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Front Porch Decor - 7 Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Tuesday September 25th, 2018
Front Porch Decor

Give your porch a style makeover

When it comes to home ownership, people are always searching for new and creative (read: affordable) ways to boost their home’s curb appeal. After all, who doesn’t want to have the best looking house on the block? Sometimes, it can feel like an unspoken “beauty war” between neighbors to outdo each other -- like something out of an old Chevy Chase Family Vacation movie.

If this sounds like you, rest assured that we’ve got some front porch décor hacks to step up your curb appeal game. Remember: when it comes to adding character to the outside of your home, little things can go a long way.

Freshen up an old paint job on your front door

Let’s start with the first thing people will see when they look at your porch: your front door! If you have an old, dull front door, slapping on some fresh paint can instantly up its allure. Not only is it easy to paint your front door, but it’s affordable, too. So, swing for the fences by adding some much needed vibrancy (rich reds, happy yellows and cool blues) to your home’s exterior.

Decorate your front porch

Front porch décor (and exterior home décor for that matter) doesn’t have to be relegated to Halloween and Christmas. Whether it’s creating a cozy seating area for yourself and guests to gaze at the neighborhood happenings over morning coffee, or a creative sandwich board sign that offers a lively quote or inspirational saying, there are tons of options. You may even consider a little shelf garnished with knick-knacks, hanging lanterns, exterior wall décor and more. Find what you like and you’ll be sure to turn the heads of passers-by.

Add a wreath to your front door

Wreaths are a wonderful way to warm up a front porch in need of a little welcome boost. Build your own, infusing it with your personal flair and style, or pick up a wreath at your local arts and craft store. Whichever you choose, a seasonal wreath can act as a second “welcome home” mat for yourself and your guests, and adds character to your home exterior.


Feature flowers on your front porch

Landscaping doesn’t have to begin and end with your yard’s flower beds. Extend the flora to your porch with an assortment of gorgeous potted and hanging flowers. Don’t just limit yourself to traditional pots, get creative with using pitchers, old coffee cans, crates, old even old chairs to serve as bases for your flowers, sprinkling them throughout your porch. They’ll bring new life to your porch décor. Literally.

Spanish Style Front Door with Speakeasy

House number makeover

There’s a good chance that your house numbers haven’t been updated, like, ever. There’s no time like the present to update your house numbers -- and get creative with them. Mix and match number styles or represent them in a unique way via planter box, porch post, etc. Giving your house numbers a makeover is a cheap, easy fix that can go a long way.

Add a porch swing

Can you think of a better way to occupy your porch space? A porch swing is the perfect way to add an attractive-yet-practical item to your home’s exterior. A porch swing may be on the higher end of a porch renovation budget, but you’ll love the finished product as you happily swing the days away.

Whether you follow through on just one of these porch facelift ideas or a combination of a few décor options, your curb appeal is sure to be on the rise. Looking for more inspiration to leave your neighbors drooling? Check out our 8 Great Front Door Décor Ideas post!

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