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How to Pick the Best Front Door Color for Your Home

Thursday August 16th, 2018

Brighten up your curb appeal

Looking for a way to make your house stand out? Something that will surely turn heads as onlookers pass by?
Sure, you can add all the front porch decorations you want (provided your HOA doesn’t have a rule against pink lawn flamingos), but there’s one quick fix that can instantly catch attention: eye-catching paint colors for your front door.

A bold and vibrant front door can both stand out and add to the overall effect of your home’s exterior color and design scheme. That doesn’t mean you have to limit the fun to just your front door. Bold, unique interior door paint colors can really spruce up a room or add personality to your home.

Or, if you favor a monochromatic look that doesn’t compete with your home’s decor, you can simply paint your door the same color as your wall and allow it to let your furnishings take center stage. It’s really up to you and your own personal interior and exterior aesthetic!
Having a hard time picturing it? Then check out the following examples for your own front door inspiration.

Consult the color wheel

Picking a front door color isn’t just about slapping your favorite color on your door and calling it a day. There’s more of an art and science to it than just that. Whether you’re choosing a color for your front door or an interior barn door paint scheme, the color wheel can help you out. The color wheel can help you find a hue that complements your existing paint job and trim – and your personality.

That includes monochromatic options (varying shades of the same base color) and analogous selections (colors located side-by-side on the wheel). And don’t forget about contrasting (spaced evenly apart on the wheel) and complementary (two shades opposite of one another) colors. It may sound like a lot to consider, but the color wheel can help to make it as easy as possible for you to pick a color that works with your decor or lends it an unexpected, yet harmonious touch.

House style vs. door color

When it comes to choosing a color for your door, there aren’t specific rules but there are guidelines and design best-practices to keep in mind. For example, a glossy, modern color choice for your door might not pair great with a vintage Victorian home.

Whether you live in an English Tudor, Mediterranean or cottage-style dwellings, it’s important to keep the style of your home in mind when picking a color palette. If your home has a lot of subdued earth tones, then a pop of color for the door could really rev up its curb appeal.

Your home and decor style could also be a catalyst for choosing interior door paint colors – carrying a similar color throughout your entryway. Conversely, if you favor eccentric paint colors on your house and trim, then maybe a more neutral front door tone can offset some of the vibrancy.

Listen to your home. It will help you get a feel for the surrounding materials, style, landscape and colors, and how they can all work harmoniously together.

What’s the allure of a colorful front door?

Other than being aesthetically unique, what’s the hard sell for choosing a new color for your door? What’s the benefit for you? For your guests?
For starters, having a front door that sets your house apart from the cookie cutter template that populates most of suburbia provides a helpful way for guests to find themselves at your doorstep. You can almost hear them saying it now: “Remember? Their house has that cute sage green front door.”

Additionally, colorful paint ideas for doors can blur the line between formal and playful. But more importantly, choosing a color for your paint job can introduce emotion into your home’s exterior to match its interior. From vibrant energy of colors that pop and welcome, to darker hues that say “go away, salesman,” your front door is more than just a door. It’s an exterior expression of yourself. So have a little fun with your door color schemes.

A look at a few classic front door colors:

Sunny side up

Every color has certain psychological attributes attached to it. In the case of a yellow front door, it exudes a sense of warmth and welcoming, which is exactly what a front door should convey (if you like visitors, that is). There’s something incredibly charming about a cottage home with a sunny yellow front door. Oh, and a welcome mat that compliments the door’s color scheme can go a long way, too.

Seeing red

Even if you’re unsure about the adding color bit to your house, you can never go wrong with a classic red front door. Red is still popular option for those looking to venture out of the norm, while holding onto some traditional undertones.

What’s big and tall and white all over?

If you live in a plain, white house, you’ve got extra leeway to add some color that can complement its clean exterior while giving it some personality. A sky blue or periwinkle painted door pairs extremely well with white homes. so long as your paint colors for doors and trim works with the shade of blue and is within the same color family or offers a striking contrast. (Again, this is where the color wheel can be your best friend!)
Whether you’re looking to bring a vibrant new welcome to the exterior your home, or more of a remodel to your interior barn door colors and other room door paint colors, be bright, be bold – be you.

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