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9 Country Doors to Create the Perfect Country Home

Tuesday August 30th, 2022
When furnishing and designing a country style home, you want to create a space of comfort, ease, and warmth. Imagine linen curtains blowing softly in a warm spring breeze, the sun highlighting dark wooden floors, and interior white barn doors inviting you into the kitchen space.It all comes down to the fine details: the colors you use, the wall decor you choose, and the doors you feature throughout the house. Country doors can create the final touch you’re looking for to complete your dream country style home.

Top 9 Rustica Country Doors

  1. DIY Sliding Barn Door
  2. Z Sliding Barn Door
  3. Double X Barn Door
  4. Craftsman Interior Door
  5. Heartland Chevron Interior Door
  6. Overland Front Door
  7. Cross Saw Front Door
  8. Country X Dutch Door
  9. Washhouse Dutch Door
In truth, there are many design options and types of country doors you can choose to perfectly fit your country home. That’s the beauty of a country door: its design, style, and colors are ultimately up to the creative expression of the homeowners.

What Makes a Door Country Style?

A country door can come in a variety of styles, but what makes it truly country is its wooden material. You can accentuate the country style by leaving the wood unpainted, or you can choose a subtle paint that highlights the natural grain, such as white, grey, or light pink.
Some common country door designs include barn doors, French farmhouse doors, and Dutch doors. All of these designs have a rustic and warming quality to them, and they are inspired by traditional farm style homes. These doors work well with farmhouse decor, which is focused on natural wood colors, vintage furniture, natural materials, and using natural light to its full potential. In this way, you may want to choose a door with windows, or a Dutch door that you can swing open to allow fresh air to flow.

As you can imagine, the country style is quite expansive, and you can tailor it to your unique desires. A country door would be perfect in any country style home, whether that's farmhouse chic, French farmhouse, Pennsylvania Dutch, or rustic country.

9 Country Doors to Create the Perfect Country Home

1. DIY Sliding Barn Door

If you’re looking for a hands-on project for your country-style home, then you might consider Rustica’s DIY Sliding Barn Door. This country door is designed with a series of horizontal wooden planks that create a rustic appeal. As an interior sliding barn door, it would look great as the entrance to any bedroom, or it can be used as a closet door or bathroom door.

We provide you with the steel frame, track, wheel, and hinges—all you have to do is find the wood slabs of your choosing and install them in the frame. Not only is this country door the most cost-effective, but it also allows you to be creative with which type of wood you would like featured in the door. The framework is completely customizable, from the size you need to the color of steel. Why not make your country door even more rustic by having an unfinished raw steel frame?

Upon arrival, you’ll receive all the information you need to complete the installation process, including with easy-to-follow instructions. We also send you the hardware needed for installation, you’ll just need a few basic tools, such as a screwdriver and leveler.

2. Z Sliding Barn Door

This is a classic country style sliding door with the traditional wooden “Z” design. Not only does the “Z” design add texture and character, but it also gives this country door more strength to prevent warping. The Z Sliding Barn Door can be as elegant, chic, or as rustic as you’d like, depending on what color you paint or stain it and the texture you choose.

With our customization tool, you can design the wood to look weathered, worn, or distressed, among many options. Plus, you can choose which wood species you would like, such as walnut or cherry, as well as the wood finish.

Perhaps you’re designing a master bath featuring a cottagecore decor design—by choosing the stripped white wood finish on your Z Sliding Barn door, you can create a cozy and elegant bathroom that fits in perfectly with vintage decor. This is just one example of the possibilities you can create with this versatile, sliding country door.

3. Double X Barn Door 

When imagining an old farmhouse, what scenery comes to mind? We like to picture an old dog lying on the porch of a beautiful home with an old wooden door. The rustic and worn country door that features a classic X on it, both on the top half and the bottom half.

The Double X Barn Door can be used as an interior or exterior door, and can be doubled to create a rustic, bold entrance. With sliding Double X Barn Doors, you can create the perfect bridge between the kitchen and the living room without compromising space.

If you fell in love with the idea of an old dog snoozing on a country porch, you can create that for yourself by using Double X Barn Doors as your entry doors (dog not included). When visitors arrive, they’ll feel welcomed simply by the beauty of your entryway.  You can adorn your country door with wooden furniture and rustic decor.

4. Craftsman Interior Door

There is an elegance to simplicity and tradition. This truth is revealed in the Craftsman Interior Door, which is a style that ages like fine wine. It’s been around for decades, and yet it hasn’t lost its appeal or beauty.

This country door is hinged and features a set of three rectangle windows on top that allow soft natural light to enter your space. As an interior door, it would be perfect for a bedroom, bathroom, or office. Rustica also offers hardware to turn the Craftsman Door into a sliding door or an exterior door.

Made with the high-quality wood of your choice, you can customize how you would like your Craftsman interior door to appear. Perhaps you would like dark walnut with a finished glaze to create a beautiful, unassuming country door. On the other hand, a fun navy-blue finish may be just what you need to spark creativity as you walk into your art studio or office.

5. Heartland Chevron Interior Door

If you’re looking for a country door that will wow your visitors with its character and distinctive beauty, then the Heartland Chevron Interior Door may be just what you’re looking for. This is one of the most elegant and simple designs you will find that will complement any room in the house.

What makes this country door unique is the slanted panels formed off one vertical piece in the center of the door. This design would be perfect for a country townhome that offers a modern, yet rustic aesthetic.

True to its design, this country door is made with solid knotty alder wood. This wood creates textures and figures that add character to the door. Even with alder being a key feature of this country door, you still have the option customize the type of wood and wood finish to your liking.

6. Overland Front Door

One of the first features of your home that sets the tone for visitors is the front entrance. If you’re designing a country style home, then you’ll want that first impression to be one of warmth, comfortability, and beauty. The Overland Front Door can achieve this, and would be a great country door to create the perfect homestead.

While the Overland Front Door is a simple country door in design, that doesn’t negate its elegance and refinement. Plus, there is more room for creativity with the decor around the door, as well the colors you chose to pair it with.

Whether you want your country door to be chapel white or dark mahogany, Rustica has the ability to make your vision come to life. Customization is so much more than just aesthetics, though—you can customize any of our doors’ width, thickness, and door swings as well.

7. Cross Saw Front Door

If you’re looking for a beautiful country door that allows an abundance of natural light into your home, then you’ll want to consider the Cross Saw Front Door. It’s designed prominently features six-panel windows, with the bottom design featuring the classic “X” seen on traditional country doors.

As homeowners, privacy is of the utmost importance. While the idea of windows for natural light is great, you might be concerned about privacy. The good news is that the glass finish in all our doors is completely customizable, so it can be frosted or crested to obscure the outside view without blocking light.

8. Country X Dutch Door

Nothing embodies the warmth of a country home quite like a Dutch door. With the top half able to swing open, it invites a cool summer breeze into one’s home, along with peaceful, natural light. The Country X Dutch Door is designed with four panel windows on the top half, so even when closed, natural light can still filter into the space. The bottom half features the classic “X” design that denotes a traditional country door style.

This door speaks to something nostalgic within us; it reminds us of the comfort of home and the pleasure of opening a window on warm, breezy days. When you add this country door to your home, you can create the same feeling in your own custom way.

The Country X Dutch Door can be an exterior or interior door that would work well as a front door, garage door entrance, or patio door. It would look cozy and perfect in any room where creating separation while maintaining open functionality is important, such as the kitchen, a playroom, or office.

9. Washhouse Dutch Door

This country door is one of the more unique designs you’ll come across, as it beautifully merges a traditional Dutch design with a classic craftsman design. What makes the Washhouse Dutch Door even more distinct is that the Dutch portion of the door is high set, making the bottom portion much larger.

This expert-crafted design is perfect for keeping animals in the house without compromising airflow. Even when the Dutch portion is closed, you will still receive ample amounts of natural light through the three panel windows gracing the top portion of the door.

Plus, by having the door finished with a weathered texture, you can create a rustic and nostalgic aesthetic.

Finding The Perfect Country Door

The country style is versatile, and is easily shaped by the creative expression of the designer. The doors on this list are merely a sample of the many options featured throughout our catalog, and we invite you to browse the rest of our website to find the perfect country door for your home.

More than anything, though, a country door invites visitors into a warm, comfortable, and elegant space. Oftentimes, visitors are greeted with rustic flooring, vintage furniture, and French farmhouse decor. No matter how you want to design your country home, though, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect door to fit your needs on  

Rustica is the industry’s top resource for artisan doors and high-quality hardware. We guarantee your satisfaction on all the products we offer because we pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail. When browsing our website, you’ll find all the information you need to start creating your dream door. You’ll also find information on shipping, payment, installation instructions, and door care. And if you have any questions about your design or order, our design team is just a phone call away.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your dream country door today!
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