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18 Ways to Update and Style Your Bedroom Door

Tuesday August 25th, 2020
Whether you're looking to completely renovate your home, update a few rooms, or simply give your house a facelift, there is one thing you can do to give your entire place a brand-new look. By updating and styling the bedroom doors in your home, you could end up feeling like you live in an entirely new house. There are seemingly endless ways to refresh your bedroom door, including:

18 Ways to Update and Style Your Bedroom Door

  • Single Door
  • Sliding Barn Door
  • Dutch Door
  • Custom Door
  • Bedroom Door Locks
  • Bedroom Door Knobs
  • Bedroom Door Pulls
  • Bedroom Door Hardware
  • Repaint
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Wreaths
  • Wainscoting and Molding
  • Trim
  • Go Natural
  • Artwork
  • Stencil
  • Distress
  • Decor
Without having to remove walls, completely redo the floor plan, or gut your living room and master bedroom, you can achieve an updated look that is at once inviting, refreshing, and rejuvenating. You might just be surprised by how much an updated door or two can transform the total look of your home.

18 Ways to Update and Style Your Bedroom Door

New Single Door

If you're looking for a completely new look, or you're changing the décor scheme in your house, a new bedroom door might be just what you need. While there are numerous ways to update your doors, if you're changing from one décor style to another, such as farmhouse to modern, the update in style and décor might be so significant that you'd want to go with a modern door, instead. There are as many door styles as there are home décor concepts, so if a new door is what you need, it shouldn't be hard to find one that matches the update in your home's style.

Depending on your budget and remodeling goals, consider switching from a single door to double doors, or a traditional door to a panel or dutch door, instead. These changes not only give you an updated look, but can contribute to improving the traffic flow in your home, as well.

New Sliding Barn Door

Many home styles are being redone in the modern farmhouse or rustic look. This unique style makes use of rustic, antique, and heirloom items, and is beloved by homeowners and guests alike. You can make it as "rustic" or "modern" as desired to fit in with your family, personality, and location.

Homes decorated in the farmhouse style immensely benefit from switching out the builder-grade bedroom doors that came with the house to a bedroom barn door. Not only will this match the overall feel and look of your home, but your bedroom door will also pair well with barn door bedroom furniture, such as dressers, cabinets, storage caddies, and matching closet doors.

If you already have a bedroom barn door style and you're looking to upgrade your current option, consider adding new barn door hinges. New hinges can give your entire door an updated appearance by changing the hinge material, color, texture, or shape.

New Dutch Door

Dutch doors are whimsical and useful options that fit a variety of situations. If you're getting ready to transform a room into a guest bedroom or a nursery, consider a prehung door in the Dutch style. These doors are "split" in the middle, allowing the top half to stand open while the bottom half remains closed. Not only are they a point of interest for many guests, but they create an open and inviting environment.

Dutch doors for guest rooms allow you to display the beauty of a newly made-up room for a guest's arrival. These are popular for many bed and breakfasts or Airbnb type setups. Your guest is instantly welcomed into their room while given a sense of being part of the whole house. They have complete privacy when desired and also have the option to open the top half during their stay. This interior door is ideal if you're planning to host friends, relatives, and guests in your home.

New Custom Door

If you have a special interior door in mind for a unique home that doesn't fit any "style," or you simply want a one-of-a-kind door that no one else has, then you'll want to look into a custom door. Custom doors can come in any size or style, so you can have your take on French doors or install a large western style bedroom door, instead. For enterprising individuals who want to customize every last bit, you can purchase a slab door instead of a prehung door and craft your own doorknob cutouts, hinge placements, and trim. When it comes to custom doors, the sky is the limit. To complete the look of a room, consider matching your closet doors with your bedroom doors, as well.

Bedroom Door Locks

Perhaps you have a lovely enough interior door and you're simply looking to change up the hardware. If so, now is the time to consider adding bedroom door locks. Whether your children are teens, you host guests, or you'd like some measure of increased privacy for your master bedroom, door locks are essential. Sometimes bedroom doors don’t include locks, but they can be essential for keeping the peace and privacy of the family.

If you do add locks to your doors, be sure you know how to unlock a bedroom door from the outside. Many bedroom door locks have "fail-safe" options so you can easily unlock it from the outside in case of a house fire (for example, if your smoke detector goes off and the person inside is sleeping). Check with the lock manufacturer to understand how to unlock a locked bedroom door when their the door lock is installed.

Bedroom Door Knobs

If you love your door but want it to "pop" a little bit more, then consider redoing your bedroom doorknobs. Bedroom door knobs (with locks or without) can go a long way toward making your door look brand new. Choose knobs that match your home décor and go well with the stylistic features of your home.

For modern homes, choose streamlined and slim knobs that feature shiny or dark metal. Rustic and farmhouse styled homes can go with doorknobs in several metal finishes such as oiled bronze and burnished copper. If you have a home accented with shabby chic décor, ornate doorknobs that combine crystal and gold accents will fit perfectly.

Be sure to match knob styles with the room the knob faces into. Colors, styles, and metals should match or complement the overall theme of décor in your home.

Bedroom Door Pulls

If you have a pocket door, a sliding door, or a bifold door, you won't necessarily need traditional doorknobs. Instead, you'll want to change out your bedroom door handles with new ones to give your door an updated, freshened look that matches the rest of your house or a newly decorated room.

Door handles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and metals. No matter what style you have, you'll be able to find an interior door pull or handle to match. Bronze, gold, and crystal handles with ornate surrounds or pulls match well with numerous interior designs, from rustic to shabby chic.

Sleek stainless steel pulls match modern element designs. Dark metal or distressed painted handles fit in well with a farmhouse feel. No matter what style you seek, you'll be able to find a handle that provides an extra layer of pop and matches the décor to complete a look of style.

Bedroom Door Hardware

When you change your bedroom door handle or doorknob, then you won't want to stop there. Once you've done that, you'll want to change your door hardware as well. There's nothing that makes a door seem more disjointed than a rustic, elegant doorknob with shiny stainless steel hinges. Believe it or not, the hardware will clash considerably with your handles, so it's important to match the two things together.

Many times, you can purchase a knob and the hardware together. If you didn't, do your best to match them as closely as possible. If your handle is crystal and gold, then you'll want your hinges to be in a gold-tone. If you have an oiled bronze handle, but you can only find dark metal hinges, that option will be better than your current stainless steel hinges. Always go with hinges that match as close as possible to the rest of your door's hardware, look, and feel.


Most homes come, by default, with white interior doors. White can be a lovely color if you're shooting for the timeless feel of luxury, class, and elegance. However, most hollow core doors are painted white simply because it will match with almost any home design.

If you're ready to dress up your old door to match the color scheme or feel of your home, get out the painter's tape, a tarp to cover your floor, and your overalls. Paint can dramatically change the feel of your home and it could be just the change you need to go from drab to fab.

When painting your interior door, you have the option to match the predominant colors in your home or create an accent wall. Painting your doors with a contrasting color to the rest of your home or room will create a pop of color that is unique and inviting. Make sure the color fits your home’s color palette so that it will be pleasing. If uncertain, test the color out on a piece of your door to get an idea of the color and how it makes you feel. For a uniform look from the outside to the inside of your bedroom, match the paint color of bedroom doors with closet doors.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint on a bedroom door is perfect for children's rooms, guest rooms, and rooms leading to and from central parts of the house. While children can enjoy the chalkboard paint to draw and play, you can also use it to post a message to welcome guests and leave important info such as the weather, Wi-Fi password, other things you want guests to have handy. You can use a chalkboard paint background on an interior door to post favorite quotes or doodles of your own that fit in with the feel and décor of rustic and farmhouse homes.

For an extra fun pop when chalkboard painting interior doors, create a "framed" area where you apply the chalkboard paint rather than painting a large area of the door. You can paint a frame or add an actual frame onto your door to make the chalkboard paint area particularly pop.


If you want some a quick DIY or inexpensive bedroom door décor, look no further than seasonal or all-season wreaths. All-season wreaths create a fun pop of creativity on any door. Consider adding a twine monogram of your last name for a master bedroom or first initial for children's rooms. If you have a garden theme or your home is in a rustic or shabby chic style, consider a simple wreath of lavender sprays, eucalyptus leaves, and lambs ear branches.

All-season wreaths match décor and blend in seamlessly with your style to contribute to the overall feel of your home. They work particularly well in homes that boast a rustic, farmhouse, vintage, or garden feel.

Seasonal wreaths can be changed out regularly, as occasions and holidays occur. For traditional farmhouse wreaths, consider changing out your all-season wreaths with those for holidays like the Fourth of July and Christmas, as well as seasons such as spring and fall.

Wainscoting and Molding

Many people want to dress up the hollow core door that came with their house. If you find yourself needing to change the style of your interior door, but aren't in the position to replace your door, add molding or wainscoting to the front of your door.

Wainscoting can take your door from looking plain and boring to unique and classy. It is often used on walls to dress up central rooms or hallways. Panels of wainscoting can be attached to your door and, when painted the same color as the door, will give the effect of having an entirely new door.

If you don't want an entire panel and would prefer to refresh your door with minimal effort, choose molding instead. Molding is inexpensive and can be cut to any dimension desired. This is an easy DIY project, as the pieces can be installed using only wood glue and finishing nails. Just like wainscoting, once you've installed your trim and repainted your door, no one will be the wiser. Instead, you'll look like you just upgraded your doors with something luxurious and expensive.


In addition to wainscoting or molding, you can change and update the trim around your door frame to give it a fresh appearance. Most door frames naturally come with trim, though some do not. If your doorway has no trim at all, consider installing some. Trim on a door provides your doorway with a completed look that few other updates can provide.

If your door already has basic trim, but you still want to dress it up, consider adding header trim to the top of your door. A header will give the appearance of a taller, more elegant doorway. Be sure to paint all new trim the same color as the rest of your trim for a uniform appearance. The door itself can be a different color, but all the trim should match.

Go Natural

Sometimes the best upgrade you can give yourself is to reveal the natural look of a wood door.

If you have a solid wood door that's been painted over, consider stripping the paint down then sanding, staining, and sealing the natural beauty of the wood.
Solid wood doors can make an incredible statement and provide an extra pop of natural beauty, charm, and elegance. Natural wood doors work exceptionally well in farm and ranch houses, rustic and shabby chic styled homes, Italian villa-style abodes, and any setup where abundant natural lighting, the surrounding landscape, and a rustic feel is predominantly featured.


Are you a DIYer who is particularly handy with a paintbrush and palette? Don't discount the ability you have to dress up your door with a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Take your whole home into account and come up with a design that ties into the overall look and feel of the home. Then, go to town. Create a scene, a design, or pattern that makes you smile when you look at your door. No one said you have to paint your door one color if you have the artistic eye and ability to do more than that. This might only work in an artist's house, but hey, if you're that artist, use the talent you've got and dress up your door.

Consider carrying the design you create on the door to the walls on either side. Door designs that spill over onto the walls create a sense of continuity, interest, and engagement. This idea works exceptionally well on the inside of children's rooms.


If you like the idea of painting, but aren't confident in your own artistic ability, choose a stencil to use instead. Pick a pattern that goes well with your home and colors that effortlessly match your palette.
Stenciling can provide a unique design and pop of color for your bathroom door, pantry door, or other smaller interior door that is usually ignored.

Paint the stenciled pattern in a color that contrasts with your door but goes well with the palette of your home. This will create a unified and cohesive appearance from one room to the next.


For homes that need a little extra rustic or farmhouse quality, you don't need to look any further than your already painted doors. To change up your door without repainting it, distress the door instead. This plays right into the rustic, farmhouse, and shabby chic styles of interior design, and is a relatively simple DIY project that can be done in a day or two, depending on the number of doors you have to makeover.

If you want a more shabby chic feel, then you'll want to redo your door with the chippy paint look. This takes considerably more time and effort, but the end product will be a "brand new" antique door that looks like it came straight out of an old-timey garden cottage.


For those who don't have much time or are working with a smaller budget, one quick and easy way to dress up any bedroom door in your home is by hanging thoughtfully chosen décor. This can be all-season décor, such as a monogram of a last or first name, a fun bedroom sign for a guest room when hosting a new person, a canvas print with artwork, a quote, or a family-favorite verse. Décor can be found in all sorts of places, from crafting stores to antique stores or yard sales.
The most important thing when hanging décor on your door is to make sure it matches the rest of your home. You also want to make sure it fits, doesn't "stick out" awkwardly, and stays securely fixed to your interior door.

Door décor shouldn't ever bang, swing around, or tilt when opening or closing a door. You'll also want to make sure your chosen piece of décor isn't too heavy. Hollow-core doors can only hold a few pounds unassisted. For heavier pieces, such as mirrors and framed artwork up to twenty pounds, consider using a hollow core door anchor to hold your item in place.

Upgrade Your Bedroom Doors Today!

No one says you have to completely renovate your entire home, tear down every non-load-bearing wall, and rip out every piece of flooring in order to give your home a facelift. Sometimes the simplest do-overs make the biggest difference, and putting in a new door or decorating the one you have is no different.

Redoing your bedroom door with a new style, color, look, or feel can instantly rejuvenate a room or bring a sense of completion to the overall style you're going for in your home. Doors are often one of the last things that a homeowner thinks of when redecorating, but they should be considered just as essential to your home as the living room walls and your hardwood flooring. Whether you buy or DIY, you can make your home look like a million bucks just by changing your door.  
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