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8 Reasons to Install Commercial Storefront Windows and Doors

Wednesday February 22nd, 2023
As a business owner, you want to do everything in your power to reach new customers and promote your business. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, storefront windows and doors are the best way to attract potential customers or clients. Here's why:

8 Reasons to Install Commercial Storefront Windows and Doors

  1. Durability
  2. Quality
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Creates a Good First Impression
  5. Promotional/Marketing Opportunities
  6. Comfort
  7. Customization Options
  8. Energy Efficiency
Storefront windows and doors are worth the investment, as they serve multiple purposes. With glass storefront windows, you can optimize your marketing strategy, add comfort and openness to your space, save on energy, and much more.

How Do Commercial Windows Differ from Residential Windows?

At first glance, a window is just a window—but there’s so much more that goes into the manufacturing and installation process than you’d initially think. Structural integrity, glass needs, energy efficiency, window treatments, and installation requirements are just a few important factors that go into purchasing a window for a residential or commercial property. Furthermore, residential and commercial buildings have separate regulations for windows. For a commercial space, you have to have commercial grade windows that are up to code.

Commercial windows are designed differently than residential windows because they serve different purposes. Not only that, but they are also usually a part of a much larger and structurally different building than the architecture of a home. Here are some of the key differences between commercial and residential windows:

Glass strength—Commercial window glass has to be stronger than residential window glass because the window is usually much larger, and it has to face the onslaught of severe weather. The glass needs to have higher structural integrity than residential glass because it has to provide structural support for the rest of the building.

Material—Storefront windows usually have multiple picture windows supported and sealed together with aluminum or steel PVC frames. The frame material has to be heavier, thicker, and more durable to be structurally sound. Residential windows, on the other hand, can be vinyl, wood, or metal, and don’t have strict material requirements.

Installation—Residential windows are easy to install, and many come pre-made. Commercial windows are more labor and time intensive, as they are custom-built, glazed on sight, and have to be installed or hung with specialized equipment, such as a crane.

Glazing—Commercial glass doors and windows have much different glazing needs than residential windows. Generally, there are more windows in a commercial space, and more people, lights, and electronics create an “internal-load-dominated building.” This phrase refers to how commercial buildings generate more internal heat than residential ones, so commercial windows need to effectively reduce heat transference from sunlight. Because of this, the glass is reinforced with high-performance glazing and coated with special materials to deflect sunlight and help stabilize the internal temperature.

All this isn’t to say that residential windows aren’t strong or structurally sound. They certainly are, but they don’t need to be as strong or durable as commercial windows because they serve a different purpose. For example, commercial storefront windows and doors typically consist of an entire wall. You can imagine how strong and sturdy the glass and metal frame need to be in order to be structurally sound.
Lastly, commercial windows have different window repair needs, and usually require professional commercial glass services. If you think your commercial building is fine with residential windows, think again! Not only would residential windows not serve their purpose well in a commercial space, but they would also be going against the North American Fenestration Standard for windows in a commercial building.

8 Reasons to Install Commercial Storefront Windows and Doors

If you’re hesitant to add commercial storefront windows and doors to your commercial building, keep reading for the eight key benefits for doing so:    

1. Durability

When you think of a glass wall, you don’t automatically associate it with “durable.” However, modern storefront glass windows and doors are more durable than ever, and are extremely strong and sturdy. They can support the structure of the building, and hold strong against the prevailing wind, hail, and rain.

This is why it’s so important to install commercial grade windows and commercial glass doors on your storefront entrance, as they’re designed to endure the elements and be structurally sound.

Because they’re doubled glazed, fixed into sturdy metal frames, and contain safety glass, storefront windows and doors are very hard to break, and can last for many years. Commercial metal windows won’t need repairing or replacing that often because of their incredible durability and strength.

2. Quality

If you need to upgrade your existing storefront and want to visually display of the quality of your business, then modern storefront windows and doors are the way to go. They offer a view into your business, and give an impression of quality and elegance.

Modern storefront windows and doors glazed with steel frames are the definition of quality. They represent innovation, modern design, and quality appearance, which directly reflects on your business.

With our high-quality picture windows and glass doors, you can make your storefront entrance match the quality of your brand. If you have office buildings, the entrances let clients know they are entering a professional and trustworthy business.

3. Aesthetics

People who pass visually appealing storefront windows and doors will be pleased with what they see. When you upgrade your storefront entrance to represent quality, it naturally gives it an aesthetic touch.

Plus, a commercial building with storefront windows is an opportunity for your creative genius to arise. With storefront windows and doors, people passing by have a direct view of your commercial space, creating an opportunity for you to design visual displays that are aesthetically pleasing and match your brand.

With glass windows and doors, you’ll have a beautiful storefront that will set the aesthetic tone of your business as soon as a customer walks through the doors.

4. Creates a Good First Impression

Your storefront entrance is the first thing someone sees when they enter your business. Everyone knows that first impressions are important, and the quality and aesthetic of your storefront windows and doors will create a solid first impression for potential customers or clients.  

You want your space to represent comfort, safety, and professionalism. The first thing that creates those feelings is a high-quality and professional storefront entrance.

If you have old, dirty windows in need of repair, or an existing storefront entrance without windows, people may not be inclined to enter your commercial building. They’ll either avoid it altogether, or their first impression will be that the business is low-quality or unprofessional. If there is a noticeable lack of windows, and the door doesn’t have a window, it creates a feeling of unease while approaching the building. With that first impression, they are unlikely to give you their business, and you’ll have to work harder to impress them if you actually get them into your store.

That’s why high-quality, commercial storefront windows and doors are so important—they invite customers in, rather than turn them away.

5. Promotional/Marketing Opportunities

One aspect of running a successful business is attracting potential customers and keeping the existing ones happy. One of the best ways to draw potential customers into your store is through beautiful storefront windows and doors and the visual display they create.

Whether someone is driving or walking past your store, your quality steel or aluminum frame windows and doors will catch their eye. Once they look in through the windows, they’ll be able to see the product displays you have. If those displays speak to a need or a desire the customer or client has, they’ll feel inspired to enter your doors and learn more about what you have to offer.

In this way, commercial storefront windows and doors create fantastic promotional and marketing opportunities. You can increase brand awareness, and provide information about your business simply through a window display. In turn, you attract more customers and increase sales.

6. Comfort

As previously mentioned, you want customers or clients to feel comfortable and safe when they enter your building. While storefront windows and doors certainly create that impression on the outside, they also add comfort on the inside.

Whether you have an office building, coffee shop, or retail store, large windows are comforting, as they open the space and don’t make you feel “closed in.” If you have people coming in and out, working on their computer, or sitting at a desk for hours, windows offer a natural connection to the outside world. That connection creates a level of peace and inspiration.

Commercial windows and doors will boost the morale of workers, invite customers to stay longer, and make the space feel more open, comfortable, and hospitable.

7. Customization Options

When choosing commercial storefront windows and doors with Rustica, you have extensive customization options to create a series of unique windows and doors. You can choose the exact dimensions you need, as well as the glass style, metal type, metal finish, window treatment, door pull style, and more.

If you require privacy for your business (such as for a medical facility), but still want to maintain a professional and quality entrance, you can choose a glass style that obscures the inside while still letting in natural light, such as frosted, palm, or deep freeze. This way, your clients feel comforted by the privacy the treated glass offers, but don’t feel closed in by the lack of windows.

You can also spice up your entryway by choosing a metal frame that will stand out, such as using a modern gold or satin chrome metal finish.
No matter what you envision, you have control of all the design details so you receive the perfect commercial storefront windows and doors for your business.

8. Energy Efficiency

High-quality commercial windows and doors are made to withstand the elements, which includes sunlight permeating through the glass. With our insulated glass and commercial grade window treatment, our storefront windows and doors will effectively keep the outside temperatures from seeping in and the inside temperatures stable. In turn, your energy bill stays consistent, and may even drop in price due to the energy efficient windows.

While commercial windows and glass doors allow more light into the space, they’re designed to reduce heat transfer. With specialized glazing and window treatments, commercial windows and glass doors effectively deflect sunlight and heat.

In this way, Rustica’s commercial storefront windows and doors are one of the best energy efficient options you can choose for your business.

Contact Rustica About Our Commercial Storefront Windows and Doors Today!

If you’re ready to give your existing storefront the upgrade it deserves, contact Rustica for a quote on a commercial storefront window and door system today! With a commercial window system, you can make your entryway more visually appealing, add comfort to your space, increase energy efficiency, and attract new customers!

If your storefront entrance isn’t the only place that needs an upgrade, browse our selection of high-quality barn doors and windows for your next design project. We offer several types of windows and doors, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect style for your home or business.

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