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10 Benefits of Commercial Barn Door Hardware

Tuesday November 16th, 2021
Commercial sliding barn door hardware is essential for those planning to install a barn door in their studio, showroom, agency, or any high-traffic business area. The benefits of choosing commercial over residential hardware are many, including:

10 Benefits of Commercial Barn Door Hardware

  • Durability and Weight Capacity
  • Stands Up to High Traffic Use
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Customization
  • Convenience
  • Versatility
  • Multiple Track Options
  • Extra Hardware Options
  • Installation Options
Barn doors have become widely popular for both residential and commercial spaces due to the unique look they can add to any indoor or outdoor space. They’re also highly functional, and provide a diverse array of options for installation and use. No matter what type of interior or exterior area your commercial space has, you can customize a sliding barn door to perfectly match, enhance, and accent your décor.

From industrial and modern spaces to boho, shabby chic, rustic, and traditional farmhouse vibes, sliding barn doors can enhance any location. The hardware that you order with the door, however, should likely be upgraded to commercial grade instead of your standard residential hardware. The reason and benefits of making this swap are many, and you’ll be glad you made the switch.

10 Benefits of Commercial Barn Door Hardware

1. Durability and Weight Capacity

One of the biggest reasons for swapping residential barn door hardware with commercial barn door hardware is durability. Residential doors are frequently used in spaces that receive a lighter amount of use. Even sliding barn doors used for closets, bedrooms, or bathrooms will see far lighter use than any standard business. As a result, the standard barn door hardware is more than sufficient for these doors.

Commercial barn door hardware, on the other hand, is made specifically to hold up against the kind of repeated use that all doors are subjected to in a commercial environment. Even doors that are rarely used in an office setting, such as those that cover the entrance to supply closets, will see more use in their lifetime than the average sliding barn door in a residential setting.
This is true of interior and commercial exterior sliding barn door hardware. Commercial grade barn door hardware is especially intended to stand up to the wear-and-tear common in commercial settings. While you could use standard residential barn door hardware for a while, it won’t be nearly as durable as the commercial sliding barn door hardware.

Another reason commercial barn door hardware is so important is the increased weight capacity of the track hardware and track system. A commercial track system is manufactured to hold a much higher weight capacity than residential tracks. This is because some commercial barn doors are far larger and heavier than those that go into residential environments. A heavy-duty flat track designed to hold the extra weight of a commercial barn door is much more appropriate and safe than the standard hardware used for a residential sliding barn door.

When you’re ready to install a barn door in your commercial space, go the extra step and purchase barn door hardware that is meant to provide the durability needed for years of repeated use with little wear and tear.

2. Stands Up to High Traffic Use

Installing a sliding barn door in your commercial space requires a door track and door hardware kit that is meant to stand up to high-traffic use. The average commercial space, even an office building that only has employees in it, will see far more foot traffic than the average residential location. Because of this, you need a barn door hardware kit that is meant for this constant use.

Just as commercial door hinges are needed for industrial settings, a sliding barn door track system should be installed to meet the needs of your commercial space sliding door. This is true whether you have a wood door, a stainless steel door, or a sliding door made of metal and glass. The material the door is made of isn’t the issue—it’s all about the amount of use the door receives. Even gentle repeated use requires the more durable track and sliding hardware available for use in a commercial setting.

If you’re considering installing a sliding barn door in your office or commercial space, make sure you get a hardware kit that can withstand the high traffic use that your sliding door will be subject to each day. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Security

Security is important in commercial settings, and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked for sliding barn doors. Whether you plan to place a barn door in front of a supply room, the doorway to a conference room, a storage room door opening, your lead manager’s office, or a dressing room, security is essential. That’s why we have sliding door hardware that provides you with the option to secure and lock the door.

Not only can sliding door hardware enable you to close and lock the door with a latch, but some options allow you to lock it with a key as well. While a latch-type locking mechanism works well for a residential closet door or a dressing room, a barn door system used as an office door should be securely locked. With our commercial barn door hardware, you can choose the locking mechanism you prefer for your commercial door system.

4. Safety

Whether your sliding barn door is made from wood, metal, or glass, safety should be a number one priority for you. High traffic doors receive a lot of use, whether they’re used by your employees, customers, clients, or business partners. Because of this, you need barn door hardware that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt will provide consistent use and complete safety. The last thing you need is a wheel misfunctioning or jumping the track just when an employee or customer goes to open it.

The aspect of safety is one reason why we always recommend purchasing your commercial barn door hardware from a reputable seller, such as Our residential and commercial hardware is specifically engineered to provide you with years of safe and consistent use. We also include hardware in your barn door hardware kit that prevents your door from jumping the track. With us, your safety, and the safety of those who enjoy using the barn door, is put first.

Never settle for less than the best when it comes to the safety and security of those in your commercial space. Rustica’s commercial sliding barn doors can be used with confidence year after year. And, if you ever have any concerns, you can talk with our helpful builders, designers, and representatives who can help you troubleshoot the issue, order your replacement hardware, and get your door functioning fully.

5. Customization

One of the best things about choosing commercial barn door hardware for your office or business space is the ability to completely customize your door and hardware. Commercial spaces should put off a comfortable, professional, unique vibe that invites employees, customers, and clients alike into your space. With Rustica’s custom barn doors and hardware kits, you can create the exact feel you want to incorporate into your commercial space.

From pocket doors to commercial sliding barn doors—the track, wheels, door latch, or door lock, the combinations are nearly endless. Do you want to create a boho-chic space, something more reminiscent of a rustic farmstead, or a thoroughly modern and industrial space? No matter what your goal is, we can help you create it. From customized one-of-a-kind doors, you work with our designers to build to choosing a door from our website and customizing it with your preferred wood, style, color, and finish, you can create a truly unique item.

With Rustica, you won’t have to wonder if the business two doors down has the same sliding barn door as you. You can choose the type of track, style of track, color, finish, and preferred elements, such as the type of handle, door lock or door latch, that create a unique, customized door.

6. Convenience

Sliding barn doors are ideal if you want to add a bit of convenience to your commercial space. One of the more unique options Rustica provides commercial clients is with is an auto slide option that can be installed with your commercial sliding barn doors. This auto slide feature is ideal for areas of especially high traffic, and provides the ultimate in ease and convenience for your employees, clients, or customers.

With auto slide, you and those in your commercial space can enjoy the look and feel that a classic barn door presents while enjoying the modern convenience of having it automatically open and close. No more pulling open and sliding shut when you install auto slide. This is especially beneficial for spaces where children are present, spaces that see a high amount of foot traffic, or when you simply want to provide those in your building with the best.

7. Versatility

Sliding barn doors are well known for the dynamic versatility they provide in residential and commercial spaces. Depending on the style and type of door you choose, you can completely close off a room (solid doors), provide a sound barrier without creating a visual barrier (glass doors), create a partial visual barrier (wood doors with glass windows), and more.

Do you need a door for a glass-enclosed conference room? There are commercial sliding barn doors for that. Would you like to completely close off a space, such as a manager’s office? There are sliding barn doors for that, too. Do you want to create a sense of privacy while still providing visual contact with those in a group collaboration room? There are options for those needs as well.

8. Multiple Track Options

Multiple track options provide you with the ability to tailor your commercial sliding barn door to the unique dimensions of your commercial space. Tubular tracks provide a heavy-duty option that can hold doors that weigh up to 450 pounds. If you don’t need a track rated to hold extra weight, then you could choose from options such as the ever-popular flat track or even a horseshoe track.

No matter which track options you choose, you can customize them to match the color and decor scheme you already have in place. From matte black to stainless steel to smooth or hammered finishes, you’re sure to find a style of track that perfectly suits your needs.

9. Extra Hardware Options

When you purchase a sliding door system for your commercial sliding barn door, you should have a clear idea of what type of system you want and the hardware needed. You’ll also need to know the weight requirements of your commercial barn door track. Not all hardware is made to handle oversized and heavy doors. That’s why we provide extra hardware options created specifically for an interior door for a commercial space.

From tracks that can handle extra weight to handles that are the best in class for durability, you can choose from hardware options tailored to your specific needs. At Rustica, we’re not a one-size-fits-all manufacturer. Each customer’s need is evaluated on an individual basis. Customizations are always possible, and if you decide you need a custom door, we can work with you to create a door with the style, dimensions, and hardware you require.

10. Installation Options

One of the best benefits of ordering a commercial barn door hardware kit through Rustica is the installation options. At Rustica, we make it our goal to create products that are as user-friendly as possible. That means if you’re a confident DIYer, you can tackle the installation project yourself. We do recommend having a second pair of hands for hardware installation projects, simply because it helps to have another person holding the track on one end while you screw it in on the other, or keeping your backer board steady while you mount it on the wall.

That said, if you’d prefer to have a professional install the hardware and door for you, all of our commercial barn door hardware kits come with easy-to-follow instructions. Any professional installer could easily consult with our instructions and install the kit and door for you.

When it comes to commercial installation projects, sometimes having a pro complete them can be what you need for complete peace of mind and assurance. It never pays off to cut corners for installations in your commercial setting. After all, you’re not only putting your customers or employees at risk, but if installation is improperly done, you could be putting your company’s reputation on the line if something happens to a worker or client.

We’re happy to help you navigate installation instructions, perform troubleshooting, and work your way through the process step-by-step. We can also help a professional you hire with any questions they may have. With Rustica hardware kits, you have installation options.

What Comes in a Commercial Barn Door Hardware Kit?

When you purchase a barn door hardware kit, you’ll receive everything you need for barn door track installation, including the track, hangar, wheels, and all the nuts and bolts necessary for attaching it. Your kit could also include interior door hardware or exterior door hardware, barn door roller(s), and hardware required for a custom size door, depending on what you purchase.

Commercial barn door hardware kits differ slightly from residential hardware kits due to the additional accessories or parts that can be included. This includes parts such as extra rollers and spare bolts that are convenient to have on hand in case you ever need to provide a quick fix for your door. Door pulls and handles are also included in your kit if you purchase them when customizing your door.

All commercial barn door hardware can be completely customized to your preferred look and style. You can choose the metal type, look, and finish so the hardware not only accents your door, but also matches with and accents the rest of your interior decorating style.

How to Measure for a Commercial Barn Door Hardware Kit

Measuring for a commercial barn door hardware kit is one of the most important steps to take before ordering. While choosing the look, style, feel, and finish are the fun parts of shopping for a commercial barn door, measuring is the most important. This is because if your door isn’t measured just right, you could end up with a track that’s too small, a door that doesn’t go all the way to the ground, the incorrect hardware, and more.

Don’t let this scare you, but do proceed with caution and have someone double-check your measurements to make sure you’re ordering the right thing.
To measure for your commercial barn door hardware kit, you’ll need to collect measurements for several dimensions including:
  • Door opening height
  • Door opening width
  • Open space to the right or left of the door opening
These measurements will help you determine the overall size of your sliding barn door, what type of track you need, and how much space you have to slide the barn door to the right or left of the opening.

To get your door height, measure from the floor to the top of the door. This measurement will be the total length of the door.

Measure from side to side of the opening for the width. You should add several inches to the total width to create the proper amount of overlap.

Now, determine how much space you have on either side of your door. Do you have the full width of the door so it can slide completely to the right or left? If so, then you can measure a track that allows your door to slide to one side and out of the doorway entrance when needed. If you only have about half of the space needed for your door to slide out of the doorway, you’ll want to look into bi parting doors instead. This setup will give you two doors instead of one and each door will slide to opposite sides of the wall. You only need half the space of your doorway width on either side for this setup to function properly.

The measurements you record during this step will help when you purchase your door, track length, and other commercial barn door hardware pieces. It’s always helpful to have someone double-check your measurements before you order. And, if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you through each step of the process.

Creating the Perfect Commercial Look

When it comes to creating the ideal commercial location, decor and aesthetics go a long way. Whether your commercial space is an office building with hundreds of employees, a niche storefront with high traffic, or a small business where a handful of employees come and go on your way to growing your company, a barn door can be the perfect accent piece you’re looking for.

Compared to residential sliding barn doors, commercial barn doors encounter much more foot traffic and repeated use. Because of this, they need specific hardware that provides extra durability, stability, and safety. At Rustica, we’ve created a line of commercial barn door hardware just for these needs. And what’s even better is that our commercial barn door hardware can be completely customized to match or accent your commercial sliding barn door.

Choose commercial hardware that provides you with the durability, strength, and stability you need while providing you options to customize the metal type and finish. With options like these, you’ll love the finished product—whether you DIY install or choose a pro to install it for you. With Rustica, you get top-of-the-line commercial barn door hardware, one-on-one guidance, and the ability to create a custom sliding barn door with our design team for your commercial space. We look forward to working with you!
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