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How are Barn doors built differently than interior doors?How time has twisted and reversed the roles of many things that we surround ourselves with. Take the barn door for example; it used to be that ...
There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut real, solid wood. In fact, I love the smell out on the plant floor where all of Rustica's doors are manufactured! Fresh cut alder, cedar, mahogany, ...
What are the Parts of a Door?
Thursday May 23rd, 2019
If you’re getting ready to install a sliding barn door, a new French bypass door, or any other type of interior or exterior entryway door, it’s essential to understand how the different parts of a doo ...
Barn doors make a functional art statement. While having barn doors on exterior doorways is a possibility, it is not the most recommended application. Barn doors started out on exterior barns and shed ...
Pocket doors are still a great option for installing doors in tricky areas around the home or office. A pocket door provides the ability to block off sound and achieve privacy while it hides inside of ...
How to Build Barn Doors
Friday June 14th, 2019
Barns are not the only place where you find sliding barn doors anymore. What started as a functional need for farmers and ranchers for a barn door that was easy to open and close to herd in livestock, ...
Rustica's outdoor-rated barn door hardware is guaranteed for outdoor use and will withstand the elements. Our best-selling hardware style, the Rustica Stag Classic Barn Door Hardware comes with heavy ...
From their earliest uses on farms and barns to the modern day, barn doors have been the epitome of functional art. Barn doors were originally designed to function for farmers who had large barns that ...
What is a barn door header and why do I need one?Almost daily we get questions about what exactly a barn door header is and why it is needed. Let’s learn all about the barn door header.There are two b ...
Dutch Door Designs + FAQ's
Wednesday April 24th, 2019
What is a Dutch Door? One of the most classic farmhouse door styles is the Dutch door. A Dutch door, sometimes referred to as a stable door, a split door or a half door, is characterized by the d ...
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