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5 Ways to Use Custom Windows in Your Home

Tuesday August 30th, 2022
Where does inspiration come when inside one’s home? It comes from the window—full of light and freedom, where one can ponder about their days and enjoy the overall beauty of nature's wonders. In this way, windows can be much more than just a simple design in one’s home. Custom windows allow natural inspiration to flow, especially when they fit in perfectly with the design you’re creating.

5 Ways to Use Custom Windows in Your Home

  1. Custom Window Shapes
  2. Custom Window Glass
  3. Custom Window Size
  4. Custom Window Designs
  5. Custom Window Hardware
Because windows are essential to architectural design, why not customize your house windows to your exact preference? By choosing the shape, glass, size, and design of your windows, you can create a look that’s as unique and beautiful as the rest of your home.

What Are Custom Windows?

Custom windows allow you to choose the exact size, shape, material, glass, and design of your home windows. With custom windows, you have control of every aspect of the window.  

Custom windows are a better option than what you would find at the hardware store for several reasons. For starters, hardware stores sell the common, standard window, which means there aren’t as many size options or variations in design. This makes window installation tricky, as the hardware store might not sell the size of window you need for your home.

Secondly, custom windows are better for creating a one-of-a-kind look. Perhaps you dream of creating a custom-shaped window with a distinctive architectural look. You simply can’t accomplish this design with a standard hardware store window.

One of the best advantages of custom windows is their energy efficiency. You can enhance the energy efficiency of your windows by choosing the glass and number of panes, such as double or triple pane glass. By choosing an energy efficient material, such as vinyl windows, you can create impressive savings on your energy bill each month.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement window, looking to upgrade to more energy efficient windows, or you simply want to create a distinctive design for your home, custom windows are the way to go.

Are Custom Windows Expensive?

The expense of custom windows is a frequently asked question, and the answer depends on quite a few factors. The material used, window type (such as transom window vs a picture window), and how many new windows you need will all affect the cost.

The benefit of custom windows is that they will save you money in the long run because they’re more energy efficient than standard hardware store windows. Plus, custom windows are higher-quality because they’re designed specifically for your home, rather than being mass-produced. Because they’re of higher quality, they will last longer and won’t need replacing for several decades.

5 Ways to Use Custom Windows in Your Home

There are many ways to incorporate custom windows into your home. If you’re looking to make create a one-of-a-kind statement piece, consider these personalization options:

1. Custom Window Shapes

Nothing draws the eye quite like a custom shaped window. Imagine a large dome-shaped window in the master bath letting in the rays of morning light. Or, you could think outside the box and design a custom-shaped circular window with embedded geometric shapes in the design.

Think of a European cathedral and the beautiful stainless glass windows lining the ceiling and walls. These windows come in a variety of shapes, such as triangles, octagons, and hexagons. You can achieve beautiful architectural details like these in the comfort of your home with a custom shaped window.

Custom shaped windows work well with any home style, whether that be modern minimalist or farmhouse rustic. Plus, a uniquely-shaped window raises property value and adds curb appeal to your home.

The possibilities are endless, and with custom window shapes, you can create a distinctive architectural look that stands out.

2. Custom Window Glass

Custom window glass isn’t the standard clear glass found on most windows. It is glass that has a unique finishing. Custom glass typically has a tint or texture that adds style while also offering more privacy. You can also choose a custom glass based solely on the aesthetic it creates for your home design.

Custom glass is perfect for areas where privacy is of the utmost importance, such as a bathroom or shower, without sacrificing natural light. Another area of the home that is perfect for custom glass is the transom and sidelights of your front entryway. Not only can you create a unique and distinctive look for the entrance to your home, but you can also maintain privacy when people approach your door.
Custom window glass comes in a variety of finishes, including tint, overcast, and frosted, just to name a few. If you want to create a look that stands out from the rest while adding curb appeal to your home, consider adding a stain glass finish to your entryway windows.

3. Custom Window Size

If you’re a homeowner looking for a replacement window in an older home or custom home, the window you need probably can’t be found at the local hardware store. This is because older and custom homes usually have windows that don’t fit traditional specifications.

By choosing a custom window, you can have it sized to the exact specifications you need. Rather than hoping the hardware store has the right size, you can ensure you’re receiving a perfectly sized custom replacement window for your home.

More and more modern homes are boasting the overall beauty of custom windows, with a variance in size, style, and shape. When one of those windows needs to be replaced, there’s no better place to turn to than a window company or service, such as Rustica, that can give you exactly what you need.

On the other hand, maybe you’re in the middle of designing your dream home, and you want a large picture window for your living room. Choosing a custom window size will make your dream come to fruition.

4. Custom Window Designs

Custom window designs are where things start to get even more exciting! Whether you’re redesigning your existing home, adding an extension, or planning the layout of a new build, you’ll want to consider custom window design.
Windows designs come in a variety of styles that add curb appeal and a distinct look to your home. These custom window design styles include:

Casement windows—These windows differ from traditional windows in that they open outward, rather than sliding up or down. Casement windows are ideal for areas where it would be difficult to push the window open, such as a high-placed window or above the kitchen sink. This style is reminiscent of the French countryside, and would look perfect in traditional, modern, and farmhouse style homes.

Double Hung Windows—These style windows closely resemble traditional, single-hung windows, but hey have an interesting twist—both the upper and lower portions of the window can slide up or down. With single-hung windows, the upper portion cannot be moved or opened, only the lower portion can. Double hung windows are versatile in that they are stylish, let in more airflow, and are easier to clean. 

Bay windows—If you want to create a cozy reading nook or a little alcove in your home, consider adding bay windows to the area. Bay windows are three or more windows that angle out from the house. Bay windows can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the distinct angle of your home. They are perfect for letting in natural light, airflow (if they’re functional), and create a space of peaceful serenity as you read your favorite book.

Picture Windows—If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and have always dreamed of large, floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll love picture windows. Window walls are a similar window design, but on a much larger scale than picture windows and encompass the entire wall. Picture windows are large and designed to showcase the beauty of the outside world. Because of this, they typically feature a single plane of glass without grilles.

Transom Windows—This style of window is directly above a door or larger window and serves to let in more light. Usually inoperable, they add style to one’s entryway and can be placed over any windows where you would like more light.
These window design styles are just a few examples of the many custom window designs available today. If any of these unique styles intrigue you, be sure to consult with Rustica’s design team to create a high-quality, custom window design for your home.

5. Custom Window Hardware

Any artist or interior designer knows that beauty is in the details. While window hardware may seem unimportant at first, it’s the final touch that completes the whole design. With that said, it’s worth finding window hardware that not only matches the style of your home, but completes the distinct look of your custom window.

With custom window hardware, you have more options to choose from than what you would find at the local hardware store. You can choose the locking mechanism, window grids, cranking handle (for casement windows), and frame that is unique to your window.
On a similar note, consider adding a barn door shutter to add a sense of style, privacy, and energy efficiency to any window design.

Plus, with the option to customize window hardware, you can choose specialized grids to create beautiful geometric shapes. With the freedom to customize your window down to the finest details, you can create a truly remarkable window with a distinctive architectural design.

Creating The Custom Window of Your Dream

Whether you want to keep up with modern design or you favor the traditional style of older homes, custom windows are the solution to create the look you want down to the very last detail.

Let your mind explore the possibilities that a custom window can create. Your living room can serve as a thriving plant sanctuary with picture windows that let in ample sunlight. If you desire luxury, imagine a skylight window above the bathtub that allows you to watch the passing clouds as you soak the day’s stress away.

Custom windows allow you to be creative and think outside of the box of standard hardware store windows. They are also ideal for replacing hard-to-find sizing, and can serve as an upgrade to your home’s energy efficiency.

No matter the size, shape, glass, or design you’re looking for, Rustica can create the custom window of your dreams. If you have a dream in mind of the perfect window for your home, then what are you waiting for? Consult with our design team to create your custom windows today!
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