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Contemporary Barn Door Hardware and Barn Doors to Create a Sophisticated Look

Wednesday March 9th, 2022
Sliding barn doors aren’t just for rustic, shabby chic, and antique-styled homes. In fact, sliding barn doors can fit into a wide variety of interior designs, from art deco and industrial to boho and contemporary. But no door would be complete without equally fitting contemporary barn door hardware. Rustica offers a full lineup of contemporary barn door hardware including:

Contemporary Barn Door Hardware

  1. No Show Barn Door Hardware
  2. Ultra Modern Barn Door Hardware
  3. Low Clearance Barn Door Hardware
  4. Modern Box Track
  5. Low Clearance Barn Door Hardware for Double Doors
  6. J Track
  7. Tube Track Barn Door Hardware
  8. Bifold Barn Door Hardware System
If you want a completely contemporary look, you’ll want to choose a door and a contemporary barn door hardware kit that feature both the classic features of contemporary design. When you land on the right combination of door and hardware, you’ll have a feature in your home fit to grace the cover of a magazine.

What is Contemporary Interior Design?

Contemporary interior design is defined by several characteristics, including clean lines, sophisticated styling, sleek and contrasting colors, and an overall feeling of light, bright, and clean. When it comes to hardware accents in the home, such as contemporary barn door hardware, metals such as steel, chrome, and nickel are especially popular. Black or another bold color are often used to provide contrast for an accent piece. Wood furniture and accent pieces are also used throughout an interior that features a contemporary design.

When you consider these design concepts and apply them to sliding barn doors and barn door hardware, you get a sliding door with sleek lines that makes an elegant, slightly bold statement in your home. Your contemporary barn door hardware kit should be customized so the chosen finish fits in well with a contemporary design and brings the overall look to current day, rather than harkening back to the traditional, more rustic nature of sliding barn doors.

While you can certainly customize any door and hardware option, you’ll find that some Rustica door styles pair particularly well with rooms that feature a contemporary flair. We also carry several contemporary interior sliding barn door hardware options that fit in well with this interior design style.

8 Contemporary Barn Door Hardware Options

1. No Show Barn Door Hardware

No show barn door hardware pairs perfectly with any contemporary sliding barn door. Since the hanging mechanism is practically invisible, all that shows are the sleek lines of the track and the barn door itself. This provides barn doors with the exceptional appearance of practically floating along the track.

Contemporary barn door ideas that pair with no show barn door hardware include a solid white door and a contrasting black track, a dark door with a metal track, and a white door with black track and matching contemporary barn door handles.

This sliding barn door rests solidly on the track, however, the hanging system is located on the backside of the door. All you see on the front-facing side is the mounting screw that secures the wheels into the backside of the door. Depending on your design preferences, the screw head can contrast with your door color or be customized to blend in.
The no show barn door hardware works well with low clearance doorways and contemporary barn door ideas where space above a doorway is limited, such as laundry rooms, pantries, and closets.

2. Ultra Modern Barn Door Hardware

If you’re looking for a mix of contemporary hardware with a farmhouse feel for your sliding barn door, then the Ultra Modern Barn Door Hardware might be just what you’re looking for. It’s one of our most popular options because it works so well with a wide variety of styles.

This modern barn door hardware features a clean look, sleek lines, and customization options that blend seamlessly for a contemporary look.

If you have a light door, choose a dark metal finish for the classic contemporary contrast in colors. If you prefer a more monochromatic contemporary look, then choose a finish that blends in with the color and style of your sliding barn door. The farmhouse feel is incorporated into this sliding barn door hardware, thanks to the exposed wheel and mounting hardware that attaches to the front of the door.

3. Low Clearance Barn Door Hardware

Low clearance barn door hardware is perfect for those who need modern barn door hardware that offers the ability to mount a sliding barn door over a door opening that doesn’t have much clearance above it. Thankfully, with Rustica’s low clearance barn door hardware, you don’t have to sacrifice style simply because you have limited mounting space.

The clean lines and rounded front-side mounting hardware creates a unique look that blend in well with homes that feature a contemporary interior design style. As with all of our hardware, this kit is fully customizable. You can adjust the size to reflect the door opening width, pair it with our bifolding door system, and choose the track finish that best complements your interior style.

We suggest choosing a contrasting color finish, such as flat black metal on a white or light-colored door, or a color that blends in with your doors, such as white on a white door, brushed steel on a light-colored door, or another color that matches your door finish.

4. Modern Box Track

The modern box track presents an exceptional, contemporary look for any home that features contemporary interior design as the prominent design theme. The track is ideal for above door space that is limited, since the wheel and rolling system are encased inside of the track.

This track pairs exceptionally well with any large barn doors, a double barn door setup, specialty doors, a glass door, and single sliding door for your home. Every room will benefit from this sleek style, clean look, and perfectly contemporary design.

Customize the track by choosing a darker color to contrast with lighter doors, or a darker color to blend in with wood doors that feature a darker stain. This combination ensures that your track will pair well with the door instead of looking like a standout accessory. Since contemporary design combines and blends colors for an overall clean look, customizing this track to match the look and feel of your interior design is essential.

5. Low Clearance Barn Door Hardware for Double Doors

Low clearance barn door hardware for double doors is a perfect option for large entryways that require two sliding doors and have little clearance above the door frame. The track looks stunning with any modern sliding barn door style, and works especially well for doors in a contemporary design. Whether you install this track system in your living room, the entrance to a bedroom, or in a tight space, like the door frame of a basement bedroom or rec room, you’ll love the extra style this provides.

While this can certainly be utilized for any typical barn door, the sleek lines and contemporary look of this rail and hanger system lend themselves to the clean design of contemporary interior design concepts.

The rail can be customized according to your required track length, door thickness, and matching floor guide. You can choose from our entire range of powder-coated and wet-coated finishes, ensuring your track pairs perfectly with your door. Whether you choose a sliding door with a reclaimed wood look or a sleek, white door, you can customize the track to match your style. Further complement the clean lines and sleek look of the track by choosing matching door handles when you order.

6. J Track

The J Track is another excellent option for door frames with limited space above the doorway. It only requires five inches of space instead of the standard seven inches. This track is ideal when you want to incorporate a modern look into your home and free up extra space by installing sliding barn doors instead of a swinging door.

The J Track works well with double French doors, a single barn door panel, and even sliding barn door shutters and other small sliding barn door setups. Whether you choose to install barn door shutters to bring your windows up to date, or you install it on a sliding glass barn door that features a wood surround, you can customize the track to provide a pop of contrasting color or blend into the colors of the wall and sliding barn door.

Contemporary interior design works exceptionally well with a few well-placed contrasting colors, such as a black track on a white door. In contrast, you can also blend colors together, such as a dark track on a dark wood door or a stainless-steel track on a light-colored or metal door. The choices are up to you, and if you need help deciding, our design team is available to help with custom projects.

7. Tube Track Barn Door Hardware

The Tube Track Barn Door Hardware Kit combines an element of modern interior design styles with a contemporary flair to give you a track and door style that is second to none. The rounded tube is installed above the door, and the exposed wheel rests on top of the sliding barn door tracks.

The exposed tube and wheel present a much more modern feel, but the sleek nature of the system also works well for contemporary designs. Consider customizing your metal finish to reflect the colors already present in your room. Stainless steel pairs well with light colors for blending, whereas flat black pairs well with light door colors to create contrast. To incorporate a modern design into a children’s room or rec room, consider going with a barn red finish and a white door for a fun pop of color while keeping the overall design contemporary.

This track works well for window treatments, interior doors, and multiple barn door panels.

8. Bifold Barn Door Hardware System

If you need some barn door inspiration for your bifold sliding barn door installation project, look no further than Rustica’s Bifold Barn Door Hardware System. This system is uniquely made for barn door style double door panels that fold out to either side of the door opening. The system integrates seamlessly with a contemporary style bifold barn door, and further adds to the overall look of sleek lines and a clean interface.

Choose your metal style and custom color to fully integrate this hardware system into a room that boasts a decidedly contemporary look and feel. You can view a barn door sample with this hardware system on our website if you need inspiration, or you can simply align your color and metal choice to the popular options that pair well with a contemporary interior design.

Top 6 Contemporary Barn Doors

Now that you’ve seen the hardware, you need a door to match. Contemporary barn doors will have the characteristic features of sleek lines and designs that present a clean, crisp appearance.  
Before you choose a barn door for your home, make sure you know how to measure for a barn door. Since everything about your door can be customized, from the measurements and wood to overall design, finish, and hardware, it’s important to spend time making sure your choices are exactly what you want.

Rustica has a lineup of sliding barn doors that were designed with a contemporary interior design style in mind. Use these as a jumping-off point to customize a door that’s just right for your home.

1. 5 Panel Barn Door

The 5 Panel Barn Door is classically contemporary in design and style, and is one of many decorative sliding barn doors that can fit in nearly any room. The unique feature of this door is that you can customize the wood species, the finish, and the inserts. If you’re looking for a door that provides a glass option, this might be what you’re looking for. The barn door panel inserts can be wood, metal, frosted acrylic, or acrylic. With all the ways to customize this beautiful door, you can easily place it in any room, from your laundry room or kitchen pantry opening to a master bedroom closet.

No matter where you place it, this new barn door is sure to draw the attention and approval of family members and guests, alike. Whether you choose to paint this white and contrast it with steel or flat black hardware, or  choose to stain the wood and incorporate a hardware system that blends in, you’re sure to love the final product.

2. Contemporary Single Panel Barn Door

The Contemporary Single Panel Barn Door is an interior door that is ideal for any area in the home where you want to install a traditional barn door that will blend into your space. The style pairs well with contemporary barn door hardware, and fits into spaces such as pantry openings, closet openings, bathroom door openings, and other low-key spaces. Whether you want a simple style or you’re shooting for a minimalist contemporary barn door, the Contemporary Single Panel Barn Door is up to the task.

This option is crafted from a single door slab and features a sleek frame of wood that gives the door the appearance of having a middle panel. Though any barn door hardware kit could be featured with this door, it looks especially contemporary when combined with the Ultramodern Hardware in flat black or clear coated raw steel.

As with our other doors, this door is fully customizable. You can choose the wood finish and add additional hardware, such as door pulls and a floor guide. You can also specify the height and width of your interior barn door and add a mounting board if you need one.

3. Contemporary Classic 6 Panel Barn Door

The Contemporary Classic 6 Panel Barn Door is a modern barn door that can blend into interior design styles that feature a predominantly contemporary look or those that mix contemporary and rustic styles. Depending on your customizations, you can maximize the contemporary look by choosing a white paint finish and a barn door track that features clear coat raw steel or a flat black finish. Contrasting a solid paint color with a distinctive metal finish works well for many contemporary modern barn door styles.

If you’re looking for barn door ideas that mix contemporary design with a rustic barn door look, then choose customizations like unfinished or primer white. This will provide the rustic feel you’re looking for while not making it so rustic that it clashes with the contemporary feel of the rest your home.

This six-panel design also works well with a double door set up for wider entryways that require two panels instead of one.

4. Contemporary Z Barn Door

The Contemporary Z Barn Door is another option that mixes a contemporary flair with a traditional rustic design. The Z on this door features a diagonal wood insert that matches up with the top and bottom framing to form a Z with an updated, modern look.

Contemporary barn door hardware that pairs well with this door includes options like the ultramodern hardware in clear coated raw steel or a flat black finish, low clearance barn door hardware, and the J track.
With full customization options available, you can choose both the door and hardware finishes. The hardest part might be deciding whether you want your contemporary barn door to stand out a bit or blend in with your existing decor and color scheme. Either option works with a contemporary interior design style.

5. Contemporary X Barn Door

The Contemporary X Barn Door pairs well with modern and contemporary barn door hardware, creating an up-to-date contemporary barn door look for your home. The door features a classic X with a contemporary flair for a sophisticated and clean fusion of both modern and rustic designs. The top and bottom of the X seamlessly connect with the border that surrounds the door, creating a classic look that is second to none.

Customizations for this door can further improve the contemporary look and feel. Choose a solid paint color and contrast it with a dark metal option, or go with a natural wood look and pair it with a stainless steel track and floor guide. However you choose to customize your sliding barn doors, it’s sure to mix in well with a contemporary interior design style

6. Contemporary 3 Panel Barn Door

The Contemporary 3 Panel Barn Door is ideal for those looking for a modern door with a clear-cut contemporary style. The door is handmade and crafted from MDF with a solid core. The front features three inset panels, giving the door a look of uniformity. The sleek, clean lines are exactly what you want when installing a door in a home with a contemporary interior design.

Customize the door by choosing a finish that pairs well with the colors and features already present in your contemporary home. Go with a light color and contrast it with a dark metal track to create a sliding door that adds a bit of contrast. Alternately, you can choose unfinished wood and light steel to add a bit of rustic flair that a wood door can contribute to any interior design.

Creating a Contemporary Interior Design Scheme

After reading through our suggestions, you might be surprised to see that you can install a barn door made of wood or glass in a home with contemporary design inspiration while complementing the rest of the house. By choosing the right barn door hardware, customizing your selections with contemporary design style guidelines, and picking a door with clean lines, you’re sure to create an interior design scheme that is the envy of your neighborhood.

At, we specialize in providing barn doors that feature a wide variety of looks, decor schemes, and styles. We also offer complete customizations for all of our door and track options so you can choose the exact door and track setup that will look perfect in your home.

Need help deciding which look to choose? Give us a shout by calling 1-800-891-8312 to chat with our design team to come up with just the right product that will fit your space.
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