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Barn Door Hardware Made in the USA
Thursday June 13th, 2019
Rustica was founded in 2006 by husband and wife team Paul and Kate Allen. As high school sweethearts and life long friends, Paul and Kate were married in 2004 and realized right away how much they bot ...
How to Gain Space With Barn Doors
Thursday June 13th, 2019
There are so many unique applications for a barn door and so many reasons to install a barn door. Barn doors are able to solve the space dilemma created by traditional swinging doors. Did you know tha ...
Small space design makes home remodeling projects quite the adventure! There is nothing as interesting as remodeling an old home! It is like an onion, peeling back layers of ideas and innovation from ...
How To Measure For a New Front Door
Monday June 10th, 2019
Are you ready to replace your exterior door and jamb? Or are you ready to pick a door for new construction? Here are 10 simple steps to make sure you get an accurate measurement for your new door and ...
Co-owners and founders of Rustica, Kate and Paul Allen, have been creating doors, hardware, and boutique home improvement products together for over 15 years. Their spin on DIY projects is all about c ...
Ever wonder what certain parts are called? Read below to learn definitions of some of the hardware that goes into making our amazing doors.Entry:A handleset with a keyed deadbolt mostly used on exteri ...
What is a French Door?
Thursday April 11th, 2019
A French door is a single door with glass panes inserted throughout the length of the door. Traditionally French doors have been known to be double doors with glass in them that separate two rooms. So ...
When it comes to designing small spaces for homes, clever solutions for your small space situation make all the difference. In each room there are challenges to overcome, starting in the kitchen and e ...
I’m glad you asked…Barn door hardware is probably one of the best examples within interior design of functional art. By definition, a barn door is a door for the barn. So, what has happened here? It’s ...
Barn doors are not just a trend for the interior design industry, they are considered a staple in architectural and interior design bringing more functional art into homes and offices around the globe ...
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