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What to Know About Double Dutch Doors

Friday July 19th, 2019

Dutch doors are extremely popular, and for good reason. They’re a fantastic way to add some unique flair to your home. Most importantly, they’re just as functional as they are decorative. And that’s exactly what makes double Dutch doors such an attractive option for anyone in the middle of a remodel or design project. 

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the major things to know about double Dutch doors, whether you’re looking to renovate an existing room, or are building from the ground-up. 

What is a double Dutch door?

A double Dutch door is exactly what it sounds like–two Dutch doors, side by side, which gives you a more dynamic option for closing or connecting spaces in your home. 

A traditional Dutch door has its roots in Holland, well before window screens were invented. The idea behind them was to open the top half of the door and allow air to flow through the home, while keeping the bottom half closed to keep out pests and farm animals. 

How are they used today?

These days, double Dutch doors are frequently used throughout the interior of a home–they’re not just an option for exterior doors. 

For example, you could add a double Dutch door between your kitchen and dining room. By opening the top half of the doors, you can keep an eye on kids (as well as keep pets out of the kitchen and not begging for cooking scraps) in another room while you’re finishing up dinner.

Another popular use is for home offices–especially when you’re the only adult home and need to watch your kids. Opening the top half of the door lets you watch kids, while keeping them from running into the office every few minutes.

You can even use them as baby or pet gates.

Why go with a double Dutch door?

This is a valid question – why go with a double Dutch door when there are so many other options available? Well, for starters, the top half of Dutch doors can be built from glass. That allows more natural light to filter its way into any room the doors are used in. Even if you’re using double Dutch doors for your office or bedroom, that still lets more of the natural light in your home into those rooms. And, with the double Dutch doors, you can add a unique element to the traditional French door décor. Instead of two solid doors opening one way, your double Dutch doors open either way, and the top halves can swing open to leave the bottom closed. When closed, though, you still get the same regal effect of the French door. 

Here at Rustica, we have a wide array of double Dutch door options. From door shelves to custom knobs, we have the supplies and craftsmen available to build you something truly unique and wonderful. For more on Dutch doors, including some design options, check out this other blog post or get in touch with us.

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