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7 Reasons to Invest in Custom Interior Doors

Monday June 1st, 2020
If you’re looking to revamp or update your living space, a perfect place to start is to replace older doors with customized modern interior doors. Custom interior doors find themselves in an entirely different category than bulk stock doors. Whether you're comparing closet doors, barn doors, or glass options like French doors, you’ll find that a handcrafted custom door exudes superior craftsmanship and incomparable benefits.

7 Reasons to Invest in Custom Interior Doors

  1. Higher Quality Materials
  2. Unique Look
  3. Match Home Design 
  4. Durability
  5. Beautiful Aesthetics
  6. Simple Installation
  7. Smart Investment
These benefits are true for both interior and exterior doors, and a homeowner should consider purchasing both if they’re looking to increase their home’s worth.

1. Higher Quality Materials 

In comparison with stock doors, carpenters use higher quality materials to craft their interior custom doors. In the process of crafting everything from a wood interior door made of solid mahogany, rich oak, or elegant interior French Doorswhere shimmering glass panels are artfully framed, a carpenter can take the time needed to give every detail their full attention. Beginning with materials purchased from the highest quality companies, carpenters demonstrate their expertise in the design and execution of their custom millwork. You won’t find this same quality in bulk order interior doors.

2. Unique Look

There’s no need to scour the internet for an available replica of that gorgeous door you found on Pinterest. With a custom crafted interior door, you’ll receive the exact style you have in mind. That means that everything from dimension to materials and colors to hardware can also be specifically designed and chosen by you. Many carpenters and companies will also offer expert advice and insight in case you don’t know where to begin. Their expertise might just give you the courage you need to purchase and install a beautiful and innovative set of steel doors, bi fold doors, or that sliding door that you’ve been eyeing on Instagram.

3. Durability

You can trust that a custom door will last for years. Why? Since custom doors are crafted with the highest quality of material and built with impeccable millwork, your door will withstand temperature, time, and wear better than a stock door. Its quality also means minimal maintenance and repair. Custom interior wood doors are better able to absorb new stains and paints than many stock doors.

4. Match Home Design

Replacing an older door for a new, custom-built door can be an easy way to begin the remodeling process. Whether your renovations will continue on past your interior doors or you’re just looking to do an interior facelift by replacing windows and doors, your custom built interior door can be made to match any current or future home design. This is a huge plus that separates stock doors from custom doors since many homes feature unusual or unique details (or have restrictions like in historical homes) that bulk, ready-to-ship doors just can’t match. A custom interior door can be crafted to match the style and color of your home, complementing everything from structure to trim.

5. Beautiful Aesthetics

A gorgeously crafted front entry door makes a powerful first impression. Likewise, a well-made interior door continues to impress and inspire as visitors and guests move throughout your home’s floor plan. Door styles can speak to your personality and character, as well as set an inviting mood for all who enter your home. For example, Rustica’s large selection of barn doors can be customized not only in color and dimension but also in the finishing touches of its hardware.

Choosing the perfect barn door hardware, like track style and design, locks, and pulls can be the difference between purchasing a door that functions and purchasing a door that is as beautiful as it is functional. This is true for all custom made interior doors, whether you’re looking to purchase interior barn doors for your office area or custom bifold interior doors as closet doors. Every customized detail both big and small will add to the overall aesthetic of your home.

6. Simple Installation

All door options, from a set of hinged custom interior french doors to a sliding set of custom interior barn doors, can be purchased with simple installation in mind. Most companies, Rustica included, offer to ship their Dutch, barn, and sliding doors preassembled, with each stile and rail piece already in place. Likewise, glass doors, such as custom size interior French doors, can arrive with each glass panel placed securely within its frame. Additionally, when choosing the prehung option, tracks of modern custom interior sliding doors and hinges of traditional doors come already attached to their custom prehung interior doors.

7. Smart Investment

If you’re looking for max impact on property value, placing custom made interior doors throughout a floor plan is a smart choice. A custom made interior door is a smart investment for several reasons:
  • Increase in Home Value: There’s a reason why many homeowners choose to invest in their properties by replacing both exterior and interior homes—it increases property value! Beautiful interior doors will attract more homebuyers as they imagine themselves living within a home with such beautiful aesthetics in every room. 
  • Lower Energy Bills: Well-built interior doors just like entry doors have the potential of lowering energy bills by helping to maintain the temperature of areas and sections throughout a home. In addition to more savings each month for you and your family, this could be a potential selling point for homebuyers as well. To control energy bills, most homeowners opt for a solid wood door over a hollow core one. 
  • Budget Control: More often than not, buying directly from carpenters lowers your overall cost since you are cutting out middlemen retail companies. You also have the option of choosing materials and details that will fit within a certain price range—the perfect combination of quality and cost control. 
  • Longevity: Since custom interior doors are built to last, your investment will last much longer than if you were to purchase a bulk door from a major retailer. That means less money spent on maintenance and more years spent without the need to replace your door. 
  • Live in a Home You Love: You want to love the space you live in, and you should definitely find joy in looking at it! Design is part of the overall home environment, and there’s a particular type of design that brings each of us the most happiness when a color catches our eye or a structural element brings back memories of childhood. Custom interior doors are a smart investment simply because they’ll bring you and your family more positive energy.

Basic Pricing of Rustica’s Custom Interior Doors

Rustica handcrafts their interior doors with the care and excellence expected of custom built design. Below is the average pricing for the door slabs themselves. Hardware including knobs, handles, and locks are available on Rustica’s site as well for an additional cost. Finishes and textures can be customized as well, often for an additional cost too. The doors below fall into the average range of 3 feet wide by 6 feet 8 inches tall, and most are listed as single panels. You’ll be able to see the other options for custom size interior doors as you move through Rustica’s organized online customization process as well as the cost increase for double panel doors.

Barn Doors (single slab, sliding)$397-$1578
Folding Doors (double door)$1961
French Doors (single slab, hinged)$1537-$1722
Dutch Doors (single, hinged)$1267-$1471

In addition to hardware, texture, color, door design—and materials, such as wood, steel, or glass—the above doors can be purchased with different track systems. For example, a sliding barn door crafted by Rustica can be purchased as a pair of space-saving bypassing doors or a set of flush doors, like pocket doors, to fit the functionality needs of your living area or to finally find the perfect solution to vamping up your closet door or cubby area.

Rustica also offers customization for patio doors and entry doors. In choosing to purchase custom entry doors, you’ll be opting for a smart long-term investment for your property, as well as reaping the many benefits that custom exterior doors share with interior ones.

How to Purchase a Custom Interior Door

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin to design your new sliding barn door, traditional Dutch door, or room-brightening French door.

Cost: You have far more control over your budget when purchasing custom interior doors since you get to choose size, materials, and hardware. Set a budget range before reviewing the options or speaking with the craftsman.
Dimensions: You will need to have an idea of dimensions. How tall, wide, and deep should your door be? Take these measurements and have them with you as your browse websites or meet with carpenters.

Style: Hinges or track systems? Bifolding or bypassing? You’ll want to brush up on your carpentry lexicon so that you know all your options and which system will work and which won’t work in your space.

Design: What color, texture, and details do you want to see on your door slab? Dream big and don’t just settle for the first door you see online. Remember, you’re choosing to customize your purchase, meaning you have an infinite amount of options in comparison to opting for stock doors.

Hardware: Hardware is like the icing on a cake. It’s often what you and others will notice first, especially if it makes a unique statement. That said, hardware is not just a type of aesthetics but something functional as well. Research or consult with experts on the type of hardware that your door requires. Then, you’ll be able to consider the design possibilities.

Custom Interior Doors by Rustica

After purchasing and installing your new custom glass interior doors or interior wood doors, you’ll see and feel a difference in the interior design of your home. Not only will the custom height interior doors perfectly fit your space but their design and quality will perfectly match and reflect your personality.

Once you finish installing your doors throughout your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and office areas, you’ll be tempted to head outside and begin dreaming of the endless possibilities for your entryway and patio doors. Know that Rustica is here to meet your needs with expert craftsmanship and customer service wherever you choose to begin. 
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