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The Pros and Cons of Black Windows

Wednesday January 11th, 2023
Black windows are all the rave these days, and for a good reason: they are a stunning design element that is both classic and modern. Modern black windows also fit a variety of interior and exterior design styles. However, just because they’re fashionable doesn’t mean they’re the right choice for every home. Check out our detailed list of black window pros to determine if a black window frame is right for your space.

Pros of Black Windows

  1. Modern, Yet Classic Aesthetic
  2. Dramatic Contrast
  3. Curb Appeal
  4. Artistic and Appealing Views
  5. Matches Various Design Styles

Cons of Black Windows

  1. Doesn’t Go Well with Darker Home Exteriors
  2. Absorbs Heat
  3. Prone to Sun Damage
  4. Shows Dirt
There’s a lot that goes into purchasing new windows or replacement windows. You have to consider the window style, material, size, energy efficiency, budget, and more. When thinking about all these factors, the color of the window frame could end up being the last thing you consider.

However, window frame color is vital to your home's interior and exterior design, and it plays a major role in function and maintenance. If you’re considering black trim windows, it’s important to look at the pros and cons, just as you would with any other element of a new or replacement window.

5 Pros of Black Windows

1. Modern, Yet Classic Aesthetic

Black window frames are a hot topic in the world of home design because they carry a classic, yet modern aesthetic. Window frames play a critical role in a home's interior and exterior design. While they seem like minor design elements, they pull the whole design together for a complete and finished look.

Moreover, it isn’t easy to change the design and color of window frames. It isn’t impossible to change the color, but it requires a generous amount of time and effort to do so.

Now that you understand why the window frame color is so important, you can start to get a sense of why black framed windows are so stylish! They offer a unique, stunning, and bold look that will always look beautiful.  

While black windows are considered a modern design, they’ve been around since the 19th century, which is why they also offer a classic touch. Black window frames were originally used for industrial factories and warehouses with little consideration for their aesthetical appeal. But, when those buildings were later turned into residential and commercial business buildings, the black trim became an elegant and stylish design element.

2. Dramatic Contrast

One of the reasons so many are people drawn to black windows is their ability to create a bold and dramatic contrast. Because of this, they’re recommended for interior and exterior design styles that feature lighter colors, such as a white house with black windows. In the same way, black windows are not recommended for darker design colors—white windows would be the preference in this case.

Another example of how black trim creates a stunning and dramatic contrast is to imagine an interior living space with light-colored walls and furniture. When looking at this design, your eye is immediately drawn to the black interior windows, which create an elegant contrast of colors. To accentuate the black frames, you can add subtle black design elements to contrast the lighter features, such as a black lamp next to a cream-colored couch.

Humans are attracted to contrast, and there is an indescribable beauty in overlapping dark and white colors. This contrast is often found in nature, and we can duplicate this same design with modern black windows.

3. Curb Appeal

If you’re planning to purchase replacement windows to increase your home’s value and add curb appeal, black frame windows may be the best option. Why? Black exterior window frames are unique, aesthetically pleasing, modern, and bold. If you have a white house with black windows, the contrast of black and white is undeniably eye-catching.

This way, you can draw more eyes to your home’s beautiful exterior and impress guests with a stylish and modern design. Thanks to modern black windows, all of these elements exponentially increase your home’s curb appeal.

4. Artistic and Appealing Views

Black window frames have the unique ability to draw in the eye. If you’re inside, this pulls your gaze to the outside and the beautiful views. Moreover, the black frame tends to blend in with outdoor colors, which creates a clear and undisturbed view of the outdoors. With this in mind, black windows are a great choice if your home has amazing views where you want to capitalize on the lovely scenery.

Black frame windows are an artistic style and can be found on various types of windows on the market. Whether you want a large picture window for your views or a classic casement window, black trim can be added no matter what type of window you decide on.

Moreover, black frames can be added as an artistic element to a wide variety of window frame materials. If you’re looking for wood windows, you can simply have the wooden frame finished in Rustica’s ebony or matte black paint finish. On the other hand, if you want metal windows, you can choose a stainless steel frame in our flat black color.

5. Matches Various Design Styles

Black windows aren’t exclusive to modern design styles, such as minimalist, industrial, or transitional. While black interior windows certainly fit well with these styles, they can also blend in with several other design styles. Other popular interior design styles that black window frames look fabulous with include: farmhouse, cottagecore, English country, bohemian, and more.

In this way, one of the pros of black framed windows is that they’re incredibly versatile. As long as you have a colorful or bright open space, black interior windows will look impeccable.

4 Cons of Black Windows

1. Doesn’t Go Well with Darker Home Exteriors

While black windows are adaptable to different design styles, that doesn’t mean they will match every design. This is especially the case with darker home exteriors. The black frames will be lost in the dark paint of the home, creating a dull and less visually pleasing look. Remember: the eye is drawn to contrast. With a darker home exterior, white windows or natural wooden windows are the way to go.

Now that isn’t to say you can’t match black windows with any dark color. The exception to this general rule is dark green. Black framed windows against a forest green exterior are quite beautiful, and increase curb appeal exponentially.  

2. Absorbs Heat

The fact that black trim windows absorb heat is the biggest downside to modern black windows. It’s a well-known fact that black absorbs heat, and this quality can negatively impact your window’s energy efficiency.

If you live in a hot climate, this is something to seriously consider, as the black will increase the home’s internal temperatures. Therefore, your air conditioning system will have to kick on more often and work harder to keep the internal temperatures cool and stable, potentially resulting in costly energy bills.

On the other hand, if you live in a cold climate, black windows may be preferred as a way to increase your home’s internal temperature. If you live in a climate with hot summers and cold winters, you’ll need to consider whether the increased temperatures in the summer are something you’re willing to contend with.

3. Prone to Sun Damage

Black exterior window frames will fade faster than lighter-colored or white window frames because the dark color will reveal sun damage faster than a lighter color. In other words, the black will start to fade over time, and will need to be re-painted or re-finished sooner than lighter-colored window frames.

If you wish to keep your exterior windows fresh and vibrant, black window frames will require more frequent maintenance compared to other frame colors.

4. Shows Dirt

Black window frames will “highlight” dirt smudges, especially if the dirt is light brown in color. Because of this, black window frames will require regular washing to maintain their clean and vibrant look.

While can be a disadvantage, proper window care entails regular washing and maintenance no matter the type of frame you have. So, while you might get away with dirt smudges on a natural wood frame for longer than black frames, it’s recommended to regularly wash your windows to increase your window frame lifespan anyway.

Still, the fact that black frames show dirt more than others (except white windows, of course) is something to consider when deciding on a window frame color.  

Will Black Windows Go Out of Style?

Whenever a new design trend occurs, we often wonder how long it will stick around. If you’re wondering about black framed windows, rest assured that it is highly unlikely that black windows will ever go out of style.

As previously mentioned, black windows date back to the 19th century/Victorian era. They’ve been around for a while, and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Black will always be in style in one way or another because it works well will almost any design, and it contrasts beautifully with lighter colors, making it a staple color in home design.

Another reason they’re here to stay is because of how timeless, classy, and elegant they are while also bringing a modern style. This means that no matter the design you’re attracted to—be it modern or traditional—black windows have a place in the color palette.

Are Modern Black Windows Right for Your Home?

At this point, it’s best to assess your current interior and exterior design style and imagine how black windows would look. Would they draw too much attention and distract from the rest of the home? Or would they blend in seamlessly and add to the beauty of your design? With these questions in mind, you can decide whether black window frames are the right choice for your space.

If black windows work well with your design, you’ll then want to ask yourself if you’re committed to their maintenance and heat absorption. These are the biggest drawbacks to black trim windows, and you’ll need to consider if these disadvantages are something you can live with.

If you’ve said yes to black windows, don’t hesitate to contact Rustica’s design team to custom order black framed windows for your home or business today! We can’t wait to help you bring your vision of beautiful black windows to life!
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