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Glass Walls for Offices and Interiors


Glass Walls for Offices and Interiors
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Glass Walls for Offices and Interiors


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*Please note that products are typically combined and fulfilled together with the longest lead time. If you prefer a shorter lead time product to ship sooner please submit separate orders.*
*We are currently experiencing supply chain complications and constraints that affect our ability to build quickly. Please visit this link for more information on how these conditions are impacting production and causing delays*
We have the fastest build times in the industry, please call Customer Service for the most accurate build time estimate.

Window Walls | Cubicle Walls | Office Partition | Steel Partitions

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks

Need more natural light in your space, or a way to divide a room without making it feel too closed in? A window wall is an excellent solution for either scenario—and many others. Glass walls allow you to brighten up the space while adding function, similar to a sliding glass door but on a larger scale.

15 Ways to Use Window Wall Partitions in Office and Residential Spaces

  1. Office Conference Room
  2. Office Phone Booth
  3. Office Break Room
  4. Office Cubicle Walls
  5. Office Space Separators
  6. Office Resource Library
  7. Overlooking a View
  8. Indoor Green Spaces
  9. Indoor-Outdoor Spaces
  10. Sunrooms
  11. Private Bathroom
  12. Home Office
  13. Living Space Dividers
  14. Bedroom Suite Dividers
  15. Home Gyms and Spas
Today's modern office is much more creative than it used to be. The best offices feature lots of light, productive cubicle space, and an office layout designed to meet the needs of the typical worker. Businesses design their offices to be a positive space for both work and wellness.  

Window walls are trending because they maintain a nice flow throughout the office space, allowing light to come in and offering a less isolating atmosphere than offices divided by traditional walls. Homeowners can also benefit from window walls to separate personal space in a modern way.

What is a Window Wall?

A window wall is designed to separate space in a modern and open way. These interior wall structures are made with a high-quality metal frame and contain a large glass feature. 

Glass is what makes a window wall what it is, and it is the most important part of this partition style. It allows for clear visibility between rooms and abundant light flow while still creating separation between two or more spaces. The use of metal windows for the glass wall system creates a sophisticated and open feel, perfect for a busy office or contemporary style home. 

Rustica offers a glass wall system with a modern metal grid that adds style and character to  office glass partition walls. When ordering this product with one of our designers, you’ll be able to customize your window wall for your unique space. This includes the exact dimensions you need, as well as aesthetic touches, including the metal frame and grid finish. While there are several different types of windows, Rustica recommends using insulated tempered glass as your window type, as it is one of the strongest, safest, and most durable glass options. You can also choose a textured glass style, such as overcast or citrus, to add privacy without sacrificing natural light. 

A window wall is also called a glass partition wall or office glass partition. As you’ve probably figured out by this point, they are most often used in modern office spaces. However, they can also be used in a home office or personal workout room. It’s important to note that the office glass partition Rustica offers is for interior use only, and isn’t designed to be an exterior wall. It is specifically designed to separate interior spaces, such as office cubicles or conference rooms. 

15 Ways to Use Window Walls in Office and Residential Spaces

There's no need to settle for dull office partitions, cubicle walls, fabric walls, and wall dividers in your open office space. Instead, opt for a window wall, which has several potential uses in the office and home. The following ideas can inspire you to create a beautiful, open window wall system in your space.

1. Office Conference Room

An office conference room needs privacy, but there's no reason to completely close it off from the rest of the office space. Instead, you can improve sightlines with large windows carved into the wall, allowing light to come through the office environment.

Glass office walls can perk up the conference room, too. According to Harvard Business Review, natural light boosts the worker experience. In fact, research suggests that workers believe natural light and views are two of the most appealing characteristics of an office environment, and happy employees often lead to more productivity.

With a window wall in place of drab walls or partition panels, your meetings can stay bright and effective while still giving them the privacy they need.

2. Office Phone Booth

Today's offices are finding more and more office phone booths, also called office pods or meeting pods, within them. Each pod is almost like a portable office within an office, giving workers a soundproof, private space in which to conduct business or make important phone calls. They typically include office furniture, like desks and chairs. They're especially helpful for small office spaces that may not have enough room for large partition walls, but still need to block out noise and maintain privacy.

These booths often have a glass door that allows others to see when it's in use. More permanent booths might use a sliding glass barn door for entry. However, a larger pod or permanent office phone booth could accommodate window walls all around to allow more light into the space.

3. Office Break Room

If your break room is similar to those in many traditional offices, it probably has a drab style that's more subdued than uplifting and energizing. Swap out regular walls with a glass wall system, and it could be the perfect renovation for the break room.

The office break room is where employees go to relax and take their minds off work for a few minutes. However, it can also be a rejuvenating place if used correctly. Glass office walls overlooking the office or a beautiful outside view can make breaks even more enjoyable for employees.

4. Office Cubicle Walls

Office cubicle walls are often made from movable panels, freestanding dividers, or traditional walls; meaning they're private, but also pretty isolating. While office workers do need privacy at times for meetings, phone calls, and other work tasks, many of them may also thrive on socialization. And socialization can sometimes be as simple as creating a modern cubicle that allows people to see their fellow employees in the office.

Glass office partitions allow for more sightlines, natural light, and a better sense of community in the office environment. For the perfect blend of light and privacy, consider making one or two private cubicle walls and the others glass.

5. Office Space Separators

Room dividers provide an affordable solution for offices to separate areas of the space without adding regular walls and taking too much space from the office floor—like creating a series of individual offices or conference rooms. Additionally, they make for a more fluid environment in which workers can move the dividers where they need them at any point in the day.

Rather than use traditional dividers without the ability to see through, consider windowed portable office walls instead. Glass dividers can create makeshift meeting spaces, break areas, and office cubicles while leaving the space feeling open and breezy.

6. Office Resource Library

An office resource library is where staff can go to research or gather the information they need for the job. But there's no reason that these rooms need to feel secluded from the rest of the workspace.

A window wall system can solve that problem. Build it to surround the resource library instead of using traditional walls. Then, staff can browse the library as needed, but still view the office and take advantage of the natural light shining in.

7. Overlooking a View

Traditional windows installed in home or office walls simply don’t do justice to beautiful views outside. Fortunately, an exterior wall filled with large windows can. Window walls are perfect for overlooking a gorgeous view that can instantly make people feel happier, whether that's your family or your coworkers.

The best part is that window walls can hold stationary windows that don't open or operable windows that do. So, if you'd like an eye-catching view with the addition of fresh air, you can opt for a few operable windows that allow for that.

8. Indoor Green Spaces

Modern offices are latching onto the idea of bringing the outside in. Research published in HortTechnology by the American Society for Horticultural Science explored the relationship between green space in workspaces and their effects on workers. Using data from multiple studies, the author found that green spaces improve moods, boost physiological responses, and give workers higher job satisfaction. Of course, using indoor green spaces in the home doesn’t hurt either.

Because greenery typically enjoys light, it's a good idea to treat an indoor green space like you would an outdoor one, allowing plenty of light in. A window wall  partition on at least the exterior wall of the green space can let in a reasonable amount of light to keep your plants happy. But, adding another window wall within the space can also let employees or household members see the green space easily from other areas, which could lead to a quick mood boost.

9. Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Indoor-outdoor spaces provide a smooth transition from the interior of the home or office to its outside. Typically, a wall with lots of windows divides the inside from the outside to give you a beautiful view of the outdoors.
In other words, window walls are perfect for these spaces. Add a window wall system to the exterior wall where your patio sits to create more of an indoor-outdoor feel, complete with a large glass sliding door.

10. Sunrooms

Sunrooms are all about natural light, so they need as many windows as possible. The window paneling from a window wall system doesn't need to be reserved only for residential spaces, either. Instead, consider incorporating a sunroom into your office design to make a relaxing and uplifting space for employees.

A sunroom could become an excellent place for a work break, or even a makeshift office or meeting room. Depending on the glass type you choose for your window wall, a sunroom can still have a sense of privacy, too.

11. Private Bathroom

Add a window wall partition to a private bathroom that overlooks a pretty view to create a tranquil space. A window wall surrounding a soaker tub can be perfect for a room with a modern design and a gorgeous spot near nature. If you need a little more privacy, consider using frosted glass or other glass designs to allow light in. Mirrors are also an option to create a space to get ready while maximizing the existing natural light.

12. Home Office

Brighten up a home office space just like you would in an onsite office space by using window walls. Swap out an exterior wall with a wall full of windows to lighten the room, boost productivity, and keep you feeling refreshed and focused.
If you have an office space that two people need to use, add glass office partitions. They'll block out some noise but leave the space open instead of closed off.

13. Living Space Dividers

Do you have a large living space that you want to divide into two or more areas, like an oversized living room that could function as both a living area and playroom? Room dividers can also separate a dining area or living room from a home office or den.
Instead of using traditional room dividers for the job, consider a window wall with or without sliding glass door panels. The glass partition keeps the space open and airy but helps define each space as its own area.

14. Bedroom Suite Dividers

Large bedroom suites can sometimes benefit from defined areas that add function and style to the room. Use a wall of windows to separate a walk-in closet, changing area, or living space within a bedroom. Using a window wall, you can also divide larger bedrooms into two or more rooms, like a bedroom with a library or play area.

15. Home Gyms and Spas

People are placing an emphasis on health and wellness, and as part of that push, many homeowners have decided to create a space within their home to workout and/or relax. Adding a window wall  to your home gym or spa setup is a great way to partition the area from other spaces of the home, especially if the room serves multiple purposes.
Add a little function to the window wall by swapping out the glass panel for mirrors. This allows you to focus on your form while eliminating outside distractions.

Window Wall Benefits 

Glass office partitions come with many advantages, making them well worth the investment for your home or workspace. From increased natural light and open spaciousness to aesthetics and sound insulation, the following benefits will surely inspire you to design a window wall of your own: 

1. Natural light

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a glass office partition is the free-flowing natural light that's able to steam throughout the room through the office windows. Natural, soft light is incredibly important for a work environment, as it boosts employee morale and creates a comfortable space to work in. It can also save on electricity bills due to a decreased need for multiple lights. Conversely, office cubicles with solid curtain walls can create a gloomy and uninviting workspace. 

2. Open Spaciousness

Multiple solid wall offices and cubicles can make a space seem cramped and small. A window wall does the exact opposite by opening up a room and making it seem larger. Plus, modern offices and homes are usually designed with an open floor plan, of which  glass wall systems fit perfectly. Open spaciousness also allows employees to  see each other clearly, which helps with camaraderie and collaboration. 

3. Aesthetics

There’s no denying the modern look an aesthetic a window wall brings. And, with Rustica’s high-quality metalwork, your custom glass partition will highlight your sophisticated and professional style. 

4. Sound Insulation

With thick, insulated glass in your window wall, you can effectively block sound and create a quiet, private working space without feeling separated from the rest of the home or office. This benefit makes window walls perfect for conference rooms or personal offices where there needs to be separation without the downsides of being closed off. 

Using Window Walls in the Home or Office

Rustica provides custom barn doors for exterior and interior use, and creates custom doors and window walls. In addition, we make every project fit our Rustica Quality Guarantee to ensures your happiness every step of the way.

Contact Rustica to speak with a representative so we can learn more about your space needs and window wall design goals to develop a custom plan that will fit your space perfectly. Or, let the team know exactly what you've envisioned, and Rustica can bring it to life. For your window wall, we'll talk about your space, the wall size you'll need, and the type of glass you want for privacy. Plus, we'll offer some of our best installation solutions to make sure your new wall functions the way you need it to.

Our team of designers and engineers are experts in what they do, so they'll make sure your project fits your standards from start to finish. We invite you to read Rustica reviews from real customers to see what they're saying about our custom projects. Then, give us a call at 1-800-891-8312 to talk about your project and get started on your new window wall.

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