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What is a Triple Bypass Barn Door?

Monday August 28th, 2023
When we think of barn doors, we usually think of a single large door on a track. And while the single barn door is a classic, the sliding barn door system is much more versatile. The ability to use double barn doors and even triple bypass barn doors creates a doorway that’s as flexible and functional as it is charming. 

Rustica Triple Bypass Barn Doors 

  1. Vertical Barn Wood Reclaimed Triple Bypass Barn Doors
  2. Stern Triple Bypassing Barn Door
  3. Farmhouse French Full Glass Triple Bypass Barn Doors
  4. Metal 5 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Door 
  5. 5 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Doors
  6. 8 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Doors
Triple bypass barn doors are a great solution for closing off a number of spaces. Whether it’s a closet, bedroom, or even an art studio, these sliding doors are hard to beat. But how do these doors compare to regular barn doors? We’ll explain everything you need to know about triple bypass barn doors, including how they work and their unique hardware system. Then, we’ll dive into some of the triple bypass barn door styles offered by Rustica so you can visualize how they can fit into your unique space. 

What is a Triple Bypass Barn Door?

Triple bypass barn doors are different from other types of barn doors because of their hardware system. As the name implies, three doors slide along a track and bypasses each other when opening and closing. 

Bypassing barn doors overlap each other on the hardware track while sliding independently. When fully opened, all three doors rest on one side of the track. Compared to regular barn doors—or even bi parting barn doors that rest on either side of the opening—bypassing barn doors take up a fraction of the space required. This makes them perfect for large openings that have little available wall space on one or both sides of the opening. 

For example, spaces such as a closet, laundry room, pantry, office, bathroom, or living room are perfect for triple bypass barn doors. Anywhere that has a large opening and needs separation from the rest of the house can benefit from the versatility and aesthetic that triple bypass barn doors bring. 

Each Rustica triple bypass barn door comes with our patented triple bypass barn door hardware kit. This system features adjustable brackets, allowing you to modify the distance between each door, creating an effortless door pull experience. 

Rustica’s triple bypass barn door system comes with six barn door hardware hangers, wheels, a triple bypass barn door track, stop, and floor mount door guide. Made in the USA with solid steel, this unique system is fully customizable—allowing you to create a perfect match for your one-of-a-kind barn doors. 

Rustica Triple Bypass Barn Doors 

Now that it’s clear how triple bypass barn doors work, it’s time to get into the most exciting part—the doors themselves! 

1. Vertical Barn Wood Reclaimed Triple Bypass Barn Doors 

If you want a genuinely rustic and weathered look for your designer barn doors, the Vertical Barn Wood Reclaimed Triple Bypass Barn Doors may be exactly what you’re looking for. These doors are made with real reclaimed wood, meaning no two planks are the same. 
As the name implies, multiple reclaimed wood panels are situated vertically, resulting in strong lines that heighten the unique grain pattern and color variations of each panel. These wood planks are anchored to a solid hardwood core, ensuring each door is strong and durable. 

2. Stern Triple Bypassing Barn Door 

The Stern Triple Bypassing Barn Door features metal doors that boast a modern and artistic style. Inspired by a whale-watching expedition, these doors reflect the angled lines and shapes of boats in the harbor. As such, they have multiple straight lines angling away from the triangle glass window at the top right corner of each door. With their elegance and aesthetic detail, these doors have all the makings of a contemporary style home. 

Whether you need to divide a room or upgrade your closet doors, this style offers a sophisticated taste to the design. Bypassing barn doors are perfect for saving space, and can be used in rooms where there’s little clearance on either side of the door frame or opening. Each door slides independently, and our patented triple bypass barn door hardware allows for a smooth and effortless pull.  

If these doors are calling your name, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our designers. As these doors are one of Rustica’s newer products, you’ll be among the first to receive this original door design in your space. 

Fully customizable, you’ll have the ability to adjust measurements, such as door thickness, height, and width, as well as aesthetic touches to ensure these doors meet your exact needs and desires. As there is a glass feature on this design, you can also choose between different glass styles, such as obscured or tinted, to add a more personal touch to your doors. 

3. Farmhouse French Full Glass Triple Bypass Barn Doors

Inviting feelings of warmth and lazy summer days, the Farmhouse French Full Glass Triple Bypass Barn Doors are perfect for cozy cottages and modern farmhouse design styles. They also have an elegant grace to them, making them an ideal fit for a variety of rustic styles and spaces, such as an art studio or pantry.  

These doors feature a prominent glass inlay bordered by a wooden frame. The glass is divided into 15 rectangular panels by a metal grid. All aspects of these charming doors are customizable, including the glass style, wood species, and metal type/finish. 

For privacy, opt for an obscured glass type, such as deep freeze or palm. These glass styles also add a textural aspect to the door. For metal type, choose between steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Then, pick a custom metal finish that reflects your home’s unique aesthetic, such as flat black or white. You can also choose between a variety of wood species, such as alder, cherry, or cedar, as well as a wood finish to protect the wood. For a pure rustic look, choose a clear or glaze finish option that highlights the natural wood tones and grain. 

With so many customization options, you’re sure to create a series of one-of-a-kind doors for your one-of-a-kind home. 

4. Metal 5 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Door 

The Metal 5 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Door is an elegant and modern design, perfect for minimalist and industrial styles. It boasts cozy coffeehouse vibes mixed with contemporary architecture, making it a versatile look for a wide range of interior design styles. 

Each sliding door features a thick and prominent metal frame divided by five horizontal glass panels. With this design, the metal frame and glass features are equal in prominence—neither outshines the other in appearance, giving these doors a balanced appeal. 

Rustica’s customization options allow you to go bold with your design. If you want doors that will stand out, consider barn red or modern gold for your metal finish. Or, if you’re wanting a more simple and minimalist style, opt for the flat black or oil rubbed bronze finish. You can even add door accessories, such as a custom door handle, to your purchase so that you receive everything you need to complete the project at once. 

No matter the finishing touches you add to these custom triple bypass barn doors, they’ll be sure to add a level of sophisticated grace and modern elegance to your room or space. 

5. 5 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Doors 

The 5 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Doors feature the same design as the triple bypass doors above, but with a twist—the thick frame is wooden rather than metal, and the five equal recessed panels are customizable. That means you get to select the insert material of your choice. 

Wooden inserts create a more traditional style perfect for colonial and mid-century style homes, while glass or metal adds a more modern aesthetic. Because the material insert is customizable, these doors truly fit a wide range of interior design styles, from farmhouse to minimalist, and everything in between. 

These custom bypassing triple barn doors are perfect for separating two rooms or closing off a space, such as a laundry room. You can even use them to cover wall shelves in an office or pantry. No matter what you decide to do with your personal triple bypassing barn doors, you’ll be sure to fall in love with their quality design, smooth maneuvering, and effortless pull. 

6. 8 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Doors 

There’s nothing like the comfort and warmth of a solid wood door, especially one handcrafted by expert artisans. That is certainly the case with the 8 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Doors, of which you get three beautiful, strong, and durable wood doors for your home. 

This triple bypassing barn door system features doors that have eight raised horizontal panels running the length of them. These panels are framed by a wooden trim.
Each door slides along a track, and when opened, they sit overlapping each other to one side of the opening. This barn door style is perfect for places where there isn’t enough clearance on either side of the door frame for a bi part barn door system. 

With our incredible design options, you can customize every detail of the 8 Panel Triple Bypass Barn Doors to your exact specification. This includes wood species, finish color, and texture, as well as specific dimensions needed for your door opening. You can even give your doors a weathered or distressed look for historical appeal. Optional door accessories you can add to your purchase include a front and back door handle and support header. 

Triple Bypass Barn Doors Maximize Privacy While Saving Space

There’s no doubt about it: triple bypass barn doors are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They save space with their ability to move independently of each other while resting in an overlapped position on one side of the door opening. Because of this, they are great for areas with little clearance on either side of the opening, such as a pantry, closet, bathroom, or even as a room divider.  

And with Rustica’s patented triple bypass barn door hardware system, installation and use of these doors is a breeze. Our unique hardware system ensures your doors will slide smoothly and open effortlessly.  

If you’re ready to design your dream triple bypassing barn doors, contact Rustica’s design team today! We’ll help bring your vision to life. And, if you didn’t see a design that fits your vision in this list, check out our full list of bypassing barn door options. We’re confident you’ll find a design style you’ll love.  
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