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Doors for Sale: Where to Buy Doors for Your Home

Wednesday February 1st, 2023
At Rustica, we make buying doors for sale online easier than ever! With our custom, handcrafted doors, you can create the design of your dreams with just a few clicks. Plus, the benefit of buying doors online vs. in person is that there are more options available to choose from.  

Rustica Doors for Sale

  1. Barn Doors
  2. Pocket Doors
  3. Double Doors
  4. Slab Doors
  5. Pivot Doors
  6. Dutch Doors
  7. Wine Room Doors
  8. Exterior Doors
We sell a variety of doors, so you’ll be sure to find the right one that fits your needs. This includes farmhouse rustic barn doors, durable exterior doors, stylish pocket doors, and more.

We understand that buying a door online can be a bit intimidating, which is why we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to buy a new door online. This way, you’ll feel confident and supported throughout the process of designing your dream door today.

Rustica Barn Doors for Sale

Barn doors are a unique and popular style door, as they don’t require hinges and a door jamb to function. Because of this, they don’t swing out as regular doors do; rather, the door slides along a track mounted above the wall and is supported by hangers. Our quality and custom barn door hardware system allows for a smooth and effortless door pull, no matter the weight of the door.

Barn doors save you space and serve as a functional piece of art. Because of their aesthetic appeal, there is a variety of different barn door styles. While barn doors are often described as rustic (and we offer our fair share of rustic barn doors), they can also be modern, minimalist, and industrial in design. In this, there is a barn door design for every style preference.

Types of Barn Doors

There are many different types of barn doors available, including single barn doors, double barn doors, bypass barn doors, and bifolding barn doors. You can also include custom barn door hardware, including a track, hangers, wheels, and more for your specific barn door style. All of our barn door kits include installation instructions.

Double Barn Doors

Double barn doors, also known as bi-parting barn doors, are great for wide entrances, such as the entrance to a living room or dining room. Double barn doors feature two doors that run along the same track. Converging double barn doors function by both doors sliding to either side of the track and then meeting in the middle when closed. Any of Rustica’s single sliding barn door styles can be designed as double barn doors.

Bypass Double Barn Doors

Bypass barn doors function differently than converging barn doors. Rather than both doors resting on either side of the track when opened, bypass barn doors overlap one another. They slide independently of each other and require a specialized bypass barn door track system that allows the doors to overlap.

This barn door style is ideal for openings with little clearance on either side of the door. With the bypassing barn door style, you can still add a stylish and functional barn door to the space even in a small area.

To install a bypass double barn door, Rustica provides two different types of bypass barn door hardware kits: a single track system and a double track system. The single track system is preferred for a clean and simple look, as the doors run along a single track. But, the double track system is more flexible than the single-track system and is recommended for heavier barn doors.

Bifolding Barn Door

A bifolding barn door functions by folding in on itself. Rather than the whole door moving along a track, the door is designed with two panels that are hinged together in the middle and slide along the accompanying track.

When opening the bifold barn door, the panels slide and fold in on themselves with ease. When closing the door, the panels lay flat next to each other to create the appearance of a solid and stylish door.

Bifolding doors can be a single barn door or double barn doors. This a great barn door style to consider for small areas with little wall clearance where you need to save space, such as a closet or pantry.

We sell many different barn doors online, but here are just a few of our customer favorites:

1. Z Barn Door

If you’re looking for traditional farmhouse-style barn doors for sale, then you’re in luck. Our popular Z Barn Door features the classic Z pattern, which is still found on “real” barn doors across the country today. With this door, you can bring a classic and timeless style into your home, but with a modern and elegant twist. This a great choice for a master bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen.

The design of the Z Barn Door features multiple wooden vertical panels fitted together with an industrialized wood top and bottom rail, side stiles, and a slanted wood panel (which forms the Z shape) for added strength and to avoid warping.

You can customize this classic interior sliding door to your exact preferences, including height and width, wood species, wood finish, and even wood texture. Check out our wide selection of customization options for this traditional style door—you could design something as unique and creative as you are!

2. Aztec Barn Door

The Aztec Barn Door is an interior sliding door featuring a unique and captivating design that isn’t found on any other Rustica barn door. With its distinct geometric pattern, you can have a beautiful barn door for your modern or contemporary style home.

If you’re looking for a bedroom door to complement your impressive modern style, then this may be the perfect door for you. It would also do well as a bathroom, closet, or office door. Any place is a good choice for this door as long as its beautiful details receive the attention they deserve.

Customize the Aztec Barn Door and hardware to match your unique style, such as a white door with a glamorous gold track and hangers. The customization options are near endless; all that is required is the correct measurements for the space and your innate creative expression.

3. Contemporary 3 Panel Barn Door

The Contemporary 3 Panel Barn Door is a classic, simple, and modern interior door for sale featuring three equal squares set within the door frame. The pattern created with the three equal panels resembles a uniform and collected style, perfect for homes with a clean and modern style, such as contemporary or minimalist.

However, because it features a classic and traditional pattern, it’s also a perfect fit for a wide variety of interior design styles, including mid-century, traditional, transitional, Scandinavian, farmhouse rustic, and more. It will add an elegant and classy appearance to any room, including the kitchen pantry, closet, bedroom, and bathroom, or as double doors for a large room or office space.

The best part is that you can customize the Contemporary 3 Panel Door to make it one of a kind! Check out our wide range of customization options and barn door specifications so you can match the Contemporary 3 Panel Door to your unique style and space requirements.

4. French Quarter Barn Door

Looking for a sliding door to complement your sleek minimalist style? Check out our French Quarter Barn Door, a classic French door with six window panels separated by a metal grid. The base of the interior door features 18⅞’’ of solid metal between the glass and the bottom of the door.

This is a great door to consider if you want to create separation between two areas but still want plenty of light and spaciousness. For increased privacy without sacrificing light, choose a custom glass style, such as palm, fluted, or crested. These glass styles effectively distort the image behind the glass ensuring privacy for the occupants in the room.

Because of how elegant and simple the design is on this French barn door, it matches a variety of interior design styles, including modern, transitional, contemporary, and industrial. This door would work well for an office, studio, bathroom, entertainment room, or living room.

Rustica Pocket Doors for Sale

Pocket doors are a wonderful addition to a space that could use privacy when needed. As an interior door, pocket doors slide into the wall. In other words, they slide into their “pocket.” Pocket doors are a great way to add a stylish custom door to a small space, such as a closet, bathroom, or pantry.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your existing pocket door or you’re building a new home or addition to your home, you’ll want to check out the amazing pocket doors we sell!

When buying a pocket door with Rustica, you’ll find all of our customization options available, including door specifications, such as height and width. An important thing to note when purchasing a pocket door is to measure the width of the space where the pocket door rests, also known as the finished opening. For a single pocket door system, doors should be ordered one inch wider than the finished opening. You’ll find more details about how to find the correct pocket door measurements when ordering your custom pocket door.

Rustica’s metal-framed pocket doors come prepared for the Johnson Hardware 100PD pocket door hardware rollers and track. However, Rustica’s wood-framed pocket doors do not come pre-fabricated for the pocket door hardware or the edge pull. When ordering a wood-framed pocket door, the door must be prepared for all pocket door hardware and pocket door pulls onsite by the contractor or customer.

Here are just a few of the many pocket doors for sale online:

1. Tower Hill Single Pocket Door

An elegant and classy interior door, the Tower Hill Single Pocket Door features a beautiful diamond metal grid pattern overlaid on a thick plate of glass. The bottom section is 20 inches of solid metal, and the metal pocket door frame is 1.5 inches thick.

As a stunning French door, the Tower Hill Single Pocket Door would blend seamlessly with modern, traditional, mid-century, or French countryside interior design styles. Moreover, this lovely door will look phenomenal in a bathroom, closet, pantry, kitchen, bedroom, or office.

Almost every aspect of the Tower Hill Single Pocket Door is customizable, including the metal type, door frame/grid finish, glass style, track length, and more. For metal types, Rustica offers steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. The metal can be finished to match your preference, with a wide range of options such as modern gold, flat black, or satin chrome.

2. Chevron Single Pocket Door

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind door, you’ll be excited to see the Chevron Single Pocket Door. This door is unique because it’s composed of hardwood trimmings from Rustica’s shop, making each door slightly different than the last. In other words, no two Chevron Single Pocket doors are the same, as the wood is always different.

This beautiful wooden pocket door features a unique pattern of three rectangular slots on the top section of the door, and the rest of the door has two large framed rectangles with slanted panels. These artistic areas are divided by the wooden frame, which pulls the whole piece together. The top slots are customizable, and you can choose to have wood, metal, or glass inserts in them.

The Chevron Single Pocket Door is a great door to consider for a bathroom, studio, office, pantry, laundry room, or closet.

3. Ponder Mirror Single Pocket Door

A sleek and modern interior sliding door, the Ponder Mirror Single Pocket Door is a full-length mirror with a thin metal frame. An advantage of this door is that it serves multiple purposes: privacy, aesthetics, and a full-length mirror for getting ready in the morning. Because of this, it would be perfect in a bathroom or bedroom, where it can be utilized daily.

Another benefit of the Ponder Mirror Single Pocket Door is its ability to make the surrounding area feel brighter and larger by reflecting light. For this reason, it would be great for a small room where you want to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

The metal type, finish, door measurements, and more are customizable. For the mirror, you can choose whether it is one-sided or double-sided.

Rustica Double Doors for Sale

The following double doors for sale are true double doors, meaning they are the normal hinged and swinging doors. They are interior doors with custom handles that meet in the middle.

1. True Interior Double Door

The rustic style of the True Interior Double Door features multiple vertical wood panels that meet at a wide horizontal beam on the top and bottom of the door. This simple, yet elegant design has rustic roots, making it ideal for farmhouse, cottage core, southwestern, Scandinavian, traditional, and transitional design styles.

These staple double doors would make a grand entrance to a master bedroom, living room, entertainment room, dining room, office, or library.

Customize the finishing touches on the beautiful wooden doors, such as the wood species and wood finish. This custom double door also includes plenty of specification options, including jamb type, jamb depth, handing (which way the doors swing), height, width, and more.

2. Alley Vineyard Interior Double Door

Looking for beautiful and traditional French doors for sale? You’re in luck, as our classic French style doors, Alley Vineyard Interior Double Door, are the perfect touch to add a little charm.
These elegant doors feature a custom metal frame and diamond metal grid pattern over a thick sheet of glass. The bottom third of the doors are solid metal: steel, aluminum, or stainless steel depending on your choice.

As showstopping double doors, these doors would be perfect in the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, or office. The glass allows for plenty of light to enter a room, creating a sense of openness and spaciousness. This classic French style is perfect for French farmhouse, modern, Scandinavian, shabby chic, traditional, and contemporary design styles.

3. Farmhouse French Full Glass Interior Double Door

Want a cozy and rustic twist on classic French doors? Then the Farmhouse French Full Glass Interior Double Door may be the right door for your home. These beautiful doors feature a wide wooden frame enclosing a thick sheet of glass overlaid with a classic rectangle metal grid pattern.

Imagine entering your master bedroom, master bathroom, living room, or office through beautiful, French inspired doors. They create a sense of luxury and comfort with their wooden features, as well as a modern appeal through the metal grid and glass. Because of this, they fit in nicely with cottagecore, Scandinavian, French farmhouse, midcentury, rustic, and traditional interior design styles.

For additional privacy, you can choose a custom glass style such as frosted, overcast, or deep freeze. These glass styles effectively distort the image behind the glass for added comfort and security.

Rustica Slab Doors for Sale

All interior and exterior doors can be ordered as slab, pre-hung, or preassembled (for sliding doors). A prehung door comes pre-assembled and attached to its necessary parts, depending on if it’s interior or exterior. Or, you can order a door slab, which means the door comes without any additional hardware or attachments. The latter is preferred if you have an existing door frame for your new door, and the former is preferred if you need a new door frame with hardware already assembled.

1. Grandeur Interior Slab Door

The Grandeur Interior Slab Door features a thick wood frame with a large window divided into eight sections. The bottom of the door is solid wood with an artistic square indent to add a flare of character to this stylish door.

With the windows and wood frame, this door has a mix of French and rustic styles with a touch of modern elegance. Because of this, it would be a lovely addition to modern farmhouse, contemporary, rustic, traditional, and cottagecore style homes. With the variety of customization options available, you can easily match the door’s design to the style of your home.

As a beautiful and charming interior door, the Grandeur Interior Slab Door would do well as a bedroom, office, library, or bathroom door.

2. Pump House Interior Slab Door

The Pump House Interior Slab Door is a classic, rustic-style door perfect for farmhouse, traditional, shabby chic, Scandinavian, English cottage, and cottagecore interior design styles.

It’s designed with a wood frame that encompasses several vertical wood panels. The edge is slightly rounded where the vertical panels meet the top frame, adding a touch of character to the door. Near the door handle, the wood frame separates the vertical panels making a top and bottom section of the door. This separation creates a classic design reminiscent of traditional-style homes.

Because of its simple elegance and rustic roots, this interior door would be a great choice for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or office.

3. Watchman Interior Slab Door

A simple and minimalistic style door, the Watchman Interior Slab Door features a wooden frame and full-length window. The glass can be customized with any of our glass styles to add privacy, texture, and character, such as vintage, palm, or spectrum. Or, you can choose to have the window section be a full-length, double-sided mirror for added functionality.

Customize the wood frame to match your unique design style. Because of its simple design, this door would be a great addition to a variety of interior design styles, including minimalist, modern, farmhouse, contemporary, and cottage core.

Place this interior door in a sunny area where you can capitalize on its full-length window, such as a well-lit bedroom, kitchen, office, or studio.

Rustica Pivot Doors for Sale

A pivot door is a hinged door that operates by rotating on a spindle fixed to the top and bottom of the door frame. These types of doors differ from traditional hinged doors in how they operate and the placement of the hinges. Traditional hinged doors are attached and move via hinges on the side of the door frame, whereas pivot doors rotate via the spindles.

Pivot doors are increasing in popularity due to their modern aesthetic, as well as their stable, smooth operation and ability to accommodate the weight of heavy doors. Pivot doors are more weight balanced, as the door’s weight is supported by the bottom hinge rather than the side of the door frame. This results in smoother door operation and increased stability.

Rustica offers a few different pivot door styles to ensure there’s the perfect design for every household. All pivot doors are built using a stile and rail with a solid interior core. As exterior doors, all come at a standard thickness of 2¼ inch.

1. Stature Exterior Pivot Door

If you’re searching for high-quality exterior doors for sale, look no further than the Stature Exterior Pivot Door.

The Stature Exterior Pivot Door features a unique design of large horizontal wood panels intersected on the left side of the door by a thin, vertical window. This modern and stylish exterior door would make a stunning entry door.

As a modern, yet rustic door, it has a unique touch of present-day style along with the flare of western roots through its wood panels. In this, it would look impeccable in modern, contemporary, and midcentury style homes.

2. Manor Exterior Pivot Door

As the name suggests, this beautiful and elegant exterior door gives the sense of entering a manor or a place of luxury and rich history.

The Manor Exterior Pivot Door is designed with a hardwood frame that encloses a large glass window. The glass window features a stunning metal grid design reminiscent of an English castle.

The Manor Exterior Pivot Door would be breathtaking as a front door. With this artistic door as your entry door, you can impress your guests and give them a taste of your impeccable design style. This durable and weather-resistant exterior door blends well with cottagecore, traditional, transitional, shabby chic, and English country interior design styles.

3. Modern Cottage Exterior Pivot Door

The Modern Cottage Exterior Pivot Door is designed with a thin metal frame that holds four large horizontal glass panels divided into sections by metal strips.

Because of its sleek and modern design, this beautiful exterior door is perfect for a minimalist, industrial, modern, or contemporary style home.

As an exterior high-quality custom door, the Modern Cottage Exterior Pivot Door is a great door to utilize as a front door, as it will impress your guests and add curb appeal to your home. To increase privacy, choose a custom glass style such as frosted, fluted, or citrus.

Rustica Dutch Doors for Sale

Dutch doors are unlike any other on the market today. While they’re not as common, they are growing in popularity due to their historical charm and convenience. Dutch doors feature a separate top and bottom section that can open and close independently of each other.

The unique function of Dutch doors makes them ideal for separating two areas while still allowing for interaction between the door. For example, with an interior Dutch door separating the kitchen from the rest of the house, you can effectively keep pets or kids out of food prep areas while still keeping a watchful eye on them.

As exterior doors, they let in sunlight and fresh air while keeping dirt and animals outside or pets and kids inside. This makes them the top choice for classy and modern patio doors. When purchasing any Dutch door on Rustica, you can choose for the door to be either exterior or interior, along with our other selection of customization options.

1. Founders Dutch Door

This classic Dutch door features a wood-framed, nine-panel colonial-style window on the top and vertical wood panels enclosed in a wooden frame on the bottom. Because of its historical character, the Founders Dutch Door would be perfect for traditional, early American, farmhouse, and cottagecore style homes.

As an exterior door, the Founders Dutch Door would make a beautiful and classic patio door where you can keep an eye on the kids outside while letting in the fresh air. On this same note, it would be a great back door or unique entry door. As an interior door, this classic style door would be a great addition to a kitchen, living room, office, or playroom.

2. Original X Dutch Door

If you’ve been searching for a great deal on a classic, rustic-style Dutch door, the Original X Dutch Door is perfect for you! The bottom half features the classic X design we know and love, while the top half features a simple, large window encased in a wooden frame.

This door is unique in that it is both traditional and modern—the minimalistic window is a contemporary style, while the bottom half is purely rustic. This combination creates a one-of-a-kind door perfect for modern farmhouse, cottage core, minimalist, early American, and traditional style homes.

Whether the Original X Dutch Door is exterior or interior, it would be a grand entryway to any space, inducing the kitchen, patio, living room, bedroom, or backyard.

3. Bridge Dutch Door

The Bridge Dutch Door is a beautiful bridge between the classic Dutch door and the elegant French door. The bottom half is much larger than the top half, and features simple wooden panels enclosed in a thin metal frame. The top half is a metal-framed window with a lovely diamond grid pattern.

This unique custom door is full of character, and can be customized to match your home’s design style, including French farmhouse, cottagecore, traditional, transitional, or shabby chic—just to name a few.

Rustica can design this door to be either exterior or interior. Imagine this door separating the kitchen from the living room or as a beautiful entry door to an office. As an exterior door, it would be stunning as a patio door off of the master bedroom or as a marvelous back door.

Rustica Wine Room Doors for Sale

If you have a wine cellar in your home, you definitely need an elegant, custom wine door to set the tone for your impressive wine stock. Luckily, Rustica sells a variety of wine doors, so you can find the perfect wine room door to match your unique and luxurious style.
Wine room doors can be ordered as single or double doors, and are designed as traditional, hinged doors. All of Rustica’s wine room doors are weather-stripped and include a door sweep.

1. Tuscan Wine Room Door

The Tuscan Wine Room Door features an arched top frame inspired by Mediterranean architecture. It’s a solid wood door composed of wooden panels set within a distinct polished frame. This door is simple in design, yet elegant and classy with the characteristic rounded top.

Because of its rustic and graceful appearance, the Tuscan Wine Room Door blends well with Italian, bohemian, modern farmhouse, English country, traditional, and transitional design styles.

2. Hudson Wine Room Door

If you’re looking for a rustic-style wine door, the Hudson Wine Room Door may be the perfect addition to your wine cellar. With a large glass window encased in a wood frame, you can showcase your impressive wine display. The bottom section of the door features the classic X found on traditional barn doors, which adds a rustic twist to an otherwise modern door.

To add privacy and artistic detail to the Hudson Wine Room Door, customize the glass style with a unique and textured design such as crested, fluted, or vintage. As a modern and rustic style door, it would match a wide range of interior design styles, including modern farmhouse, southwestern, rustic, traditional, transitional, and shabby chic.

3. Traveler Wine Room Door

The Traveler Wine Room Door is a modern minimalist or contemporary designer’s dream wine door. It features a thin wooden frame that holds a full-length glass window. The window has two metal grid pieces: a thin horizontal strip near the bottom of the door and a thin vertical strip to the right of the door near the handle.

This design features clean lines and subtle excellence, which complements modern, minimalist, transitional, and contemporary style homes. To add more character and privacy to the glass, choose one of Rustica’s custom glass styles, such as frosted, retro, or citrus.

Rustica Exterior Doors for Sale

Rustica’s beautiful front doors are something you don’t want to overlook! We offer a wide selection of exterior doors with different door types to choose from, including wood front doors, metal front doors, exterior double doors, and more.

1. Boat House Front Door

The Boat House Front Door is a beautiful wood front door featuring a large window divided into six sections with a thin wooden grid. The bottom section is solid wood with an indented square to add a touch of character to this simple, yet elegant front door.

The large window piece and rustic wood finishing on this quality door make it the perfect fit for contemporary, modern farmhouse, rustic, traditional, early American, and transitional style homes. Just imagine the sunlight beaming into the surrounding areas of your home with this beautiful door.

For added privacy, consider a custom glass style such as spectrum, palm, or crested. These glass styles effectively distort the image behind the glass without sacrificing natural light.

2. Pioneer Front Door

An elegant and sophisticated rustic-style door, the Pioneer Front Door features a simple design of six wide horizontal panels that fit the length of the door. Because of the simple design, this wood front door will match plenty of design styles, including modern, contemporary, rustic, southwestern, traditional, and more.

As a custom entry door, you can choose the finishing touches to make this the perfect front door for your home—simply customize the wood finish, height, width, door thickness, wood texture, and more.

3. Drift Exterior Door

If you want a unique and modern front door for sale, then the Drift Exterior Door may be the perfect door for you. Inspired by the crisp lines of an ocean liner, this solid metal door has a large angled swath of glass cutting through the middle of the door.

This distinctive design is perfect for minimalist, beach, modern, and contemporary style homes. Because of our variety of customization options, you can make this door as creative as your tastes. Choose between steel, aluminum, or stainless steel for the material of the door, and customize the metal finish to match your home’s style.

The Drift Exterior Door would make a stunning front door. With this contemporary style door, you set the tone for your home: modern, stylish, and one-of-a-kind.

How to Buy a New Door Online

Buying a new door online is a fun and easy process. Simply follow these instructions, and you’ll feel more than ready to purchase your new Rustica door today!

Step 1: Pick a Door Type

The first thing to consider is what kind of door you want, and whether you need an interior or exterior door. Rustica offers a wide range of different types of doors, including swinging hinged doors, barn doors, and pocket doors.

To determine the type of door you want, you’ll want to take into account the surrounding area. For example, is there enough clearance on either side of the existing door opening to accommodate double barn doors? What about a single barn door?

Once you know the type of door you want, you can start the next step, which is choosing the perfect door style for your home.

Step 2: Select Door Style

One of the best parts about buying a new door online is seeing all the different door styles available. While having plenty of options is nice, it can also be overwhelming when deciding which style is best for your home.

To determine the right door style for your space, it’s important to consider your current interior design style. Is it minimalist, farmhouse, or southwestern? By considering the general style of your home, both interior and exterior, you can start to envision which door will be the best match.

For example, if you know you have more of a relaxed, comfortable, and vintage style (such as shabby chic), you’ll probably want a classic wood door with natural colors and distinctive features.

Take your time and go through the door style options available. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect style for your home!

Step 3: Customize Door

Here comes the fun part: you get to make your door unique and one-of-a-kind with our wide range of customization options. Plus, you can input the exact specifications you need for the new door, such as height and width measurements, door knob boring placement, bore hole backset, handing, and more.

To make this step more efficient, gather all your measurements ahead of time, such as the height and width of the door needed. All of our customization options include important information and tips to help you choose the best option for your new door, but if you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team—we’re always happy to assist!

Step 4: Submit Order

You did it! You’re at the final step—all you need to do is input your shipping, billing, and payment information. During the checkout process, we list all the information you chose for your custom door, so you can double-check the customization options to ensure you receive the right door for your needs.

Once you submit your order, we’ll provide shipping information so you can keep track of your order.

Ready To Buy a New Door for Your Home?

If you have a dream door in mind, you can bring that dream to life with a handcrafted, quality door. Rustica only uses the highest quality materials and hardware for our custom doors. Handcrafted here in the United States, we’re the world’s most trusted source for designer doors and hardware. Go ahead and get started by designing your dream door with Rustica today!
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