life. 

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