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When Is It Time to Replace Your Front Door

Wednesday August 1st, 2018

Front Door Replacement

Opportunity (for a new door) is knockin’

When was the last time you gave serious thought to the quality of your front door? Better yet, when was the last time you thought about replacing your front door? Maybe you have thought about it, but you’re putting off doing anything to fix it..

It’s easy to take something that’s used as routinely as a front door for granted. However, it doesn’t mean you should take your front door for granted. After all, your front door has a lifespan just like any other feature of your house. And the signs of wear that may alert you that your front door needs replacement may be right in front of your eyes.

So, in a proactive attempt to prevent your front door from letting more in than it keeps out, here are a few tell-tale signs that you need a new front door.

Drafty front doors

Other than serving as a functional and fashionable asset to your home, a front door is partly responsible for your home’s energy efficiency. If you’re feeling a constant draft pouring in around your closed front door, it’s probably a sign that its seals are shrinking or cracking from use and age. Drafts are responsible for higher energy bills because, depending on the season, more warm or cool air is entering your home than the door is keeping out.

Check your exterior door for cracks

Other than the fact that cracks in your front door are aesthetically unappealing, they’re also a structural safety concern. Furthermore, cracks add to any possible draft intrusion and (wait for it) bug infiltration. No thanks!

Bug problem

Speaking of bugs and creepy crawlies, if you’re finding an excess amount of pests — particularly ants inside your front door/foyer area — chances are that they’re marching their way in right through your front door. Front doors that don’t close or seal properly are often open invitations to little six- and eight-legged friends. So if you don’t want arthropods as roommates, it might be time to invest in a new front door.

Hinges that make you cringe

Do your hinges sound like a squealing pig every time you open or close your front door? Sure, a little squirt of WD40 can subdue the squeak, but you may have a deeper problem on your hands. Hinges that are breaking down from normal wear and tear could be an early indicator that your door itself isn’t far behind. And if your hinges are loose/breaking down, then your door could be in jeopardy of being broken down — or broken into.


Rustica Hardware front door

There are many reasons for front door replacement, including drafts and cracks raising your energy bill, compromising the safety of your home, and wear and tear causing an unpleasant eye sore and potentially causing structural damage. If you’re in need of a new front door, let us help you find one that’s as stylish as it is sealed and safe.

Rustica Hardware front door

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