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Pros and Cons of White Frame Windows

Wednesday March 29th, 2023
An essential step to choosing new windows is to select a window frame color that will complement your home’s existing style. It’s easy to overlook window frame color, but choosing the right one is integral for your home’s exterior design and curb appeal.

White frame windows are a great option, as they offer a classic and traditional look with key advantages. However, white windows aren’t foolproof—it’s just as important to be aware of the drawbacks of white frame windows so you can pick the perfect color for your new windows or replacement window.

Pros of White Frame Windows

  • Cost Effective
  • Clean, Classic Look
  • Goes With Everything
  • Brightens the Home
  • Creates Contrast

Cons of White Frame Windows:

  • Attracts Dirt
  • Considered Boring by Some

The window frame color should match or add contrast to your house's exterior. For example, if you choose a bold color, such as black exterior windows, it may distract from the overall design of your house, depending on the design style and exterior paint color. In this case, the colors may not match, which would decrease your home’s curb appeal. This is why you want to choose a window frame color that perfectly matches your home’s style and exterior colors.
White frame windows are almost always the best choice, as they come with a host of benefits and match almost every style and color. That said, there are some critical things to be aware of before settling on white framed windows for your home.

Pros of White Frame Windows

There are a few key benefits to choosing a white trim for new or replacement windows.

Some of these benefits are directly compared to black exterior windows—another popular window frame color. While black trim is also a great option, in certain cases, white windows have a few advantages over black windows.  

Cost Effective

It’s no secret that white windows are the standard window frame color. Everywhere you look, houses have white windows, no matter the style or age of the home. Because of the high demand and popularity of white windows, they are the most cost-effective window frame color. This is because window manufacturing companies always have white frame windows in stock as the standard, so they are always available.

Moreover, it takes more time and energy to create black window frames—or any other window frame color for that matter. Black windows are a popular style trend, so they are most costly due to the aesthetic demand. Whether you purchase black vinyl windows or black wood windows, they will be more expensive than white vinyl windows or white wood.

In essence, when you invest in black framed windows, the market value of your home increases, which is why black frames are more expensive than white frames. However, the tricky part about investing in black window frames is that not every home buyer wants the modern or bold look of black windows. In this scenario, white windows are the safer and more cost-effective option.

Clean, Classic Look

White frames are the definition of clean and classic windows. Because white windows have been the top color for the past several decades, they couldn’t be more classy or traditional. Add a white window grille to the window (the part of a window that forms a grid-like pattern), and you have the classic colonial windows of early America.

However, white windows have kept with the times, so they are both an option for both traditional and modern looks. Because of this, they match virtually every design style, including contemporary, farmhouse, minimalist, transitional, shabby chic, cottagecore, Victorian, Scandinavian, and more.

In other words, it’s hard to go wrong with the clean, classic, and simple look of elegant white frame windows.

Goes With Everything

Just as white frame windows go with every interior design style, they also go with every architectural style and exterior house color. White trim will beautifully match or contrast almost any color you paint your house. Plus, if you decide to change the house color in the future, white windows will continue match and enhance the beauty of whatever color you choose.

In comparison, black framed windows will not match or complement every exterior color or architectural style. Black windows are the most appealing when they contrast the existing house colors, such as a white house with black windows. Pairing black windows with a dark exterior will make the house look dark and foreboding. If you’re going for a dark gothic style, then black framed windows and black exterior paint may be the perfect combination. But more people will prefer to pair black windows with light colors.

On the other hand, white window frames will match any exterior color, whether the house is black, white, olive green, pale blue, yellow, or gray. Furthermore, no matter the architectural style of your home, white windows will match.

No matter whether your home is a modern bungalow, a Cape Cod seaside retreat, a country ranch, or Tuscan villa, white windows will blend beautifully with the style, and serve as an essential architectural design element.

Finally, white trim pairs well with any window style, including a casement window, double hung window, or bay window.

Brightens the Home

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your home with replacement windows, or you’re about to design a new house, you’ll want the exterior of your home to look bright and inviting. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing white frames for your new windows.

White has the ability to create the illusion of space. In this way, white windows can make your home feel bigger and brighter than it really is. While this feeling is only slight in the grand scheme of the home’s design, it is an essential element that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Even if you decide on a dark exterior color, such as dark green or navy blue, white trim will add a bit of brightness amongst the dark, creating a bright, dramatic look.

Creates Contrast

A popular design trend for new homes is to paint the exterior a darker color. As mentioned, white trim will add a bit of brightness amongst the dark exterior paint.

Not only will white frame windows create brightness, but they also add an elegant and beautiful contrast. One of the most appealing aspects to the human eye is contrast. It draws us in without conscious thought.

In this way, one of the best ways to increase your home’s curb appeal is by adding captivating contrast to your home with dark paint and bright, white windows. Passersby won’t be able to help but look and admire the beauty of your home.

Plus, if you plan to sell your home, the new home buyers can easily change the house colors without worrying that the new paint won’t match the window trim. The same can’t be said for black frame windows, which may discourage a potential home buyer.

Cons of White Frame Windows

Now that you know about the compelling benefits of white frame windows, you may be wondering how they could have any disadvantages. While the pros definitely outweigh the cons, it’s best to be mindful of the slight drawbacks to white windows, as few as they are.

Attracts Dirt

The greatest disadvantage of white windows is how much dirt they can show. Given that they’re white, it’s easy to tell when they have dirt build up or when a storm kicks up debris against the windows. This means they need to be cleaned on a more frequent basis.

To properly care for and prolong the life of your windows, they should be cleaned every six months. However, depending on the area you live, white windows may need to be cleaned more often. The buildup of dirt and grime on a window frame is not only displeasing to the eye, but it can also start to deteriorate the window frame, whether it’s wood, metal, or vinyl.

One of the best ways to manage dirt build up on your white windows is to clean them regularly. The longer one waits to clean dirt off their windows, the harder it will be to remove it.

The fact that white windows attract dirt can be a dealbreaker for some, especially if they want as little maintenance as possible. Windows should be cleaned regularly, no matter the window frame color. Wood windows with natural wood tones will show dirt the least, but black window frames also highlight dirt, so in this way, black and white windows are pretty equal.

Considered Boring by Some

The classic and clean look of white windows can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your personal tastes. Because of the white frame window's widespread popularity and historical roots, they may be too traditional for those who are going for a more modern look.

Along those same lines, white windows don’t necessarily stand out because of how many homes have white window frames. However, your windows can still stand out if you have contrasting house colors, such as dark exterior paint. But, if you are after a truly unique exterior design, white windows may not be the best choice for you.

In this case, you might consider black windows, a highly popular option for modern, contemporary, minimalist, and industrial-style homes. On the other hand, wood windows with natural wood frames are also a stylish and rustic choice for a modern farmhouse, ranch, or mountain-style home.

Are White Windows Out of Style?

Given the classic and traditional style of white windows, many are wondering if they are going out of style. Will colorful or black window frames take their spot? Will a home with white windows eventually look dated?  

The simple answer to these worries is that white windows aren’t going anywhere, and they certainly aren’t going out of style. White is a universal color that can blend seamlessly with any design, whether that’s the exterior architecture or interior decor. Because of this, it will always have its place among modern trends.

None of us know for sure what the style will be 50 years from now, but there’s a certainty that white windows will still be around—even in modern homes.

Design Custom White Windows with Rustica Today!

There’s a reason white windows are so popular: they offer a clean and classic look, they brighten the home, create eye-drawing contrast, go with almost everything.

At Rustica, the world’s most trusted source for designer doors, windows, and hardware, we can create the custom windows of your dreams. Forget about stock windows from the big-name stores—with our unique customization tool, you can create the perfect white windows for your home and be in control of the entire design process.

If you’re ready to create beautiful white windows for your home, contact Rustica’s design team today! We can’t wait to help you bring your dream window to life.

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