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The Best Front Doors for Higher Home Security

Tuesday July 31st, 2018

Keeping your family safe, sound and stylish.
Home security is something you never want to think about but should always be on your mind. Even with all of the modern breakthroughs in security technology, break-ins and home intruders are aplenty, and more than one-third enter through the home’s front door.
While home security systems are more attainable and affordable than ever before, one thing that can help to prevent burglaries and doesn’t require fancy technology or a monthly subscription is a sturdy front door. That’s right: your front door doesn’t have to be all style, it can be added security, as well.
Here are some of the best doors for home security that offer increased protection (and a little extra panache) for your home.

Distressed Solid Mahogany Front Door

This material may give the look of a vintage and distressed door, but the structure is anything but antique and worn. One of the most common woods for doors, solid mahogany can give your front entrance a hefty weight of 150 lbs. plus and a thickness over two inches. These doors are easy to install, but incredibly difficult to break down.
Rustica Hardware's solid wood door for higher home security.

Solid Steel Entry Door

Nothing says “high-security door protection” like solid steel. These heavy-duty doors made from galvanneal steel are extremely durable and safe. So much so, that they not only deter burglars, but they also help stop the spread of smoke and fire in your home. The only downside may be the lack of style that a steel door offers, but it’s nothing that a little paint can’t solve.

Steel Core with Wood Exterior Door

The blend of a steel core door and mahogany wood exterior can make for a winning combination when it comes to choosing the best security doors for your home. This structural combination is top among super-secure exterior doors because the steel inner core creates a functionally strong door that offers a fashionable exterior thanks to its outer wood appearance.

Steel & Mesh 

You want the best security door protection but you also want a door that can breathe? These combo doors are crafted with an appealing industrial steel frame and 24-gauge perforated steel mesh. You can even find these doors with an outer layer wood component (such as pine) to give the door a more natural look. Just remember, a steel mesh door – while secure in its own right – isn’t a substitute for a solid front door. Think of this option as more of a secure, secondary screened door for your entryway.

Sliding Meshtec Screen

While not seen as a typical front door option, this sliding patio security door is made of patented stainless steel woven mesh, keeping it secure on the door’s frame. With no bars needed for extra protection, the mesh screen is so durable that it shouldn’t break even if it’s been cut, rammed or kicked – perfect for covering a fragile sliding glass door. And because it’s mesh, you can let the air flow in on a nice day while keeping bugs -- and burglars -- out.
Keeping your family safe and sound is priority number one for your home. These options are just a few of the best front doors for security to choose from in keeping your home safer. But if you still would like a little added security (minus investing in a home security system), then don’t underestimate the power of a door jammer or other burglar proofing tips, tricks and tools.
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